Soldier Send His Wife This Gift While Deployed - It Changes Their Marriage


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When Caroline's husband Steven informs her that his deployment has been extended by 2 months, he tries to make it up to her by sending her a very special gift. Caroline is very excited at first, but when she eventually receives the gift, all the excitement quickly fades away and is replaced by anger. She can’t believe what Steven has done…

Caroline decided to divorce Steven barely 24 hours later.

1 Opening the gift


Caroline was eagerly cutting her way through the tape of the present Steven had sent her. His deployment had been extended by 2 months so he had quite a bit of making up to do. But he had promised Caroline that this gift would do that and then some…

What the hell was this?

When Caroline managed to get the box opened up, she was first very confused by what she found inside. This was not what she had expected at all. And Caroline’s confusion quickly started to change more to anger as she started to realize what Steven had done here…

Getting a divorce

Online 24 hours after opening the gift that was supposed to make up for everything, Caroline divorced her husband Steven and never wanted to see him again.

But what happened here? What was inside the gift and could it have led to Caroline divorcing Steven so quickly? 

Issues with Steven

Caroline could barely contain her sadness and anger when she heard that her husband Steven was going to be deployed again. He had promised her that he would be coming home next week to finally spend some time with her and their son again. He better have a very good reason…

Trouble in paradise

Caroline and Steven had been married for about 6 years by now and while they had gotten off to a great start, things had gotten more and more difficult between the pair. And most of this trouble had started with the birth of their first and only son, Jonathan.

The job or the family?

Both Steven and Caroline had always really wanted children so when they got pregnant, it felt like a great blessing. But Careline quickly started to have some doubts and worries, mainly about Steven’s job and his commitment to it. would he be able to make a very necessary change in that?

Committed to the military

You see, Steve had been in the military long before he and Caroline first started dating and he was very committed to his duty. Caroline knew that from the beginning and had peace with it when it was just the 2 of them. But now that there was a baby on the way, things started to change for her…

Promising to change

Steven was away on missions most for about half of the years every year. Was he going to be there enough for the baby? And for her? Was she going to have to do this parenting thing all alone? She had talked about this to Steven and initially had been happy with his response…

Barely keeping his word

He had promised her that he would tackle a step back in his work as soon as possible and be home a lot more often. Maybe even search for a different job. Caroline had hope for a bright future for her little family but until now, Steven had barely kept his word to her…

Keeping up appearances

Their son Jonathan was already 3 years old at this point and Steven was still away most of the year, every year. On the outside, Caroline tried to keep up the image that she was doing very well and everything was going well with her and Steven, but this was far from the truth…

Not wanting to give up

But Caroline still loved her husband very much and didn’t want to give up everything they had built together. Steven had always kept telling her that when the moment was right, he would take the step back. But when Caroline got a call that Steven’s most recent mission was being extended, that hope melted away like snow…

Calling Steven

Caroline knew that this could not be a decision that was just made by Steven's superiors and he had to have agreed with this. She immediately called Steven and demanded an explanation. He told her that he had not gotten much of a choice from his superiors.

A lot of excuses

They had needed him to lead a mission that was going to take at least 2 more months. This would greatly improve his standing in the army and, according to Steven, gave him a better chance at getting a better-paying position in the US. But Caroline had her doubts about this…

A special gift

It was not the first time that Steven had made promises like this and none of them had come to fruition as of yet. Steven also promised her that he was going to make it up to her soon and he was going to send her something very, very special…

Caroline’s weakness 

While Caroline tried to stay mad at Steven for making the decision to extend his mission without telling her, he had targeted her right in her weakness with the promise of sending her something. She absolutely loved gifts and knew that Steven always knew exactly what made her happy.

Caroline’s weakness 

Steven had been making things up to Caroline with gifts for years now and it had worked without fail. For now, Caroline tried to have peace with the situation as she knew she had no other choice. But this was going to be a very difficult conversation when Steven got back home…

On Steven’s side of the world

Over on the other side of the world, Steven was realizing that he had gotten himself in a somewhat difficult situation. He knew he could not keep up this lie forever. Eventually, Caroline was going to find out what was really going on…

Finding the perfect gift

But he just hoped that he could postpone that moment as long as possible. for now, he had focused on getting that perfect gift for Caroline that would keep her happy for a while. And he knew exactly what he was going to send her. It was perfect!

Buying himself some time

Steven managed to put everything together that very day and send the package back to the US with the next flight. He was confident that this gift would buy him time till at least the end of his next mission. This gave Steven enough time to plan his next move… 

Difficult for Caroline

Back in the US, Caroline barely had any time to get excited about the present that Steven had promised her. Taking care of the house, Jonathan, and all the administration that came with Steven being in the army took up all her time and she was getting more and more annoyed again…

The gift arrives

But when the UPS truck pulled up in front of her house, Caroline forgot everything immediately and was absolutely filled with excitement. She had to contain herself to avoid running to the truck and waited impatiently at the door. What could Steven have possibly sent her?

Opening the letter first

The Ups drivers hand Caroline a taped-up cardboard box with a small letter taped on it. The label immediately revealed that this was the gift from Steven. Caroline quickly took the box inside and started by opening the letter that was taped on the box.

Feeling so much love for Steven

Caroline melted when she was reading the letter. It was so sweet and reminded her why she had fallen in love with Steven in the first place. But she didn’t give herself too long to feel happy about the letter as there was still a present to open.

“Can’t wait to open it”

Caroline first took a picture of the box with Snapchat and sent this to Steven. “Can’t wait to open it”. He would probably not read it until the next day but that didn't matter to her. She quickly got a knife out of the kitchen and started cutting through the tape…

Where was the present?

For a large part, the box was filled with some sort of packing material. Caroline had to really search through it carefully and started to doubt more and more if there was even anything in her, but then she finally found it. But it was not what she expected at all…

A small plastic container

Inside the large box, among the excessive packing material, there was a small plastic box. Caroline’s heart skipped a beat thinking Steven had sent her a ring. Was he proposing to her again? She quickly opened the box but didn’t find any jewelry inside, just something raising more question marks. 

“Key to your heart”

In the small plastic container, there was a key with a heart-shaped key chain connected to it. On the locket, there was written “Key to your heart” in what was obviously Stevenb’s horrible handwriting. But what the hell could this key possibly be used for? 

Texting Steven

Still very confused by the whole ordeal, she sends Steven another message through Snapchat. She would rather call him right now but knows that the reception is so bad at his deployment she most likely would not even be able to communicate a single sentence to him.

sergey causelove

Steven smiles when he sees the message pop up on his phone. “She is taking the bait,” he thinks. He had hoped for this to happen and has planned for it accordingly, already having a response ready so he immediately sends this to Caroline.


It is short and cryptic, but Caroline immediately knows what Steven has sent her and what his intentions with this whole thing are. Steven had sent her coordinates! This key was obviously meant to unlock her actual surprise. But why did he want to do it this way and not just send it directly?

So many questions

Could the gift be too big to be sent by mail? Maybe a car or something? Was this something that Stevenb had planned and prepared a long time ago or something he put together from his deployment? So many questions but only one way to find out…

Going to the location

Steven was not responding to any messages anymore. It was obvious that he didn't want to give Caroline any more hints and that he wanted her to go to these coordinates now. And Caroline was happy to oblige and immediately started taking action!

A house in the city

Caroline first looks up what the coordinates lead to. She expects it to maybe be a storage depot or maybe the house of Steven’s parents or one of his friends. And the coordinates do turn out to be of a house. But not one that she recognizes.

It looks worn down on google maps

It is located on the outskirts of the city and looking at the house with google street view, Caroline gets a strange vibe from it. It doesn’t look in the best shape and if she were to hazard a guess, she thinks the house might be abandoned. Why did Steven want her to go here? 

Chosen for a reason

But this again was something she could not ask Steven. She tried but again she got no response from him. It would eventually turn out that Steven had picked this spot for a very specific reason. But Caroline would have to find that out on her own…

Wirestock Creators

Caroline still had some time before she had to pick up Jonathan from kindergarten and even though she had to go all the way across town to get to the house, she figured she could easily make it timewise, so she immediately left home.

A sketchy neighborhood

She has to drive about 20 minutes to get to the location and the closer she gets, the more the quality of the neighborhood starts to deteriorate. This is not a part of the time Caroline often found herself in but she was too curious to go back home now.

The house looks abandoned

When she got to the house, Caroline quickly discovered that her expectations were correct. The house was obviously abandoned and had probably been for a while as it was in an even worse state than she had at first seen on google maps. Something was just feeling really off about this…

The key works on the lock

She went to the front door and found that it was locked, but she had brought the “Key to her heart” that was in the packet with her, and low and behold, it actually fit in the lock and opened the door. Caroline had a little more faith again that Steven knew what he was doing. But this faith would quickly be damaged again…

The house was in bad shape

When Caroline walked into the house, she found it to be in a horrible state. Everything was destroyed, there was graffiti on the walls and the smell was almost unbearable. What could possibly be in here for her? What was Steven’s big idea?

Asking Steven what the idea was

She decided to send him a text that she has made it to the house but that there doesn’t seem to be anything. Caroline wants to wait for Steven to answer before she continues looking but also knows she needs to hurry up a bit. Then she heard some sounds coming from upstairs…

The sounds upstairs

Getting more scared by the second, Caroline started making her way up the stairs, wondering more and more if she should not just leave the house and get back home. Or at least call Steven to ask him what the hell he was thinking!

Someone bursts through a door

When she gets upstairs, she tries to determine from which room the sounds came from, but before she can narrow it down a door slams open and somebody comes storming out nearly scarring Caroline half to death. This is not part of Steven’s surprise, that much does Caroline know for sure…

A knife pointed a Caroline

The man who burst out of the door looks to be in a horrible state. He looks like he has been living on the street for years and Caroline thinks he might be tweaking off something. But the part that concerns Caroline most is the fact he is pointing an old knife in her direction…

She gets robbed

He is demanding her phone, money, and anything of value she has on her. Caroline doesn’t hesitate for a second. Her life is worth much more than any possessions. After handing everything over, the robbers sprint past her out of the house.

He escapes in Caroline’s car

He gets into Caroline’s car and drives away leaving her behind. She is still beloved by the whole experience. The robber was probably homeless and living here when she basically presented herself on a silver platter to him. She knows she needs to go to the police but has to do something else first.

She needs to pick up Jonathan first

She needs to go and pick up Jonathan. She now doesn’t even have a phone to call that she is going to be a bit later. So picking her son has priority now. Caroline figures that she will then bring him home, call Steven to ask for an explanation and then go to report everything to the police.

Getting a lift from Abraham

While Caroline is trying to figure out what bus she needs to take to get to the kindergarten, she finally gets a bit of luck as somebody offers to give her a ride so that she can be on time to pick up Jonathan. He even brings her phone after hearing what she had gone through and offers to wait at her house to bring her to the police.

He is incredibly helpful

Caroline is trying to hide how messed up she still is from what had happened for Jonathan but she is struggling. Luckily the man who gave her a ride, his name is Abraham, notices this and starts making jokes and conversation with Jonathan to distract him. Caroline is so incredibly thankful.

Finally getting home

When she finally gets home, Caroline is surprised to find that there is a car parked in her driveway that she doesn’t recognize. Somebody in her house? She rings the doorbell as she also gave her keys to the robber and to her great surprise, somebody actually opens the door…

Steven’s friend is at her home

She immediately recognizes him as one of Steven’s friends. Before she can even ask him what she is doing here, he already enthusiastically starts guiding her to the bedroom asking her why she took so long. When she opens the bedroom door, Caroline finally realizes what Steven’s present was…

A Steven body pillow

On a bed is a life-size, anatomically correct body pillow with Steven’s face on it. Steven’s friend explains that he had been asked to bring this into the house as a surprise when she was away. He also tells Caroline that the only reason she had to get to that house was to get out of the home for a little bit.

The key and house were a distraction

Apparently, this friend owned that house. He had recently bought it as a fixer-upper and it seemed perfect for this plan as it was so far from Caroline’s home. And now that she knows every detail about what happened, Caroline starts to flip out. 

Going to the police station

Steven’s unthoughtful ness could have cost her her life and she was done. After she had calmed down she sent the friend home and went with Abraham to the police station. While she expected that they would probably not be able to really help her, Caroline was luckily proven very wrong.

The robber had been arrested

Apparently, the homeless man had already been picked up by the police because he had been going way past the speed limit. They were able to give her everything back after doing a bit of paperwork. Now Caroline was able to take her own car to go to her next destination; A law firm.

Filing for divorce from Steven

Within only 24 hours after she had received the present from Steven, she had filed for divorce from him. Caroline was done. Steven had a hard time accepting it but Caroline had no mercy. Besides, her mind was already with somebody else…

A relationship with Abraham

After he had given her a ride that faithful day and had been so extremely helpful, Caroline stayed in contact with Abraham and the pair even started to develop[ feelings for each other. After Steven had finally signed the divorce papers, the pair officially started dating and are still together now. 

All moving on in life

When Steven fully understood the details of everything that had happened and was confronted with everything he had put his family through over the past couple of years, he realized that Caroline was more than in her right to divorce him. He had really taken a great thing for granted.

All moving on in life

He had profusely apologized to Caroline and now he does luckily get to see his son when he is actually home for a change. He is still deployed for much of the year, but this is not Caroline’s problem anymore. And Abraham is great with Jonathan so she isn’t even short a father figure in his life!