Possibly the Greatest Bathroom Signs of All Time



Gone are the days when bathroom signs have simple, undecorated labels. If you think a bathroom sign has no room for humor, then think again!

From weird shapes to combined letters to pictograms, some bathroom labels are far from typical. Ready to laugh out loud? Take a look at our compilation of the most creative bathroom signs ever made



Creators of this quirky bathroom sign must be huge fans of science. Why, you ask? Well, you will need to have a little knowledge of chromosomes to figure this one out. If you’re still wondering, XX is for females (their sex chromosome counterpart), while XY is for males.

Drink Orders

These bathroom signs decided to label their doors with two popular alcoholic beverage choices: beer and a martini. Although offensive to some, these bathroom signs are likely funny to other people, and for good reason! Seriously, we can’t help but admire this bar’s witty take on these signs!

Interpretive Doors

While the text displayed on these bathroom doors might not apply universally, most people still believe women talk more than men. Whether this is accurate or not (it’s not), some people probably think it’s a funny way to distinguish the men’s restroom from the women’s restroom.

Would the text on the doors be enough for people to figure out which bathroom to go into? For some, maybe, but for others, it might seem offensive.

Storm Clouds

This gardening nursery had the most clever way of matching their bathroom signs to the weather! Rain or shine, these signs tell one bathroom from the other.

They used rain from storm clouds to distinguish between the sexes, which we think is pretty funny. Either way, the flower pot did get rain, even if it was just on bathroom signs.

To Each Their Own

Some businesses have done their fair share of creating gender-inclusive spaces for everyone, like this bathroom sign shows. Although it’s just a bathroom sign, this “whichever” display says a lot more than one word. It exudes inclusivity for the LGBTQ+ community. We think it’s pretty cool that this restroom aims to let everyone feel included and welcome.

Animal Kingdom

Who knew businesses would ever use animals to set one restroom apart from another? Well, it looks like this business did just that!

We know you find these signs very hilarious because we definitely did! Pictures truly speak louder than words here. If you don’t catch the reference, you might be confused as to which restroom to use here!

Everyone’s Superhero

This sign probably delights sci-fi fans the most, especially because of the use of superheroes as bathroom labels. It’s a creative way to make a boring sign more fun, or at the least, a little funny. Plus, who doesn’t love to see R2-D2 on a bathroom sign, especially when it signifies the inclusion of the different-abled community?

Restroom Manners

Here’s another clever sign that highlights an old but still widely practiced restroom manner. And, it’s a pretty creative space to convey the message! Males are supposed to keep the toilet seat up as a courtesy to the next user, while females keep the seat down.

Not only do these signs label the proper restrooms, but they also encourage proper bathroom etiquette. We think it’s pretty self-explanatory as far as which restroom “belongs” to whom!

Attention to Details

The slightest details can alter reality or perception, and that’s what this bathroom sign shows. You have to really look closely to see what these pictures are trying to convey, but there is a slight difference between the two! The two images look similar at first glance, but if you look closer, you’ll definitely know which bathroom you’re supposed to use!

Beer, please?

Bathroom sign or not, these two pictures would make the perfect decorations for any bar or pub. This bar uses the most fitting anatomy metaphor for its bathroom signs! And, it’s a common and popular beverage. Without a doubt, their customers will surely remember the culprit behind their drunken state: beer.

The Right Direction

What’s better than a funny sign telling you which way to the nearest restroom? Well, not much, especially with this specifica signage. We just can’t emphasize enough how funny this sign is!

For men in a relationship with women, we suggest you take the advice on this bathroom sign by heart to lessen possible conflicts in the future.

Popeye the Sailor Man

He’s Popeye the sailor man! If you’re a fan of Popeye, a cartoon classic from the 1930s, then these adorable bathroom paintings will definitely impress you.

Olive Oyl and Popeye help creatively distinguish females from males for these bathrooms. We think the attention to detail is especially impressive with these signs.

Which one are you?

Whether you’re a chick or a chick magnet, you’re bound to get a giggle out of these cute bathroom signs! Although some people might claim it’s hard to distinguish which sign applies to whom, most people would be able to look at these signs and laugh.

Bathroom Brainstorming

We couldn’t agree more with this sign: some of the best ideas happen when you least expect them or in the most unlikely places. Although it’s a pretty random spot to see this message, the bathroom is surely not exempt from this! Plus, it’s more creative than just women’s and men’s signs.


These bathroom signs take a nicer, cuter approach in distinguishing which restroom is for whom. Whether it’s a bow on your head or a bow around your neck, there is one clear way to tell the women’s restroom apart from the men’s restroom. And that’s just what these two signs did!

Fruitful Signs

Sure, fruit is great, unless it’s spotted on the doors of a public restroom. After all, who would want to eat that? Here, two common fruits distinguish the men’s from the women’s restrooms. We can’t help but laugh at these funny, creative paintings.

A New Take on TP

For sale on thecraftyblogstalker.com, this sign is quite the comedy piece! We’re sure everyone can relate to this, too!

Looking for a small space in your restroom at home to decorate? This sign just might do the trick. We think it’d make for a great picture in a bathroom at the local pub, too.

When you really have to go…

How hilarious is this sign? Clearly, it’s the perfect sign for any restroom! And, it’s funny.

Spotted at a Lego Land shop, this bathroom sign shows four people who clearly have to use the restroom right away! It’s like they’re shouting, “The nearest restroom is just this way!”

Happy Pride!

Who’s to say public restrooms can’t convey a good message? Yet another inclusive bathroom sign, this one also makes our list of the most creative bathroom signs ever made.

Another great thing about it is that it only takes one sign! Inclusive, creative, and affirming, this bathroom sign does it all!

Religious Signs

These toilet signs can be found at the Holy Island, and we couldn’t think of a more befitting way to label them. Here, brothers and sisters mean something different, specifically people in the religious community. So, there should be no confusion as far as which restroom belongs to whom!

Uniquely Wired

Talk about artistic and creative, this painting is quite the design! While this may look like an ordinary design for a music bar, you’ll be surprised to know there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Look closer, and you’ll see the cable wires are actually pointing to whom each bathroom door is meant to use. It’s definitely a better sign than your typical men’s and women’s sign!

Slovakian Skiers

These creative bathroom signs in a Slovakian ski resort show an adorable take on skiers using the loo. They fit in perfectly for the ski resort and make the space more creative. In fact, these skiers love skiing so much, they won’t even let their skis leave their sides when they are using the restroom!

Entertaining Advice

We can’t help but notice the passive aggressive tone on these theater bathroom signs. They are definitely creative, but is it really necessary to tell people what to do? It must be, especially in the bathroom!

Housekeeping personnel must have thought it was funny to include theater puns on their bathroom signs, and we couldn’t agree more.

Hard to Miss

Arcades are one of the easiest places to lose track of time, especially with all the flashy games, noises, and neon signs. And, when you lose track of time, chances are, you might also lose a sense of the space around you.

Luckily in this arcade, finding the restroom won’t be difficult because of the signs pointing in the right direction! We wonder if the actual bathroom doors have these adorable characters on them as well!

Unleash it!

Who would have ever thought that dogs would be used to illustrate proper bathroom signage? Well, here is the perfect example!

We can’t help but wonder if these bathroom signs were meant for a vet office or a pet hotel, but regardless, the dogs are pretty cute! After all, who hasn’t seen dogs do the same things these signs are talking about?

Good Stuff

Pretty much everyone loves a good slice of pizza! But, we never imagined pizza could symbolize something other than one of the most popular meals around.

This pizza parlor took creativity to the next level by using pictures of pizza on their bathroom signs. These signs might confuse people, though, as they are pretty random!

The Simpsons

Who doesn’t love The Simpsons? It’s no surprise even years after it first aired on TV, this show still surfaces in all kinds of places, including the restroom!

This comic bookstore couldn’t have used a more clever label than our favorite dysfunctional, animated couple, Homer and Marge, for their bathroom labels!

May the force be with you!

Think Star Wars could never make an appearance on a bathroom door? Well, think again! As it turns out, Star Wars can be referenced pretty much anywhere or in any context.

Here, we’ve got two cartoon characters resembling one of the most popular movie franchises of all time, with their lightsabers and all.

Culturally Appropriate

Our cultural upbringing makes up a big portion of who we are. Sometimes, that includes common nicknames, like in Australia, where men are called blokes, and women are called Sheila’s.

In Australia, an outback decided to highlight its local language by using slang in its bathroom signs. Props to their exceptional creativity and appreciation of local culture!

The Other Way Around

Creators of these bathroom signs probably loved doing pranks as kids, and they decided to play fun with their customers, too.

With hands pointing to the opposite door, we hope users won’t spend a long time figuring out which door to enter before it’s too late!

Wash Your Hands!

While most bathrooms just try to label their doors, others, like this one, attempt to encourage healthy habits.

You read the sign correctly: wash your hands! No matter who or what you identify as, even if it’s a mermaid or a four-legged creature, this sign has one thing right, and that’s to tell everyone to wash their hands after using the restroom!

Shoes Make the Call

Classy and unique, these two pairs of shoes do more than just walk around! Who ever thought pairs of shoes would be used to designate women’s from men’s restrooms?

Here, a pair of high heels and men’s dress shoes are displayed on two public bathroom doors to set them apart. Think they are labeled clearly enough for people to figure out where to go?

Mickey & Minnie

If you’re a Disney fan, then you’re sure to appreciate this bathroom sign! What better way to display bathroom signage than with two of the most famous mice around, Mickey and Minnie? Plus, how adorable is Minnie’s polka-dot outfit?

And, it looks like this specific sign is explaining that it is inclusive to both men and women. So, win-win overall!

Ladies & Gents

Here, we have what looks like a mustache smiley face on the left and a smiley face with exaggerated eyelashes on the right. Sure, it’s pretty much stereotyping what men look like and what women look like, but it’s gotten its point across. And, we think these bathroom signs are pretty cute!

3D Bathroom Murals

We’re not sure where this restroom display is in the world, but it’s a pretty cool take on your typical restroom signage! Aside from the black and white tones, this style is pretty modern, too.

You might have too look closely, though, in order to really see which bathroom is which, but overall, it’s a great design!

Rope Signs

Here is yet another use of rope for bathroom signs! And, who’s to say bathroom signs can’t be made out of rope after all. These nautical signs took quite the nautical approach and are perfect for ocean-front properties or ships. Plus, the tiny figures are adorable.

Home Alone Reference

Again, here’s another sign that is ordering people to wash their hands! It’s important, after all, so it makes total sense that it’s a common thing to say.

Only this time, it’s a reference to Home Alone when Kevin McCallister mouths the Angels With Dirty Faces line, “Keep the change, ya filthy animal!”

Defending the Press

We all know not to flush anything but toilet paper down the toilet. After all, it can clog the toilet and the pipes and ultimately create a serious disaster for everyone. But, this sign tells us someone must have been flushing The New York Times down the toilet, too! Seriously, no matter how much you don’t like something, it’s never a good idea to just randomly flush it down the toilet!

Which way to flip the TP?

Who hasn’t argued about the proper way to flip a new roll of toilet paper? It’s a common disagreement between household members, even though it’s fairly ridiculous!

Clearly, this embroidered sign shows the right way to do it! So, next time you find yourself changing the toilet paper roll, just look at the sign.

Bathroom Etiquette

Mix an inspirational quote with proper bathroom etiquette, and you’ve got this lovely bathroom sign to display in your favorite powder room! Remember, changing the used-up toilet paper roll is just common courtesy. If you see it needs to be changed, then go ahead and change it! The next person will definitely appreciate the act.

No Sprinkles Allowed

This bathroom sign appears delicate and stylish, but the message remains clear: no sprinkles allowed in the restroom! It’s both funny and cute, but it also conveys a very important message, especially for kids, who are notoriously messy!

So, feel free to hang this gem of a sign up in the kids’ restroom!

The “Holding It” Stance

It’s a pose easily recognized in every language and culture: desperate, uncomfortable people crossing their legs because they need to go now. Hopefully, someone dashing through either of these bathroom doors isn’t pushed into further agony when they see these signs. Seeing a reminder of your discomfort often just makes it worse!

Help end this dog’s drinking problem!

Oh dear. You know that if the owners of this bathroom and an adorable pooch went to the trouble of putting up a sign, then their dog has probably had multiple potty-mouthed cocktails in the past.

Making sure bathroom patrons always close the lid is one easy prevention method. Another is to consider getting a doggy drinking fountain, as having a source of fresh, running water will discourage your pup from sipping what they think is toilet bowl punch.

This could end poorly

Whether an intended prank or an awkward oversight, this bathroom has the potential to confuse a bunch of people. We can’t help but wonder if the mural stayed the same, couldn’t they just switch the signs? In most smaller public restrooms like the one pictured above, there isn’t always a urinal in the men’s room anyway, so as long as both stalls have toilets, we don’t think anyone would mind the swap.

Do we even want to know?

The more we look at this strange restroom sign, the more confused we become. The man and woman look like they might be wearing pelican, alligator, or pterodactyl masks, but your guesses are as good as ours! Whatever these are, they’re pretty freaky. And the masked female, with big eyeballs resting atop a long tongue, will certainly haunt our dreams for the foreseeable future.

Bad Advice

Yuck! You could sanitize a brand new, never-been-used toilet over a hundred times, and we still wouldn’t take this cheeky sign’s advice. However, it’s pretty hilarious when you realize that this sign was probably intended for a kitchen, where there are plenty of bowls full of tasty frosting and cookie dough to lick instead of nasty toilet residue. This bathroom owner sure had a gross sense of humor by putting this sign in the wrong room of the house!

No Sprinkles Allowed

You heard the sign: no sprinkling allowed in the bathroom! This is a great sign for anyone who wants to ensure guests keep their restroom as clean as possible. Again, it’s the same message as before, but it’s a different style. Perhaps it could go in the common restroom or one that is not specifically for kids.

To flush or not to flush: that’s never the question

Aside from washing your hands and avoiding sprinkling the toilet seat, you should also always flush. It’s yet another common courtesy in the restroom that some people still seem to forget.

This sign is a great reminder to always flush the toilet before you leave the restroom, no matter what. And, it adds a touch of humor to an otherwise boring bathroom!

The Importance of Toilet Paper

One final instruction from bathroom signs: never forget to change the toilet paper roll once it’s done. It’s been talked about before, but this time it’s in a bit of a passive-aggressive tone.

Still, it’s absolutely important to be considerate of changing the toilet paper roll once it’s all used up! Trust us, the next person will thank you!