Bride's Parents Laugh at Groom’s Father for Being a Janitor, Then He Reveals Wedding Gift


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When Amilia's very rich parents get word that the father of their future son Bradon-in-law is just a simple janitor, they are appalled. They don’t want that man anywhere near their family… 

They bully and laugh at him until he feels truly inferior to them. But when he eventually shows up at the wedding, he shows up with a gift that completely puts everything Amilia’s parents tried to do to shame.

All they could do was have a deep respect for Brandon’s janitor father…

Bullying Brandon father


After they had tried to bully Bradon’s father Nicolai away from coming to the wedding, Amilia’s family were very disappointed that he had still shown up to “their” wedding. And they would end up getting a whole lot more upset when he would eventually outshine them on it…

Not what Amilia's family expected

When the gift-giving started, Amilia’s family had made sure that Nicolai would be last. They wanted his gift to seem incredibly underwhelming compared to their gift, which the newlywed couple had already received. But this would be far from what actually happened…

The best wedding gift ever

The moment Amilia’s family found out what Nicolai had gifted the couple, they knew that they were beaten. NOTHING could compare with that. Not even close…

But what did janitor Nicolai give the newly wedded couple and how did this gift manage to nullify everything Amilia parents had been trying to do to him?

Brandon and Amilia were so in love

When Brandon and Amilia first met, they quickly realized that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. they had never been so in love before; they chose to spend all the time togethed. They shared their biggest fears and their greatest secrets. Everything was more than great, but there was a spanner on their work.

The proposal and the family problems

They were together for almost 1.5 years together when he proposed to her. For Amilia this moment was the happiest moment of her life. She said yes wearing her greatest smile. And while his parents and other family members were extremely happy for the couple, this was not exactly the case for Amilia’s family. They had a doubt about this wedding.

Amilia's family wasn't a big fan of Brandon

Amilia's family liked Brandon, he was a good kid, hard-working and well mannered. He loved their daughter and he really cared about her; they knew it. But their problem was Brandon's background and his family situation. They were bothered about this issue and maybe this would cause a problem for their wedding.

Amilia's family background

Her family is the typical example of people who made it up in their lives. Her great-great-grandfather when he arrived in this country, started accomplished to start his own business with huge success. His company was still family-owned and made the family really, really rich and successful. So, someone could tell that Amilia came from a good family.

The family members wouldn't approve

This meant that most of the people in this family would seek out people as wealthy as them for marriage. They did this because they wanted to ensure that they didn't welcome any freeloaders in the family. No one could blame them for this unwritten law, but this was a little tricky situation for Brandon and their wedding.

Brandon's family wasn't wealthy at all

And as you might expect now, Brandon’s direct family was anything but wealthy. His mother had been unable to work for years while his father Nicolas had been working as a janitor for most of his professional career making minimum wage.

This was a laughable situation

This was a completely laughable situation for Amilias family and made Bradon in their eyes completely unworthy of marrying their daughter. Only if he forged a successful career of his own would they change their mind. He was a hardworking man but not a successful one, the most important thing of all was the fact that he was loving her daughter more than anything in the world.

Amilia was confident of her decision

Amilia knew her family very well and she had expected this reaction from her parents. She had already decided for herself that she was going to marry Brandon and she was not going to listen to her parent's advice and objection. She was truly and deeply in love with this man and she was going to spend the rest of her life with him.

Amilia's first thought

At first, she was planning on just doing this on her own, so that she would not need her parent's approval. They would be invited but they would not involve themselves in any other way. But deep inside she knew that her parents were not going to be really satisfied with this idea, so she decided to tell them the truth but not let them influence her.

Parent's biggest fear

They were afraid that they were going to lose their precious little girl to a family that was in their eyes completely unworthy. So, they came up with a plan to spin the situation more to their advantage again. They believed that they had no other option; they were too afraid that she was not going to be truly happy with this man shortly.

The plan

The plan was to pretend that they had put their concerns aside and now wanted to give the marriage their blessing. They were going to show that by paying for the whole wedding. The couple accepted this eagerly. But they didn't know yet that the whole thing was nothing than a plan, not just a suggestion with good intentions.

The true intentions

The true intentions behind Amilia's family paying for the wedding was a lot less nice than they were leading on. The family knew that there was no way to stop the wedding from happening, so they wanted to use it to their advantage. Of course, they knew that if their daughter knew about this, she would be really disappointed with them.

The expensive wedding

The family was planning on making the wedding an incredibly expensive extravaganza. They wanted to show off their wealth to Brandon's poor family. In this way, they believed that they would show their perceived dominance in this relationship. They thought that with this completely wrong way they would have control here.

Two families meeting

WAs long as the wedding day quickly approaches. Amilia had set up for her parents and Brandon's family to meet each other for the first time. They didn't want the first meeting to be on the wedding day. Amilia was hoping that maybe when her parents meet Brandon's parents would change their minds about them, as they were really nice people.

Show off their status

This meeting for Amilia's family was another opportunity for them to show off their status. They insisted that the meeting would take place at their house and they saved no expense welcoming Brandon's poor family. They didn't feel guilty at all for this action because the only thing that they really cared about was showing to Brandon's family how wealthy they are.

The first impression

The first impression was not good because Amilia's parents were dressed up in the most expensive clothes that they had. But Brandon's father came up to their house directly from work so he had not even a chance to change out of his janitor clothes. He felt embarrassed about this but he believed that the outward appearance would not matter so much for this meeting.

Amilia's parents make fun of him

Unfortunately, Amilia's parents made sure that they were "secretly" laughing and making fun of him. After a little bit, they saw that it got to him a little, and Nicolai made up an excuse that he had to leave earlier. This was something hard to watch for Amilia and Brandon because they believed that this meet-up was going to end well, but this was far away from a happy ending.

The cherry on the cake

Amilia's parents felt that they had succeeded in breaking the poor's man spirit. They had achieved what they wanted. The wedding would just be the cherry on the cake. Brandon and Amilia were really disappointed with this whole thing and especially Amilia because she believed that her parents were capable of doing anything but this. They never expected that Nicolai would show up with the biggest surprise.

Few days before the wedding day...

While Amilias family was busy planning the wedding, they got offered help from Brandon's mother and sister, but not from Nicolai. They didn't hear anything from him and even doubted if he would still show up for the wedding. But Nicolai was not disappeared, but he made his secret plans for this special day...

Nicolai's surprise

Both families didn't believe that Nicolai will show up at the wedding. Amilia was unhappy because she needed her father to be present for this special day. But Nicolai, surprised them, he came to the wedding, and he did a huge effort to look nice. He had rented a nice suit and shoes; he had his hair done up. So, he didn't look very out of place with Amilia’s family.

Amilia's family's bad intentions

Amilia's family tried to ruin the wedding day for Brandon's family by trying to change the seating arrangements. They did that because they didn't want his parents sitting in the front. Of course, Amilia knowing her parents too well changed the seatings at the last minute. So, both families would be able to admire their children's marriage.

Amilia's reaction

After some minutes, she took her parents back and they had a huge argument about how they treated the other family. Amilia was so done with her parent's rude and disrespectful behavior towards Brandon's parents. They had to stop now or else they were close to ruining the daughter's most important day and she never would forgive them.

They were unstoppable

After that conversation, Amilia's family promised that they would stay out of their marriage from now on. Unfortunately, they already had something else in mind, they had a plan to mess up with Nicolai that they were not going to give up. They wanted to act secretly, so Aimilia would probably not even notice their intentions. The worst of all was that they didn't think once their daughter.

The wedding finally started

A few minutes left until the marriage would be started, all the guests had arrived, so they finally began with the ceremony. Both sets of parents were on the front row but at different sides of the aisle. During the whole ceremony, they did not even look at each other. They both cared more for their ego than for their children's happiness.

Amilia's fears

During the wedding, Amilia was very nervous about this part of the wedding. She was not nervous to make things official with Brandon, as she was completely happy and sure about that. She was really nervous that somebody might object to the wedding. She actually feared that their parents would do something during the ceremony that could ruin the whole day.

Her family was her biggest fear

She was believing that her family might have influenced the rest of her family with their dislike for Brandon's family. She was afraid that one of them might be doing something stupid too. She felt really sad about this situation because she wanted her family by her side not against her at this really special moment.

They did nothing bad

Even if Amilia was right about her family that they didn't like Brandon because of her parent's doing. Luckily, none of them went so extreme as to ruin the marriage. At that very moment, she felt lucky about that and she tried to enjoy her wedding as much as possible. Brandon was feeling weird about all these things but he tried to do his best to make Amilia happy.

After the ceremony

Afterward there was some coffee and drinks arranged and it was very noticeable that the families were very slit, only had conversations with each other. It was really disappointing, but it was somewhat expected by the newlyweds. They didn't have another option, they just tried to enjoy their special day.

The acceptance

Amilia and Brandon, had accepted the fact that their families didn't like the other one and they were never going to be friendly towards each other. But they were happy and relaxed because they believed that they were not actively working against each other anymore. But, Amilia's parents had other secret plans.

The plan was just started

Amilia's parents started to push for the gift portion to start. They had big plans for this part of the wedding so they couldn't wait any longer. They had already drawn up an innocent-looking plan for this as well. Once again, it was their chance to prove their wealth and make the other family feel bad for their financial situation.

Wedding gifts

Both sets of parents would present their gifts last of all, Amilia's parents had decided that they were going to present their gift before Brandon's family. At first glance, this seemed like nothing to be concerned about at first glance, but there were definitely bad intentions behind this action. Neither Brandon nor Amilia was suspicious of this action.

The actual plan

Amilia's parents had spared no expense on their presents and they had completely gone overboard with it. They wanted to give their gifts before Brandon's family so that they would seem very underwhelming in comparison. This was their actual plan and they thought that Amilia wouldn't perceive their true intentions behind the gifts.

Nicolai surpises everyone once again

This plan was just another way for them to attempt embarrassing Nicolai and showing off the important side of their family. But they would end up being completely blown out of the water when Nicolai presents his gift for the couple. They didn't believe that Nicolai's gift would make the other gifts seem meaningless.

Caring is more important from wealth

Most of Brandon's and Amilia's presents were relatively normal. Of course, Amilia's family had bought more expensive gifts most of the time. Nothing extravagant or stupid expensive compared with gifts that were bought with caring and love. So, Brandon's parent's gift is going to give a surprise to Amilia's family.

What the gifts are?

Thankfully, the gifts seemed to result in some more conversation and smiles between the families. A lot of gifts from Brandon's family were funny and clever and some of Amilia's family members could really appreciate the jokes. But then, was Amilia's parent's turn, the couple was suspected that the gift was going to be big-time expensive.

The most expensive gifts of all

Amilia's parents showered the couple with expensive gifts like it was nobody's business. They started by giving them a 2-week holiday to the Maldives for their honeymoon. Amilia and Brandon were really excited about this gift because both needed time together to relax and explore a new destination. But this wasn't the only gift that her parents got for them.

More and more expensive gifts

But this one was not the last gift from Amilia's family. In fact, most of them seemed to be centered around Brandon, this was kind of strange but Amilia didn't want to make a big deal about it at that very moment. Amilia's parents even gifted him a new motorcycle, it was more than clear that they intended to win the young man for them.

Brandon's family turn

After they were finally done, it was the turn of Brandon's family. Brandon's mother gave a couple of beautiful tea sets that her mother gave at her on her wedding day. Even though the couple didn't really drink tea, it was a really appreciated gift. Then, was  Nicolai's gift turn.

It seemed small from the outside...

Everybody in the room was still catching their breath from all the gifts Amilia's parents had provided, but Nicolai had a small present with him. It seemed small from the outside, but it would beat everything that Amilia's parents had given to the couple.

A small plate with a huge meaning

The newlyweds opened the wrapping paper and the box to reveal what was inside. Amilia pulled out a small plate with something written on it. When Amilia saw what was written on it burst into tears. Everyone in the room was wondering what Amilia saw and made her react this way, especially her parents.

Nicolai had won the battle

Her parents immediately came close to her to see what had made her react that way. When they saw the present by themself they understood that they had been beaten. Nicolai had won the battle and he didn't even know about Amilia's parent's first intentions. He gave them a gift that was showing how much he really care about the couple.

What was written on the plate?

The present Nicolai had given to Brandon and Amilia was a sign to be placed next to the front door to their house and on the plate was written: "Welcome to the residence of Amilia and Brandon Parker". Maybe the gift wasn't a trip or a motorcycle, but it was something that Nicolai create from scratch with love.

The precious last name

Amilia's parents realized that no matter how hard they tried to exclude Nicolai from the family, from this day and on their daughter related to Brandon's family. In fact, this happened because Amilia would have Brandon's and Nicolai's last name. Her name from now on was Amilia Parker and they had to be used to it.

They have to make peace with it

Her parents had not realized this before but from this day forward Amelia would no longer carry her own last name. So, no matter what they did, this was not going to change. This sign was a symbolic gift to make this clear to them. Amilia's parents have to make peace with the fact that Amilia chose to marry this man.

They shook hands

Amilia's father made his way over to Nicolai to shake his hand and officially bury the hatchet. He had accepted his defeat and started realizing how stupid were their actions. He felt sorry about how they treated Brandon's parents and especially his father. Nicolai, was a good man so he hadn't hard feelings for them and he accepted the apology.

The happy ending

After this day, both families finally started acting normal to each other. Amilia's parents even tried to get Nicolai a better job but he refused. As hard as it was for them to understand, he was happy as a janitor. Amilia's parents could still learn a lot from him. The most important lesson for them was that wealth and money didn't mean everything but love and caring were most important.