These Ideas Will Help Create A Special, Memorable Party


Your co-workers are the people you often spend the most time with — often more than your family, and certainly more than your non-work friends. You may even think of them as your work "family".  So whether you make them yourself, here are 19 great ideas which are sure to be a hit at the retirement party.

1. Retirement Sign

This sign is a beautiful way to welcome the honoree and guests to the party.

2. Retirement Bucket List

This is a cute retirement party decoration and activity in one. And, hopefully, the retiree gets some good suggestions. This is easy to execute — you can purchase and download the sign on Etsy, then frame it and display on a table at the party with a note pad and bag to hold suggestions.

3. Custom Plaque

This customized plaque is a beautiful remembrance for a retiring co-worker. You can order one here. Use it for a decoration at the party and then it's a fun keepsake for the retiree.

4. 'I'm Done' Fork

How fun is this fork? It's something your co-worker can treasure forever and will always bring a good laugh.

5. Personalized Wine Labels

If you're going to serve wine at the party, why not get these great wine labels to amp them up?

6. Can Koozy

If it's a more casual affair (with beer!), these personalized can koozies make a great addition to the party and double as a party favor.

7. Fancy Sash

If the retiree likes to be the center of attention, then this fancy sash is the perfect accessory for the party.

8. Balloon Decoration

An easy and affordable way to decorate is with balloons, especially when they perfectly fit the theme.

9. Funny Glassware

This glass says it all. It would be a great gift with a nice bottle of wine for a great send-off.

10. Memory Keeper

This memory jar is also a great activity for the party, and a chance for guests to share some of their fond memories with the retiree.

11. Gag Gift

This gag gift is sure to bring some laughs.

12. Fun Favors

Looking for a fun idea for favors? This is a clever one.

13. Party Printables

Make your own decorations with these stylish printables you can buy here. They are a great way to set a fun table that is also easy and budget-friendly.

14. Banner

If you have been to any party lately, you know it isn't complete without a banner. 

15. Photo Booth

Photo booths are really popular for parties. Having props for the photo booth is a must, as guests will love taking funny pictures of themselves and co-workers. 

16. Party Bags

Customized items are a great personal touch for a retirement party. These personalized bags, found here, are great if you have a candy bar or cookie bar, or you could fill them with treats ahead of time for the guests.

17. Toast The Retiree

This fun, simple tag is perfect for favors for the guests.

18. Personalized Cake Topper

This cake topper is photo-worthy and just the right amount of personalization for a cake.

19. Retirement Candy Wrapper

These candy wrappers also make for a great party favor.