• Is Massage A Luxury Or Necessity?

    Massage was once viewed as not only a way to pamper, but also a way to treat and aid recovery. With the growth of modern Western medicine, however, a lot of its restorative effects have been pushed to one side, with the modern view of massage being of it as a luxury for the rich. This limiting view is one that does not do this helpful therapy justice, and which many sites like happyheadmassage hope to dispel.

    Even science is on the side of the massage therapist, with more and more studies highlighting the many beneficial effects of massage therapy. From the power of touch as comfort and dispeller of depression, to deep tissue massage and its benefits in muscle recovery, the more study massage receives the more it comes up tops as a preventative therapy and great addition to rehab plans everywhere. The effects extend far past temporary feel good.

    Massage moderates the stress response.

    Stress is, as we all know, one of the biggest issues facing modern man. Namely, inappropriate stress responses in the body. Proper stress management is critical to keeping adrenaline responses down, reducing blood pressure and even keeping us from aging prematurely! Stress is a serious contributor to insulin resistance and diabetes, blood pressure issues and weakened immune systems. Scientific studies point to massage as a way to lower blood pressure, reduce the cortisol response, reduce anxiety and depression and control hormone levels- as well as release tension often carried in the shoulders or back due to stress, of course.

    Increased circulation and blood flow.

    The manipulation of muscle tissue by a massage therapist encourages the flow of blood through the area. Not only does this deliver more oxygen and nutrients to these areas, it also contributes to the overall circulation of blood through the body, modulating blood pressure and encouraging blood flow. This also in turn improves the overall state of the cardiovascular system. Additionally, massage also boosts the action of the lymphatic system, responsible for waste and toxin removal throughout the body. This can assist immune function, improve overall health and even help in preventing the buildup of toxins associated with cancer. This improvement in the actions of the immune system makes one better placed to withstand invading pathogens, as well as improved circulation contributing to their removal.

    Muscular damage and stain

    Of course, the most classic benefit massage has is in relieving muscle strain and tension. Whether as an inappropriate response to stress, or as a way to protect the body after injury, muscles become knotted and tight. Aging brings stiffer joints, a reduction in muscle elasticity and lack of range of motion not aided by sedentary lifestyles. Regular manipulation through massage contributes to breaking down adhesions- rigid tissue bands in muscles- restoring range of motion and reducing inflammation as well as promoting muscle healing.

    Overall, massage therapy boosts a ton of great benefits to help you live a happy, healthy life free from movement issue. Why not add it to your healthcare routine today?

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