The World's Most Valuable Leg, The First Leg Is Insured For $1 Billion


1. Jennifer Lopez (Legs insured: $1 billion)

Actress Jennifer Lopez is the most expensive woman in the world. According to reports, from head to toe, she insured a total of eight parts of her body. If her body was injured or lost function, she would get $1.65 billion in insurance! Among them, Jennifer Lopez insured US $50 million for her hair, US $50 million for her face, US $200 million for her chest, US $350 million for her hips and US $1 billion for her legs.

2. Mariah Carey (Legs insured: $1 billion)

Also tied for first with Jennifer is American singer Mariah Carey. She insured her leg for $1 billion as early as 2006, and although it has been several years, Mariah Carey is still proud of this move. Her spokesman said: "this amount of insurance can reflect her great reputation."

3. Taylor Swift (Legs insured: $40 million)

Famous American singer Taylor Swift, ahead of her world tour, was worried about the damage to her leg from high-intensity performances. Her team decided to insure her legs for $40 million.

4. David Beckham (Legs insured: $70 million)

Football star David Beckham is famous for his legs. He insured each leg for 35 million dollars to prevent all kinds of injuries.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo (Legs insured: $144 million)

The reason for buying insurance is very simple. Injuries are unavoidable for athletes. In serious cases, they may directly destroy their career and income source.

6. Karen Mok (Legs insured: $4.6 million)

When Karen Mok is shooting a shampoo advertisement, she needs to dye her hair red. She is worried about the damage of her hair. The company has specially insured Karen Mok hair for 10 million yuan. Not only the hair, but also Karen Mok insured her legs for 30 million yuan.

7. Heidi Klum (Legs insured: $2.2 million)

Heidi Klum is no longer on the show, but her legs are worth $2 million in insurance. However, the insurance was not bought by her, but by the brand she spoke for.

8. Marilyn Monroe (Legs insured: $2 million)

Sexy actress Marilyn Monroe, who once asked a professional appraiser from an auction house to value her beautiful legs for about $2 million. That was a sky high price at that time. Considering all kinds of factors, Marilyn Monroe's legs are now worth $50 million.

9. Jolin Tsai (Legs insured: $1.8 million)

Jolin Tsai, known as "the queen of Asian Dance", often dances in high heels, and her brokerage company has insured her legs for 12 million yuan for safety.

10. Gianna Jun (Legs insured: $1.7 million)

Gianna Jun is a rare natural beauty among Korean actresses. She is enviable for her perfect face and figure. In order to protect this perfect face, her arms, legs and other parts are insured. Even the pelvis has invested hundreds of millions of won, and the total insurance is more than 10 billion won. Two leg insurance is estimated to be between 1 billion and 2 billion won.

11. Rihanna (Legs insured: $1 million)

Hip hop Diva Rihanna was also revealed to have bought $1 million insurance for her legs in 2007.

12. Yura (Legs insured: $450000)

Yura is sought after by fans because of a pair of top beautiful legs. The brokerage company specially invested 500 million won in insurance for this pair of beautiful legs.