Man Decides To Divorce Wife When He Takes A Closer Look At Her Work Uniform


After seeing his wife, Sara’s picture, David knew he could only do one thing… divorce her. Time slowed down for the young married man while his mind raced a hundred miles, going through every possibility imaginable.

This was the type of moment that changed lives and this young couple were being tested in the cruellest way possible. David and Sara lived the quintessential life – a young and happy couple but behind their perfect exterior hid a web of lies which all were about to come shattering down because of one picture.

1. A message that changed everything

Two vibrations from his phone changed David's entire life. He was already in his bed and ready to go to sleep. He looked at the screen and saw it was his wife, Sara. A smile came on her face, she was away for the weekend and he missed her so much.

"Hi honey, I miss you," she said. He said he missed her, too. Then she said she bought a new outfit. Show me,"David replied. And just ten seconds after he sent this, he got a picture of Sara.

2. A strange story

He replied with passionate eyes, "You look amazing!" Sara replied, "Do you want to see more?" Immediately she sent another picture of the outfit. David was shocked when he zoomed in because he noticed something that made his heart shake.

Why is that? So many questions! But for you to better understand this discovery and its meaning, it takes context. Sara and David are a young couple living together in Los Angeles. They've been together almost three years, and for two of those years, they've been married. They seem like a normal family, but there's actually a story behind it that would make most people suspicious.

3. Say Hi To Sara and David

The couple lived together in Los Angeles, USA and had been together for almost 3 years, married for two. Friends and family knew the couple as the picture of a healthy and loving relationship but of course, they were far from that.

David and Sara didn’t have normal couple issues their’s were a bit complicated and forced them to keep most of their personal lives hidden from the world since especially, Sara’s past was full of controversy.

4. A History

To learn more about Sara and her issues, first, we have to give you a bit of a history lesson. Ever since she was young, Sara was known to command attention but unfortunately, she never asked for any of it.

It all started when she was in High School, her poor grades made it clear that Sara’s educational prospects were far and few and during this time it also became obvious that her stunning beauty could charm anyone.

5. Attention

Sara was always aware of the male gaze and was used to having boys and men alike fall over her but it was only when finishing High School seemed more like a dream than reality did she decide to take matters into her hand.

With no other skills available to her did she decide to take advantage of her beauty. Her parents were very against her dropping out but Sara felt that this was the right step for her and to prove to her parents that she knew what she was doing, she started working as a model.

6. Modelling

But of course, this was easier said than done. Sara tried to book many gigs and even tried to get hired by a modelling agency but all she saw were closed doors and maybes. It seemed like her parents were right.

Months passed by and all the photoshoots Sara booked were one which was rather risque and not what she or her parents had in mind for her but it paid the rent albeit sometimes sporadically.

7. The Next Step

Her modelling career wasn’t turning out to be what Sara expected and just as she was about to give up all hope, her friend gave her a tip on a potential job that offered everything Sara wanted.

It came with a steady income, job security and much more but it wasn’t exactly modelling exclusive. The job was at the nearby Playboy mansion! And this was an issue for Sara. She knew very well the image the Playboy name had and didn’t want herself to be associated with it.

8. Decision Time

She weighed all the pros and cons carefully about this new opportunity and she knew that it wasn’t even actually much of a choice. Who would pick uncertain income when a comfortable and steady job was the other option?

Despite, knowing very well what her parents would think of her choice, Sara decided to take on the job and at first, it wasn’t bad at all. Sara seemed to flourish in the protected environment of the Playboy mansion.

9. Sara’s secret exposed

At this point, Sara had been working her new job for a while but have kept it hidden from her parents. She didn’t live in the Playboy Mansion full time but that was soon about to change.

A journalist came to interview some of the most notable girls working at the mansion and as luck would have it, one of them was a very close friend of her father’s! And he recognized Sara immediately!

10. Moving Out

As you can imagine, Sara’s parents were furious and without wanting to even hear their daughter’s side of the story, asked her to move out! And that is how Sara ended up living full time at the Playboy Mansion.

Her time there was living in a gilded cage, while yes, she had all her needs met but a substantial amount of money was taken out of her account every month as “rent” and on top of that, she was expected to “entertain guests”.

11. Meeting David

This went on for a couple of years and soon, Sara was certain that she didn’t want to live in the mansion anymore and that is when she met David. He was a carpenter by trade and was hired by the Playboy mansion to work on a project.

The two immediately hit it off and Sara knew that whatever she felt for David was something she hadn’t felt before. The two grew very close, very fast and Sara would sneak away from her “work” to go have secret meetings with David in the garden.

12. True love

The love she felt for David was too strong to be ignored, and so she decided to quit her job and move in with him. She really believed that he was the love of her life and also that she would be able to quickly find another job. But this would eventually become much more difficult than expected.

Sara and David's first year of relationship really seemed like a fairy tale. They spent as much time together as possible and, day after day, they became increasingly sure that they were really made for each other.

13. A beautiful (expensive) wedding

They decided they wanted to get married! And as soon as possible. They managed to arrange a big wedding with lots of guests. It was a day of pure joy and happiness and what Sara had dreamed of since she was little. But that dream had a price...

A literal price, because the couple spent almost all their savings on the extravagant wedding. Sara had not yet found a job, and David's carpenter's salary was proving insufficient to support them.

14. The Big Problem

But just like her parents, David also didn’t approve of Sara’s work. He believed that she had the potential to do so much more and found her job at the Playboy Mansion to be demeaning and unacceptable.

He gave her an ultimatum, either she quit her job or they break up and as you can already assume, Sara picked David. While she wasn’t all that happy with being forced to quit her job, she understood David’s feelings.

15. The Dream

The two moved in together and by all accounts were very very happy. Sara finally felt like she had found someone who understood her completely and saw her not just for her looks but for the person she was.

David was loving and gentle and when David asked her to marry her, Sara already knew her answer. The couple wanted to go all out for their wedding and they did just that but there was just one big catch with it — they had no money.

16. Going broke

Their happily ever after had a cost and one which the couple could not afford. They spent all of their savings and even went into debt to host their extravagant wedding and this was the start of the couple’s many troubles.

Having struggled with money for most of her life, this wasn’t anything new for Sara but during her time at the Playboy Mansion, she had become used to a certain lifestyle, one which could not be supported by David’s carpenter salary.

17. The Grind

It was becoming clear that Sara needed to find a job and quickly! With the pair only having left little money which could hardly support their basic needs. This was a very tough start to their married and a rude awakening for both of them.

But with little to no skills and not even a high school diploma, the prospects of Sara earning anything livable, let alone matching what she made at the Playboy Mansion was unthinkable. She applied to every job she found and got swiftly rejected!

18. Her History

Of course, this was a tough experience for her. Sara already felt rather bored and useless as a housewife and now that the need for her to work was essential and her being unable to find a job anywhere, only made it worst.

Her old life was also haunting her. It seemed like no one wanted to be associated with the Playboy Mansion and even waitressing jobs were shunning her because of her history. Many disapproved of her inappropriate pictures which were easily found with a quick google search.

19. New Job

This went on for a few months and with each passing day, the money worries grew and just as tensions were at their peak, Sara finally found a job! It was an evening part-time job at a local hotel.

David was thrilled! While it wasn’t going to pay a lot – finally, the couple were getting a chance to get back on their feet and this job would help do that and but only Sara knew the truth of this job, a necessary lie which she could never tell David.

20. Paranoia

Everything was going smoothly at first but soon David started noticing that Sara’s hours became more and more erratic, on top of that Sarah also started buying rather expensive items for herself.

They certainly couldn’t have afforded design labels and when he asked Sara about them, she said she also made very good “tips” at the hotel. What type of hotel was this which gave their staff such large tips he wondered but of course, Sara knew the answer to that.

21. Personality Changes

David saw as Sarah bought new handbags, make-up, sunglasses, and anything else with a designer label stuck to it. He tried to force himself to calm down and not be suspicious but this matched with Sara’s sudden shift in personality alarmed him greatly.

The couple, who were once so in love and couldn’t stand to be apart was barely spending a night together due to Sara’s hours. Sometimes she would come home at 4 in the morning and wouldn’t even glance towards David’s direction.

22. The Missing Outfit

It all came to a head when David noticed that one of his most favourite outfits that Sara used to wear only for him was missing. This rather sexy and revealing number had been a token from Sara’s time working at the Playboy Mansion.

He asked Sara about it and she for all intents and purposes acted like, she had no idea what David was talking about but of course, Sara knew exactly where the sexy lingerie was – she just didn’t think David could know about it.

23. Calling Work

David had enough- he needed to know what was happening with Sara and he needed to know now. So, he decided to arrange a meeting at Sara’s workplace but just as he was getting ready to storm the hotel, he thought better and decided to call her instead.

Sara had told him that it was really hard to reach her when she was on her shift, so David hadn’t bothered to ever call her before but when he did, the first wall of Sara’s like began to crumble.

24. Beyond Words

The front desk had no idea who Sara was and after keeping him on hold for quite some time – they again confirmed that they had no records of anyone named Sara working at the hotel!

Confused, fuming and expecting the worst David was livid! He immediately got off the call and texted Sarah. He wanted to scream and shout at her, instead he pretended like everything was fine. David wasn’t going to let his anger get the best of him – he wanted to hear Sara’s side of the story.

25. Staying Calm

Sara replied a few minutes later, from her side everything was business as usual but David couldn’t help control his rage! To think that she had been lying to him for so long! He wondered what else did his wife lie to him about?

They both talked about how much they missed each other and this is when David saw his opportunity to catch Sara red-handed. He asked her to send her a picture of herself at work, a special one just for him.

26. The Pictures…

This time it takes Sara about 20 minutes to reply and when he sees the picture he knows something he very very wrong. Sara appears to be in a hotel room and to the normal eye, it all looks to be in order.

While he doesn’t see the specific hotel name on her outfit, it all looks to be pretty ordinary until he spotted her hand – Sara wasn’t wearing her wedding ring! This was it! This was all the proof David needed.

27. Fear Confirmed

Sara has to be cheating on him, there was no other explanation for her taking the wedding ring off! H was shaking from rage and hurt but still managed to send a curt thank you to Sara and then he waited…

There was nothing more to investigate, nothing more to find. David knew in his bones that Sara had probably found a rich lover who was financing her gifts, etc in return for sexual favours from his wife.

28. And He Wanted A Divorce

Even though, David had spent a long day working he stayed up, waiting for his wife to come home. As the hours ticked by, David went through every possible emotion from pain to anger to sadness to humiliation.

And just as he was figuring out how he would go about divorcing Sara, the front door lock clicked. She was home and it was time to hear the truth from her lips. David felt he deserved an explanation.

29. Her Side

It is about 3 o’clock in the night when Sara finally came home. She was exhausted from the night and all she craved was her bed but when she saw David waiting to see her and just seeing his face, melted away her tiredness just a bit.

But when she came closer to him, she noticed his stiff posture and furrowed brows- Sara would have thought that the pictures she had sent her, would have made her happy but seeing David like this, so late – she knew something was wrong.

30. The Fight

David’s eyes are bloodshot and it takes him a minute to even realize that Sara is standing right over him. It is as if he is in a trance and it breaks when Sara calls out to him and then the screaming begins!

David who had tried his best to maintain his composure can’t hold back any longer. He accuses Sara of cheating on him and every other vile thing he can imagine and spits out how he wants a divorce ASAP!

31. Sara Comes clean

With tears in her eyes, Sara blurts out that she has not been cheating on him with anybody and she never would and while at first, David doesn’t believe what she says after gives him pause.

She admits that she had lied to him about working at the hotel because she was afraid and ashamed to tell him what she was doing. Sara had been working at a local gentleman’s club.

32. A gentlemen’s club

Her job required her to be a “sexy” waitress and was one of the only jobs where her experience as a playboy bunny was sought after. She was eye candy for the customers.

But Sara hated working there! She was sick and tired of men groping her and yelling obscenities to her and she masked her pain by buying herself expensive things from all the tips she made!

33. Loyalty

David was standing in shock and suddenly he went in and hug Sara as she stood there and cried. His wife had been going through a heinous amount of torment just so the couple could have a better life.

And David felt awful for ever doubting her loyalty to him! He hugged her closer and in between tears, Sara also answered why she didn’t wear her wedding ring to work – more tips! This was the final piece to the puzzle solved and David could do nothing but feel guilty.

34. Better Together

But despite that, he was still mad at Sara for lying. He understood now why she had done it but it was wrong. The couple spent all night talking and discussing life and everything else and finally, the day when David thought he would be filing for divorce came.

But at that point, he was certain that Sara was the love of his life and nothing she could do would ever change the way he felt for her. The couple had also concluded together, that Sarah should quit.

35. Bliss

Anyone married knows that marriage is full of ups and downs and thankfully David and Sara came out stronger after dealing with this hurdle. They communicated and are now on the path to true marital bliss.

Sara is currently working as a waitress and both their work has stabilized, giving them finally some sense of financial peace. The couple is a true inspiration to anyone who is struggling in relationships and a good example of how communication is key.