Expensive Mega-Mansions Owned By The Rich & Famous That Are Nearly Worthless Today


When you think about houses on the market that struggle to sell, you probably aren’t picturing huge, luxurious mansions. However, the owners of these mega-mansions will tell you that that is not true; however gorgeous, these once-valued slices of real estate have since had zero takers on the market.

The reasons that people won’t buy the beautiful mansion on this list vary. For some, the previous owners’ reputation had a negative impact on the market value of the property. For others, the history of the property itself has torpedoed its own worth down to practically nothing. 

A good number of the homes on this list aren’t Netflix The Haunting scenarios. Instead, they are celebrity homes that, for one reason or another, just won’t sell. Usually, high property taxes or overvaluation are to blame, but there is no doubt that it is frustrating for celebrities who want to offload unused properties. Read on to see the most expensive mega-mansions that almost no one wants to buy today.

1. Mel Gibson’s Home – Malibu, California

On the Market Since: 2010
Total Area: 6,500 square feet 
Initial Value: $14.5 million*

Speculation is high that Prince Harry himself is keen to purchase Mel Gibson’s five-bedroom, five-bathroom, French country Malibu home – but so far this pricey mansion remains unsold more than a decade after Gibson listed it. He first listed it for $14.5 million in 2010. One year later he dropped the price to $12.8 million.

By November of 2011, the price continued to fall to $11.8 million, marking a whopping $1 million drop in eight months. Gibson removed it from the market until 2019, when he put it back up for the original $14.5 million asking price.

Gibson first bought the mansion in 2008 from David Duchovny and Tea Leoni, an actor who has starred in shows like Fox’s The X-Files. Gibson then took the ocean-view estate and gave it his own personal touch, highlighting some of the estate’s “Old World” characteristics. It’s likely that high property taxes are to blame for the lack of sale.

2. Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn’s Beach Mansion – Malibu, California

On the Market Since: 2011 
Total Area: 4,195 square feet  
Initial Value: $14.8 million*

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are one of the few Hollywood couples that have been together for ages and show no signs of breaking up. The pair, in addition to joint income from movies like Overboard, Private Benjamin, The Thing, and more, also have a side hustle: their valuable Malibu beach house property.

The house, which is Balinese-inspired and located on Broad Beach, went on the market in 2011 for $14.8 million. For nearly three decades before that, the Hollywood couple had been renting it for $95,000 a month. Though renting was profitable, they had trouble selling the beachy retreat.

The Broad Beach estate was built during the seventies, when companies like GM and Exxon were having their heydays. One of the prettiest features of the estate is the flagstone courtyard, which leads you into the tropical-themed home. There is also a remodeled chef’s kitchen, two story great room, and foyer with a huge chandelier.

3. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s Mansion – Tennessee

On the Market Since: 2013 
Total Area: 22,460 square feet (753 acres)
Initial Value: $20 million*

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have a net worth of $135 million, making them one of the richest (and longest-lasting) couples in Hollywood. The country singers owned a castle in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee. The sprawling mansion was 22,460 square feet, and it had five bedrooms and ten bathrooms.

The home sat on a large piece of land—over 750 acres! It also had a dozen-stall barn on the property. It has been on the market, along with another one of their homes, since 2013. Leiper’s Fork initially went on the market for $20 million, though the country couple has had to drop the price a few times. 

Understanding the town of Leiper’s Fork might shed more like on why the CMT couple had trouble selling such a large estate. There’s little to do in Leiper’s Fork, which is an unincorporated town with 650 people. The rural village has a distillery, church, and restaurant called Country Boy, but that’s about it. 

4. Tommy Hilfiger’s Mansion – Greenwich, Connecticut

On the Market Since: 2020
Total Area: 13,344 square feet 
Initial Value: $48 million*

This is one of the newer list mega-mansions to hit the market. Fashion designer and millionaire Tommy Hilfiger is selling his Greenwich, Connecticut mansion for $47.5 million via Sotheby’s International. This continues the 2020 trend of affluent New Yorkers fleeing to nearby rural destinations and states, as opposed to staying in the city limits.

Hilfiger’s castle was originally called Chateau Paterno, and it was built for Charles Paterno in 1939. The real estate magnate hired Greville Rickard, a superstar graduate from Yale to build it. Twenty years later, Joseph Hirshhorn, an art collector, bought the property and used it to house 6,000 19th- and 20th-century sculptures and paintings. 

He decided to try to sell his mansion after hearing that the real estate market was “strong,” according to the Wall Street Journal. Hilfiger and his wife are relocating to Palm Beach, Florida. His residence measures 13,344 square feet and was built in 1939. It has water and rose gardens, as well as a four-bay garage, greenhouse, and guest cottage. The home has had no takers so far, which has surprised agents.

5. Michael Jordan’s Chicago Estate – Chicago, Illinois

On the Market Since: 2012
Total Area: 56,000 square feet
Initial Value: $29 million*

Michael Jordan originally put his 56,000 square-foot mansion up for sale for $29 million. Located in Highland Park, Illinois, the mansion has since dropped to less than $15 million as Jordan struggled to find a buyer. The seven-acre estate has been on the market since 2012, and now he can’t seem to sell it for anything at all.

The Nike spokesman and former NBA star even tried to sweeten the deal by throwing in a pair of rare, vintage Air Jordans with the house. So, what’s the problem? Chicago Mag says that the asking price is too high, even for such a large property. No one wants to buy a mansion that will depreciate in value.  

As Forbes stated, the market for such a luxury property is far from “limitless.” The fitness perks of the place (such as the basketball court) aren’t really a selling point for someone without the athleticism of Jordan. Also, there was a lot of “culture clash” between the realtors over the high-profile nature of the house, according to The Real Deal. 

6. Jennifer Lopez’s Mansion – Los Angeles, California

On the Market Since: 2015 
Total Area: 17,129 square feet 
Initial Value: $17 million*

Jennifer Lopez’ palatial, gorgeous California mansion has everything that a pop star would ever want—including a dressing room to get ready for Hollywood events. The singer listed the 17,000-square-foot Hidden Hills mansion for $17 million in 2015. In addition to the dressing room, the home also has nine bedrooms, a dance studio, twenty-seat theater, gym, and a huge recording studio.

Despite all this luxury, Lopez had trouble selling the place. She had to drop the price down $4.5 million, listing it for $12.5 million. Lopez also has residences in New York, Miami, and Bel Air—but those, she’s planning to keep.

You might think that California, the home of mega-companies like Apple and the state known for being almost as expensive as New York, and its property taxes are why the home didn’t sell, but that isn’t likely the case. The property tax rate in Cali is lower than even Ohio’s. A median home in the state ($385,000 value) raises just $3,104 in taxes.

7. Sylvester Stallone’s California Estate – La Quinta, California

On the Market Since: 2014 
Total Area: 5,000 square feet 
Initial Value: $4.5 million*

Rocky and Rambo actor Sylvester Stallone purchased a home in La Quinta, California for $4.5 million back in 2010. The mansion has four-and-a-half bedrooms and five bathrooms. The exterior is stucco covered with clay tile, and the interior is designed in a mix of Tuscan and Mediterranean styles.

Stallone had the property commissioned himself in 2008. He was heavily-involved with the designing, and RobbReport reported that it was “likely influenced” by the movie star’s “Italian ancestry.” The MGM star’s home includes coved ceilings, hardwood floors, arched entryways, and, of course, a dedicated wine room and large eat-in kitchen to accompany a formal dining room.  

Despite this home’s beauty, Stallone’s residence has had trouble selling. He first listed it in 2014 before taking it off the market in 2015. He then re-listed it for $3.87 million, taking a loss of several hundred thousand dollars. The most recent listing of the La Quinta property, five years later, has it at $3.999 million.

8. Ellen DeGeneres’ Mansion – Los Angeles, CA

On the Market Since: 2014 
Total Area: 4,158 square feet 
Initial Value: $8 million*

Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia De Rossi have a known knack for flipping and reselling luxury homes. They usually make a bundle on the price, but that has not been the case with one Los Angeles condo. In 2014, Ellen DeGeneres put two Los Angeles condos up for sale. The larger of the two sold, but the smaller has been a tough sell.

DeGeneres listed the property for $8 million, and the price kept dropping until it was $5.85 million, the same as what she bought it for. The apartment is located in an LA high-rise, and Homes.com described it as “ultra-swanky.”

The NBC talk show host and her wife have usually found success flipping luxury properties, so this setback is surprising. DeGeneres has amassed most of her wealth through her entertainment business. Forbes estimated in 2018 that she earned $87.5 million a year, placing her at #15 on the highest-paid-entertainer list.

9. Helen Hunt’s Personally-Designed Mansion

On the Market Since: 2002
Total Area: 4,000 square feet
Initial Value: $8 million*

Oscar-winning star Helen Hunt personally oversaw and designed the total overhaul of this stunning Hollywood Hills estate. Intriguingly, she never actually lived in it at all – though the land was once formerly owned by legendary Hollywood icon Errol Flynn.

Hunt and her husband purchased the land in 1997 and tore down what remained of the grounds from the previous estate. After sitting on the market with a price tag og roughly $9 million, a purchaser is believed to have come forward to purchase it for somewhat less, at $8 million.

10. Matt Lauer’s Waterfront Estate – The Hamptons, New York

On the Market Since: 2019 
Total Area: 19,000 square feet
Initial Value: $44.8 million*

Former NBC anchor Matt Lauer listed his waterfront estate for $65 million in 2019. The former journalist had initially purchased it from actor Richard Gere for $36.8 million. But today, the six-acre estate isn’t the only property Lauer is selling. He’s also leaving his North Haven, New York mansion, named Strongheart Manor.

The former NBC host is asking for $44.8 million for the property. The locale is picturesque, with a private beach, pond with a bridge, deepwater dock, island-inspired tea house, and two guest cottages, in addition to the main home. The home has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, as well as a huge screened-in porch.

Matt Lauer has had issues even getting his home onto listings because of issues that plagued his NBC career. Corcoran, a real estate firm, removed his home from its website after the 2017 news broke. While there’s no doubt that the property is beautiful, there’s no way that it’s changing hands anytime soon. 

11. Steve Cohen’s Penthouse – New York City, New York

On the Market Since: 2013 
Total Area: 9,000 square feet 
Initial Value: $115 million*

Steve Cohen, a hedge funder worth $14.1 billion as of 2020, is usually a business genius. However, he doesn’t seem to have the golden touch when it comes to selling a Manhattan duplex penthouse. He originally put the 9,000-square-foot penthouse on the market for $115 million in 2013.

As time has gone on, the price has dropped, first to $98 million and now to $57.5 million, a 50% cut. The penthouse has an art gallery, as Cohen is a serious art collector (though only some of his collection is housed in the Manhattan penthouse). His collection, for which he is notorious for overpaying, is worth $1 billion. The penthouse also has five bedrooms and six bathrooms.  

The duplex, which is industrial strength, just simply won’t sell. Steve Cohen, who invests in stocks like Immunomedics and BGC Partners, is likely very displeased by the precipitous drop in his penthouse. The reason the penthouse won’t sell is likely due to property tax reasons or the high cost-of-living in the city.

12. Alan Wilzig’s Townhouse – New York City, New York

On the Market Since: 2014
Total Area: 6,500 square feet 
Initial Value: $44 million*

If you have ever seen the blockbuster Leonardo DiCaprio movie Wolf of Wall Street, then you know who Alan Wilzig is. Wilzig was the inspiration for DiCaprio’s character in the Wolf of Wall Street. Wilzig is also, in addition to being businessman and entrepreneur, a semi-professional racecar driver.

Wilzig put his Tribeca townhouse on the market in 2014 for $44 million. The townhouse, which has become far more toned-down and mellow in appearance over the years, had trouble selling. Wilzig had to drop the price down to $18.75 million in October of 2018 in the hopes of hooking a buyer.

He and his siblings purchased the Trust Company of New Jersey back in the late sixties. They built it into a forty-five-branch franchise. Wilzig also, in addition to his real estate holdings, owns more than 100 cars, bikes, and ATVs. His collection includes everything from Toyota Indy cars to 1992 Honda NR750s.

13. Serena Williams’s Bel Air mansion

On the Market Since: 2017
Total Area: 6101 square feet 
Initial Value: $81 million*

Built back in 1935, this mansion comes with more than 2.7 acres of land with a 6,101-square-foot main house. It's one of the largest lots in Stone Canyon area of Bel Air, featuring six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a large swimming pool, a souped-up salon, and private hiking trails through lush green surroundings.

The house was sold for $8.1 million on 12th April 2017. Williams was looking to cash in $12 million from the home when she first listed it in October 2017. According to public property listing records, it was put on the market for the first time in January with a price tag of $9.995 million. 

14. Denise Richards’s Mansion – Calabasas, CA

On the Market Since: 2015
Total Area: 8,500 square feet
Initial Value: $7.749 million

Denise Richards started out as an actress and model in 1989 and since then has had many ventures in her career earning her millions. Originally from Illinois, she moved to California with her family when she was just 15 years old and has been there ever since. She has lived in various mansions in different neighborhoods throughout California over the years, all quite luxurious. 

Denise Richards is well known today for being a part of the tumultuous cast of women in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’. Her Mansion in Hidden Hills, California has been on the market for over 10 years as she moved to Beverly Hills to be closer to the filming of the show.  

The stunning mansion was built in 1991 and is equipped with everything from a swimming pool, waterslide, wood-fired pizza oven, a gorgeous master bedroom, and more. It was even rumored that Angelina Jolie rented the house for a whopping $30,000 a month after filing for divorce from Brad Pitt in 2016. 

15. Billy Joel’s Mansion – Palm Beach, Florida

On the Market Since: 2015
Total Area: 10,000 square feet
Initial Value: $20 million*

Billy Joel is a pop culture icon, so you would think that someone out there would be more than willing to snap up his 10,000 square feet mansion in Florida. However, as you might have guessed, this is one house that just wouldn’t budge. 

The singer put the eight-bedroom property up for sale in 2015 for an asking price of $20 million. By 2018 that price had dropped to $16 million and again to $11 million. Billy is even willing to throw in the furniture, but it just lacks the magic that buyers are looking for. 

16. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski’s Home – Brooklyn, New York

On the Market Since: 2017
Total Area: 5,200 square feet
Initial Value: $8 million*

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are Hollywood royalty as well as couple goals. The average Joe would jump at a chance to live in one of their homes – but then again, the average Joe doesn’t have millions laying around in the bank. 

The actors listed their Brooklyn townhouse back in 2017 for $8 million, although they bought it the year prior for $6 million. Situated in Park Slope, the house is the kind of thing that dreams are made of, and yet it took them over a year to finally sell it. When they did, they accepted an offer of $6.5 million, so scarcely turned a profit. 

17. Eva Longoria’s LA Mansion – Los Angeles, California

On the Market Since: 2015
Total Area: 11,000 square feet 
Initial Value: $9.8 million*

Can you imagine waking up and looking at the same view Eva Longoria had? We can dream. In fact, Eva’s LA mansion was home to another famous face beforehand: none other than Tom Cruise. The actress bought the 11,000 square feet property from Cruise in 2015. 

Not only is it completely private but it’s also ideally located just a stone’s throw away from Mulholland Drive. The star power of the four-bedroom mansion wasn’t enough to lure buyers in though. Eva shelled out $14 million on buying it herself, but ended up dropping the asking price to $9.8 million. Ouch. 

18. Alonzo Mourning’s Mansion – Miami, Florida

On the Market Since: 2018
Total Area: 13,421 square feet
Initial Value: $12 million*

Sports fans would love to walk the same halls as NBA star Alonzo Mourning, wouldn’t they? In fact, the opportunity to own a piece of Mourning history hit the market back in 2018. The basketball sensation built the Coconut Grove, Florida mansion back in 1996 to his own specs. 

Alonzo spent an extraordinary amount of time and money on the house, but later sold it for just $6 million in 2009. IThe current owner decided it was time for a change again in 2015, putting it on the market for $7.14 million. 

19. Antonio Banderas’ Central Park Apartment – New York City, New York

On the Market Since: 2018
Total Area: 6,000 square feet
Initial Value: $4.4 million*

Antonio Banderas might have all the luck when it comes to movies, but he doesn’t have the magic touch when it comes to real estate. The actor bought his former wife Melanie Griffith out of their Central Park apartment when they went their separate ways, but later decided to put the 6,000 square feet property up for sale in 2018. 

It’s the dream location for many New Yorkers, but for some reason the property is still up for sale with an asking price of $7.45 million. Banderas was still trying to sell the pad as recently as July 2020, with little prospects of an actual buyer on the horizon. 

20. Jemima Kirke’s Home – Brooklyn, New York

On the Market Since: 2018
Total Area: 3,360 square feet
Initial Value: $4.5 million*

Girls star Jemima Kirke is known for her bohemian style – and her Brooklyn townhouse is no different. The actress lived in a very stately Carroll Gardens property but decided it wasn’t for her, putting the pad on the market back in 2018 for $4.5 million. 

The house was everything you might expect from Kirke, but perhaps that’s why buyers were a little reluctant to sweep in and snap it up straight away. Although the property did eventually sell, it lingered around a little longer than other properties in the same area tend to. 

21. Rachel Ray’s Mansion – Southampton, New York

On the Market Since: 2017
Total Area: 3,000
Initial Value: $3.5 million*

TV chef Rachel Ray put her Southampton New York home on the market back in 2017, but her hopes of a quick sale were dashed. Although the beautiful property was certainly worth the asking price of $4.9 million, Ray didn’t get it. 

It took her three whole years to finally find a buyer, but she never got the number that she wanted. Ray sold the three bedroom, five bath property for $3.25 million in mid 2020, so it was a far cry from her original asking price. On the bright side, at least it sold!

22. Kevin Jonas’ Mansion – Montville, New Jersey

On the Market Since: 2017
Total Area: 7,000 square feet
Initial Value: $2.5 million*

Kevin Jonas might be known to young girls everywhere as a former teenage heartthrob and a member of The Jonas Brothers, but that’s not all he’s got going on. Kevin has a lot of experience in the real estate biz and has bought and sold several mansions over the years. 

He had a little bit of a tougher time with his Montville, New Jersey home after first listing it in 2017. The beautifully designed home was built by his very own company, but the star didn’t live in it for very long. The sprawling mansion was eventually sold after over a year on the market the second time around, for under the asking price of $2.5 million. 

23. Kelly Clarkson’s Estate – Hendersonville, Tennessee

On the Market Since: 2017
Total Area: 20,000 square feet
Initial Value: $8.75 million*

Kelly Clarkson has had a ton of success over the years as one of reality TV’s biggest triumphs. The songstress owns an enormous 20,000 square foot estate in Hendersonville, Tennessee, but Kelly has been trying to get rid of it since 2017. 

It’s a lot of house for anyone to take on, with seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms. Perhaps that’s why the home is still on the market. The price has since been dropped from $8.75 to $7.5 million as of May 2020, but as of yet there are still no takers. 

24. Chelsea Handler’s LA Estate – Los Angeles, California

On the Market Since: 2018
Total Area: 5,572 square feet
Initial Value: $11.5 million*

Chelsea Handler doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to wealth and popularity. The straight-talking host and comedian didn’t mess around in 2018 when she put her Bel Air home on the market for a very respectable $11.5 million. 

The modern property has plenty of outdoor entertaining space, making it the perfect pad for LA’s elite, but something about it just hasn’t struck the right chord. After a year of no takers the price was lowered to $10.95 million. As of 2020, the property is still looking for its new family. 

25. Shaquille O’Neal’s Mansion – Windermere, Florida

On the Market Since: 2018
Total Area: 31,000 square feet 
Initial Value: $28 million*

Shaquille O’Neal knows that bigger is better. The NBA personality bought his enormous Windermere, Florida property back in 1993 for just $4 million, but Shaq really made it his own. He added a 17-car garage and a private dock, which gave it that extra magic. 

All of the extensive renovations helped to bump up the price tag on this otherworldly estate, which isn’t necessarily a blessing. The home hit the market in 2018 for $28 million but there were no takers. Despite dropping the price to $19.5 million in September 2020, O’Neal is still waiting for the perfect buyer.  

26. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s Former Estate – Beverly Hills, California

On the Market Since: 2019
Total Area: 11,173 square feet
Initial Value: $44.5 million*

When it comes to Hollywood couples, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston really had it all. Not long after they tied the knot in 2000 they bought an incredible 11,173 square foot mansion in Beverly Hills. Of course, they added their own touches like a guest house and a tennis court which only added to the value. 

After the split the house was sold to an executive who later put it back on the market in 2019. You may think that it would’ve sold like lemonade in a drought, but that wasn’t the case. It took over a year for a suitable buyer to seal the deal – though the same buyer has reportedly put the house on the market again.

27. Mel B’s LA Home – Los Angeles, California

On the Market Since: 2017
Total Area: 6,000 square feet
Initial Value: $9 million*

Some of the Spice Girls have done incredibly well for themselves, but Mel B has fallen on harder times over the last few years. Scary Spice bought her 6,000 square foot LA property with her ex-husband back in 2014, but put it on the market three years later. 

Mel was originally asking for $9 million, but the price continued to drop. At first it went down to $7.5 million. Eventually it was dropped to $5.5 million and finally found a buyer two years after first hitting the market. 

28. Pharrell’s Mansion – Beverly Hills, California

On the Market Since: 2020
Total Area: 17,000 square feet
Initial Value: $16.95 million*

When Pharrell listed his mega mansion earlier in 2020, fans were elated to get a glimpse at how the rapper lives. The 10 bedroom home looks more like a tech company HQ than a cosy family home, but then again, what did we expect from one of the coolest musicians in the biz? 

The star stuck a price of $16.95 million on it, but eventually had to come down a little. The house attracted an interested party to the tune of $14 million in October 2020 – but we’ll still have to wait and see if the sale officially goes through.

29. Melanie Griffith’s Estate – Aspen, Colorado

On the Market Since: 2015
Total Area: 7,300 square feet
Initial Value: $10 million*

The idea of owning your very own ski chalet is heaven to some, but a reality to Melanie Griffith. After her split from Antonio Banderas in 2015, the actress decided that it was time for a change. Her 7,300 square foot Aspen home hit the market for an impressive $10 million. 

Realtors might tell you to aim high, but Melanie ended up slashing the price by over half to just $4.3 million. The gorgeous lodge has tons of character, but something about it just didn’t draw in the buyers. Eventually the property was sold in 2018 at one heck of a loss. 

30. Lori Loughlin’s Estate – Bel Air, California

On the Market Since: 2017
Total Area: 12,000 square feet
Initial Value: $35 million*

Before the college admissions scandal, Lori Loughlin was just another lucky actress with an incredibly beautiful home. She and her husband Mossimo Giannulli listed their Bel Air estate for $35 million back in 2017, but it wasn’t exactly hot property. 

Although the house and it’s gorgeous grounds that overlooked Bel Air’s prestigious Country Club ticked all the right boxes, no one wanted to buy it. The couple eventually slashed the price to $18.75 million and sold it to Tinder co-founder Justin Mateen.

31. Renee Zellweger’s Childhood Home – Katy, Texas

On the Market Since: 2020
Total Area: 2,897 square feet
Initial Value: $699,000*

Bridget Jones fans could snap up a piece of Hollywood history by buying Renee Zellweger’s childhood home in Katy, Texas. Although it’s not a mansion by any means, the house is an interesting property with a lot to offer. It’s also not all that cheap, hitting the market at $699,000. 

Despite extensive remodeling and offering up plenty of land and ranch-style living, the property has been hanging around for quite some time. It’s a wonder Renee herself doesn’t snap it up for old time’s sake, although she probably has enough property to worry about.  

32. Rosie O’Donnell’s Mansion – New Jersey

On the Market Since: 2018
Total Area: 5,167 square feet
Initial Value: $6.375 million*

Back in 2018 Rosie O’Donnell went on a selling spree and listed most of her properties, including her New Jersey mansion. The sweet 5,167 square foot home was built to look like it was plucked from the English countryside. Maybe that’s why it’s still up for sale. 

Rosie originally asked for $6.375 million before lowering the Saddle River property price down to $5.995 million. As of 2020 the house still hasn’t sold, with Rosie admitting that she would happily sell for a loss just to get it over and done with. 

33. Johnny Depp’s Horse Farm – Lexington, Kentucky

On the Market Since: 2017
Total Area: 5,944 square feet 
Initial Value: $3 million*

Johnny Depp has a lot going on in his personal life, but he’s also been trying to deal with the stress of selling his horse farm for the last few years. The superstar actor put the Kentucky ranch up for sale back in 2017, originally asking for $3 million. 

Built on 41-acres of glorious woodland, the estate contains a 5,944 square foot house that has 6 bedrooms and just as many bathrooms. Despite being chock full of Depp memorabilia, the house stayed stagnant for years on the market.

34. Joe Pesci’s Manion – New Jersey

On the Market Since: 2019
Total Area: 7,200 square feet
Initial Value: $6.5 million*

Joe Pesci’s New Jersey mansion looks like something pulled out of a mobster movie, which shouldn’t be of any surprise to his fans. The gigantic property is nestled along the Jersey Shore, offering up a prime location. It’s not exactly discreet, though, and sticks out like a sore thumb.  

The actor originally listed the house for $6.5 million in 2019, making it the most expensive property on that stretch. No one has come forward to haggle with Pesci yet, but given his tough guy reputation it’s not all that hard to see why!  

35. George Strait’s Mansion – San Antonio, Texas

On the Market Since: 2020
Total Area: 7,000 square feet
Initial Value: $10 million*

Country music whizz George Strait has listed his jaw-dropping Texas mansion for $10 million. If the aerial photos alone are anything to go by, the property is well worth that asking price. The singer originally put it up hoping to snag $10 million for the private property, but has already dropped it to $8.9 million. 

The custom-designed estate hasn’t been snapped up yet, so it’s anyone’s for the taking. Are people avoiding making lavish purchases at the moment, or are they just looking for something else that isn’t quite as loud? 

36. Adam Lambert’s Mansion – Hollywood, California

On the Market Since: 2017
Total Area: 3,049 square foot 
Initial Value: $4 million*

Adam Lambert’s success as a Freddie Mercury stand-in for Queen has seen his bank balance grow exponentially over the last few years. He’s gone up in the property game, which is why he listed his two-storey LA pad in 2017 for little under $4 million. 

The 3,000 square foot property was later reduced to $3.35 million, before finally being sold in mid-2020 for $2.92 million. Lambert made a loss on this home of around $75,000, but let’s face it, who’s counting when you’ve got a net worth of $22 million?

37. Eva Gabor’s Estate – Los Angeles, California

On the Market Since: 2015
Total Area: 7,000 square feet
Initial Value: $17 million*

This dazzling Delfern Drive home belonged to Eva Gabor for two decades, right up until her passing in 1995. After Gabor’s passing, the home was first sold for $2.1 million. Thanks to updates by subsequent owners, the value skyrocketed and it was listed again in 2015 for $17 million. 

However, it wasn’t an instant hit with buyers. The owners reduced it to $13 million before ultimately withdrawing it a few months later. The property was listed for a second time in 2017 for $14 million, before eventually finding a new owner and selling for $11 million in 2019. 

38. Meghan Markle’s Former Estate – Los Angeles, California

On the Market Since: 2014
Total Area: 2,262 square feet
Initial Value: $1.7 million*

Before Meghan Markle was the Duchess of Sussex, she was an actress married to Trevor Engelson. During her marriage she lived in a quaint house in central LA. The home went up for sale after they split for $1.7 million, but it took some time for a deal to be struck. 

Eventually the property was sold in January 2020 for $1.68 million, which is a far cry from the value of Windsor Castle or even her current rented LA mansion. Meghan is no stranger to glamorous homes, having lived in several expensive pads over the last few years. 

39. Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Mansion – Hamptons, New York

On the Market Since: 2018
Total Area: 12,000 square feet 
Initial Value: $50 million*

Living like Queen Bey may seem like a distant fantasy to most people, because her lifestyle is so lavish and expensive. Even though the couple may not have owned this stellar Hamptons property, they did rent it. 

The Sandcastle went up for sale in 3018 for an eye-watering price of $18 million. It’s not on the seafront, but the sprawling 12,000 square feet home does boast a pool, a movie theater, baseball field, and even its own rock climbing wall. There’s also tennis courts, a separate guest house, and a half-pipe. 

40. Queen Elizabeth’s Country House – Sandringham House

On the Market Since: 1987
Total Area: 484,000 square feet
Initial Value: $65 million*

After passing through the British royal family’s hands for generations, Queen Elizabeth II surprised her spectators when she announced in 1977 that the grounds of her beloved country home would be opening to the public for the first time in history. While it remains one of her private homes to this day, its registration as a historic locale suggests that its ownership may be seeking other hands. 

This incredible, sprawling estate was erected in 1870. Most famously of all (and perhaps key to the Queen’s personal devotion to the land), this is the site where both George V and George VI passed away. Its roots in English history cannot be understated, nor its true value defined in dollars.

41. Pierce Brosnan’s Malibu Home

On the Market Since: 2020
Total Area: 12,500 square feet
Initial Value: $7.35 million*

In late September of 2020, actor Pierce Brosnan and his wife, filmmaker Keely Shaye Smith, decided to sell their beachfront mansion. They listed the 12,500-square-foot property for $100 million, which is far more than what they initially got the land for (two plots) in 2000.

They purchased the two plots of land for $7.35 million, and they built their dream house on it, raising their two sons there. Brosnan and his wife listed the compound with Compass’ Chris Cortazzo, as they have decided they want to spend more time at their mansion in Hawaii. It’ll be interesting to see how quickly it sells in 2021 (if at all).

42. Derek Jeter’s Tampa Bay Home

On the Market Since: 2020
Total Area: 30,000 square feet 
Initial Value: $29 million*

Yankee Hall of Famer Derek Jeter is selling his 30,000-square-foot home, nicknamed “St. Jetersburg.” Jeter and his wife put their mansion, which has a nice, waterfront view in Tampa Bay, on the market for a cool $29 million. They are selling with Smith & Associations Real Estate’s Stephen Gay.

Jeter’s property has nine bathrooms, seven bedrooms, two boat lifts, a six-car garage, an 80-foot-long saltwater lap pool, a spa, and 9,000 square feet of yard space. The property is surrounded by a six-foot-tall wall (for privacy reasons), which locals have nicknamed “The Great Wall of Jeter.” Jeter rented his mansion to Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen when the NFL star signed with the Buccaneers.

43. Kathy Griffin’s Bel Air Home

On the Market Since: 2020
Total Area: 13,377 square feet
Initial Value: $15.995 million*

In 2016, Kathy Griffin gave People a tour of her beautiful LA home, calling it her “dream house, for sure.” In September of 2020, news broke that the comedian was selling her dream house for almost $16 million. Griffin’s home has eight bedrooms, twelve bathrooms, a wine cellar, and a private theater.

In the backyard, you’ll find an infinity pool, pavilion, and lounge space. The master suite of Griffin’s LA mansion has a balcony, two walk-in closets, and a fireplace. Griffin has listed her mansion with Douglas Elliman’s Josh and Matt Altman, the stars of Million Dollar Listing LA, which is a very accurate title in this case.

44. Kylie Jenner’s Holmby Hills Home

On the Market Since: 2019
Total Area: 15,350 square feet 
Initial Value: $55 million*

Businesswoman and reality star Kylie Jenner recently purchased this seven bedroom, fourteen-bathroom estate in Holmby Hills, California, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the state. Jenner got it for a steal. The property was originally listed in 2019 for $55 million. The price then dropped to $45.95 million in April of that year.

The compound was finally completed in August of 2019, and Kylie was able to snag it for $36.5 million, meaning that the original seller of this exclusive LA home definitely got the lesser end of the deal. Kylie’s new mansion has twenty parking spaces for her luxury car collection.

45. Sean Connery’s Nice, France Home

On the Market Since: 2020
Total Area: 10,764 square feet 
Initial Value: $33.9 million*

Nice, France is one of the most beautiful regions in the world. The late James Bond actor Sean Connery and his wife, painter Micheline Roquebrune, bought a house in Nice in 1970. They pair had just gotten married, and they lived in the house, which was known to locals as “Sean Connery’s house” (though the official title is La Roc Fleuri) for over a dozen years.

The 10,764-square-foot villa has five bedrooms, a gym, spa, rooftop terrace, gourmet kitchen facilities, and an indoor swimming pool. The six-story home was first built in 1928 in the Belle Epoque style. It provides beautiful views of not only the city of Nice, but also the Mediterranean Sea.

46. Sofia Vergara’s Beverly Park Home

On the Market Since: 2019 
Total Area: 17,000 square feet 
Initial Value: $23 million*

Actors Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello bought a second home in California in 2020, taking a piece of property off the hands of realtors that hadn’t sold for a year. In 2002, this Beverly Park, California mansion was purchased by MLB star Barry Bonds. He bought it for $8.7 million, and he then sold it in 2012 for $22 million.

In 2019, the property went on the market for $23 million. In October of 2020, the price jumped to $30 million, and Vergara and Manganiello bought it for $26 million shortly after. The mansion has seven bedrooms, ten and a half bathrooms, and sits on nearly two acres of land.

47. Justin Bieber’s Beverly Park Home

On the Market Since: 2019/2020
Total Area: 11,145 square feet 
Initial Value: $27.25 million*

Justin and Hailey Bieber closed on a beautiful Beverly Park mansion. The neighborhood, which is home to many famous faces like Eddie Murphy and Sylvester Stallone, was initially listed for $27.25 million, but Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles’ Josh and Matt Altman, who represented the couple, were able to get it down to $25.8 million.

The property is, according to a real estate source, “very private.” It has an infinity pool, tennis court, beautiful lawns, and seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms. The 2.5-acre estate went on the market sometime in late 2019 or early 2020, and the Biebers closed on the deal in August of 2020. 

48. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s Beverly Hills Home

On the Market Since: 2020
Total Area: 8,520 square feet 
Initial Value: $23.95 million*

Singer John Legend and his wife, model Chrissy Teigen, bought their home in 2016 for $14.1 million. The property, which singer and businesswoman Rihanna once owned, was redone by interior designer Don Stewart. Four years later, in mid-August of 2020, the couple announced that they would be placing their home on the market for $23.95 million.

Represented by Douglas Elliman’s Marshall Peck, Teigen and Legend said that, as they were expecting a third child, they wanted a larger home that they could “grow into.” The mansion, which is located right near Sunset Boulevard, has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms. 

49. Travis Scott’s Brentwood Home

On the Market Since: 2019 
Total Area: 17,000 square feet 
Initial Value: $42 million*

Rapper Travis Scott, 28, purchased a huge estate in Brentwood, California, a neighborhood that has long been a celebrity favorite. He got a great deal on the mansion, as it was initially offered in 2019 for $42 million. Scott bought it for $23.25 million.

The three-story mansion, which a real estate source described as “ultra-luxurious” yet “family-friendly,” has seven bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, a twenty-car garage, a fifteen-seat theater, and an outdoor kitchen. Scott’s home also has panoramic views of downtown LA and the ocean. The backyard, which measures 10,000 square feet, has a Zen garden, a glass-tiled infinity pool, and a fruit orchard with three-hundred trees. 

50. Larry King’s Beverly Hills Home

On the Market Since: 2020
Total Area: 10,810 square feet 
Initial Value: $17 million*

This 10,810 square-foot estate, built in the Tuscan style, was built in 1989. Larry King and his former wife, Shawn King, purchased the home in 2007 for around $12 million. They lived there together for over a decade until putting the house back on the market in October of 2020 for $17 million.

The Tuscan estate, which is represented by West Side Estate Agency, has nine bathrooms, seven bedrooms, a gym, and a heated pool. It also has maid’s quarters and, located just near the main home, a guesthouse with one bedroom. The Kings raised their sons, Chance and Cannon, in the estate for thirteen years. 

51. Priscilla Presley’s Beverly Hills Home

On the Market Since: 2020
Total Area: 9,000 square feet 
Initial Value: $15.995 million*

Another home that joined the flurry of celebrity listings was Priscilla Presley’s Beverly Hills, California mansion. The 75-year-old actress listed the villa, built in the Italian style, for $15.995 million. Presley is represented by Hilton & Hyland’s Jonah Wilson.

The home has 8.5 bathrooms and seven bedrooms. It was built in the early 1950s on an acre of land. Outdoor amenities include a tennis court, tiled swimming pool, gardens, and several fountains. The actress stated in a 2018 interview that she bought the mansion to be closer to her former husband, the late rocker Elvis Presley, to whom she was married for six years.

52. Meryl Streep’s New York City Home

On the Market Since: 2018 
Total Area: 4,000 square feet 
Initial Value: $24.6 million*

Oscar Winner Meryl Streep purchased her NYC River Lofts condo in 2006 for $10.13 million. The Mamma Mia! actress was neighbors with other celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, who lived there for several years. Streep put her Manhattan penthouse on the market in 2018 for $24.6 million.

It sat there for a year and a half until it finally sold, though for a price that Streep likely wasn’t too happy about: $15.8 million, nearly $10 million below the asking price. The 4,000-square-foot penthouse has four bedrooms and four-and-a-half bathrooms. Its coolest feature is its floor-to-ceiling windows, which have views of downtown NYC, the Hudson River, and the Statue of Liberty.

53. Matthew Perry’s Malibu Home

On the Market Since: 2020
Total Area: 5,500 square feet 
Initial Value: $14.95 million*

Friends star Matthew Perry bought this Malibu mansion in 2011 in an off-market deal worth $12 million. Nine years later, he listed his four-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bathroom estate for $14.95 million. He is being represented by Bobby Boyd and his husband, Josh Flagg, both sellers for Rodeo Realty and stars of Million Dollar Listing.

Perry’s beachfront home is on one of the most “prestigious” streets in Malibu, according to the listing. The 5,500-square-foot mansion offers beachfront views from its floor-to-ceiling windows. Perry put his Malibu home on the market in August of 2020, and, in September of 2020, he “downsized,” moving to a $6 million mansion in the Pacific Palisades.

54. Kris Jenner’s Hidden Hills Home

On the Market Since: 2019
Total Area: 5 Acres (No Home Built)
Initial Value: $15 million*

The Kylie Cosmetics CEO makes another appearance on this list, as she has been wheeling and dealing when it comes to the world of real estate. Jenner bought a five-acre plot of land in May of 2020, purchasing it for $15 million in an off-market deal. It is one of the Hidden Hills’ largest parcels of land.

The property once belonged to Miley Cyrus, who kept a ranch and horse barn there from 2015 to 2018. When Miley sold it, the new 2018-2019 owner was going to build a huge new compound, but those plans never panned out. Kylie Jenner bought the parcel just a few weeks after buying her new Holmby mansion for $36.5 million. It’ll be interesting to see what she does with this new, second plot.

55. Ariana Grande’s Hollywood Hills Home

On the Market Since: 2020
Total Area: 9,500 square feet 
Initial Value: $9.925 million*

Kris Jenner’s mansion in Hidden Hills, California sat right across the street from her daughter Kim Kardashian’s home. She bought the property in 2017 for $9.925 million. The matriarch hired Kathleen and Tommy Clements and Waldo Fernandez to design the home in a way that made it “feel like a sanctuary.”

Jenner’s mansion was 9,500 square feet and sat on 1.28 acres of land. It had a two-story foyer, gym, den with a bar, and home theater. In 2020, Jenner sold her home for $15 million. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is now residing in one of her other mansions in Calabasas.

56. Anthony Hopkins’s Malibu Home

On the Market Since: 2020
Total Area: 4,000 square feet 
Initial Value: $11.5 million*

Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins put his mansion on the market in February of 2020. The cliffside estate, located in Malibu, has five bedrooms and five bathrooms. It was built in the 1950s. The mansion is listed with The Agency’s Santiago Arana. It is currently on the market for $11.5 million, and there is no word on if there have been any takers yet.

The home has beautiful views of Point Dume and Zuma Beach. Miraculously, it was unharmed during the Woolsey wildfire in 2018, which devastated much of Malibu. The estate sits on an acre of land, and there’s only a patch of lawn separating the home from the cliff. 

57. Liam Payne’s Calabasas Home

On the Market Since: 2020
Total Area: 9,700 square feet 
Initial Value: $11.2 million*

In 2019, former One Direction band member Liam Payne put his Santa Monica Mountains home on the market. The 9,700-square-foot mansion sits on five acres of land, and, when Payne first put it up for sale, he listed it for $11.2 million. In June of 2020, Payne dropped the price to $10.8 million.

The estate comes with a guesthouse, recording studio, gym, meditation pavilion, private vineyard, spa, and pool. Payne listed the home with Compass’ Tomer Fridman and Hilton & Hyland’s Jonah Wilson. The reason for the listing was Payne’s move back home to his native U.K. Now, Payne lives in a mansion in Brookwood, England. While he’s been waiting for his California mansion to sell, he’s been renting it for $110,000 per month.

58. Rob Lowe’s Santa Barbara Home

On the Market Since: 2018  
Total Area: 10,000 square feet 
Initial Value: $47 million*

Rob and Sheryl Lowe put up their Montecito home on the market in 2018, pricing it at $47 million. The home had a little trouble selling, so they cut the price down to $45.5 million in 2019. The home finally sold, and Lowe bought two new houses near the old Montecito home: one for $13 million and one for $5.2 million.

The Montecito mansion was sold to Jack McGinley, a healthcare executive, and his wife, Julie. The 10,000-square-foot home has twenty rooms and is seated on a 3.4-acre plot of land. The mansion has a guest house, tennis court, pool, koi pond, and beautiful, landscaped gardens.  

59. Aaron Spelling’s Massive Manor

On the Market Since: 2016 
Total Area: 56,500 square feet 
Initial Value: $200 million*

The late film producer Aaron Spelling had a net worth of $600 million, so it’s no surprise that he was able to afford some lavish residences. One such lavish residence was his massive California manor, which measured 56,500 square feet. It had fourteen bedrooms and twenty-seven bedrooms.

One of the most interesting things about this manor was that it had designated rooms for pretty much everything. There were designated areas for everything from wrapping gifts to cutting flowers to housing a doll collection. In 2016, Spelling put the home on the market for $200 million. It finally sold for a little under $120 million, setting a Los Angeles price record, even though it was over $80 million below asking.

60. Celine Dion’s Water Wonderland

On the Market Since: 2013 
Total Area: 11,000 square feet 
Initial Value: $72.5 million*

Celine Dion’s Jupiter Island estate is nothing short of a “Water Wonderland.” The singer’s estate has three pools, ocean-front views, and an entire water park. Dion placed it on the market for $72.5 million in 2013, though, when it finally sold in 2019, she got far less than the asking price. The buyer scooped it up for $28 million, nearly one-third of the original price.

The Jupiter Island estate had thirteen bedrooms and fourteen bathrooms. The personal waterpark had beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean. The five-and-a-half-acre estate also had a guest house and five separate pavilions. The entire home, from waterpark to main house, was completed in the Bahamian style.

61. Christie Brinklie’s Hamptons Home

On the Market Since: 2016 
Total Area: 5,500 square feet
Initial Value: $29.5 million*

Supermodel Christie Brinkley’s Hamptons home looks like something out of a fairytale, with its tower surrounded by dense forest. Brinkley scooped up the mansion for $10 million, and she was able to sell it for well over what she got it for in 2019, selling it for $17.999 million (though the original asking price was $25 million).

Brinkley originally put it on the market in 2010, but she took it off in 2011, only to put it back on the market in 2016. The 5,500-square-foot mansion was built in 1843. It has five bedrooms, five-and-a-half bathrooms, and three stories of living space, all finished with period details from the 1800s.

62. Demi Moore’s Triplex

On the Market Since: 2017 
Total Area: 7,000 square feet 
Initial Value: $75 million*

Located in San Remo, this Upper West Side triplex is 7,000 square feet. It is at the top of the building’s south tower, and it has had an on-and-off history with the market. Actress Demi Moore and former husband Bruce Willis initially purchased the triplex in 1990. She tried to offload it in April of 2015 for $75 million.

No one bought at that price, so Moore dropped it to $50 million. The triplex was purchased by an anonymous trust for $45 million, and, in 2019, the trust put it back on the market for $50 million. The penthouse has fourteen rooms in total, including five bedrooms. It was finished in cherry wood and a Southwestern Mission motif.

63. George and Amal Clooney’s Italian Villa

On the Market Since: 2021 (Maybe)
Total Area: 9,000 square feet 
Initial Value: $100 million*

People Magazine reported that it’s possible that George and Amal Clooney might be considering selling their Lake Como, Italy villa, which Clooney purchased as a summer home in 2002. Known as Villa Oleandra, the summer residence is located in a quiet village. It was built in the 1700s.

The actor first put Ville Oleandra up for sale in 2010, but he changed his mind and took it off the market. He bought it for $10 million, and it’s possible that, were he to put it back on the market, he’d get $100 million for it. The Clooneys split their time between Italy and their $13 million English mansion. 

64. Shaun White’s Malibu Home

On the Market Since: 2020
Total Area: 2,164 square feet 
Initial Value: $10.995 million*

In January of 2020, Olympic athlete Shaun White put his Malibu estate on the market for nearly $11 million. The home, which measures 2,164 square feet, was originally built in 1948. Located on a bluff top, listing agent and Listing Impossible reality star Aaron Kirman said that the home has been “meticulously remodeled” with White paying “utmost attention” to every detail.

The three-time gold medalist’s home has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a large pool. The open-concept home has large living areas and dining areas, while a fireplace makes for a cozy hangout spot. White’s estate is in a gated neighborhood, for extra security.

65. Christina Aguilera’s Mansion

On the Market Since: 2012
Total Area: 10,000 square feet
Initial Value: $13.5 million*

Consider this a very musical mansion. Pop star Christina Aguilera bought her 10,000-square-foot mansion from rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his wife, Sharon. The initial value of the home was $13.5 million. Aguilera then decided to put it on the market, and she found that, despite the stunning Spanish-style looks of the home, it wasn’t selling so well.

The home went on the market in 2012, and it took two years to sell. Unfortunately, Aguilera took a $2 million hit on the property, as it sold only for $11.5 million. Aguilera seems to have moved on, having purchased a new $10 million Beverly Hills mansion a year later.

66. Keith Richards’s City Home

On the Market Since: 2017
Total Area: 2700 square feet
Initial Value: $10.5 million*

Rolling Stones rock star Keith Richards found that the lyrics of the band’s song are true—you can’t always get what you want. For Richards, what he wanted was a quick sale on his apartment in Greenwich Village. The apartment was 2,700 square feet and located in one of the most coveted neighborhoods in NYC.

Despite those perks, the apartment spent two years on (and then briefly off) the market. Finally, Richards was able to sell his duplex penthouse. However, he sold it for $9 million, taking a $1.5 million loss from when he purchased it in 2014. 

67. Jeff Bridges’s Montecito Home

On the Market Since: 2015
Total Area: 9,535 square feet
Initial Value: $30 million*

Jeff Bridges, star of famous movies like The Big Lebowski and The Last Picture Show, listed his Montecito mansion on the market for $30 million in 2015. That was a far higher price than what Bridges originally paid for it in 1994, which was $7 million. The enormous estate had amenities like vineyards, hiking trails, fruit trees, and an art studio.

The Mediterranean mansion also had an 1,800-square-foot guest house, a second (smaller) guest house, a recording studio, a movie theater, and a pond to swim in. Finally, after two years on the market, Bridges sold the property for $15.93 million, around half the asking price. 

68. Sean Combs’s Penthouse

On the Market Since: 2012
Total Area: 2,300 square feet
Initial Value: $8.5 million*

Sean Combs is not only a rapper, he’s also a business mogul, having built an empire worth nearly $1 billion. Business deals with Diddy usually work out in his favor, but he found that trend bucked when it came to his Midtown penthouse. He put it on the market in 2012 for $8.5 million.

It took years—and several price reductions—before he finally got an interested buyer. The most recent price slash was in 2016, when Combs cut it to $6.5 million. In 2017, after five long years on the market, the property sold for $5.7 million. 

69. Tom Cruise’s Colorado House

On the Market Since: 2014
Total Area: 10,000 square feet
Initial Value: $59 million*

Tom Cruise put this home on the market for a whopping $59 million in 2014, and he has only re-listed it once so far. The property spans nearly 300 acres, with hiking trails, horse stables, and a private helipad. The scenic home is located twelve minutes from Telluride, a historic resort town.

The Mission Impossible actor is finding that selling this home is, well, “Mission Impossible.” Cruise’s 10,000-square-foot property is scenic and beautiful (especially in the autumn). It has nine bathrooms and seven bedrooms, and much of the interior is covered in expensive hardwood. In 2016, Cruise took the home off the market, but it remains to be seen if he’ll put it back on. 

70. Calvin Klein’s Chic Home

On the Market Since: 2015
Total Area: 5,802 square feet
Initial Value: $16 million*

Calvin Klein’s name is synonymous with chic. The fashion designer sold his minimalist beach house, located in Miami Beach, in 2017 for $13.5 million. It took years for the sanctuary to sell, spending two years on the market before it found an interested buyer. The Miami Beach home was first placed on the market for $16 million.

The 5,802-square-foot home was reduced to $15 million shortly after it was placed on the market. The house has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, with 113 feet of waterfront. There is also an infinity pool, dock, and an open floor plan designed, according to the house’s real estate agent, to “capture the essence of Zen.”

71. Jason Biggs’s Modern Expanse

On the Market Since: 2013
Total Area: 2,756 square feet
Initial Value: $2.249 million*

American Pie star Jason Biggs bought this L.A. home from Fred Savage, a child-actor-turned-director, for $2.249 million in 2007. The house was designed in a 1960s-contemporary style, and Biggs lived there with his wife, author Jenny Mollen, and their kids for five years before putting it on the market.

It took a while to sell. The 2,756-square-foot property came with three bedrooms and four bathrooms, and it was located in a prime real estate spot: above Sunset Strip. Finally, the Orange is the New Black actor was able to find a buyer for $2.565 million, at least avoiding a loss on the purchasing price.

72. Calvin Harris’s Hot Home

On the Market Since: 2016
Total Area: 4,100 square feet
Initial Value: $7 million*

Scottish DJ Calvin Harris purchased a “zen-inspired” bachelor pad in the Hollywood Hills. The home was a serene sanctuary, and it had a pristine pool, sun-drenched windows, and landscaped foliage. The home also provided a beautiful view of Los Angeles.

You might think that a house like that would be easy to sell, but that is far from the truth. Harris put it on the market in 2016, and it took four years to sell. He got $7 million for it, which was exactly what he paid for it originally. That wasn’t his only real estate revenue stream. In 2020, Harris sold another home of his in L.A. around for a little over $5 million.

73. Demi Lovato’s Cozy Mansion

On the Market Since: 2018
Total Area: 5,500 square feet
Initial Value: $9.5 million*

Singer-songwriter Demi Lovato had quite a struggle trying to sell her cozy Los Angeles mansion. Nestled right above Laurel Canyon, the mansion went on the market in 2018 for $9.5 million. The 5,500-square-foot property came with four bedrooms and seven bathrooms. Lovato lowered the price to $8.995 million shortly after she put it on the market.

Even that reduction wasn’t enough to draw in a buyer, and, several price slashes later, the “Still Have Me” songstress was finally able to offload it for $9.5 million. Before it was sold, she rented out the gated property for $39,500 a month. 

74. Bruce Willis’s California Home

On the Market Since: 2013
Total Area: 10,379 square feet
Initial Value: $9 million*

Die Hard actor Bruce Willis has owned (and put on the market) several homes in his day, including this gated, walled Beverly Hills mansion. The property, completed in a Spanish style of architecture, was first built in 1929. Willis paid $9 million for it in 2004, and, after nine years, he put it on the market.

Though not sold for as high as the undisclosed asking price, Willis didn’t take a loss. Far from it, as the property, which boasted eleven bathrooms and eleven bedrooms, sold for $16.5 million. The mansion also came with a swimming pool, tennis court, fountain, and theater, among other luxe amenities.   

75. Bruce Willis’s New York Mansion

On the Market Since: 2019
Total Area: 8,598 square feet
Initial Value: $12.95 million*

Unfortunately, Bruce Willis’ real estate struggles continued with the sale of his New York mansion. He put it on the market in 2019 for around $13 million. It sat on the market for a year before it was purchased for $7.66 million. The Bedford, New York mansion was a mix of city and country, overlooking the Croton Reservoir.

The mansion’s main house was 8,598 square feet, but the compound itself consisted of four separate houses. The property included a saltwater pool, two garages, a tennis court, and more, all on 22.6 acres of property. Douglas Elliman was the real estate agent with whom the property was listed.

76. Gloria Estefan’s Beachy Escape

On the Market Since: 2015
Total Area: 7,988 square feet
Initial Value: $40 million*

Singer Gloria Estefan put her mansion on Star Island on the market in 2015 for an ambitious $40 million. The property, which her husband, Emilio, purchased, was initially intended for his mother, as there were two guest houses near the mansion. Sadly, his mother passed away, and the Estefans rented out the guesthouses for a couple years before deciding to put the home up for sale.

The Star Island mansion, though beautiful and luxurious, has struggled to sell. The price was recently knocked down in 2019 to $32 million, and, judging from the sluggishness of the market, the “Mi Tierra” singer will likely have to slash the price again.

77. Burt Reynolds’s Design Dream

On the Market Since: 2008
Total Area: 12,000 square feet
Initial Value: $10.8 million*

It would take far more than just a couple paragraphs to detail exactly what went down with Burt Reynolds’ Florida mansion. The 12,000-square-foot mansion was part of a giant compound, seated on 3.4 acres of land. The compound had a guest house and a pool as well. Despite these amenities, it was on the market for ten years.

Reynolds initially put it on the market for $10.8 million. Ten years—and one foreclosure sale—later, he was finally able to sell it for a third of that price, at $3.3 million. The house, as you can see from pictures, had extremely eclectic décor, which likely didn’t help the sale struggle.

78. Michelle Pfeiffer’s Bay Area Home

On the Market Since: 2018
Total Area: 6,000 square feet
Initial Value: $29.5 million*

The Bay Area is one of the most competitive and lucrative real estate markets in the country, so you would assume that actress Michelle Pfeiffer’s 6,000-square-foot mansion would fly off the market. unfortunately, that was not the case. The property was initially listed for $29.5 million in 2018.

Two years later, it sold for $22 million, representing a significant price drop. The mansion, located thirty miles south of San Francisco, was not without its amenities. It had an apple orchard, tennis court, pool, and octangular barn. Sadly, that wasn’t enough to prevent the Ant Man star from taking a $7.5 million loss.

79. Harry Styles’s Los Angeles Home

On the Market Since: 2017
Total Area: 4,400 square feet
Initial Value: $8.5 million*

One Direction singer and fashion icon Harry Styles bought this beautiful home in Los Angeles in 2016 for around $6.87 million. Styles lived there for a year before putting the home back on the market for $8.5 million, no doubt hoping that his star power would help with the sale.

Unfortunately, it did not. He slashed the price on the home to $7.5 million, but even that wasn’t enough. Finally, the L.A. pad, which boasted four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a movie theater, chef’s kitchen, and pool, among other amenities, sold for $6 million in 2019. Styles took a loss of nearly $900,000 on the home.

80. Alex Rodriguez’s Hollywood Hills Home

On the Market Since: 2019
Total Area: 3,700 square feet
Initial Value: $6.5 million*

MLB star Alex Rodriguez has owned several pieces of property over the years, including this Hollywood Hills home, which he originally purchased from actress Meryl Streep in 2014 for nearly $5 million. He put the home on the market in 2019, lowering the price several times. He initially asked for $6.5 million, but he lowered it eventually to $5.25 million.

The Hollywood Hills mansion was built in the mid-1950s, but it went through extensive renovation and remodeling in 1980, with an architectural design that was experimental at the time, but now qualifies as mid-century modern. A. Rod’s former mansion comes with a pool, spa, wine cellar, outdoor fireplace, and floor-to-ceiling windows.

81. Elon Musk’s Triangular Home

On the Market Since: 2019
Total Area: 3,000 square feet
Initial Value: $4.5 million*

Billionaire Elon Musk is known for being the eccentric head of Tesla, but what people might not know about him is that he is also somewhat of a real estate mogul. Musk owns multiple properties, which he resells at profit. This 3,000-square-foot L.A. home was supposed to be one of them.

The lot was unique because it was triangle-shaped. It also came with a salt-water pool, floor-to-ceiling windows, walk-in closets, and a hot tub. Musk listed the four-bedroom, three-bathroom home for $4.5 million, but it sold for $3.9. He initially purchased it for $3.7 million, so he made a $200,000 profit, chump change to the Tesla mogul, who is worth $197 billion.

82. Jennifer Lawrence’s Upper West Side Condo

On the Market Since: 2018
Total Area: 4,000 square feet
Initial Value: $12 million*

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most successful actresses in contemporary times. Unfortunately, it appears that the Silver Linings Playbook star’s golden touch when it comes to acting doesn’t always apply to real estate. J-Law purchased this 4,000-square-foot condo for $15.6 million in 2016.

The Upper West Side property came with three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a surprisingly large amount of outdoor space (a huge luxury in NYC). Lawrence put it on the market in 2018 for $12 million, already prepared to take a $3.6 million loss. Unfortunately, the loss turned out to be more than that. In 2019, she accepted a purchase price of $9.9 on the condo, far less than what she initially paid.

83. Zayn Malik’s New York Penthouse

On the Market Since: 2019
Total Area: 3,597 square feet
Initial Value: $10.8 million*

One Direction star Zayn Malik purchased this SoHo penthouse in 2018. At the time, he paid $10.69 million for it. One year later, the “PILLOWTALK” singer listed the penthouse for $10.8 million. It spent a year on the market before Malik accepted a purchase price of $9.45 million, taking a loss of over $1 million.

The SoHo penthouse is not without its charms. The property is almost 3,600 square feet, and it comes with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, industrial beams, and exposed brick. There is also a very-covetable 932-square-foot terrace on the roof of the penthouse’s 140-year-old Greene Street building. 

84. Bruce Willis’s Ski Home

On the Market Since: 2011
Total Area: 8,403 square feet
Initial Value: $15 million*

Bruce Willis makes this list again with another tough sell that he can add to his real estate portfolio. The Pulp Fiction actor listed his ski chalet, located in Sun Valley, for $15 million in 2011. The chalet spent seven years on the market before Willis was able to offload it for $5.5 million in 2018.

Willis seemed desperate to get the home off his hands, as he cut the price four times during the home’s first three years on the real estate market. Seven years later, it sold for a little over one-third of the asking price, indicating that real estate might not be the actor’s gift.

85. Britney Spears’s Beverly Hills Home

On the Market Since: 2018
Total Area: 7,800 square feet
Initial Value: $6.8 million*

The purchase history of this Italian-style villa is certainly unique. Pop star Britney Spears bought the property in 2007 for approximately $6.8 million, moving there after she and rapper Keven Federline went their separate ways. The “Circus” singer then sold the property for $2.126 million five years later, taking a huge loss.

Now, Spears’ former home is back on the market. In 2018, the current buyer listed it for $8.95 million. The home is located in the Post Office area of Los Angeles, and it has six bedrooms and six-and-a-half bathrooms in total, along with a saltwater pool, home theater, and a vaulted chandelier, among other luxurious amenities. 

86. Penelope Cruz’s Los Angeles Home

On the Market Since: 2010
Total Area: 3,334 square feet
Initial Value: $3.695 million*

Actress Penelope Cruz had quite a struggle selling her four-bathroom, three-bedroom mansion in the Hollywood Hills. She and her husband, actor Javier Bardem, put the property on the market in 2010 for $3.695 million. One year later, the pair cut the price to $3.1 million. Finally, in 2012, the mansion sold for $2.88 million.

This was $250,000 less than Cruz initially paid for the pad. The house had beautiful features, such as carved wooden doors, a private courtyard, French doors, floor-to-ceiling windows, bamboo floors, a gourmet kitchen, and more. One major downside: the property taxes on the Hollywood Hills estate cost $42,877 per year. 

87. Rihanna’s Beverly Hills Mansion

On the Market Since: 2012
Total Area: 8,500 square feet
Initial Value: $7 million * (2009), $22.495 million* (Current)

Originally named Janice Place, records show that this giant mansion has a property value of nearly $22.5 million. Janice Place was designed by architect Adrian Rudomin, and it comes with eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a sauna, theater, private library, and a huge, high-ceiling living room. Singer-turned-business-mogul Rihanna bought the place for $6.9 million in 2009.

There were some serious issues with moisture leaking, something that the remodeling company had to fix. After those issues, Rihanna was fed up with the place, and she put it on the market. She sold it for $5.03 million, far less than what she paid for (and what it’s worth now).

88. John Krasinski’s West Hollywood Home

On the Market Since: 2011
Total Area: 1,300 square feet
Initial Value: $1.245 million*

This 1,300 foot starter home belonged to actor John Krasinski, who became famous playing Jim Halpert on The Office. Krasinski, after The Office wrapped up, would move on to new projects, and he put his home on the market in 2009 to help him do so. Initially, the price was $1.245 million, but he cut it in 2011 to $945,000.

The Hollywood home was very charming, constructed in 1926 in an “English country-cottage style.” The gated home came with high ceilings, hardwood floors, and French doors. The property, including its detached guest studio apartment, came with three bathrooms and three bedrooms. It’s unclear who the final buyer was and what he or she paid for the house.

89. Tori Spelling’s Encinito Home

On the Market Since: 2011
Total Area: 6,700 square feet
Initial Value: $2.5 million* 

Fans of Tori Spelling’s reality show, Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, will recognize this Mediterranean-style mansion. The mansion was a huge part of filming from 2007 to 2011. However, after the show went off the air, Spelling sold it for $2.5 million to Jermaine Jones, a L.A. Galaxy star.

The Encino mansion would be relisted in 2017, this time for almost twice its initial value. Jones listed it for $4.5 million. According to The L.A. Times, Jones has made a lot of changes to the property, including a chandelier and outdoor cabana with a kitchen and bar. The gated, walled property has nearly doubled in value under his ownership, justifying the price increase. 

90. Steve Wynn’s Las Vegas Mansion

On the Market Since: 2020
Total Area: 13,500 square feet
Initial Value: Unknown

While Wynn has not disclosed how much he purchased his sprawling Las Vegas mansion for, he has sunk $16 million into the renovations, according to the Los Angeles Times. The six-bedroom, 10-bath exists on 1.4 acres of land in a community that isn’t just gated, but double-gated for maximum security. 

With silk carpets and copper ceilings, it’s no surprise that the home is being listed for a whopping $25 million, making it the most expensive property listed in Las Vegas in 2020. Amenities include a spa, gym, movie theater, private balcony in the master suite, and golf course views. Even still, its enormous price tag might ensure that it stays on the market for a while. 

91. Kellyanne Conway’s Home – Washington D.C

On the Market Since: 2017
Total Area: 15,000 square feet
Initial Value: $8 million

Kellyanne Conway is known for being a counselor to the former President of the United States. Although she may be a controversial figure, she is definitely enjoying the fruits of her labor. The political figure and her husband are worth roughly a combined $40 million.

Their mansion in D.C. is conveniently located close to the white house and near Rock Creek where many other famous politicians live, including Ivanka Trump and The Obamas.

The incredible mansion actually used to be home to the former acting Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mooen A. Qureshi. It includes eight bedrooms, two master baths, and walk-in closets, a wine cellar, a library, and a massive kitchen.

92. Chris Cuomo’s Southampton Home

On the Market Since: 2019
Total Area: 3,000 square feet
Initial Value: $1.3 million*

CNN’s Chris Cuomo and his wife recently listed their Southampton home for $2.9 million. The stunning cottage-style estate features four bathrooms and five bedrooms, as well as a swimming pool, all on a .61-acre lot. 

The Hamptons home is where Cuomo filmed his show remotely, and his wife Cristina shot photographs for her wellness brand, Purist. The pair bought the property in 2005 for $1.3 million, eventually going on to sell it after a long time on the market for $400,000 under asking price.

93. Brendan Fraser’s Beverly Hills Home

On the Market Since: 2017
Total Area: 3,948 square feet
Initial Value: $4.25 million*

Brendan Fraser listed his Hollywood home back in 2017, and it was on the market for a while before finally selling for below the asking price, netting $4.013 million. The unique home is situated on over 9,000 square feet of property. 

Fraser lived in the house from 1996 until 2017, seeing his meteoric rise to household-name status after the success of The Mummy franchise. The mansion boasts incredible amenities such as a pool, gym, home theater, and even a photography darkroom for any budding film photography enthusiasts.

94. 50 Cent’s Connecticut Mansion – Farmington, Connecticut

On the Market Since: 2007 
Total Area: 50,000 square feet
Initial Value: $18.5 million*

50 Cent struggled to sell his Farmington, Connecticut mansion for over twelve years, and he had to knock down the price by 84% before any buyers would seriously consider the property. The rapper’s mansion is certainly impressive, boasting fifty-two rooms, including a recording studio, nightclub, game rooms, a hot tub, pools and several basketball courts.

The Shady Records rapper originally bought the property from boxer Mike Tyson in 2003 for $4.1 million. Four years later, he listed it for $18.5 million. Real estate broker Dolly Lenz told Realtor.com her theory of why the house didn’t sell, stating that it was priced far too high. 

Lenz, a real estate broker who specializes in luxury homes, said that the rapper priced it “too out of whack.” Lenz said that there has “never” been a luxury home that sold for “anywhere near that number” in the Farmington, Connecticut region. Whether the rapper will take her advice (or anyone’s) is unlikely. 

95. Jeff Bezos’s Historic Washington, D.C. Mansion

On the Market Since: N/A
Total Area: 27,000 square feet
Initial Value: $23 million*

Jeff Bezos, former Amazon CEO, is the richest man in the world at the time of writing. As such, it’s no wonder that he has amassed a real estate empire fit for a king. The tech magnate has homes across the country, including several floors of a luxury Manhattan high-rise, but perhaps none are as stunning as his historic Washington, D.C. manse. 

Built in 1900, and composed of two distinct homes connected by a shared walkway, the city enclave houses a whopping 25 bathrooms, a ballroom, a whiskey cellar, two kitchens, and a solarium. Bezos also bought the home across the street for a relatively modest $5 million, ensuring that the mysterious billionaire will maintain his privacy.

96. Mark Ruffalo’s Studio City Home

On the Market Since: N/A
Total Area: 2,957 square feet
Initial Value: $2,985,000*

Mark Ruffalo may no longer be the owner of this luxurious Los Angeles home, having relocated his family to upstate New York for more privacy and a more down-to-earth lifestyle, but the Marvel hero lived there from 2004 until 2009. He sold the home to none other than New Girl star Zooey Deschanel. 

The stunning property is a rarity for LA, with each room in the house opening up to the outdoors. The house features three bedrooms and four bathrooms, making it perfect for hosting guests. It also has a gate surrounding the perimeter of the property, ensuring privacy for any celebrity inhabitants.

97. Joey Lawrence’s Mansion – Encino, California

On the Market Since: 2010
Total Area: 8,100 square feet 
Initial Value: $3.2 million*

Former Blossom actor Joey Lawrence bought a Spanish estate in Encino, California back nearly two decades ago, and he has remained trapped there ever since. He first listed the home for $3.2 million in 2010, but it didn’t sell. The home had six bedrooms and nine and a half bathrooms, along with multiple saunas, a movie theater, and a master suite.

Lawrence kept dropping the price down to $2.3 million. Though he purchased it for $1.2 million 1994, a $900,000 price cut is a lot. He put it back on the market in 2016 for $2.249 million, hoping for a change in luck.

Though Lawrence hasn’t had luck selling the place (yet), he won’t be taking a loss, even if he sells it at the current price. The Melissa and Joey star bought the place for a little under $2 million. Lawrence has had a tough 2020, with Fox reporting that he and his wife are estranged after nearly a decade and a half of marriage. 

98. Stacy Keibler’s City-View Home

On the Market Since: 2012
Total Area: 5,788 square feet 
Initial Value: $12.5 million*

About five years ago, former WWE wrestler Stacy Keibler and tech entrepreneur Jared Pobre packed up and moved to Jackson, Wyo., to focus on raising their kids — they now have three — and shortly thereafter hoisted their sophisticated home in the swanky Trousdale Estates neighborhood in Beverly Hills, Calif., on the market with an in-hindsight pie-in-the-sky price of $18.25 million.

With no takers at that price, or the not quite $17 million it was later listed, they took the sprawling single-story spread off the market in 2018 only to put it back up for sale this year at a sliver under $16 million. The reduced asking price seems to have done the trick because the uncommonly comely couple, who together founded the Wyoming-based Caldera + Lab men’s skincare line, quickly landed a buyer who’s ponied up $15.2 million for the chic city-view residence.

Pobre acquired the almost half-acre property in late 2012 for $11.1 million, according to tax records, after it had been transformed by L.A.-based architect James Schmidt from a stylish, if dated, two-bedroom residence built in 1963 with a small staff suite and a semi-detached guest house into a nearly 5,800-square-foot showpiece for modern living with five en suite bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms.