When The Photographer Zoomed In, She Got The Shock Of Her Life


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What a day it had been... Patricia had just completed a photoshoot of a mother with her two children. She was not only exhausted, but she also felt a bit strange. There was something about the mother that made her get a funny feeling. She could not quite understand why she felt this way...

Anyway, she had to start editing the photo's quickly, so she could send the first photo's to the mother. But when she got to the third picture, her mouth fell open. After she zoomed in she noticed something, she finally understood where this strange feeling came from... Her heart started punding...

She could not believe what she had just discovered…

A strange photoshoot


The strange experience of the photoshoot was still playing in Patricia’s mind. What had just happened? That single mother, Samantha, had been acting so strange. There was something going on, but she could just not put her finger on it…

Noticing something in the pictures

But when she started going through the pictures she had taken that afternoon, it all became clear very quickly. She noticed something in the third picture she looked at. Now it all started to click for Patricia. This had not been just any ordinary photoshoot…

Crying her eyes out

When the seriousness of the situation finally hit Patricia she could help herself from bursting out into tears. She simply could not believe what had happened…

But what did Patrica notice in the picture? How did it manage to shock her that much? And why had this photoshoot been so strange for her in the first place?

Meet Patricia

Patricia had been doing photography for years on the side, always receiving the best feedback. She decided to finally go after her dream and do photography professionally. She thought she was ready for anything the job could throw at her. Then she met her first client and everything was going to change.

The First Job

The job seemed simple. It was going to be a family photoshoot. She'd done plenty of those before, but from the beginning something seemed off. Still, if she was going to go professional she couldn't turn anyone down, so when she met single mother Samantha she was more than willing to take the job.

Meet Samantha

Samantha was a single mother with two children. She had seemed nice enough when they had first discussed doing a photoshoot, but now Patricia wasn't so sure. Samantha's story was a sad one and Patricia was happy enough to help out, but that gut feeling wouldn't go away. 

Replacing Memories

Samantha wanted the photoshoot done to replace her current family photos which included her ex-husband. She didn't want him in her life anymore and didn't want the pictures to remind her of the bad memories. Patricia understood the assignment and took it and that's when the trouble started. 


Having worked as a photographer for years on the side Patricia knew what she should be charging for a photoshoot and felt that she was being more than reasonable with her price for Samantha. But the single mother had different ideas. Patricia almost couldn't believe it when Samantha made her offer. 

Another Offer

Samantha offered that instead of paying Patricia money that she should do it for free. Samantha insisted that it would be good practice for Patricia and that since she'd only just gone professional that they couldn't possibly expect to pay anything. But that wasn't the end of the offer. 


Samantha also promised that as part of the bargain, she would post the pictures to Instagram and give Patricia credit and exposure, insisting that the views and followers would get Patricia more business. This was outrageous. Patricia wasn't going to take that offer, but also knew she couldn't turn down the first job. 

A Third Offer

Patricia countered with a new offer. Samantha would pay half of the full price and then also post the pictures online as a form of promotion. It wasn't ideal and Patricia was really losing money, but the reputation of the first customer mattered a lot. She couldn't turn Samantha away so they came to an agreement. 

Set the Date

After the payment was arranged Patricia and Samantha planned the date of the photoshoot. This was also difficult. They had very different schedules but landed on a date for next week. This would give Patricia time to get her equipment ready. But there was more trouble down the line. 

List of Demands

Samantha had some very specific requests for the photoshoot. Patricia was willing to work with customers' wants and needs, but Samantha was more than demanding. After a long list of requests, the biggest problem came to light and it would take even more work from Patricia to make it happen. 

A Camper

Samantha wanted the family pictures to be taken inside their camper. It was a very cramped space and needed a lot more lighting. Patricia usually had photoshoots done outside because of the open space and the natural lighting, but once again she was going to have to make it work. 


Patricia was started to dread the photoshoot, but once she had managed to get all the equipment set up in the camper she was starting to feel better about it. It wasn't ideal, but she was going to do a good job and get the best possible pictures. This was her first customer and she wanted to be proud of her work. 

The Family

The family stepped inside the camper and managed to stay away from the equipment. Samantha's children were nice and followed directions as well as children could. Samantha seemed a bit on edge, but Patricia knew that being in front of the camera wasn't for everyone. They were making good progress, for now. 

Something's Wrong

The longer the shoot went on the more Patricia noticed that Samantha seemed to have a difficult time focusing on the camera. She kept looking around and away from the camera. Patricia would repeatedly have to get her attention to get the pictures. Patricia had no idea why this woman was so distracted. 

Two Hours Later

Two hours later, Patricia was sure that they'd taken more than enough pictures to satisfy Samantha. After all, it'd been two whole hours of constantly taking pictures in a hot, stuffy camper with hot lights on them. Everyone had to be tired, but Samantha was adamant that they couldn't be done, not yet. 

Another Two Hours Later

Samantha insisted that they could do better and Patricia agreed to another half hour of taking pictures. One half-hour turned into an hour and then two hours. After four hours of taking pictures, Patricia was tired and worn out and the children certainly were no longer having fun. It was time for the day to end. 

Wild Arguments

Once more Samantha tried to convince Patricia that they should take more pictures, just another half hour. She came up with many wild arguments on why they should continue, but Patricia wasn't having it. It'd been four hours. To show she meant business, Patricia began packing her equipment. 


It soon became clear to Samantha that Patricia wasn't going to change her mind so she stopped arguing and simply stepped out of the camper without saying another word. Her children followed her and were directed into the house. Patricia finished packing up and stepped out of the camper beyond ready to go. 

Very Angry

When Patricia stepped outside she saw Samantha in the distance calling somebody. She was obviously very angry about something and Patricia wondered if she had done something wrong. She had given the woman four hours of her time. It couldn't possibly be Patricia she was mad at. 

An Offer

Patricia walked away from Samantha and began putting her equipment into her car. Samantha quickly came rushing over and offered Patricia a cup of coffee and a snack. She said that they should go inside and look at the pictures together. Samantha was adamant, but Patricia put her foot down. 

Had to Go

It didn't feel right for Patricia anymore. Something weird was going on and she wasn't going to be a part of it anymore. She declined coffee and snacks. She even declined it when dinner was offered to her. She told Samantha that she had to go and then drove off in her car, but the weird feeling didn't leave her. 


As Patricia drove away she could see she was leaving Samantha in a defeated stance. It didn't make any sense. Patricia watched the woman sulk into the house before turning the corner. Why had Samantha wanted Patricia to stay so long, first with the pictures and then the coffee and snacks?

Get It Over With

When she got home, Patricia had made her mind that she just wanted to get the job over with. She'd go over the pictures once she had dinner and then send them off to Samantha for approval. Then she could get paid and move on to the next job. But the strangeness wasn't over and the pictures had a secret in them. 

She wanted to find the best one.

The first thing that Patricia did, was to go through all the pictures she took and figure out which ones were better than the others. She really wanted to pick the best pictures because she was desiring to come to the perfect product for her work. Something that she has done many times in the past...

Something was really strange about it

After some time she managed to select the 10 most suitable photos, so she started to work on them because she was a perfectionist for her job. The first two photos seemed perfect to her and there wasn't anything strange about them. But when she started to look at the third picture, something was really strange about it.

She didn't notice it at first.

Patricia didn't notice it at a first glance but when she started editing some of the highlights, her eyes suddenly fell on it. She felt like someone betrayed her, it was a really weird feeling and she didn't know what to do. After a couple of minutes, her confusion made way for complete disbelief, she didn't expect to find something like while editing just one picture.

She zoomed the photo.

She zoomed the photo because she wanted to confirm that what she saw was really true, but deep inside she knew that there was nothing to doubt about. The supposedly divorced Samantha was still wearing what looked like it had to be her wedding ring. This was really strange because she was pretty sure that a divorced person won't wear something that will remind the wedding day.

Patricia's thoughts

Of course, at first, this did not seem that big deal. Maybe Samantha had this ring because was nice or because she didn't mind just having it after the divorce. But along with all the strange events that took place that afternoon, it most certainly meant something. She knew that this was none of her business, so she decided to not tangle in that situation.

Samantha's intention was to replace some photos.

As Samantha told her, she needed these pictures because she wanted to replace the old ones with her husband, she wanted to forget about him completely. So, the big question was, why would she then still be wearing the biggest reminder of their marriage? Patricia spent a lot of time finding the answer to this question.

She realized what happened.

After a couple of hours that Patricia spent thinking about it, she realized what just happened. Samantha had been lying through her teeth the whole time, for everything. It was never about the pictures, it was all about her! This was the weirdest thing that ever happened to her whole career and she did not really know what to do.

She called the police

After some minutes she decided to call the police because she believed that they would know what she had to do now. When the police arrived at her place, she told them everything about Samantha and the photos. She didn't have much evidence or anything but surprisingly, she didn't need any.

The police had heard about her again.

When she explained to the police the whole story, they told her that they had heard this story many times in the past from different people. Also, the police officers told her that they were actually building a case against her. Patricia's thoughts eventually had a point and she felt really good because the police will actually help her with all this weird situation.

Samantha wanted to meet her again.

Meanwhile, Patricia still had to deliver the pictures to Samantha, this actually could be really useful in their investigation. They told her that Samantha would not care about getting the pictures, as she told but she what she would care more about is meeting Patricia again. This could be really helpful for police investigations.

They came up with a plan

After talking for a couple of hours they came up with a new plan, where Patricia would have to call Samantha and inform them that the pictures had not come out great. So, she would suggest rearranging a new date for a reshoot for some of the pictures. They were pretty sure that Samantha would say yes to this plan.

They set up the appointment

Samantha took the bait instantly and they set up the appointment for the next morning. Patricia relayed this information back to the police so they would be able to camp out the location and they were sure they would camp out of the location at the same time to catch Samantha in the act.

The night before...

The night before, Patricia could barely sleep because she was feeling really scared about the meeting with Samantha. What if the police would act too late? What if she put herself in too much danger without knowing it? All these thoughts ruined her sleep but she knew deep inside that was too late to balk at this meeting.

The morning was here.

The next morning, she drives to the agreed spot. The same spot where the previous photoshoot took place. Samantha and her two children were already there waiting on her. They seemed really enthused about that moment. But Patricia was the only one that knew the real purpose of this meeting and it was not even close to the photoshoot.

Something unexpected happened

But unlike the first time, Patricia didn't even get time to set up her equipment because as soon as she had taken everything out of the car, a blacked-out SUV pulled up the caravan. When Patricia saw the car was starting to panic a lot because she was afraid that the police were too late for saving her. But she was fortunately wrong.

The unknown man.

Suddenly an unknown man got out of the car, the worst part was that he was armed. Patricia felt her heart start to beat faster and faster. She was right to be suspicious of Samantha, this man had to be her husband, they were not divorced. This was all a big ruse and she hoped that police would arrive at that spot any minute now.

They started robbing her.

Immediately, Samantha and her husband started pulling all of Patricia's gear into the black SUV while she had to sit there on her knees with her hand up. She knew that if she tried to run or scream, the man would hit her or even worse, kill her. Hopefully, the poor children had no idea what was happening. After a couple of minutes, the police were there. 

Off guard

From multiple directions, police cars closed in on the camper and parked around it. At the same time, Samantha and her husband were caught off guard by what was happening. Patricia was really scared so she sprinted to safety behind one of the police cars. At the same time, she felt relieved because now she was not in danger anymore.

Police finally arrested them

Within seconds, the couple was arrested. The police had finally caught them red-handed after months of looking for them. Samantha and her man were really confident all this time, with their plan but now was the time to lose. Patricia was really proud of herself because, without her, the police would not be able to catch them so easily.

It was not their first time.

Apparently, Samantha and her husband had just this or a similar excuse a couple of times before to lure aspiring photographers in and steal all of their equipment. Probably the most sensible reason was that they sell the equipment to get some money for them. This was probably the last time doing it.

Patricia was lucky the first time. 

Actually, they had planned on doing this the first time Patricia was taking pictures of Samantha and her children, but her husband had gotten stopped by the police for speeding and could not make it to the camper in time. So, without knowing it, she was lucky the first time.

That's why Samantha wanted to keep in contact with her.

This explains why Samantha had wanted to keep Patricia around as long as possible. If Patricia did not catch on to the possible scheme after spotting the wedding ring, who knows how many victims they could have made. The good news was that now Samantha and her husband had been arrested, so they are not going to be any other victims.

The couple will be facing jail time.

As the police, having a lot of evidence of previous cases as well, they have been able to build a strong case against the couple and expect that they will be facing considerable jail time, while the children will go into the care of the family. The police thanked Patricia a lot because she was really brave and helpful in that situation.

Patricia's life after that.

Patricia after all is luckily still making pictures and she became even better at her job. She is actually hoping of starting a new career out of this and her story has worked as an ice-breaker when she was meeting new clients. So, Patricia's life changed a lot after that, for the better.