Old Woman Hires a Female Caregiver to Look After Her Aging Husband, What Happens Next Is Shocking


Story Starts Below


They say one should never fall but what if falling would lead you to new heights?. Ironically, Falling in love makes you fly high. This is perhaps the only feeling in the world that trains you to be strong yet leaves a part of you vulnerable. It fills you with all kind of emotions yet leaves a part of you numb and untouched. Who can understand all this better than Barbara and Harold who committed their lives to each other many years ago? The love birds Barbara, 88 and Harold Longley, 92 stood by their promise of staying together till death do them apart. But what is a love story without any twist and turns? 

Smooth running love story hit a rock when Barbara hired a caregiver to assist Harold in his regular activities.

Love Birds


The Youngsters will call it their Couple goals. Just the way wine gets better with time, their affection for each other only intensified. People wowed at their amazing chemistry and caring for each other. Even though they had gotten old and weak still they were strong competition for any young couples. Barbara always stood up on her toe whenever Harold needed help. As both had grown old all they had was each other.   

Looking For Help

The couple resided in Sterling, a small town in Cayuga County in upstate New York. Barbara tried her best until she was capable of. As the woman herself was growing old it becomes difficult for her to take care of her ailing husband. Now she needed help. It was the early half of 2017 and she was searching for help for his disabled husband.

Old But Still Young

Harold is 92 years old and Barbara is in her 80s. She needed someone who could put up with Harold’s temperament and would understand his need even before he speaks. Harold did not like people nosing in their personal lives so Barbara had to persuade him too. However, the man observing their current condition agreed. But was it a wise decision?

Someone In Close

Barbara was looking for a caretaker who could look after Harold for at least for two hours every day and she needed someone from the same area only. Though it was difficult to find someone from the nearby area she kept trying. Barbara needed someone who could come to assist in a minute in time of help and that is the only reason why she wanted someone from the nearby area.   

Not Good

Harold was not in good condition. The man had already was hit by two strokes and one more would put his life in danger. Strokes had deprived him of the ability to do regular activities. In fact, the man had difficulty breathing. Along with that, he could not eat or stroll around the house on his own. The requirement of a health care professional was the utmost right now. 

Here Came Help

After lots of searching Barbara and Harold hired Jenna Boyle, a 23-year-old girl. The woman originally belonged to Pennsylvania and had relocated to New York a few months ago only. At the time of her interview, the woman was in the middle of her studies in health care. She wanted to work in that field and so she grabbed the opportunity at once when offered.

New Caregiver

Without further questions, Barbara hired her. However, there was a lot that Jenna kept from the old woman. Barbara’s inquiry was limited to her professional life only. She did not bother to ask her about her personal life and that is where she committed a big mistake.  

Days Of Training

There is saying “one should never judge a book by its cover” that was the case with Jenna. She was young and looked fitting for this job to Barbara. So, the woman started coming to work from the very next day. Initially, Barbara stayed at home to train her in her job and see how good was she in that. However, Jenna did not take long to learn.

Trusted Her

The old woman started trusting Jenna gradually and even started going out in her presence in the house. On March 23, 2017, Barbara went out to buy some groceries while Jenna was in the house looking after the old man. The two were all alone in the house. Harold was completely dependent on Jenna and she knew that. 

Deferred Opinion

Whereas Barbara had started to take a liking in Jenna Harold did feel something off about her. He had this feeling that the girl was not what she used to portray herself to be. There was something about her that they did not know. But with time his doubts faded away though he still had a hard time trusting her.

Went Shopping

Barbara took all the groceries required for consumption for a week and headed home. She was sure that Jenna would have very well taken care of her husband. She still was deeply in love with her husband and was doing her best in looking after her husband even when she herself was quite old and weak. 

A Misunderstanding

Barbara thought of spending some more time to buy other necessary stuff. Barbara was carefree and satisfied that her husband was doing perfectly fine back at home where Jenna is taking good care of him. She bought all the required good and finally decided to drive back home.   

Unaware Of Event

Well, there was a surprise waiting for her in the house. The woman entered the house unaware of the incident that was going to unfold in a while. The home was drowned in silence. This silence was weird and unpleasant. Seemed more like a harbinger of some bad news. Little did Barbara know soon a bitter truth about her caretaker Jenna was going to dawn upon her. 

No Response

She shouted Jenna’s name only to get no response. She looked around checked in the backyard, searched the kitchen but still, she was nowhere around. A lump formed in her throat she felt as if she would faint. There was one thing that Jenna did not have told her about her personal life. The young woman was not alone she had a baby too.  

A Mother

Jenna was the mother of a 4-year-old boy. However, she did not share this piece of information with Barbara and Harold both. Well, the couple never suspected Jenna as she looked quite young to have a child or married. And one thing that Barbara realized now was that the woman always dodged question regarding her personal life.

Not The Same

In no time she broke down in sweats and realized she knew nothing about the woman who had been staying with her for so many months. Had she made a mistake leaving her husband to her? One thing was sure Jenna was not how they had thought her to be. 

Looking For Him

She rushed to her bedroom after gathering all the strength she had in her to see if her husband was there. She could not hold in her tears when she opened the door and saw her husband sleeping on the bed peacefully. Barbara tip-toed towards him to see if he was fine……… 

Sleeping Quietly

The man was in deep sleep unaware of Barbara’s presence. It was then all her worries faded away. His man was absolutely fine but where was Jenna. How could she be so irresponsible? How could she leave him all alone? There must be a reason. It was then she saw a note by JENNA.

A Note

Jenna had left Barbara a note. Barbara was all surprised. the note was addressed to her. She took it in her hand and read it only to get more astonished. Jenna had mentioned the reason behind her sudden disappearance in the letter. The woman did not want to disappoint her and so she could not gather the courage to decided to communicate this to her through a letter. 

To Barbara

She began the letter by apologizing to Barbara for leaving without any prior notice. She said she does not feel like she would be able to take care of Harold any longer. And with that, she also clarified that she has fed him his lunch on time and he “ate it good” so he would not be troubled for “good until 4 o’clock.”

Getting Off To Work

She further wrote, “‘Also, I really feel like I need this time to get working on my service hours. I don’t want to do this, and again, I apologize.” But would her apologies make up for the mistake she had made by leaving the old man on his own without any help?

Lots Of Problems

The problem was way more than that. Harold was suffering from breathing problems as well. However, Jenna said that she managed that as she had given him “breathing treatment” before she headed out of the house and left the old man all alone there but what if something unfortunate would have happened after she left the house. 


Well, what struck Barbara the most was the word “technically” certified that she said she was not. The woman was not certified to look after Harold. Barbara who had put so much trust on Barbara was amazed by this revelation. Not to mention she was upset as well. This is not how you leave someone just like that.


She was more upset with her as she had left Harold all by himself and helpless in the house. However, somewhere she did sympathize with Jenna. To put it clearly, the woman found herself in a pinch. She could not understand what to do. That is why she asked someone knowledgeable for advice.

Seeking Advice

Barbara dialed the number of the nurse who previously used to work for the Longleys. Barbara had a strong bond with her and so thought of seeking advice from her. The woman was living away from the town and so could not help Barbara in taking care of Harold. However, she was always a call away. She advised her to contact the police as the life of her husband had been jeopardized due to this behavior of hers. 

Take Action

Shortly after Barbara called in the police. The police took quick action and arrested Jenna. After that, she was taken to the Cayuga County Safety Building located in Auburn, New York. This is exactly where it would be decided whether she is guilty or not. And if yes, then to what degree.   


Cayuga County Sheriff David Gould issued a statement clarifying they Jenna was levied with charges of second-degree Endangering the Welfare Incompetent or Physically Disabled Person. The sheriff expressed his amazement and called it a deeply disturbing case.


Barbara still felt it difficult to come to the terms with the fact that her husband had been left all alone. No doubt, she was angry at Jenna yet she had a soft corner for her. She clarified that she never wanted to punish Jenna but at the same time did not want anyone else to go through the same situation as she and her husband did. 

Not Giving Up

After a while, the duo hired another caregiver after a proper inquiry about her professional and personal life both. This time they did not want to be cheated so they checked all her documents and only after confirming that the caregiver was technically certified Barbara hired her.

Never Interested

Clearly, though Jenna got ready to work for her she was clearly not interested in this job. She took up the offer half-heartedly only to cater to the need of her children and ran away on the very first opportunity she got. She should have waited for Barbara to come before leaving the old disabled man. By this act of carelessness, she destroyed her career in healthcare.  

Looking After Kids

As far as Jenna is concerned today she has directed her all attention towards raising her two children. The girl has learned her lesson. As she can’t build her career in healthcare now she has started doing some temporary jobs to feed her kids. Along with that, she is also fighting off with her legal issues. But the good thing is that she admits the mistake she committed that day.  

Happily Ever

The Longleys are still living a blissful life with each other. Though they have become a bit careful after that unfortunate incident. The two have grown very old and knows that they don’t have much time so they came up with an idea to stay together even after death……

Side To Side

They have built their graves that sit next to each other. They are one of those couples for whom life is not enough to express their affection for each other. These two are one of them. Their grave has LONGLEY etched on it. But we hope they continue to enjoy each other for more years. Long live Longley! 

Could Have Been Avoided

Well, the incident could have been avoided if the couple had gone through a thorough vetting process before hiring the woman. One should never take these matters lightly as it can lead to dire consequences. Fortunately, Barbara and Harold managed to overcome the threatening possibilities. 

The End

Have you come across a real incident of this kind? Well, in today’s world cheating and duping have become quite common. Thank god, Barbara and Harold did not have to face any untoward consequences.