Rich Couple Gave Homeless Man 400.000 Dollar - They Were Shocked When He Sued Them



Jessica and her husband Pedro tried to help a homeless man. They had encountered him during one of their road trips, and really wanted to help the poor man. They decided to give him an enormous sum of money, 400,000 dollars. The homeless man was seemingly shocked. Jessica and Pedro thought they helped him a lot.

Until he sued them days later....


Jessica heard knocking on the front door. They did not expect anyone, so she had no idea who it could be. When opening the door she saw a man with a registered letter. He told her that they had been sued by a man named Jake. Jessica then realized the homeless man they had helped sued them. But why?

Jessica quickly ran over to her husband to tell him what had just happened. He could not believe it. They helped this man with an enormous sum of money. He should be happy, not sue them. Pedro quickly called his attorney, who told him even more bad news.

They had to appear in court in a couple of days' time. Their attorney did not know what they had done. In hindsight, they should have never given them any money at all. Their attorney told Jessica and Pedro that they were in big trouble. Plus they were being investigated by the tax authorities.

On top of all of that police knocked on their door a day later. They needed to take Pedro in for questioning about the whole situation. Pedro was absolutely baffled. What started as a gesture of good faith ended up in something horrible. But what could have caused all this commotion? Was it the massive crowdfund action? The media attention? Or was Jake claiming something else? Something more nefarious...

Pedro and Jessica met Jake recently when they were on a road trip through the country. Their car broke down on the side of the road. Jessica felt helpless. They were in the middle of nowhere. And on top of that their phones had no signal.

After failing to stop some cars to ask for help they felt defeated. A beautiful road trip was completely ruined. Until they saw a man in the distance. The man approached them and introduced himself as Jake. He told the couple that he could help them.

Jessica was hesitant at first. She always had a prejudice against homeless people. Pedro did not feel as entitled as Jessica. He came from a humble family. He told Jake they were glad that they got offered help. Maybe in hindsight, Pedro should not have accepted the help.

To Jessica's surprise, Jake was really friendly. He knew the area very well, and he even helped them to get to the nearest garage. Jake offered them his last money to repair the car. Jessica felt bad for feeling this way about Jake.

After waiting a couple of hours their car was fixed. During the rest of their road trip, they kept thinking about their generosity of Jake. Jessica finally came up with the idea to help Jake out. They really wanted to repay him. This was the biggest mistake of their lives.

When finally getting home Pedro decided he would share his story online. He got a lot of extremely positive feedback. People even asked him how they could help Jake. Jessica did not realize that people could care so much for someone they had not even met. She came up with an idea.

Jessica decided to set up a crowdfunding page to give Jake a second chance in his life. Pedro in the meantime decided to drive back to the place he knew Jake hung around. He offered Jake to stay at their mansion. Maybe Pedro was a bit too generous.

Jake himself was caught off guard. He thanked Pedro for the offer, and actually agreed to stay with them in their mansion. Jake had nothing left, and this gave him some hope in humanity again. But soon all the trouble would begin.

Jake drove back with Pedro, and although they had great conversations about life. Pedro had a feeling that Jake had something to hide. Maybe a dark past that Jake did not want to tell about. He never told Pedro how he became homeless.

Every time Pedro tried to start that conversation, Jake tactically steered away from the topic. This gave Pedro an uncomfortable feeling. He was still determined to help Jake since he was a very nice and humble person overall. Or was he?

When finally arrived at their mansion Jessica welcomed them. She had arranged a whole new wardrobe for Jake. However, he straight up refused to even wear something else. He seemed very ungrateful, but he definitely took advantage of their generosity.

Jessica did not expect much of the crowdfunding action. The first couple of days nothing was really donated. People did not seem too generous. Until Pedro's story online went viral about the road trip incident. Suddenly money started to roll in.

The media caught wind of the whole ordeal as well. They even went on talk shows together with Jake to tell their story. Jake did not realize what was going on. But when Jessica shared the crowdfund action with him. His attitude completely changed.

Jake was suddenly very obedient. When asked in talk shows what he thought of the situation he praised Jessica and Pedro. The initial goal of the crowdfund action was already achieved. They raised 40 times more than they had originally thought. Nobody thought this could end in disaster.

Jessica and Pedro promised everyone who donated that they would make sure that Jake would spend the money well. They would manage his money. There was however one problem they needed to tackle first. Jake's substance abuse.

Jessica vowed that they would manage the money so that Jake could not spend it on ruining his own life again. They even sent him to a clinic to get him clean. Afterward, they signed a contract with Jake that stated that if he was clean he would get the whole sum.

Jake would be fired from the clinic after 2 months. He was declared totally clean. This is when Jessica and Pedro handed him a cheque for the rest of the money that came in. Thanks to the media attention it just kept coming. Until that faithful day.

Jake decided after he got the money to find a place to live for himself. He bought a trailer in his hometown. After he moved out of the mansion, both Pedro and Jessica never heard from Pedro again until they heard a knocking on their door.

A man representing Jake gave a registered letter to Jessica. The only thing he said was ''You are being sued''. Jessica ran to Pedro, and they were both extremely shocked. How could Jake do this to them? But it got even worse.

Jessica decided to contact the talk shows they went to with Jake to tell the story. She was seemingly devastated. The story quickly went viral, and Jessica could tell her story with Pedro everywhere. They never got a reaction from Jake. He had gone radio silent.

Jessica and Pedro had enough money to get a really good lawyer. However, it looked like Jake had found something else on them. The moment the lawyer tried to explain it to them they heard loud banging on the door.

Jessica ran over to the door, Pedro was already there. Jessica turned pale when she saw who was at the front door. Pedro was already in handcuffs. Jessica was asked to cooperate as well. The police came to arrest them both. But why?

Pedro was arguing with the officers, who told him that everything would become clear really soon. They were told that they would get transported to the local police office and interrogated. ''Interrogated for what!?'' Jessica screamed loudly.

The whole way to the police station the officers were silent while Jessica was crying. They told her the charges were serious. She could only think of one man who could be behind this whole mess. It had to be Jake.

When they were led inside the police office Jessica caught a glimpse of a man. She recognized him and started screaming. Jake was right there. They were brought to a line-up, and Jake identified both Jessica and Pedro as the ones who ''did it''.

Jessica did not know what this could be, she kept dodging all the questions from the officers. She refused to talk. Pedro on the other hand was very cooperative. He wanted to get this over as quickly as possible. Then they dropped the bomb on them.

It was still not clear why Jake sued them. But Pedro was continuously asked about the money. Where it came from, and what they had done with it. Pedro answered all the questions hoping he would be released very soon.

After spending a couple of days in prison, both Jessica and Pedro were told that they needed to appear in court in front of a judge. They got in contact with their lawyer. Who told them that the charges were very serious.

At first, Pedro was told that Jake demanded all of the money. But they had given everything they had to him. There was even a deal signed that detailed everything from the crowdfunding action. But when diving into Pedro and Jessica's financials more was revealed.

Jake's lawyer had found some condemning evidence on both Jessica and Pedro. Apparently, there was indeed a part of the money missing. Now either Jessica or Pedro had to explain why that was. Pedro started.

He told the judge that he had the feeling that Jake was using again which is why they indeed kept half of the money they originally owed to Jake. Pedro thought by telling this that everything was fine. Until Jake's lawyer came with more.

Jake and his lawyer had found evidence that Pedro and Jessica had used the money to fund their lavish lifestyle. They had bought a new car, renovated their home, and they even bought an enormous yacht. And they had not even scratched the surface.

Bank records stated that Jessica and Pedro were in debt at the time of meeting Jake. They had been for a while. Meanwhile, Jessica started crying, she tried to get the sympathy of the jury. But this did not seem to work for her.

A viewer of one of the talk shows had recognized Pedro. Pedro had scammed him years earlier. He knew Pedro as Mark. While digging into this rabbit hole the police found that Pedro and Jessica had both changed their names. This suddenly got a whole lot deeper.

Apparently, both Pedro and Jessica are wanted fugitives in eight countries. They had scammed a whole lot of people. They were known, con artists. They had now finally been caught due to their own vanity. But Jake wanted more.

Jessica refused to confess, however, Pedro confessed everything he thought he could get a plea deal confessing. He shocked the judges with his statement. He said that he knew Jake for years and that they came up with this plan together. Jessica turned pale.

Jake was seemingly in distress he quickly told his lawyer to silence Pedro. Jake was apparently not as innocent as everyone thought. The judge silenced everyone and told Pedro to come to the front to tell the whole story.

Pedro started that he had met Jake a couple of years ago in an underground casino. Jake was or is a gambling addict. Pedro had told him that he could make him rich if he would cooperate. Without knowledge of Jessica.

Before the road trip, Pedro told Jake where he would crash the car. This is when Jake came to rescue them like a ''guardian angel''. Jessica thought it was her own idea to start the crowdfunding action, but this was Pedro's idea all along.

They would use the generosity of the masses to generate a whole bunch of money. They all adopted different persona's so that they could go on television and explain their story. This blew up even harder than they could ever imagine. But why would Jake sue them?

Pedro felt untouchable due to all the attention they got from the media. He eventually decided to give Jake only a cut of the money. This pissed off Jake. Jessica thought they had scammed Jake out of a lot of money, and that he had no resources to sue.

This is when Jake came up with the most stupid idea he could have ever come up with. He decided to expose Pedro by suing both Jessica and Pedro. He wanted more money. But he did not realize he would expose himself as well.

This is why jake was now a suspect as well. The judge had never seen anything like this before. He did not think that anyone could be so stupid as to sue two criminals and incriminate himself as well in the process...

Eventually, they all ended up behind bars. Pedro and Jessica both ended up serving their entire lives in prison. Jake only served one life sentence. They all learned valuable lessons. If you do something illegal you are bound to get caught.

This story is a work of fiction created for entertainment. Characters and events are the products of the author’s imagination. The images shown are used for illustration only.