Man Digs a Hole in a Mountain and Turns it Into an Amazing Apartment


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You know the old saying “make something out of nothing?” Well, the man in this story took that idea to new heights. Basically, he wanted to find a new place to live. But instead of simply buying an apartment, he opted to put his architectural and creative talents to good use in the area he grew up in.

This guy. who’s better known as Mr. Tiger online — began to craft his fantasy home inside a mountain...

Mr. Tiger’s motivation


No joke! It might be hard to believe at first, but Mr. Tiger had the right tools and skills to attack this incredibly ambitious project. Why did he want to do it, though? What drove him on? Well, the answer to that is certainly more straightforward than the job itself.

Saying goodbye to the hustle and bustle

Yes, Mr. Tiger had a home in a busy metropolis prior to the project. But he fell out of love with the place due to the lively surroundings. The guy began to pine for something a little more peaceful, so he set his sights on the area where he grew up. Specifically, a nearby mountainside.

Filming the project

It wasn’t a decision Mr. Tiger took lightly. Far from it, as he knew it would take a lot of hard graft to pull off the job successfully. But once he’d made up his mind on the matter, he opted to grab some cameras for the work ahead. 

It begins...

On that note, let’s dive into the project from the very start. We hope you’re ready to be amazed, folks! After picking out the ideal spot on the mountainside, Mr. Tiger gets hold of a “diamond core drill bit” which he uses to chip away at the rock. It’s a pretty powerful piece of kit — perfect for the job, right?

A challenging start

Mind you, Mr. Tiger is under no illusions here. As he even states in the title for his opening video, “The most difficult is to start.” It requires a huge amount of drilling to carve a space into the mountain. He also needs to hammer away at parts of the surface, bringing a couple of chisels along to help, too.

Gorgeous sculpture

But Mr. Tiger’s focus isn’t just on creating an opening in the mountainside. Once he’s dug out a fair bit of rock, he zones in on a specific spot. Using his drill and a bit of rebar, he then carves a beautiful sculpture of a big cat. Given his name, it shouldn’t be difficult to guess what one he went for!

Creating a doorway

Eventually, Mr. Tiger goes on to make a sizable entrance with the tools at his disposal. It’s like looking at the mouth of a cave. Yet it doesn’t stay that way for long. You see, the time has come to create a doorway, with the builder bringing one to the area. He fits it to the opening, ahead of the next step.

Looking good!

With the door and its frame in place, Mr. Tiger begins to stack up large pieces of rock that he dug out earlier. Why? Simple — he wants to build a wall around it. So, after mixing up some concrete, he sticks the slabs down, leaving a slight opening on the right-hand side for a window. Pretty cool, wouldn’t you agree?

Curious bystanders

It certainly catches the attention of the locals, who start to gather by the mountainside. Wouldn’t you be curious? Mr. Tiger couldn’t join them in admiring his handiwork, though. He knew he had a long way to go before this project was done. So, the craftsman continues to chip away at the interior.

Adding an archway

With each bit of drilling, more and more rubble gets shoveled out of the doorway. But Mr. Tiger isn’t done with his entrance just yet, either. To really make it feel like home, he constructs an arch over the door using bits of metal and bamboo, before adding concrete. It looks awesome!

Out comes the jackhammer

As for the interior, Mr. Tiger calls upon an additional tool to help dig out the rock. Yep, he uses a jackhammer for the job, which drills cylindrical openings into the surface. He then removes the stone shapes and stacks them outside. At a quick glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a pile of firewood!

Plans for the interior

Now, here’s something to keep in mind, folks — Mr. Tiger isn’t hacking away at the rock at random. That could be dangerous. Instead, he’s got a plan. You see, while carving out his new living space, he leaves a large column in the center. It’s a similar shape to the cylindrical blocks he removed earlier.

Dealing with the central column

Once Mr. Tiger clears enough space, he then starts to cut this column into pieces, carefully removing it. Luckily, there’s no cave-in! He intends to use the upper sections as wheels during the build, and has eyes on turning the lower part into a table. Talk about creative thinking. Nothing’s going to waste here.


Yet there’s still more hard work on the way. For instance, after taking out the column, Mr. Tiger’s next challenge is to figure out the interior’s aesthetic. How does he want it to look? Well, the craftsman grabs some paint and draws lines across the stone “walls.” He then drills into them, creating markings that resemble a tree.

Moving on to the floor...

Beats a boring coat of paint, right? Anyway, the drilling and digging inside is far from over. The floor is the next thing on Mr. Tiger’s massive to-do list. And on paper at least, it seems to be one of the toughest jobs so far. After all, how can he ensure that the surface is both flat enough and level?

“Laser level”

Thankfully, Mr. Tiger can call upon another helpful tool for the task — he sets up a “laser level.” The green lines serve as the perfect guide for flattening out the floor. Now don’t get us wrong, it’s still tricky, but it isn’t as hard as it could’ve been. Before he can progress even further, though, there’s an additional job to do.


You see, Mr. Tiger wants his mountainside home to have two levels — he’s currently working on the ground floor. With this in mind, he begins to cut an opening into one of the walls that’ll eventually become a flight of stairs. Again, he uses the laser level to make sure all his carvings are straight.

Looking the part

Then, after that’s done, Mr. Tiger turns his focus back to the floor. With a completely level surface to work with now, he can finally get on putting the tiles down. The Mr. Tiger’s opts for grayish slabs, which he carefully slots into place. This living area is starting to look the part, wouldn’t you say?

The water situation

But there’s a few other things to address before Mr. Tiger can pat himself on the back. For example, where’s the water supply going to come from? Well, he gets hold of a tank and places it outside. The builder intends to thread piping from here to the space that’ll serve as a bathroom on the ground floor.

Mountain bathroom

Mr. Tiger builds this piping into the rock wall, alongside a “small compact water heater” and shower-head. Plus, he also crafts a stylish sink in this space, too. When it’s all in place, the craftsman slathers the surfaces of the bathroom with a water-resistant mixture, ahead of his next move.

A brick wall

As you can see, this spot is pretty exposed for a bathroom at the moment! So, Mr. Tiger went about putting that right. Yep, he gets his hands on some bricks and builds a wall to separate it from the rest of the living area. From here, he adds a nifty curtain to cover the entrance — there’s no door.

The electrics

Given the limited space — and its close proximity to the front door — that’s the best Mr. Tiger can do. Still, we quite like it! Meanwhile, he had one more major job to deal with during this period, too. That was sorting out the electricity. Could the creative-thinker even get power inside his new mountain home?

Wiring the space

The simple answer? You bet. Mr. Tiger was able to use a power source from outside the mountain, connecting it to both a socket and light-switch built into the wall. He then fastened an overhead bulb from the ceiling and carefully threaded the wiring down to the outlet. Let there be light!

The next job

So, that’s the flooring, water, and electricity taken care of. What’s next? Well, Mr. Tiger wanted to improve on one of the “windows” he’d fashioned before. At this moment, it’s just a messy hole leading outside. To fix it, he equips his laser level again and starts to cut into the space below.

A better-looking window

After this, Mr. Tiger drills some of the rock away from outside, creating an arch-like shape at the top. And following a bit more work, he’s now got an awesome-looking window frame made from wood and mosquito nets. In addition to this, he’s installed a small table under the window as well.


It looks a lot better, right? But again, this modification highlights just how tricky the project is as a whole. There’s no such thing as a quick fix when drilling through mountain rock! Anyway, as the living area continues to come along nicely, Mr. Tiger needs to focus on a new task — making a bed for himself.

Making a bed frame

Nope, Mr. Tiger doesn’t put an order in for a new bed frame. He’s going to create one from scratch. To do that, the Mr. Tiger’s gathers some “raw logs” outside the mountain home, before cutting them into pieces. He then slots the wood together like a giant jigsaw puzzle to make the structure.

Suits the look

Wooden boards are subsequently placed in the spot where the mattress would sit, while Mr. Tiger also sands the whole thing down. It certainly fits the aesthetic of the living area in its current guise. Speaking of which, that brings him onto another job — he wants a fancy shelving unit inside.

A shelving unit 

Sure, Mr. Tiger has made a few indentations along the walls for storage and shelves, but there’s currently no furniture that serves a similar purpose. So, he grabs a large wooden log and starts to cut a few sections off it with a chainsaw. Then, he sticks them to a different piece of wood at varying heights.

There’s a garden?

As a result of this, the log pieces can now be used as individual shelves next to the table by the window. Nice! Mr. Tiger’s hard work is definitely paying off inside. But he’s still got a few more jobs to complete in his “garden” space. How can he spruce this area up?

Solar light

First things first, Mr. Tiger puts a light up outside. Similar in appearance to a street-lamp, he sticks it into the rock to the left of his window. As for how it’s powered, the bulb works off solar batteries, which juice it up ahead of the evenings. There’ll be no scrabbling around in the dark with this baby in place!

Fencing and plants

Moving onto the garden itself, Mr. Tiger calls upon parts of the rock that he dug out before. Remember the cylinders? Yep, the builder trims them into even smaller pieces to construct a nice bit of fencing. He then adds soil and a few plants to the space in between. Talk about a cool little feature.

A pond as well?!

And Mr. Tiger doesn’t stop there, either. He also builds a small pond out front, and spruces up the area near his door. Yes, the Mr. Tiger’s creates a better step with some cement and bricks. Overall, you can’t fault his incredible effort. It’s crazy to think of how much progress he’s made!

The finished living area

The interior in particular looks stunning with everything in place. The bed is all made up, while a computer sits on the table next to the window. Curtains have been installed, too, with another set covering the unfinished stairwell built into the wall. You’d never have guessed this was inside a mountain at first glance, right?

Months of work

In total, Mr. Tiger spent roughly a year-and-a-half working on this jaw-dropping space. Given how tough the endeavor was, that’s not bad at all. But this project isn’t over yet. There’s still more to be done both outside and above the living area. No time for the Mr. Tiger’s to relax!

The outdoor kitchen

You see, Mr. Tiger wants to build an outdoor kitchen as well. So, just as he did at the start, he begins to dig away at the mountain rock to the side of his new living area. Thanks to his tools, the craftsman creates a makeshift stove out of the stone, alongside the framework for a roof.

Going up

Mr. Tiger also crafts some steps next to the kitchen, which will eventually lead up to the second floor of his mountainous home. As a plus, this makes the roofing job a lot simpler than it would’ve been, giving him elevated access. He finishes the task by spreading concrete over secured wooden panels.

Still working!

At the time of writing, Mr. Tiger still hasn’t completed this mammoth project. As of his last update via YouTube in February 2022, he was hard at work on the second floor, digging out an entrance above the kitchen. He’d also managed to connect this area to the stairwell he started down in the living space.

Waiting with bated breath...

So, Mr. Tiger is getting there... little by little. People on YouTube have certainly been enthralled by the journey. Since joining the website back in the summer of 2021, his videos have earned over ten million views as it stands. Something tells us that his fans can’t wait to see the finished house. We’re much the same!