Fashion Trend Of Handbags In Spring And Summer Of 2021


The fashion trend of spring and summer bags in 2021 will make luxury bag fans happy. The spring 2021 bag combines the classic design that has been popular for decades, and also provides some really novel and eccentric choices for those who like to try.

1. Tiny Bags

Such a small bag (Coin Wallet) has become the main product of the runway show. They're perfect for individual storage bags, but they're also great when you just need to carry a folded mask and a few bills.

2. Shopper Tote

If your handbag starts to look shabby, you may be interested in some of the new styles in the spring of 2021.

3. Phone Bags

Whether it's for the sake of safety, convenience or the desire for simple single use items, phone bag is an important part of the spring handbag trend in 2021.

4. Bottle Holders

With the development of high-end shopping bags, bottle bags have become the main products of runway show. The bag trend in the summer of 2021 is exciting, including all kinds of interesting and unique bottle bags!

5. Feathers

Luxury, all feather autumn clothing is not popular again in spring, but the trend of spring summer bag in 2021 does include soft, natural and expensive feather materials.

6. Zip-Top Bags

Zipper bag makes people feel more casual and masculine, but its outline also reminds us of all kinds of practical things, such as modern lunch bag or heavy travel wash bag. This style attracts luxury bag designers this season, we have some good choices.

7. Square or Geometric Bags

Mainstream bag shapes might be timeless, but there’s something fun about an unusually geometric bag. It’s more interesting than the typical flap bag but with a certain sophistication and maturity, as well.

8. Scarf Bags

One of the most unique spring/ summer 2021 bag trends were scarf additions or decorations. They were added to bags in a few different ways, proving that this is a versatile creative touch. We’re sure that some of our savvier readers will also be able to DIY the look at home.

9. Straw Picnic Purses

A straw purse always reminds us of old school picnic bags, even though, truthfully, we’ve never actually used a basket for a picnic in real life. However, the charm is all there, and it’s a perfect design for the spring 2021 handbag trends.

10. Woven and Crochet Bags

Crochet bags are very suitable for the bag trend in the spring of 2021, because they match the comfortable spring knitted shirt we see on the runway show.

11. Netted Handbags

What bag do you use to match the mesh dress? Mesh bags, of course. Woven design is easy to cross into the spring handbag trend of 2021.

12. Netted Handbags

There was some literal pearl clutching in the spring 2021 bag trends, with pearls acting as the prettiest bag embellishment in the various collections.

13. Egg Bags

The egg shaped bag is not suitable for daily use, because it is a bit weird and romantic.

14. Folded Totes

A folded handbag expresses a calm attitude.

15. Tiny Bags

Big bags are reminiscent of travel.