Man Pays For Stepdaughter Wedding Then Bride Reveals Something That Breaks His Heart


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How could she?! After all I've done for her! I even spent half of my savings on this wedding! As you can see, John was devastated... The bride, his stepdaughter, had just said something that made his heart break. He could not believe she actually said this after all he had done for her...

At first thought, it isn’t very normal for a man to pay for the wedding of a step daughter that had only recently come into his life. But John had his reasons for this. When the wedding day finally arrived, everything went smoothly until the bride to be Monica turned to the crowd and revealed something that left everybody, especially John, in complete disbelief…

He could not contain his tears after finally learning the truth...

The wedding John paid for


When John saw his stepdaughter Monica walking down the aisle towards her husband to be Anthony, he could not help but feel proud that he had made this all possible. It cost him a huge cut of his life savings, but hopefully he would now finally be accepted by Monica.

Not a regular speech

As the ceremony progresses, Monica is asked to deliver some words to each other that they have prepared. Anthony goes first and the whole room is in tears by the end of it. It is clear how much he loves his bride. But Monica’s words leave the crowd, and especially John, with a completely different feeling… 

Crying his eyes out

Instead of facing Anthony, Monica faces the crowd. She has tears in her eyes and her voice is shaking. And what she reveals next would send John to his knees while crying his eyes out…

But what did Monica reveal to the crowd? Why did John still feel the need to be accepted by Monica and how did she send him to his knees in tears?

Hard to be a stepfather

One of the most complicated roles that a man can have in his life is the role of stepfather. You fall in love with a woman who already had one or more children from a previous relationship and suddenly you are a father to them and have to act like one.

Will they accept John?

You never know how this situation will play out. Is the biological father still in the picture, will the children accept you and are you even cut out to be a dad in the first place. These are all questions that John had to answer when he got into a relationship with Fiona. 

In love with Fiona

From the first moment they met, John had felt butterflies. He had been married before himself but unfortunately his wife had passed away shortly after they tied the knot. This didn’t come as a surprise however, as John was very aware that she was sick before asking to marry her.

There was Fiona

It was more of a gesture to prove that he loved her no matter what and that he wanted to make her dream of being married to him become a reality before she was bound to leave this world. It took John years to get over this but when he finally felt ready again, there was Fiona. 

A couple years younger

Fiona is a woman a couple years younger than him but that did not matter to him. She had recently been through a divorce. The two hit it off instantly and John at first had no problem with the fact that she already had children. As a matter of fact, he was actually very excited about it. 

Wanting to be a father

He had always wanted to be a father but knew that the chance of him having children of his own became slimmer with every year passing. He saw this as the next best thing, but things would not go as he had wished for a while after getting together with Fiona. 

A difficult relationship

She had a 24 year old son named Eric who Joh instantly connected with and vice versa. Little Eric despised his real father for leaving and was very open to letting John be his new dad. But how smooth things went with Eric, that's how difficult they were with John’s new stepdaughter Monica. 

Monica doesn't like John

Monica was already 27 years old and much more set in her way and her own life compared to Eric. She was often grumpy and made it clear she had absolutely no interest in John. During the early phase of John and Fiona's relationship, she barely even looked at him. 

Bitter about the divorce

Another problem they faced was that Monica was also still in very close contact with her biological father Peter, a man that John despised. Even though it was Peter who caused the divorce, by cheating on Fiona with a colleage, John knew that Peter was still bitter about the divorce.


But for some reason Monica didn’t seem to mind this at all. It almost seemed like she was more upset with her mother for initiating the divorce. Like all she cared about was that her life was changing and she didn’t like that at all. But John really wanted to change this.

Spending more time with her boyfriend

John tried his best to connect with Monica on any level but she was holding everything off. And the more he tried the more she tried to keep distance from him, spending most of her time at her boyfriend's parents house nowadays. Fiona didn’t like this and it even makes her start to have doubts about her relationship with John.

Fiona is getting worried

This was strange behaviour for Monica, she was never absent this often when Fiona was still married to her ex husband Peter. Did she prefer to stay away from John over spending time with Fiona? She never wanted her children to have a bad relationship with her lover. These worries started to fill her thoughts more and more.

Fiona's doubts

At first John mostly enjoyed everything he did with Fiona, but after a while he noticed she enjoyed it less. John became aware of Fiona’s doubts and worries and felt like he had to do something to save his relationship with her and with his stepdaughter. But then an opportunity suddenly presented itself. 

Very good news

After a while, John and Fiona took the next step and he moved in with Fiona permanently. By this time, Monica had been home a little more often than she had before, calming Fiona’s doubts. John was coming home that day extremely excited as he had received some very good news. 

A big deal

The owner of the start-up company John had been working for for the past 2,5 years had sold the whole company to an investor for millions of dollars. While this of course brought some initial uncertainty with it for the employees, they had been promised that they would be able to keep their job. 

A major gift

But this was not even what had made John so excited. Since most of the emloyees were very loyal and had a big impact on the growth of the company, the now ex-owner decided he wanted to give everybody a thank you-gift. Nobody expected much but he gifted them all 25.000 dollars as a big thank you. 

What should he do now?

On the way home John kept thinking about what he could do with the money. He could invest it in renovating parts of the house that needed some work? Or maybe go on a vacation with Fiona? A new car potentially! But the ideal things to spend the money on would soon unexpectedly present itself to John.

A big announcement

When he got home, Fiona was sitting on the couch and Monica was standing in front of her together with Anthony. For one of the first times, Monica actually didn’t seem annoyed to see him at all and gestured for him to come sit on the couch with Fiona. 

Getting married

Monica and Anthony had some exciting news for them. They had been together for over three years now and they were ready for the next big step in their lives; they were getting married! Anthony had proposed to her that morning even asking Monica’s dad (her biological father) for his blessing, which he had granted. 

Feeling left out

John had mixed feelings about the news... While John was really happy for the pair, it did feel like a bit of a gut punch that he wasn’t asked for his blessing, but also knew that this was very unrealistic. He wasn’t Monica’s real dad and had to accept that. 

New plan to make things better

When they got to discussing the wedding somewhat further, John found doubt that it probably would not be for another 2 years as they had no money for it whatsoever. And that is when it hit John. This should be what he spends his gift money on! It was perfect!

Good news

John stood up in the middle of Monica explaining the situation catching everybody off guard. “Monica, sweety, I have good news for you!”. He told Monica and Anthony about the big bonus that he had just gotten from work and that he was willing to use it towards their wedding.

There was more

But this wasn't everything John said. He also made a big statement about how he truly believed in the love between Antony and Monica and wanted to give his blessing to the marriage. Antony immediately seemed ecstatic by this and even stood up to hug John, but for some reason Monica didn't.

No response from Monica

John did not quite know what to expect, but it was defenitely a similar if not more excited reaction from his step-daughter but was left disappointed. Monica barely reacted to what John had said to the couple. At first, John thought that she might need to process what he had just offered him.

John was confused

But all John got was a fairly sober thank you, a smile, and a short hug. Then Monica and Anthony headed upstairs to her room and didn’t come down until it was late in the evening. John was confused, he did everything he could to be a good stepfather... He decided to talk about it with Fiona.

No explanation

But unfortunately Fiona also had no explanation for Monica’s lack of a reaction to this incredible offer. She had also never understood why Monica acted so cold to John. She had tried to talk about it with Monica a few times now but it always remained a very strange situation which she couldn't grasp...

John didn't understand

Monica never had a bad word to say about John, but she said to Fiona she is just herself around John and that she doesn't think she's any grumpier around him than around other people. That was all she wanted to explain about it most of the time. But John couldn't make anything of this explanation.

In doubt

John started to doubt if he still wanted to pay for the wedding but he was not going to go back on his promise. He and Fiona didn’t really need the extra money anyway and at the very least Fiona herself and Anthony appreciated the gesture which for now was enough for John. It had to be. 

Wedding plans

In the next couple of months, Monica and Anthony went ahead with planning the wedding. They came up with an extensive wedding plan including what they thought the total cost would be and presented it to John. To his surprise, it came out a lot lower than he had expected. 

Transfer the money

John was amazed and thought they felt bad for receiving so much money. John told them that they didn’t have to spare expenses just because he was paying for it but the couple kept saying that this is all that they wanted. John trusted them with making the right decisions and transferred the money to Monica.

A sober thank you

Again, the thank you was sober, but John did have a feeling that it was genuine. In the weeks preparing for the wedding, John tried to be involved as much as possible and unlike John was thinking beforehand, Monica was actually allowing him to help and share his thoughts.

Something happened

John actually started feeling like he started to connect with Monica more and more. He was glad that it finally seemed to get better and he had high hopes for the future. He felt like he was finally truly accepted in the family. But then something happened that completely changed this feeling for John.

A strange call

It was the evening before the wedding and John and Fiona were enjoying a glass of wine on the couch. Then Fiona got called by an unknown number. She picked up the phone but when she heard who it was, her face went white. John saw this and immediately went to check on her.

It was Fiona's ex!

It was someone she had not spoken to for years, for a major reason. It was Fiona’s ex-husband, Peter. Fiona was shocked and dropped the phone, so John quickly intervened. John grabbed her phone, took a deep breath and answered. Only hearing the voice of Peter made John sick to his stomach. 

The reason he called John

Peter told John that he didn’t like to talk to John any more than he did to him. He just called to inform that he was going to come to the wedding tomorrow so that they would not be surprised by his presence. John felt a lump in his throat, everything seemed to go so well so far but now everything seemed to fall apart...

Peter was invited

Peter said he was specifically invited by Monica and Antony. They had talked with him fo a bit and said his presence would be very important to them. This had surprised John a lot at first as he thought Monica did not have that much contact with Peter the last few months.

John felt bad

John was devastated... For him, the thought of having to meet Peter at the wedding was a disaste. Knowing how much pain Peter had caused to Fiona he began to feel very angry. This big twist made John even consider not going to the wedding at all, he did not know if he could handle this...

He had to respect it

For years he had fantasized about punching this man in the face but now he was going to have to be at his best behavior. But he knew that Monica was worth it. Even though he couldn’t understand her decision to invite Peter at all, he had to respect it.

The big day

Then the big day of the wedding of Anthony and Monica was finally there. John and Fiona had arrived there as one of the first people to help welcome all the guests and make sure things were going smoothly as the soon-to-be weds were preparing for the ceremony. 

There was Peter...

Everything was going smoothly until Peter showed up. It was worse than they had imagined. He was late, smelled like alcohol, and wasn’t even man enough to look John in the eye or acknowledge him. He only greeted Fiona and even wanted to go in for a hug, which she firmly rejected.

A quick distraction

Peter was about to get irritated about Fiona rejecting his hug, but the situation was quickly defused by Eric who took his father to show where he was seated for the ceremony. Fiona and John barely had any time to get upset as they had to get to their seats themselves.

John was surprised

But when they got to the room, John was extremely surprised by his seating. While Fiona was sitting in the front (And fairly close to Peter), John was sitting all the way in the back in the corner. And that while there was even a seat free next to Fiona that was unreserved.

The ceremony started

John felt deeply offended and saddened as to him this was a hard reality. He finally realized how much Monica actually valued him. He now knew that she absolutely didn’t value him. But then the ceremony started. Anthony quickly made his way to the podium and then it was Monica’s turn.

Something unexpected happened

From a door behind John, Monica stepped out in a gorgeous wedding dress. She looked beautiful. John expected her to pass him without even acknowledging he was there. But something unexpected happened, she actually stopped next to him and stuck her hand out. John could barely believe what was happening.

John was overjoyed

“Dad, would you do me the honor of walking me down the aisle?”. John’s jaw dropped all the way to the floor. He never expected this but could not be happier. He stood up and arm in arm with his stepdaughter they made their way to the front.

A seat next to Fiona

They walked towards the aisle, and after they got to the front of the room. Monica gestured that he could now take his seat next to Fiona. While walking towards his seat he caught a quick glimpse of Peter’s face. He did not look happy at all, and John was loving it.

Monica had a message

The rest of the ceremony was beautiful. The speeches in which Monica and Anthony talked about their love for each other moved the whole room. But when Monica was done, she turned to the crowd and told everybody that she had one more message to share with them.

Focus on John

She turned her focus to John, who she first thanked for paying for the wedding. But then also started telling the crowd about how good he had been to her ever since he joined the family even though she had still been stuck on her biological father Peter.

She continued her speach

She continued that only after Peter started having less and less contact with her, did she realize how much better John had been for her all that time and had felt deeply embarrassed about her behavior. She had no idea how to make it up for him until now.

A question to John

Then, Monica called John on stage, by now his was extremely emotional and he was escorted by Fiona,  who also had no idea of what was happening. Then Anthony grabbed a piece of paper from his pocket and gave it to crying Monica who then showed it to John.

Would you adopt me?

“John. Dad. You have been so good to me and you have been a real father to me. Will you please adopt me?” She was holding the paperwork in her hand that only needed a signature. When Monica spoke those words, John fell to his knees and the crowd erupted.

Peter left the room

All John‘s worries and sadness had made way for a feeling of joy he had not expeirence since marrying Fiona. He stood up and Monica for minutes on end. By this point, Peter had left the room. He knew he had failed as a dad and just couldn’t bear it anymore.

They said yes!

John signed the paper and went back to his seat, after which the attention turned back to Monica and Anthony and they gave each other the yes that sealed them in Marriage forever. It was incredible how much could change in one day and how much happiness could be gained in mere minutes.