Fashion Trend Of Clothing In Spring And Summer Of 2021


1. Lounge Chic

Casual wear is one of the more practical trends in spring 2021. After all, many of us spend more time at home, looking for comfortable and fashionable clothes.

2. Ultra-Relaxed Suiting

Loose looking suits, in the spring fashion trend of 2021, are really everywhere, and more loose than ever.

3. 80s Vibes

From the perspective of clothing, the 1980s was a time of compromise, but they were always the easiest to identify.

4. Upcycled Patchwork

One of the reasons why patchwork has become a big trend this season is that designers pay special attention to sorting out their stock and using scrap.

5. Dual Fabric

We’ve been noticing dual-fabric, half-and-half dresses make an appearance in collections again and again over the last few seasons, and we weren’t too surprised to see them show up yet again.

6. Jewel-Studded

In the autumn, we noticed a lot of clothes with jewels, and the designers also made some decorations for the clothes in the spring of 2021.

7. Cutouts

Another popular trend at spring / summer fashion shows is the cutting of profiles, which keeps the sexy and revealing charm.

8. Lace & Crochet

Lace and crochet garments felt delicate and feminine on the runways and in the lookbooks this season. While they were not a totally new trend, they took on a new meaning for spring 2021, representing the kind of crafts done in the home and celebrating old-world artisanship.

9. Sweatshirts

While we don’t think it’s quite possible to pass sweatshirts off as appropriate work-from-home wear (yes, even if it’s Balenciaga), it was still pretty fitting to see them show up as one of the summer 2021 fashion trends.

10. Polo Collars

Polo collars are yet another entry in the “professional wear made casual” category of the spring 2021 fashion trends.

11. Vests

Vests have a special place in the fashion trend of the summer of 2021, as vests are usually worn alone rather than as part of a complex three piece suit.

12. Feathers

Feathers once again become the fashion trend in spring and summer of 2021. In some cases, adding feathers is a kind of fantasy and escapism embellishment, while in other cases, it adds comfort and soft touch to the real clothing.

13. Biblical Tunics

Many of the fashion trends in the summer of 2021 are back to simplicity. We can't think of anything simpler than a tunic. Tunic has always been a kind of close fitting clothing in history, which has existed for thousands of years.

14. Broderie Anglaise

Just like lace, British embroidery is also a kind of technology, which can add a naive and romantic charm to clothing.

15. Broderie Anglaise

Strappy touches added a slightly undone vibe to a lot of the spring outfits. Some fashion bloggers noted that they had a bit of a ‘90s vibe or perhaps a grunge feel.

16. Pointy Shoulders

Big shoulders have drama, but when they’re extra angular or pointed, they also add a very fierce touch to a look.

17. Net Dresses & Shirts

Net dresses have been an odd continuous trend for a few seasons now. This season, beyond just netted dresses, we also saw netted tops added to this slightly odd but fun summer 2021 fashion trend.

18. Big Sleeves

A jacket or dress with wide sleeves is a dramatic combination of femininity and masculinity, comfort and strength.

19. Balloon Shoulders

One welcome, new variation on big shoulders was a folded-over, voluminous balloon design. These necklines were similar to a balloon skirt but attached at the collar instead of at the hips. The result was romantic, unusual, and powerful. It definitely resonated as one of the more fantastic spring 2021 fashion trends.

20. Massive Trousers

With the return of fashion in the 1980s, there has been a new trend. The more casual new trend is the oversized pants.

21. Bikini Tops

The spring 2021 trends guide us in two contradictory yet perfectly welcome directions: either we should wear no bras at all or we should only wear bras – who needs shirts?

22. Bras Over Dresses

Stylists have been experimenting with bras over dresses for a few seasons now, and we must admit that we’re still not convinced. 

23. Sports Bras

Comfortable and supportive sports bra is an indispensable part of sports leisure.

24. Skin-Tight Fit

Sexy came in all forms in the spring 2021 fashion trends, including skin-tight fits that show off curves and swerves! Other designers used skin-tight fits not to convey sexiness but just to add some easy layering to looks.

25. Uniform Mini Skirt

The impact of the 1990s on the fashion trend in spring 2021 is not as great as that in autumn, but it does not stop designers from designing several miniskirts with a unified style.