Classy Haircuts For Females Over 60 To Look 20 Years Younger

Older people are just as interested in being stylish as anyone else is. But what does that mean, exactly? Different styles appeal to different people, both men, and women. Is it true that style should be adjusted based on age? Perhaps- but perhaps not.

As you age, you can fall into a predicament where you feel a lack of confidence around your ability to pull off a certain look, but a lot of this comes from within. If you over-believe, you can over-achieve, especially when it comes to fashion. If you’re seeking to look a tad younger, here are some of the best hairstyles to consider embracing.

1. Pixie Cut

The classic pixie cut is one that older women gravitate toward. It’s easy to maintain, and provides a youthful appearance, thanks to its face-contouring benefits. The layers of a pixie cut also give an added dimension and extra shape to any woman’s head of hair.

The pixie cut’s texture is what keeps this hairstyle trendy, and has appealed to a broad spectrum of women going back to the mid-70’s. This reasonably priced, affordable hairstyle will likely never go out of style, nor will it impact your ability to still feel like a grown up who’s not hopelessly trying to masquerade as a 20-something.

2.  Angled Cut

No one enjoys the effects of aging. One way to avoid them is to get an angled cut. When an older woman’s face turns soft this style of cut can change how those around them view their faces.

The sharply curved edges of this hairstyle cause people to look at a woman’s chin, drawing attention away from the upper half of her face.

3. Neat Side Fringe

A neat side fringe is also a classic style for older women. This style is perfect with a short haircut. Women even have the option of pairing it with any length bangs they choose.

The overall look of the neat side fringe helps a woman’s face look thinner and more flattering.

4. Super Short can be Super Cute

The short & wispy style is preferred by women who have fin hair. The shorter beautiful hair is, the thicker it looks. Backward tresses style seems to be best for this type of hair.

A little backcombing is all it takes to get a woman looking stylish and elegant.

5. Layer it Up

There are many ways to wear a bob cut. Layer upon layer of short hair makes a woman look like she has a fuller head of it. This is a great way to dress up a standard bob cut and make it more visually appealing.

It makes many older women feel younger than their years.

6. Perfect Blow Out

One of the most classic styles is a perfect blow out. Brave and daring women even change it up by adding some extra color to their hair.

Even something as bold as a touch of purple or pink can do wonders for the hair of an older woman.

7. Short Cut w/Asymmetrical  Bangs

A short cut with asymmetrical bangs enhances most older women’s’ hair. The bangs are a great way for women to get others to focus on their eyes.

With feathered layers surrounding the face, the crown of a woman’s head appears to be lifted with this hairstyle.

8. Shoulder-Length With Layers

The classic shoulder-length cut with multiple layers is a staple among older women. This style also helps thin hair appear thicker than it is.

Two layers are the ideal number to maintain this hairstyle easily. They leave hair looking thick and help it feel freer than it would otherwise.

9. Full Textured Layer

A full textured layer hairstyle, such as the one made famous by, is ideal for older women with curly hair. It has just enough layers to accommodate curly hair in a flattering way.

This hairstyle is conducive to bangs that are long and swept to the side of the face.  As a result, the face is more visible than it would be with many other hairstyles.

10. Medium Length w/Swoopy Layers

This hairstyle is ideal for older ladies. It works best on women who have a round face. Medium length hair with long layers is one hairstyle that is very easy to maintain.

It is perfect for women who don’t want to spend a lot of time working on their hair.

11. Sleek Lob

A Sleek Lob is ideal for older women. It’s a straight bob that has an edgy modern look to it. For women who are resisting aging, this hairstyle will keep them feeling young.

Complementing this hairstyle well is long bangs that fall at the top of a woman’s eyebrows.

12. Feather and Chin Length

Older women with thin hair can greatly benefit from a feathery, chin-length style. It gives thin hair a volume that would be difficult to achieve otherwise.

Having layers cut just the right way can prevent a woman’s hair from appearing limp. The lifting of the hair’s roots makes them look and feel younger than their years.

13. Inverted Layered Collarbone

Older women with shorter hair often do well with an inverted layered collarbone cut. It includes many delicate layers that give off a young, feminine vibe.

Those multiple layers go a long way in maintaining the shape and appearance of this cut.

14. Beachy Waves

Older women can look and feel younger by wearing their hair in beachy waves. This style requires a woman to have shoulder-length hair. Its long fringes down the sides of the head go a long way in helping women look younger.

For women with thin/fine hair, this is an ideal style. It allows for eye-catching bangs, and the added layers make the hair appear soft.

15. Looping Curls

Looping curls provide older women with casual hairstyles. It works best for those with thin hair but lots of it. The hair is parted in the middle in this casual style.

Curls are found at the ends of hair strands. This style makes older women look carefree.

16. Chunky Waves

Chunk Waves are also a preferred style of many women with thin hair. With medium length hair, this style is easy to achieve. Bangs are long and stretch over a woman’s forehead.

when she sports this hairstyle. Waves created by this style make hair look chunky, so older women don’t look like they are suffering from a lack of hair.

17. Close-Cropped Layered

A close-cropped layered haircut is often best for short hair. The prominence of the layers is the most eye-catching part of this style.

They help the hairstyle to be well-defined. Women seeking a casual or semi-formal style often this one the ideal choice.

18. Voluminous Waves

Courtney Cox has always been a trendsetter. That hasn’t changed in the years since Friends went off the air. Even today, Courtney has a style that many women want to emulate. Her voluminous waves can be recreated by any woman.

All it takes is a few simple steps. It starts with blow-drying one’s hair and making sure the part is down the middle. With the addition of a few hot rollers, the style is ready to set. After this step is complete, all that is left is to remove the hair rollers and apply hair spray accordingly.

19. Pixie with Sideburns

The long feathered pixie with sideburns is a distinct style that some older women prefer. This is achieved by getting a classic pixie cut, but adding a hint of a men’s style to it with the sideburns.

Women are defying conventional standards for how they wear their hair after a certain age. The combination of volumes of feather layers and the distinct sideburns make this style a bold and daring statement.

20. Short Layered Cut

With a short layered hair cut, maintaining the style is always easy to do. This is one reason why it appeals to an older generation of women. A short style cut like this one helps older women feel younger again.

It also avoids women having to use any hair accessories they may not want to be bothered with.

21. Short Feathered Hairstyle

The short feathered hairstyle is also a look preferred by many. This hairstyle effectively lifts the neckline and face. It includes tousled strands of hair, which keep the women sporting it feeling and looking young. The beauty of this hairstyle is its diversity.

While the style can be worn in a fun, carefree way, it can also be worn tamely. To achieve this look, the style can be blown out. By tucking the sides of the hair by the ears it transforms into a traditional bob style.

22. Bob with Full-Length Bangs

Diane Keaton is one of the older ladies in Hollywood that has embraced a bob with full-length bangs.

The style is not only trendy as well as classic but it also effectively covers wrinkles on the forehead. Like the fully textured hairstyle discussed above, it also frames a woman’s face nicely.

23. Razor Bob Short & Heavy

Razor styles are just as viable for older women like older men. One variation on it for women is the short & heavy look. This style is best for women who have naturally thick hair.

This style makes thick hair in older women easier to manage, making it a popular choice.

24. Short Curly Bob

Most style experts agree that for older women, short, curly bob is a timeless choice. This applies only to women who have a thick head of hair. Tight curls hold their shape very easily, making this a hassle-free hairstyle to maintain.

With this type of hair, women are advised only to brush their hair when it is wet. This type of hairstyle can get out of control if brushed when dry. Women may find themselves with overly large hair if they do.

25. Soft Curls

Sandra Bullock keeps her hair stylish whenever she appears in public. Getting her soft curls is a no-brainer.

It involves parting one’s hair on their preferred side and using a curling wand on each section of hair until the entire head is done. To make the curls soft, all it takes is a simple brushing of the hair.

26. More Pixie Style

Pixie cuts can be customized in so many ways. One way is to merge bangs and the front layer of hair. This differs from most other female hairstyles as they generally keep bangs completely separate.

With this style, pieces of the hair are razored, and certain strands of hair are pushed forward on one ‘s head. This helps create dynamic bangs that defy the norm.

27. Mid-Length with Bodybuilding Layers

Not all older women have voluminous hair. For those who don’t, a great hairstyle to choose is mid-length with bodybuilding layers. The layers work together to give the body to a woman’s hair.

This hairstyle goes well with bangs, something many older women lack if they aren’t paying attention to today’s styles and trends. Maintaining this hairstyle is easy to do. It only requires tousling the long strands of hairs,  teasing the roots, and setting everything with hairspray.

28. Overlapping Layers

The mid-length hairstyle with overlapping layers is the choice of many women over 50. With this length of hair, flow and movement need to be maintained to remain stylish.

When layers of hair overlap, the effect is a wavy style that makes women feel younger. Maintaining this haircut is easy to do, as the style can be achieved and preserved without much effort.

29. Voluminous Shag

The voluminous shag is a modern-day hairstyle that many older women have embraced. This style is perfect for women who don’t mind wearing their hair high and in a big way. As a new take on more traditional shag cuts, it helps women stay in touch with their true selves.

At the top of the head, this hairstyle is thick with heavy layers. The haircut stops above the shoulders, and the layers at the end are longer than the layers near the head. It is conducive to wearing one’s bangs thick. With a part down the middle of the head, the overall style stays balanced, helping women have more confidence in their looks.

30. Mid-Length Feather Style

The mid-length feather style is a timeless look for older women. This is one style that often helps women feel younger again. A shaggy style like this one is associated with youth, so done correctly, it is effective for older women as well.

The hairstyle acts as a frame that compliments every face. It also frames the neck attractively. As a sophisticated hairstyle, older women can appreciate it.

31. Chandelier Bob

A chandelier bob is another variation on a classic style. It uses fewer layers than other hairstyles. I still allow for more volume in any woman’s hair.

This hairstyle is best for women who have a strong square face and jawline. It gives them a more relaxed look.

32. Tapered Pixie

A tapered pixie cut includes bangs swept forward and to the side of the head. At the top of the head lie extra-long pieces of hair. With hair tucked behind each ear, women can show off sideburns.

Tapered at the neck, the overall feel of the style is a relaxed one. Older women often feel more feminine when they have their hair cut in this style.

33. Beachy Wave Look

Elizabeth Hurley has defied the aging process by wearing her hair as if she were years younger. Her beachy wave look is easy to recreate. She achieved this style by taking individual sections of her hair and curling them one by one.

In the process of curling them, they should be directed away from the face. A texturizing spray should then be used in each section. To complete this hairstyle, one must brush their hair using their fingers.

34. Short & Curly Bob

A short & curly bob can be great for older women.  This hairstyle is easy to achieve and to maintain. However, Women should grow shorter hair out to support this style.

Curls will get shorter, so growing hair can counteract this.

35. The Layered Crop

The layered crop is a classic hairstyle that is always fashionable for older women.

It’s a quick and easy way to maintain a shaped hairstyle that gives hair volume without having to put a lot of work into it. To maintain this style, women only need to use a blow out brush along with hairspray.

36.Medium Cut with Tailored Pieces

A medium cut with tailored pieces is also a desirable style for an older generation of women. Layered pieces paired with medium length hair creates a great balance.

This hairstyle lets older women sport long bangs in a way that doesn’t defy their age. These bangs provide an effective way to hide forehead and eye wrinkles.

37. The Carol Brady Style

Many older women enjoy emulating the hairstyle popularized by Carol Brady during the original run of The Brady Bunch. This “mock” mullet is flattering to most older women.

The top of the head is layered and voluminous with this hairstyle while the hair falling at the nape of the neck is feathered, giving it a soft look.

38. Medium Layered Haircut

A medium layered haircut is the perfect choice for almost any woman 50 or over. It is an easy style to maintain. This style is ideal for any woman with shoulder-length hair.

Achieving this look involves keeping the top layers of hair short. It also includes bangs that have been swept to the side. This hairstyle can be achieved using a round brush to style the tips of the hair.

39. Rounded Bob

The rounded bob hairstyle is popular among older women. It is seen as sophisticated and elegant. This hairstyle is easy for older women to maintain.

Using a round brush and a blow-dryer women can surround the crown of their head with their hair and give their hair some height.

40. Pixie Undercut

While the traditional pixie hair cut is a timeless style, many older women choose to dress it up with an undercut. This wavy hairstyle gives older women a youthful look and feel.

The softness of those waves makes this the perfect hairstyle for older women who want to add some sassiness to their appearance.

41. Voluminous Feathered

The voluminous feathered look is one that many older women favor. It is best suited for women who want to keep their hair short.

Extra volume is added to hair when this style is used. The style is easy to maintain and even helps women keep their haircut soft and simple.

42. One-Length Bob

In addition to the rounded bob, the one-length bob is a fun and easy style for older women. This hairstyle only takes a few layers to pull off.

Those layers help shape a woman’s hairstyle. It gives them many options that long hair isn’t needed for. Wavy, straight and curly hair can all be formed into a rounded bob.

There is an endless number of hairstyles that are flattering to older women. The days are gone when women had no choice but to look at their own age. With so many styles to choose from, any woman can feel younger than her years. The many hairstyles to choose from reflecting the preferences of an older generation of women. This is something that isn’t likely to change in the future.

Women now have options that previous generations did not have. These options allow them to embrace the hairstyle that suits them the best, no matter what age they are. Older women are taking all the necessary steps to recapture their youth.