Her Bohemian Camper Van - Tiny House Living At 58 Years Young

My Name is Bev, When It Comes to Solo Travel, I Was a Late Starter. It Wasn’t Until My 58s That I Took a Look at Myself and All Those Other Women Who Had Traveled on Their Own and Decided to Try Going Somewhere Alone. 

After Thinking About What Sort of Travel I Would Most Enjoy on My Own, I Settled on a City Break Just Short and Exciting Enough to Dip My Toe In. It Was a Success, Soon Followed by a Lengthy Road Trip and Countless Other Journeys, Lasting from Day Trips to Several Week-long Adventures.

I Liked the Sensation of Going Somewhere New Alone, I Also Met a Ton of Cool People Along the Way, Including Cute, Foreign, Single Men, Which is a Dream for Single Sheens.

1. Life on the Road

It’s So Many Things. It’s a Roller Coaster, and It’s Taken Me Quite a While to Find a Healthy Rhythm and Balance. My Experience Has Been Pretty Challenging Internally, and I’ve Grown So Much As a Person. 

There Are Many Low Moments That Often. Feeling Lonely, Decision Overwhelm, Missing Friends or Family, Feeling Cramped, Lack of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Lots of Loud Cars and Parking Lots.

There Are Also Many High Moments That Simply Cannot Be Captured in One Photograph—the Satisfaction of a Simple Life, Freedom, Being Welcomed into Friends’ Homes, Delightful Conversations with Strangers, the Expansiveness of an Empty Desert, Waterfall Mist Covering Your Face on an Afternoon Hike, the Newfound Appreciation You’ll Have for Showering, Big Comfy Beds and Other Creature Comforts.

2. Memorable Experience

One of My Favorite Feelings in the Whole World is when I Am Truly, Entirely, Completely in the Moment. During These Times I Feel So Alive and Free, and Suddenly I Have This Tiny Glimpse of the Expansiveness of This World and How Everything That Has Happened in My Life Has Led Me to This Moment, and It All Makes Sense. It’s So Beautiful and Raw, and I Can’t Contain My Wonder.

I Usually Start Laughing My Head Off, Like a Crazy Person, As Gratitude and Joy Fill My Heart So Quickly That I Literally Feel Like My Chest is About to Explode (in a Good Way).

Those Moments Have Happened Just a Few Times on This Trip. One Was when I Couldn’t Find a Shower in Squamish, British Columbia, After Hours of Searching, and I Finally Decided to Just Run into This Little Beach Where the River Meets the Sea. I Jumped in and It Was So Cold. No One Was Around and a Giant Slab of Granite from the Mountains Towered Overhead and I Just Realized in That Moment That This is What It’s All About. I Love Those Moments. I Live for Them.

3. Make, Model, Year: 2004 Chevy Express 1500

I’m All About the Gut Feeling, and I Had One of Those As Soon As the Van Popped Onto Craigslist After Months of Searching. It Was in My Price Range (less Than $3,000), Had Less Than 160,000 Miles and Came with Excellent Reviews (4.9/5 Stars from Hundreds of People Who Said These Vans Run Forever).

4. She Was Inspired

I Met a Friend Who Lived out of Her Honda Element for a Whole Year by Herself and Traveled and Climbed All Around North America. She Was a Huge Inspiration to Me, Although I Never Thought I Could Do It by Myself As a Single Woman.

I Was Scared, and I Wanted to Face That Fear Because I Knew Great Stuff Was on the Other Side of It.

5. Redesigning The Interior

It Was Intense and Quick. with the Help of My Awesome Friend, It Took Just About One Month (maybe Even Three Weeks) to Rip Everything Out, Insulate, Panel the Sides and Ceiling and Install Flooring. I Drove from Florida to Maine All the While Sleeping on a Pad, and then Built the Bed and Cabinets in Another Two Weeks at My Grandparents’ House in Pennsylvania.

6. A Fresh Look

With Construction Finished, Added Spunk and Personality to Make the House-on-wheels a Home. 

The Finished Look is a Stunning Boho-chic That Feels Welcoming Yet Spacious, in the 40-square-foot Motorhome. Aside from Making It Aesthetically Pleasing, It's Also Practical. 

7. The Finished Interior

There’s a Cassette Toilet Under That Pretty Little Cover. Behind It is the Car Refrigerator. There’s Lots of Storage Under the Bed.

I Wanted to Make Sure We Did Everything Right So That It Would Last and Wouldn’t Break when We Were on the Road.

8. On to New Adventures 

My Initial Trip in the Van Through the States and Canada Taught Me How Much of Our World is Still Wild. Time and Time Again, I Found Myself Waking Up to Spectacular Sunrises over Stunning Mountainscapes While Camping Alone in the Woods, or at the Viewpoint at the End of a Hike Without Another Human in Sight.

That Means I Have Freedom. I Can Pick Fun, Sporty, Small, Agile—whatever I Like. the Van Lets Me Channel My Inner Twenty-something While I Take My Top Down, Let the Wind Blow Through My Hair, and Have Some Fun!

I Chose to Go Only Places I Have Never Been Before, and It Has Been Incredible.

9. Toadstool Geologic Park in Nebraska

The Geology in the Area is Amazing. if You Can Be There at Dusk or Dawn...the Photo Opportunities Are Amazing. 

There is a Great Hiking Trail That Has Points of Interest Marked Along the Way That Correspond to a Brochure That You Get at the Start. There Will Be No Shade and if You Are There in the Summer It Will Be Hot, Hot, Hot. Bring Plenty of Water.. None is Available on Location. Just Remind Them That This is Also Rattlesnake Country, So Stay on the Trail. There Are Six Campsites That Are There for a Small Fee and an Outhouse. Camping There at Night is Awesome As There is Almost No Light Pollution. Sky Will Be Stunning. if You Love Geology... You'll Love This Place.

10. Smith Falls Nebraska

Scenic Smith Falls State Park is Home to Nebraska’s Highest Waterfall, Also Called Smith Falls. the Only Access to the Falls is Via the Footbridge Across the River from the North Side of the Park. Hiking to the Falls is Limited to Established Trails to Prevent Erosion and Protect Rare Plants.

Smith Falls is Named for Frederic Smith, Who Filed the First Homestead Patent on the Land That Encompasses the Falls. the Site Became a State Park in 1992. Not Only is the Land Home to the Beautiful Falls, It is Also an Area of Biological Significance Where Several Ice Age Species Can Still Be Found.

11. Scotts Bluff

It’s Pretty Dramatic. You Can Even Drive to the Top to See the View. and There’s a Hike Up Thru a Cave That Looked Exciting. Were There for Several Hours, Much Longer Than Anticipated. the Little Museum Has a Great Video About the Area and Quite a Bit of History. the Views from the Top of the Bluff Are Incredible (we Drove Up). 

Towering 800 Feet Above the North Platte River, Scotts Bluff Has Served As a Landmark for Peoples from Native Americans to Emigrants on the Oregon, California and Mormon Trails to Modern Travelers. Rich with Geological and Paleontological History As Well As Human History, There is Much to Discover While Exploring the 3,000 Acres of Scotts Bluff National Monument.

12. The Nebraska Answer to Stonehenge

Carhenge is Weirdly Cool to Stop At! Having Been to the Real Stonehenge I Found This One Slightly Refreshing As It Wasn't Absolutely Crawling with People! but Basically It is a Bunch of Real Cars That Are Setup Like Stonehenge and It Looks Awesome!

Carhenge is a Replica of England's Stonehenge Located Near the City of Alliance, Nebraska, in the High Plains Region of the United States. Instead of Being Built with Large Standing Stones, As is the Case with the Original Stonehenge, Carhenge is Formed from Vintage American Automobiles, All Covered with Gray Spray Paint. Built by Jim Reinders, It Was Dedicated at the June 1987 Summer Solstice.

13. Mount Rushmore

Everyone Should See This Place. the Lighting Ceremony is Done when the Sun Goes Down. They Show a 20 Min History Video and Sing the National Anthem and Put the Spotlight on the Mountain. Afterwards They Ask Veterans to Go Down to Lower the Flag. Very Patriotic. Cost to Get in is Free. Parking is $11 and They Give You a Pass for the Entire Year. Great Stop.

The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a Sculpture Carved into the Granite Face of Mount Rushmore Near Keystone, South Dakota, in the United States. Sculpted by Danish-american Gutzon Borglum and His Son, Lincoln Borglum, Mount Rushmore Features 60-foot Sculptures of the Heads of Four United States Presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. 

14. Badlands

Love This Place. Endless Hiking, Phenomenal Landscape, and Some of the Best Camping We Have Ever Experienced. We Camped Two Nights: the First at Sage Creek Campground. This Was Hands Down the Coolest Camp Ground. Bison Were Wandering Right Up to the Tents, You Could Hear Them Grunting All Night. the Stars Were Amazing and Coyotes Were Howling As You Fell Asleep. It Was Beyond Magical. the Second Night Was Up at Cedar Pass Right Next to the Visitors Center. It Was Not So Good, Super Busy, and Very Noisy. the Showers Were Disgusting. Save Yourself the Heart Ache and Head out to the Primitive Campgrounds!

People Are Drawn to the Rugged Beauty of the Badlands National Park. These Striking Geologic Deposits Contain One of the World’s Richest Fossil Beds. Ancient Mammals Such As the Rhino, Horse, and Saber-toothed Cat Once Roamed Here. the Park’s 244,000 Acres Protect an Expanse of Mixed-grass Prairie Where Bison, Bighorn Sheep, Prairie Dogs, and Black-footed Ferrets Live Today. 

15. Shark Week in the Bahamas

This is the First Time I’ve Traveled out of the Us Since Covid Hit. 3 Tests for a Week in the Bahamas. Today I’m Thinking It Was Worth All of the Extra Expense and Trouble.

August 5, 2020 — Grand Bahama’s Vast Marine Life and Natural Beauty Will Be on Full Display when Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, One of Television’s Most Anticipated Summer Events, Kicks off on Sunday, August 9. the One-hour Program Will Showcase Tyson’s Experience Scuba Diving with Lemon Sharks, Reef Sharks and Tiger Sharks in the Waters of Shark Junction and Tiger Beach off Grand Bahama.

16. Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs

One of My All Time Favorite Hikes...right Outside of Las Vegas. Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs is Challenging with Lots of Scrambling and As a Reward You Get to Soak in the Natural Hot Springs.

Scenery is Spectacular As You Navigate Through Enormous, Red Rock Vertical Canyon Walls, Peppered with Vibrant Native Plants and Desert Bighorn Sheep. from Here, the Real Work Begins As You’ll Face the First Rope Descent. in Total There Are 8 Ropes You Must Navigate to Reach Multiple Hot Spring Pools at the Bottom. Gold Strike Canyon is a Hotbed of Geothermal Activity—plan to Cross Paths with a Multitude of Hot Pools, Grottos, and Hot Waterfalls. 

17. Sedona

Sometimes It Nice to Take the Longer Route. Loved My Hike in Sedona This Morning!

There Are Plenty of Places Where a 360-degree View Makes for a Perfect Sunrise or Sunset, Doe Mountain is the Prime Example. After a Short Hike to an Elevation of 450-feet, You Can Claim a Spot and See the Sunrise. Here You’ll Also Find Views of Downtown Sedona, Capitol Butte, and Verde Valley.

18. Valentine, Texas

Check out This Tiny Little Prada Storefront Just Outside of Valentine

Valentine is a Town in Jeff Davis County, Texas, United States. the Population Was 134 at the 2010 Census, Down from 187 at the 2000 Census. It is the Only Incorporated Municipality in Jeff Davis County.

19. Big Bend

Exploring Big Bend Felt Amazing Today. So Good to Put My Hiking Boots on and Do Some Exploring. I Spent 3 Days in Big Bend and Really Loved the Park! Hiked to Hot Springs and Found This Manmade Pool by the Rio Grande Where I Could Enjoy a Nice Warm River Bath, the Trail to the Balanced Rock is Beautiful and Quite, and the View is Amazing. 

The Big Bend National Park Could Easily Be Considered As One of the Greatest Natural Wonders of Far West Texas, a Place Where Someone Can Discover His Stamina Limits and Find out Things About His Inner Self and Nature That Can Barely Find in Any Other Part of the Usa. Tough, Pure, Hallenging, Spectacular, Dangerous, Mystical, Amazing, Great Are Only Few of the Characterizations That Fit to What Big Bend is Really All About.

20. Rio Grande

I Got to See the Rio Grande for the First Time Today.

The Rio Grande is One of the Principal Rivers (along with the Colorado River) in the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico. the Rio Grande Begins in South-central Colorado in the United States and Flows to the Gulf of Mexico. After Passing Through the Length of New Mexico Along the Way, It Forms Part of the Mexico–united States Border. 

21. Garner State Park in Texas

Garner State Park in Texas. I’ve Heard About This Park for Years. Now I See Why.

Best Park in Texas. Come During the Summer and Enjoy the Dance. Clear, Cool Water Make You Forget It is Hot Outside. the River is Nice, Cool and Relaxing. There is Some Great Hiking with Fantastic Views and Caves. Although We Had Picked Up a Lot of Trash Thrown on the Trail and the Caves Are Covered in Graffiti. So Sad Such a Beautiful Area I Wish My Kids Could Have Enjoyed the Caves Before They Were Ruined.

22. Looks Like a Ufo

I Saw This Cloud on the Big Island a Few Years Ago. I Pulled over and Got out of the Car and Just Stood There in Awe. I Later Learned That It’s Called a Lenticular Cloud.

23. Hierve El Agua

It’s a Bit Difficult to Believe This Memory Was Only a Shot Year Ago. Feels Like a Different Lifetime. Herve El Agua is a Magical, Natural Infinity Pool and Stone Waterfall Near Oaxaca, Mexico. 

At the Edge of the Cliff, Will Find Two Different Mineral Pools Containing Magnesium, Sulfur, and Calcium Carbonate, Which Are Popular Swimming Spots. Rather Than Boiling Though (since That Wouldn't Be Very Comfortable), the Mineral Pools Range from About 71 to 75 Degrees Fahrenheit. the Larger of the Two Pools Gives the Illusion of an Infinity Pool, As It's on the Edge of the Cliff.

24. Horseshoe Bend

This is Truly One of the Most Beautiful Spots in America. I Think Most Travelers Drive Right by It Without Even Knowing It is There. the Parking Lot for Horseshoe Bend is on the West Side of the Highway and There is a Tiny Sign Pointing the Way. No Matter What You Do, Pull off and Do This Fairly Easy Hike. Even if It is Tough for You to Get Up That Initial Hill, the Rest of the Hike is an Easy Downhill Hike to the Lookout Point. 

If You’re in Search of an Incredible Natural Vista, then Horseshoe Bend is Definitely Worth a Visit. the Name Was Inspired by Its Unusual Shape, a Horseshoe-shaped Meander of the Colorado River Located Four Miles Southwest of Page, Az, within the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Just a Hop, Skip, and a Jump from Glen Canyon Dam and the Popular Lake Powell, the Best View is from the Steep Cliff Above Horseshoe Bend.

25. Labyrinth Slot Canyon

Labyrinth Canyon in Lake Powell Was Dreamy. It’s Only Accessible by Boat and Completely Astounding.

One of the More Unknown Slot Canyons in the Area, Labyrinth Canyon is a Guaranteed Adventure Since It is Only Accessible Only by a Kayak or Stand Up Paddle Board. the Actual Slot Canyon Itself is Almost a Mile Long, is Fun to Navigate with All of Its Twists and Turns, and is Up to 30 Feet Deep at Some Points. You'll Experience the Same Beautiful, Colorful, and Smooth Sandstone Walls Found in the Famous Antelope Canyon..

26. 58th Birthday

Spent My Birthday on the River This Year. What a Sweet Day with Family and Friends. How is It Possible That I Am 58?

27. My 100 Desires (bucket List)

My 100 Desires (bucket List) Came About at a Particularly Rough Time in My Life. I’d Just Gone Through a Very Traumatic Divorce. I Lost Myself. I Was Having What Felt Like a Mental Collapse. then Three Things Happened... I Moved Back to Texas, I Met Someone Who Helped Me Realize Even Though I Felt Like I Had Hit Rock Bottom, There Was a Trampoline Down There and I Read This Saying... “if You’re Going to Heal, Let It Be Glorious... I Took It On. Now, I’m So Grateful That Things Happened Exactly As They Did... Because Now I Get to Have This Life.

28. Number 44 on My Bucket List

Number 44 on My Bucket List of 100 Desires Was to See the Hobbit Huts in New Zealand. I Checked This One off in February 2019.

29. Number 37 on My Bucket List

Number 37 on My Bucket List 100 Desires Was to Create My Own Holiday and Celebrate It Every Year. October 18 is Officially “vino Camino Day”. It is a Day Filled with Emotion. It is the Day I Completed Walking the Camino De Santiago... 565 Miles from Southern France All the Way Across Northern Spain. It is Also the Exact Same Day That I Received the First Payment to Be Bought out of a Business That I Was Part Owner Of. I Love Life’s Synchronicities.

30. Number 35 on My Bucket List

Number 35 on My 100 Desires List Was Swim with the Elephants in Thailand. I Checked This One off in April if 2017. This One Didn’t Turn out Like I Imagined. It Was More Like Dangle My Feet in the Water for a Few Minutes. As Soon As I Saw the Cantaloupe Sized Elephant Turds Floating Down the River It Suddenly Lost Its Appeal. Lol. It Was Still Incredible to See Them Like This.

31. Number 32 on My Bucket List

Number 32 on My 100 Desires List Was Play Twister with Paint. I Got to Check It off with Angelina, Afterward We Swam in the Lake. at the End of the Day She Told Me That It Was the Best Day of Her Life. 

32. Number 26 on My Bucket List

In March of 2017 I Checked off Number 26 on My 100 Desires List - Kiss at the Top of the London Eye. I Love It when They Turn out Better Than You Expected.

33. Number 25 on My Bucket List

Number 25 on My 100 Desires List Was Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride. My Good Friend Barbie Lives in Albuquerque. What a Place to Check This One off (oct 2017). the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is One of the Largest in the World and You Can No Right into the Field with Them.

34. Number 24 on My Bucket List

Number 24 on My List of 100 Desires Was - Sell a Painting. I Checked This One off in November 2018. when the Beautiful Sharon Smith Purchased One of My Acrylic Pours. Since the I’ve Sold Several More. Lol. I Hang Them Up in My Day Spa and People Buy Them. in One Week I Sold 6 Paintings. I Love Doing These and to Get Paid is a Bonus.

35. Number 23 on My Bucket List

Number 23 on My 100 Desires List Was Walk Across a Country. I Started in St John Pied De Port in Southern France in September 6, 2018 and Ended in Finisterre, Spain on October 18... My Route Took Me 565 Miles in 43 Days. I Averaged Walking over 13 Miles Each Day for 43 Days in a Row. when I Created This One I Thought I’d Walk Across Lichtenstein or Vatican City... Knock It Outside in an Afternoon. Ha. then I Met a Woman on a Cruise.. We Talked of Our Love for Hiking... She Mentioned She Was Going to Walk the Camino and That I Should Join Her. Because I Believe “yes” is Where the Fun Is. I Said Yes. Honestly I Had No Idea What I Was Getting Into. 

It Wasn’t Until a Year Had Passed That I Realized How Much the Camino Changed Me. I Honor Myself and My Body More. I Know It’s Ok to Be Inward Focused Now and to Make Taking Care of Myself a Priority, I Met People in the Trail Who Changed Me, That I’m Still Good Friends With. There Were Time when I Couldn’t Even Come Up with All the Different Words to Describe How Much My Feet Hurt. I Soaked Them in Every Cold Stream I Came Across. It’s Humbling to Look Down a Road That Goes on for Miles and Fades into the Distance and to Know You’ll Be Walking All the Way to the Horizon. Only 2 out of 10 People Who Start the Full Camino Finish It. I Did... I Walked Every Step of the Way with My Backpack on My Back. I’m Incredibly Moved This Morning Thinking About This Journey and Looking Through My Photos.

36. Number 20 on My Bucket List

Number 20 on My List of 100 Desires Was Teach a Class. I Checked This One off on a Houseboat on Lake Powell. I Taught a Couples Massage Class. I Own a Day Spa and Have Had a Massage Therapy License Since 1992.

37. Number 17 on My Bucket List

Number 17 on My 100 Desires (bucket List) Was Perform a Dance in Public. I Was with a Group of Women in Paris. It Was the Final Session of a Several Month Program Called Creation That We’d Taken with Mama Gena. One of My Girlfriends Dared Me to Dance in the Table So That I Could Check This One off ... then As I Was Finishing I Took Her by the Hand and Had Her Come Up. then One by One We Each Danced on the Table. It Was One of the Funnest Nights of My Life.

38. Number 16 on My Bucket List

Ok the 16th Item on My 100 Desires List Was Go to Burning Man, Which I Did in 2017 and 2019. I Had Presale Tickets This Year but Burning Man Was Canceled Due to Covid. Getting Tickets to Burning Man Came As a Surprise. My Friends Mike and Bobbie Called Me and Said Hey, I Think We Have an Extra Ticket to Burning Man and an in to a Camp, Would You Want to Go. That’s when I Felt Like the Things on My List Wanted Me to Do Them, Like They Were Looking for Me. Burning Man is the Most Incredible Experience. You Literally Never Know What You’ll See Next. the Light Show at Night is Beyond Explanation.

39. Number 14 on My Bucket List

Number 14 on My 100 Desires List Was See Niagara’s Falls. I Did This in June 2017. I Had My Own Personal Ceremony There... I Picked Up a Hand Full of Leaves off the Ground and Tossed Them One by One over the Edge and into the Falls. with Each One I Verbally Released Things That No Longer Served Me... I Released the Anger over My Ex Husband, I Released the Need to Be Right, I Released Feeling Victim and More. I Swear I Felt an Instant Shift in Being. It’s Good to Ask Yourself from Time to Time, What Do I Need Emotionally to Let Go Of?

40. Number 12 on My Bucket List

Number 12 on My 100 Desires Bucket List Was Vacation in Prague. My Friend Adrienne and I Went in June 2017. We Rode Electric Bikes to the Monastery for a Beer.

41. Number 7 on My Bucket List

Number 7 on My 100 Desires List - Take a Photography Course. I Completed It in November 2017. I Took an Online Iphone Photography Class. All My Photos Are Taken with My Phone and when They Need Editing I Use Snapseed. My Photos Definitely Got Kicked Up a Notch.

42. Number 5 on My Bucket List

The 5th Item on My 100 Desires Bucket List Was Spend a Month on a Boat. in October/november 2018 I Did It. I Went to Sailing School in the Canary Islands. I Now Have Day Skippers License.

43. Number 4 on My Bucket List

Number 4 on My Bucket List Was Hike Machu Picchu. I Got to Check This One off in January 2018. We Arrived in the Afternoon to a Light Rain. There Was Hardly Anyone There. It Felt Sacred Like We Had the Whole Place to Ourselves. I Had More Than a Moment. I Was So Moved with Emotion I Literally Could Talk for 20 Minutes. I Treasure Those Moments, when Life Seems So Much Bigger Than Anything I Could Imagine.

44. Number 3 on My Bucket List

In March 2017 I Checked off the Number 3 on My Bucket List of 100 Desires... Walk on the Great Wall of China. at First It There Were Lots of Tourists and Shops and It Felt Ver Touristy. My Travel Buddy Julie and I Kept Climbing... the Equivalent, According to My Exercise App, of 67 Flights of Stairs. That’s when the Magic Happened. I Had a Snowball Fight on the Great Wall of China.

45. Number 1 on My Bucket List

Almost 4 Years Ago I Created a Bucket List of 100 Desires. the Very First Thing I Wrote Down Was Stay at the Giraffe Manor Hotel. I’ve Known About This Hotel for More Than 20 Years. on March 16, 2020 I Got to Check It Off. the Next Day All Tourists in Kenya Were Sent Home Due to Covid. This Was a Peak Experience in My Life. when I Arrived and Saw the Hotel. I Literally Cried, Happy Tears, Filled with Emotion and Filled to the Brim with Life’s Blessings. 

46. Van Life

Oh Gosh, There Are Many to Choose From. I Absolutely Fell in Love with That Whole Part of the World, but My Loneliness Came to a Real Head There. I Can’t Explain What Happened (yet) Other Than a Lot of Tears and Questioning and Unhappiness.

I Never Expected Van Life to Change Me in the Ways It Has, or Bring Up the Muck That I’ve Been Avoiding within Myself for a Long Time. and I Know There is Still So Much More to Learn. I’m Grateful for These Hard Times Because It’s Created an Environment for Me in Which I’ve Experienced Exponential Growth That Might Not Have Been Possible Otherwise.

47. Used to Life

Probably Just the Creature Comforts and Not Having to Make So Many Daily Decisions.

But I Am Finally Starting to Truly Adapt to This Way of Life, and It’s Totally Freeing. I Wouldn’t Change It.

48. What's Next?

I’m Not Sure Where I See Myself in Five Years, but I Feel Like Sometime I Might Want to Put Down More Solid Roots—i’d Love to Buy Property Somewhere and Have a Dog and an Art Studio, but Continue Traveling. I Can See Those Things for Myself; I’m Just Not Sure when It’ll Happen.

I’m Calming Down the Travel for the Winter Months but Will Still Be in the Van. I Am Currently in Colorado, and Between November and December, I'll Be Near Joshua Tree, California.

Go Up and Down and Around and Backward and Sideways. Start Again. Let People Think You’re Nuts. Yes. Create That Precious, Beautiful (perhaps Non-linear) Life You Love!