It Took 4 Years To Photograph The Contrast Between The Ballerina And The Flower


Yulia Artemyeva, a famous Russian photographer, has created a series of contrast photographs. It shows the contrast between the ballerina and the flower.

If we are asked to define beauty, these photos are definitely a good example, because compared with flowers blooming from different angles, they have the graceful movements of beautiful ballet dancers.

Ballet dancer's gesture and blooming flowers are very elegant, showing the perfect form of natural creation.

Ballerinas have a short career and flowers have a short life span. Do you know the retirement age of ballerinas in Russia? 38 years old! Women's beauty is not eternal, just like flowers.

When taking each group of photos, the photographer will compare the flower shape image with the ballet dancer's posture of copying the flower.

The photographer, who is also a ballet dancer, said: "ballet is an important part of my life. I was dancing ballet all my childhood and my youth. "

"This photography project is a therapy for me, so the inspiration for this group of photos comes from memories of the past" she said

The project was filmed for four years in her hometown of Novgorod, Russia.

The heroine is a ballerina in the opera and ballet theater. The photographer chose model Marina Mastyka to show the extraordinary beauty of the ballet dancer.

"When I first met Marina, I immediately realized that she should be the heroine of this project! Only this Ballerina can be compared with flowers

Her elegant ballerina dress is very much like petals. Her fascinating movements depict the actual form of the flower.