• The Demand To Look Flawless And Externally Beautiful

    It is said that “that which is essential is invisible to the naked eyes,” and surely you would agree to this idea, for you would surely immediately lose interest in a lovely person whenever you begin to see the haughtiness, pride, and the negative attitude of that attractive person. However, despite this certainty that beauty is not skin deep, you are still prone to value skin-deep beauty. You can’t help but be awestruck whenever you see a Nicole Kidman or any other widescreen goddesses pass you by. This is because external beauty is still the modern norm. With all the ads that insinuate into your subconscious mind the importance of external beauty and with all the programming that you unconsciously imbibe throughout your growing up process, it is impossible to escape the modern trap brought about by modern conditioning—that it is good and advantageous to be flawless and attractive physically.

    It is good to have a flawless skin and a lovely face. The glamour and prestige that are associated with external beauty are such that riches are usually the concomitant friends of glamour and beauty. Likewise, if you have flawless skin and an attractive face, you would surely be the apple of the eye wherever you go. You would surely be, not the butt of ridicule and joke, but the focus of respect and attention as exemplified in most movies of Hollywood. So where do you go from here if modern standard of beauty is skin deep. You simply have no choice but to go with the flow and aim for a flawless skin and attractive face. Hence, in our modern setup, skincare and beauty products are selling like never before. Moreover, cosmetic surgeries are in great demand because a lot of people are succumbing to the overarching demand to appear good and flawless externally. Would you start with new Vitamin B3 Serum now because the itch within you to look good is so superimposing that you are swayed to spend some of your hard-earned dollars to appear better than your age?

    Well, you are justified in doing so for the demand of our society is such that you need to go with the flow; otherwise, you would lose some of the privileges accorded those who are flawless and externally beautiful. First, you would lose the leering looks from guys who are conditioned to look at flawless skin. Likewise, you will lose the privilege of getting a good first impression from others. Of course, you would say that it is your skin and your face that is the primary aspect of your personality that is seen by other people. Hence, if you don’t take care of your skin and just let it sag and be besmirched with wrinkles and lines, you would end up even losing your husband who is inured to the modern standard of beauty. Moreover, you will always experience the humiliating instances wherein you will be mistaken to be older than your actual age which is sometimes more painful that a real slap on your face. Hence, if you want to avoid these circumstances, you better take care of your skin and make yourself always presentable and healthy so that you will have a younger looking skin and an attractive demeanor.

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