• Coffee And Weight Loss

    If there’s one option most of us would struggle to give up, it’s our morning cup of coffee. We have some good news for you- it’s not the coffee that’s hampering your diet! Unfortunately, it’s the things you put in it that’s doing that- all those syrups, flavors, creams and foams are the things doing the damage to your waistline, not the coffee itself. Below, we explore some weight loss coffee options

    “I’m eating well and I still can’t lose weight!” It’s one of the most common complaints out there. And most of the time, the problem lies with what you’re drinking- coffee is far from the only beverage that carries a host of hidden calories with it. If you’re looking for the best option during weight loss, a black coffee is by far your best. The calories in a cup of black coffee are incredibly minimal- think along the lines of 5 calories a cup. So low is the amount of calories in black coffee, you’re pretty fine thinking of it as a no calorie drink option. Lay that alongside the antioxidants they carry, the benefits of [limited] caffeine intake for exercise and the boost you get from a cup of java, and you’re looking at a pretty decent weight loss drink option.

    If you absolutely cannot stomach the idea of black coffee, though, a limited amount of milk can fit into a diet with proper planning. That doesn’t mean making the cup half steamed milk, though- it means being good and sticking to a teaspoon or two, and remembering to include it in your calorie log.

    Sweet teeth are always the hardest to tame, and coffee is no exception. Sugar and coffee flavorings may be tempting, but they are also, in essence, diet wrecking. Pack away the sugar jar and bypass the syrups. However, be wary when replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners. These chemicals are really not great for you, and you should attempt to limit your daily exposure to them as much as you possibly can. You may be better off allowing yourself one tea spoon of simple sugar a day then packing your cup full of them.

    The next question on your mind, no doubt, is that of the ‘skinny latte’. Is it all it promises to be?

    The answer is yes- compared to a normal latte. Your average latte clocks around 250 calories a cup. A skinny latte delivers around half of that. That’s still an awful lot more than plain old black coffee, however- 60 times more! Whilst most coffee shops will happily accommodate slimmer’s requests for skim milk, sweeteners etc., in the end you’re still better off with a plain black coffee- or a cup of the specialty weight loss coffees that are out there.

    In the end, it comes down to moderation. Not only do the calories from a sweetened of flavored coffee start to add up only if drunk uncontrolledly, the same goes for the nasty side effects of caffeine. Exercise a little control and enjoy your special cup.

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