These Still Handsome Stars Are More Charming Than Young People


1、George Clooney (59 years old)

George Clooney, who didn't really become famous until he was 30 years old, became famous very late in Hollywood.

2、Colin Firth(60 years old)

Colin Firth was a famous handsome young man in Britain when he was young, but for audiences around the world, his most popular characters are almost all the works of middle-aged and old people. His gentlemanly demeanor makes him a representative figure of Hollywood's "British invasion". Because of his elegant behavior, he is always mistaken for someone who comes from the upper class.

3、Kenneth Charles Branagh (60 years old)

Kenneth Charles Branagh became famous in England in his early years because he focused on directing and performing Shakespeare's plays. Basically, when the audience knew him, he was already a middle-aged man. He grew up in Ireland as a child, and then moved to England. He was a rare successful actor of pure working class background in the United Kingdom. He was rated as one of the greatest actors in Ireland and was later knighted.

4、Sean Bean( 61 years old)

Although you may only remember that his lifelong wish is to play a role that will not die. But the tough guy label sometimes covers up the fact that he is a handsome man.

5、Daniel Day-Lewis(63 years old)

After the release of Phantom Thread in 2018, he retired into private life. It's very unlikely to see Daniel on the screen. Just remember that he is a handsome old man.

6、Gary Oldman(63 years old)

Play Sirius Black in Harry Potter, the villain in Leon, and dress up as Churchill in Darkest Hour. Spies, perverts and aliens have all played. You can never guess what Gary Oldman wants to play next.

7、Bruce Greenwood (64 years old)

Played captain Parker in Star Trek and worked with Colin Firth on Kingsman: the Golden Circle, He is also the best supporting actor in many movies. When he was young, he was famous for his handsome image, but many people think that he is more attractive after he is 50 years old, and his whole state has been maintained very well.

8、Bryan Cranston (65 years old)

In fact, Bryan Cranston is also a representative of the older and more temperament. Now looking at him who is very temperament in any occasion, it is estimated that few people remember that he was once a comedian.

9、Pierce Brosnan(67 years old)

Although some people always think that Pierce Brosnan is a Barbie doll, his acting skills are really good, but there are some limitations. The problem is that he is too handsome.

10、Liam Neeson(68 years old)

He may be one of the most popular actors with the image of a serious old father. I can't remember when Liam Neeson played the bitter old father on the screen. In the movie Taken, he played the role of the father who tried to save his daughter, which ushered in the second spring of his career. The sentence "I'll find you, and I'll kill you" became a classic.

11、Michael Dorn(68 years old)

Michael Dorn's most famous work is the actor of worf in the TV series Star Trek. Most of the time, he plays supporting roles in various movies and TV series. But he is also a famous dubbing actor, such as Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, DC series superhero animation and so on. He is the main dubbing actor.

12、Thomas Mark Harmon(69 years old)

Where are the people who like NCIS! It's hard not to fall in love with Thomas mark Harmon's face if you've seen the NCIS. He has been playing "boss" in NCIS since it was broadcast in 2003.

13、Jeff Bridges(71 years old)

Although Jeff Bridges became famous as an actor in his second generation when he was young, for the young audience, we only caught up with his old age. The most famous image is a long hair and a big beard, very style.

14、Bill Nighy(71 years old)

Due to the disability of his hand, his little thumb and ring finger can't stretch normally, but Bill night doesn't cover up this problem. When he walks on the red carpet, he often takes a picture with a serious face and a V-shaped hand, which becomes his most classic style.

15、Jeremy John Irons(72 years old)

Jeremy John irons' melancholy and introverted temperament has given him a unique way of acting since he was young, especially in movies that are partial to Literature and art. He is often needed to keep up appearances.