Trend Of Clothing Pattern In Spring And Summer Of 2021


1. Ocean

The ocean can be a rich source of inspiration for prints and designs.

2. Generally Floral

Over time, general flora has become more harmonious with other natural theme series.

3. Extra-Large Florals

Extra-Large Florals allows designers and printers to show off artistic details.

4. Tiny, Busy Florals

Tiny, Busy Florals are totally different from those lush flowers in nature. They are more abstract.

5. Scarf-Like Prints

Scarf-Like Prints adds a rustic, old world feel.

6. Vertical Stripes

Vertical Stripes are very popular almost every season. The fabric is colorful, and the stripes are vertical, which is always very popular.

7. Wild Stripes

In addition to vertical stripes, there are other stripe patterns, which are wilder and more unusual.

8. Horizontal Stripes

We downplayed them a bit,They weren’t quite as loud or dramatic as their vertical counterparts, but they still deserve some attention.

9. Squares and Checks

The pattern is a little more spring-appropriate, reminding of using picnic blankets and time spent outdoors.

10. Plaid

Some were on the lighter side, which definitely fit the warm seasons.

11. Abstract Paint

Fashion design is an art in and of itself, but designers often find themselves inspired by other mediums, including paintings. 

12. Tie-Dye

We predict that tie-dye is slowly heading out, but it’s not totally gone.