Unbelievable Drone Pics That Will Change How You See The World


Whether low or high, we all see the world from unique view points. However, many of us miss out on views high, oh so very high, above our heads. Few experiences allow us to explore the sights from different angles. Thankfully, with the advent of professional and consumer grade drones, we now have access to a plethora of beautiful drone photos. Taking a look at natural landscapes, city skylines, rows upon rows of urban living accommodations, and more has never been more fascinating. Looking through the eyes of a bird suddenly became a real possibility.

Beautiful drone photos are able to take us to new heights, literally and metaphorically. Technology is finally allowing the rich and poor, tall and short, to experience the same beautiful earth. Take a seat, buckle yourself in, and let’s take a short flight to the skies above to observe and appreciate the sights we have never seen before.

1. Four-season Scene

Yes! This is the “Infinite Road to Transylvania” in Romania. Four pictures have been taken in the same place throughout the year and blended together. Supercool drone images showing merging seasons give you a glance at how stunning a view Dracula must have had way back then.

2. Shanghai Interchange

Shanghai, an international city in China, now has a population of 24 million people. Thanks to drones, we can get a glimpse of the hustle and bustle of this megacity at rush hours.

3. Lively Lilies

In Vietnam, a lady was busy harvesting water lilies in a pond. The birds-eye view of the scene takes your breath away with the busyness and stillness of life perfectly blended in one photo. It was awarded the second prize in the People category of the 2017’s International Drone Photography Contest.

4. Diving Hero

“He is over sixty, he is the world record holder for the Guinness waterfall diving. In China’s famous spout of the Yellow River and the great falls of the water tower in Heilongjiang Province, he surprised the world with his leap,” the photographer shared the story of the photo.

5. Cheetah Trying To Catch A Drone

A cheetah tries to catch a quadcopter drone flying past it, having no clue that his attempt had been photographed. I mean, you couldn’t ask for a better timed picture! Say hello to the world, puss.

6. Cube-like New York

Have you ever seen New York from this perspective? It’s absolutely phenomenal. From high above, New York seems to be made of millions of luminous cubes. Where are you under this really dark and chilly sky?

7. Wavy Skirt

This appealing image was taken in Hualian, Taiwan. Imagine a girl lying on the beach alone, and that she is so breathtakingly beautiful the waves are perfectly happy to be her skirt. So creative!

8. Wild Leaping

This picture captured the exact moment when a polar bear was making the leap from one ice sheet to another. Photographer Florian spent a lot of time in the Arctic region to take this amazing image. That’s wildlife in the truest sense.

9. Traditional Leg-rowing Fishing

A fantastic mix of colors and picturesque scenery in the early morning fog gives you a dream-like feel. The picture caught the scene of a traditional fisherman in Myanmar fishing using leg-rowing techniques. He sets one leg at the front of the boat and uses the other in the water to paddle while fishing.

10. Fairytale Scene

Santa Maddalena village in Italy looks like a surreal fairy tale setting in this photo. The vivid colors, sweeping hills, and distant mountains make us feel in awe of the tranquility and magnificence of nature.

11. A Shipping Container from Above

It’s incredible to find how things can look so dramatically different when seen from another angle. A shipping container was sailing through Southampton, England, giving photographer Alex an amazing chance to catch it from above.

12. Perfect Blue

This is a baby lobster breeding farm in central Vietnam captured from high above the crystal blue waters. Nature works side-by-side with man-made designs in a perfect harmony.

13. Duck Realm

Many farmers raise ducks for a living in Asia. Here in this photo a Vietnamese man is walking across the river and inspecting his flock. The white ducks and peaceful river go very well together.

14. Chasing Waterfalls

The Gallinas River and the Santa Maria River merge and create a 300m wide waterfall - Cascada de Tamul. With the help of drones, we finally have the honor to see the grandeur of it.

15. Camel Crossing the Desert

A pack of white camels wind their way across the rich red sand of Saudi Arabia to search for water. Artist Abdullah Alnassar captured the moment, giving us a chance to appreciate the impressive view of this tranquil desert.

16. High and Above

Clouds swirl through the pillars of Sagrat Cor Church, high on a hill above Barcelona. The unbelievable facade is partly hidden in the fog, creating the feeling of mystery and solemnity.

17. Shore-crashing Waves

This photo is taken in Saint-Malo, France. The waves are crashing on the shore with the waters lapping the streets, right in front of the residential area. Refreshing colors add resplendent feel to the place.

18. Abandoned Beauty

You probably haven’t heard of the republic of Abkhazia, a region that has witnessed widespread killings and ethnic cleansing. Many areas, including this college, have been buried together with those lost lives in people’s memories. It has taken back the peacefulness it should have embraced then.

19. Cracked Mud Boating

What do you think it is at first sight? A dry and cracked desert floor maybe. Yet actually it’s a lake. Drone photographer Milo Allerton captures a family boating in Burke Lake in Virginia. If you look closer, you’ll see the little ripples.

20. Summer Trim

Spectacular color and an amazing shot describe the coexistance of nature and human engineering.

21. High Living

The Katskhi Pillar located in west Georgia is home to a local monk whose name is Maxime. At the age of 59, he gets food and supplies from followers twice a week. A ladder of 131 ft needs to be scaled for him to reach the ground.

22. A Day’s Work

There are certain people who scale the dizzying heights of a building to clean windows. They are captured whilst cleaning a skyscraper at sunset. The cityscape is magnificently reflected against the glass, mirroring the warmth of the end of a day.

23. Salt Flats

In the Mekong Delta, extensive salt fields are expanding along the coast, divided into squares and rows with sparkling white salt under the sun. Workers are busy drying salt before selling it to markets across the world.

24. Soaring High the Sky

This eagle was trying to pluck the drone out of the sky because it mistook the machinery for another bird, which was captured a thousand feet above the ground. Magnificent shooting and perfect timing.

25. Costa Smeralda

Don’t doubt your eyes, the boat isn’t floating in the air, but rather swimming in the ocean. Costa Smeralda, translated into Emerald Coast, is dotted with 80 spoiled bays and coves. This view of the crystal clear water is everything you need in a hot summer.

26. Bushfire

Robert Irwin is the son of the late Australian conservationist and film-maker Steve Irwin. At the age of only 17, he won the Natural History Museum’s wildlife photographer of the year people’s choice award with this image of a bushfire advancing through a woodland near the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve.

27. Tsunami Result

In just 4 months, Indonesia was hit by a huge earthquake and then a tsunami, leaving immense devastation behind.

28. Solitary Living

This small island is called Just Room Enough Island, but is also known as Hub Island. It is about 3,300 square feet and was purchased by the Sizeland family in the 1950s.

29. Ducks Unlimited Canada Logo

The organization created the duck head, logo of Ducks Unlimited in 1988 to celebrate its 50th anniversary in Canada. The piece is about the size of two soccer fields.

30. Soccer Field

Henningsvær is a small town in Norway known for its fishing, but also for its love of soccer.

31. Fishing Boat

This photo shows a fishing boat from a completely stunning angle!

32. Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in August 2017. Damage was estimated at $125 billion.

33. A New York Christmas

This view of snowy Central Park is quite magical!

34. Nature’s Wrath

This next photo shows one of her most violent moments. This image was taken in Iceland, a country that is home to some of the world’s most active volcanoes. The emergence of drones in the last several years has allowed photographers to capture scenes such as the one above. Clearly, even an erupting volcano won’t stop people from doing whatever they can to get that one picture-perfect shot!

35. The Silverdome

The Silverdome was once the official stadium of the Detroit Lions. It was purchased in 2009 by investors who were to turn it into a soccer stadium, but the project never came to fruition.

36. The Redeeming Christ

Now an internationally recognized emblem of the city, the statue of the Redeeming Christ was designed by the Brazilian engineer Heitor da Silva Costa and realized by the French sculptor Paul Landowski (with the help of the Romanian sculptor Gheorghe Leonida for the head). Its construction was started in 1926 and finished in 1931.

37. Basilica of St. Francis

Studies have revealed that the construction of the basilica began in 1228. It consists of two churches and a crypt that houses the remains of St. Francis.

38. A Blue Hole

The blue holes are in fact a submerged underwater excavation. They were formed during the Ice Age, when the sea level was about 100 meters lower than it is today.

39. Shadows

The shadow of this couple walking their dogs is really impressive!

40. Big Buddha

Fun Fact: This statue is 120 meters high and was built to commemorate the birth of the co-founder of “True Pure Land School”, Shinran. It is one of the three tallest statues in the world.