Grandson Deceived Grandma - When She Died She Taught Him A Lesson He Won’t Forget


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When Mildred her mind and health start to quickly deteriorate, her family seemingly abandoned her. The only one who is still there for her is her grandson Thomas. She appreciates him so much for this, but as it would turn out, he had some alternative motives for being so kind to his grandma. Thomas had not been honest with her at all.

When Mildred discovers the truth, she makes sure that the boy is though a lesson after her death…

Deceived for 2 years


Mildred could still barely believe it. Her beloved grandson Thomas. The only one who had been there for her in these past 2 years. How could he have deceived her like this? She had considered him a saint, but now it turned out that this could not be further from the truth…

Teaching Thomas a lesson

Mildred knew that she did not have long left on this earth, but one way or another she was going to have to teach that boy a lesson. And she knew just how to do it…

But how had Thomas Deceived his grandma? Was had he been after and how had Mildred eventually found out about it?

Dumped in a care home

When Mildred was put in a care home for elderly people not so long ago, she felt dreadful. She had to admit that it was about time for her to leave her old house behind, but the way she was basically dumped here by her family was inhumane, as they barely even took the effort to call her anymore. Only her beloved grandson Thomas was still willing to visit from time to time.

Many family visits

There had been a time when Mildred had a very good bond with a great part of her family, before she was brought to this place. One or two family members would turn up least every weekend when Mildred was still fully sound of mind. Now, things were started to get worse with her dementia slowly taking over.

Increasing dementia

And as her mind slowly but surely started to disfunction more and more, she started to be in contact with her family less and less. She still tried many times to pick up the phone to call them, but more often than not all she got was a bitter response. It was a sad development, as if they suddenly did not care about her anymore.

She’s become a burden

Luckily Thomas was still there on a regular basis and he would confirm to her that it was the family’s fault, not hers. He told her that now with the dementia, even though he thought that she needed the family more than ever, they felt like she was more a burden now and they would rather not waste their time.

Not invited anymore

Thomas continued by telling his grandmother that him coming here and calling with her from time to time was against the wishes of the family. With multiple family members he had been in fights about this lately. On top of that, he was not invited to the family gatherings anymore. Mildred was truly in shock when he told her all this.

The poor grandson

Mildred started to feel a lot of resentment toward her family for the way their treated her. But more than that, she felt much worse about the way they had been treating her poor grandson the last few months. He had been sacrificing so much of his own life just to be able to visit her. Or so she thought…

Moving to care home

Not long after all this, Mildred got sick and ended up in a care home where Thomas was the first one to visit her once she’d settled in. He told his grandma that this change was due to a collective decision of the family as it would ensure them not to have to care about her any longer. He added that they expected her to pass away shortly.

A sad feeling

Passing away shortly? Mildred felt very sad when her grandson told her this. She knew that she probably did not have many years left to live, but hearing it from others still hurt her badly. Mildred suggested to Thomas to just leave her like the rest did. It was not too late for him to restore the bonds with other family members.

Visiting more frequently

For Thomas this was no option, he told his grandmother. In the following weeks he started calling and visiting Mildred even more frequently, when her condition increased to get worse. At the same time, she started to notice something else that her grandson started doing on a more frequent basis…

Money problems

Where Thomas was before mostly visiting to listen to Mildred’s stories, he now started to mention in conversations more and more the many struggles he was having lately. Moreover, the troubles were all related to money. Apparently he had been let go by his work because, according to him, he had been too much focussed on his grandmother.

Paying the mortgage bills

Thomas told her that he was afraid to soon not be able anymore to pay his mortgage bills and that he might even end up on the street. Mildred now felt even worse than she already did for her loyal grandson and started to think of ways in which she could be able to help. This was partly due to her after all, right?

The entire inheritance

It took Mildred a few days to be certain about it, but in the end she figured that the best thing she could do was to make sure that her entire inheritance would go to Thomas. In her head it made perfect sense to get back at the family for their behavior in this way. Why would she want to leave any other family member even a penny anyway?

Could she be sure?

In some way the family had to be punished. They had basically left Mildred to die. On top of that, Thomas had told her that they also actively tried to make this happen by preventing her grandson to visit her - the last and only family friend she had left! But was this actually what had happened? Perhaps it was due to the dementia, but Mildred could not be entirely sure.

Changing the will

Changing your will is not an easy process once it had been written and confirmed already in the past. Especially when, as in Mildred’s case, the will was already made in a pretty standard way many years ago when still in good terms with the family. If she wanted to proceed with this, the will was going to change drastically.

The original will

In the original document that Mildred set up when her children were starting their families, everything would be split equally between her two sons. It additionally stated that it was up to them how they wanted to share it with their respective families. Mildred was not rich, but everything together was still totaling up to a decent sum.

It was Mildred’s decision

Apparently the rules state that it is necessary to inform the people that are influenced by the outcome of the change in one’s will, especially if someone is completely written out of it. They could then make a formal objection to it if they wanted to, but in the end, Mildred's decision would be final if it was made with good reason and by her own desire.

A nerve-racking afternoon

Mildred fortunately did not have to do this herself. Instead, the lawyer had drafted up the new will the next day and he would also be the one to inform Mildred’s two children in that afternoon. It was completely nerve-racking for Mildred, as she did not know if they would keep ignoring her or if she could expect a reaction from them.

The final decision?

She was in the end quite sure that there was going to be a very difficult confrontation with at least one of her sons on the phone. Mildred was afraid that it would just be crying all the way through that afternoon. But her decision was final in her mind. Though was this actually what she wanted?

Waiting and holding the phone

That day she was holding the phone in her hand the entire time. It did take a little longer than Mildred expected, but in the end her phone finally started to ring. The whole afternoon she had been waiting in anticipation and now, after dinner, the moment was there. Who would it be and what was going to be the reaction?

her son calling

She answered and there it was, the voice of her eldest son on the other end of the line. The voice that Mildred heard was surprisingly calm. He asked her if it would be possible for him and his brother to come by the next day. He told her, still calmly, that he had been called by the family’s lawyer and that there was a lot to discuss.

Finally interested again

Mildred wanted to get angry and confront his son immediately on the phone. Was this what was necessary for them to finally come to see their mother again, after they did not show any interest for so long? Only when their inheritance was going to be taken away? But she did not say this and instead told them that it was okay.

The last chance

The thought ran through Mildred’s mind that this could be the last chance she would ever have to see her children before she was to kick the bucket. Despite these last years being rough, they were still the sons that she had personally raised. Mildred could not let the opportunity go to waste to see her sons. Though she might regret this for the rest of here days…

Late night call

Right before she went to bed that evening she got a strange call from Thomas. He had apparently heard that Mildred's sons, his uncle and father, wanted to come visit. He urged Mildred not to trust them, they did not have the right intentions according to Thomas.


Mildred couldn't believe the call from her beloved grandson. Why doesn't he want her to talk to her sons? Mildred got a strange feeling about everything. She decided to go with her gut feeling and she wanted to hear what her sons had to say.

Can't sleep

She couldn't sleep that night, thinking about everything that had happened over the past few months. Everything did not make sense. She knew that Thomas had her best interests in mind. She can completely trust him right?

Doorbell ringing

That morning the doorbell rang, Mildred was totally surprised. Her sons wouldn't come for another 3 hours, who could be at the door. She wasn't expecting anyone. When she opened the door her mouth fell open. ''What are you doing here?'', Mildred asked.


Thomas was standing right in front of her. He looked worried. He asked Mildred if he could come in, he was concerned for her. He told Mildred that his father and uncle only wanted to come to secure their inheritance. Mildred started crying, she doesn't know what to do anymore.


Mildred eventually got a little frustrated with Thomas. She still loved her sons, she did not want to believe everything that he was telling her. She decided to kick him out of the house. She wanted to talk to her sons. ''You are going to regret this!'', Thomas screamed. Leaving Mildred confused.

Mildred's sons

After another hour the doorbell rang again, Mildred rushed to the door. She opened the door and immediately hugged her sons. It has been way too long since she had seen them. Then her eldest son, Mike, told her that they had a lot to discuss.

Mike and David

Mildred let them in, she was so extremely happy to see Mike and David. She told them that she did have a really rough time lately, and that Thomas was really helping her out with everything that was going on. Mike reacted surpised. ''That selfless prick?'', he asked.

It all clicked

Mildred did not know how to react, her grandson was always there for her. How could her son be so rude about him. She decided to confront Mike and David. She blamed them for leaving her here to rot. Then it all clicked for Mike. He started explaining.

Thomas' intentions

Mike explained how Thomas intentionally put the entire family up against Mildred. He did not know for sure, but now that he is here he has no doubts anymore. Thomas told the family to stay away from Mildred because she was completely losing it.

No contact

He made sure that nobody could or even wanted to be in contact with Mildred. He used the dementia as a cover up. He was only interested in making sure no one would be there to support Mildred for his own gains. Mildred started crying.


She couldn't believe that his beloved grandson would do such a thing. Mildred told Mark to prove it. Then mark pulled out his phone. He had saved all the conversations he had with Thomas over the course of a couple of months. Mildred couldn't believe her eyes.


She couldn't deny it anymore, Thomas had come up with an elaborate scheme to defraud Mildred out of all of her money. He tried to make sure she felt a lot of empathy towards him, and it worked. She apologised to her sons. Now it's time for payback!

Coming up with a plan

She came up with a plan together with her sons, but they wouldn't let anyone else know. She called up Thomas to tell him everything was fine. Thomas sounded relieved. Mildred almost couldn't control herself, but she would make him regret everything.

After her death

Mildred made sure that Mike and David would be able to carry out the plan. Mildred wished she could see Thomas his face when everything would be revealed, but sadly she would teach him a lesson after her death.

Passing away

About 2 weeks later Mildred passed away. She died peacefully in her sleep. Now it was time for Mike and David to put the entire plan into action, but first they need to make sure Mildred would get the funeral she deserved. Then Thomas called them.

Arranging the funeral

Thomas said he would take care of everything, however his father told him to stay put. He would arrange the whole funeral. Thomas acted like he was in a massive hurry, of course Mike new why, but he did not want Thomas to get suspisious.

Time for the funeral

Now it was finally time for the funeral, the entire family would come. Thomas was extremely surprised that everyone was there. He thought he made sure that no one would attend the funeral. He wanted to get the inheritance and be over with it.

Call from lawyer

Right before the funeral Thomas received a call from Mildred's lawyer that he needed to come as soon as possible. Thomas knew that he would get the money in no time. He was not prepared for what would come next.

The funeral

It was a beautiful funeral, everyone said nice things about Mildred, including Thomas. Then his father went up to the microfone. He told everyone that Mildred had left a video message for them, recorded right before she passed away. Thomas felt his heart sinking.

Video message

The video started playing, it was just a normal video about Mildred thanking everyone for the beautiful life she had lived. She apologised that the last couple of months were extremely rough. Then she turned her attention to Thomas.

Payback time

No one knew what she was about to say, only her sons. ''You ungrateful little prick!'', she started. ''How could you be so heartless to take advantage of an old woman with dementia'', she continued. Thomas couldn't take it anymore, he had been exposed in front of his entire family.

Getting her revenge

There was a lot of gasping in the church, then some family members started shouting at Thomas. They now knew it wasn't Mildred who did not want contact. They felt really sorry for her. At least she got to take her revenge on Thomas, this would definitely teach him a lesson.

Thomas couldn't take it

Thomas ran out of the church, he could not take it anymore. Thomas knew his scheme had bursted, there was only one thing to do. He decided to quickly drive to the lawyer to claim Mildred''s money and vanish.

Last will

He entered the lawyer's office and immediately demanded the money. Thomas showed him the last will of Mildred that he had a copy of. Then the lawyer started laughing. Thomas was confused. What was going on here?

Changing his life 

Right before Mildred passed away she changed her last will to disown Thomas. He knew he had nothing left, he now lost his family and his grandma. After a couple of months Thomas eventually got back to his family to apologise for everything. He promised he would change, this was a life lesson he would never forget.

This story is a work of fiction created for entertainment. Characters and events are the products of the author’s imagination. The images shown are used for illustration only.