12 People With "Super Power" In The World, Which Is Beyond The Limit Of Human Beings


1. Iceman

Wim Hof (born 20 April 1959), also known as The Iceman, is a Dutch extreme athlete noted for his ability to withstand freezing temperatures.He has set Guinness World Records for swimming under ice and prolonged full-body contact with ice, and previously held the record for a barefoot half marathon on ice and snow. On 16 March 2000, Hof set the Guinness World Record for farthest swim under ice, with a distance of 57.5 metres (188.6 ft).

2. People who eat airplanes

There are many people in this world who are known for strange reasons and the name of many of these people are recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. One such person was Michel Lotito from France, who was known to eat strange things. He was such a weird person who ate the entire airplane.

Lotito started eating unusual things when he was 16 years old, his illness is called Pika in medical language. It is a disease in which people cannot digest human food while eating unusual things easily digests. Initially, Lotito ate from his nails to pieces of glass and easily digest them.

3. People who don't need to eat

Prahlad Jani, also known as Mataji or Chunriwala Mataji (13 August 1929 ― 26 May 2020) was an Indian breatharian monk who claimed to have lived without food and water since 1940. He said that the goddess Amba sustained him. However, the findings of the investigations on him have been kept confidential and viewed with skepticism. He made several media and public appearances.
Prahlad Jani was born on 13 August 1929 in Charada village in British India (now in Mehsana district, Gujarat, India).According to Jani, he left his home in Gujarat at the age of seven, and went to live in the jungle.

At the age of 12, Jani underwent a spiritual experience and became a follower of the Hindu goddess Amba. From that time, he chose to dress as a female devotee of Amba, wearing a red sari-like garment, jewellery and crimson flowers in his shoulder-length hair.Jani was commonly known as Mataji ("The Great Mother"). Jani believed that the Goddess provided him with water which dropped down through a hole in his palate, which allowed him to live without food or drink.

4. King of torture

At a young age, Cridland became extremely interested in sideshows and the unusual stunts performed at them. Through books he learned about snake charmers and sword swallowers and he decided it was something he wanted to pursue.

“It was an ongoing interest of mine that kept growing bigger and bigger,” he said. Tim’s first side show accomplishment was fire eating. That was a feat he mastered at the young age of 15.

“I thought that was pretty cool,” said Cridland, “I thought that was something I’d like to see. But nobody was doing it, especially in the small town I lived in.” So he decided to learn the ropes himself. It was a slow process that took many years of studying mediation rituals and self-hypnosis to become the pain-ignoring master he is today.

5. Genius in idiots

Daniel Tammet FRSA (born 31 January 1979) is an English essayist, novelist, poet, translator, and autistic savant. His memoir, Born on a Blue Day (2006), is about his early life with Asperger syndrome and savant syndrome, and was named a "Best Book for Young Adults" in 2008 by the American Library Association's Young Adult Library Services magazine.His second book, Embracing the Wide Sky, was one of France's best-selling books of 2009. His third book, Thinking in Numbers, was published in 2012 by Hodder & Stoughton in the United Kingdom and in 2013 by Little, Brown and Company in the United States and Canada.

In 2016 he published his debut novel, Mishenka, in France and Quebec. His books have been published in over 20 languages. He was elected in 2012 to serve as a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

6. Synaesthesia gourmet

James Wannerton; is an English IT professional, artist and writer. He experiences sound to taste synesthesia, including lexical-gustatory synesthesia; i.e. he can "taste" sounds, including words or word sounds.

As President of the UK Synaesthesia Association, a position he has held since 2006, he’s committed to raising awareness of synesthesia and also actively encourages other synesthetes to speak about their unique and fascinating experiences. He is also Vice President of the International Association of Synesthetes, Artists and Scientists (IASAS), based in the USA.

Wannerton has been the subject of detailed research carried out by the University College London and the University of Edinburgh regarding his synesthetic condition.

7. Image memory

Stephen Wiltshire MBE, Hon.FSAI, Hon.FSSAA (born 24 April 1974) is a British architectural artist and autistic savant.He is known for his ability to draw a landscape from memory after seeing it just once. His work has gained worldwide popularity.

In 2006, Wiltshire was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for services to art.In the same year, he opened a permanent gallery on the Royal Opera Arcade in London.

Stephen Wiltshire was born in London, England, in 1974 to Caribbean parents; his father, Colvin, was a native of Barbados, and his mother, Geneva, is a native of St. Lucia. He grew up in Little Venice, Maida Vale, London. Wiltshire was mute when young. At the age of three, he was diagnosed with autism. The same year, his father died in a motorbike accident.

8. Magnetic Boy

A 6-year-old Croatian boy named Ivan Stoiljkovic is attracting media attention for his apparent ability to attract other things: Silverware, remote controls, cell phones and even a large frying pan seem to miraculously stick to the boy's skin. Ivan's family claims he's magnetic.

This isn't the first time a person has claimed to possess magnetic powers . In fact, just three months ago, a Serbian 7-year-old named Bogdan, to whom Ivan bears a striking resemblance, made headlines with claims of bodily magnetism.

9. Can pop eyes

Claudio Pinto can pop his eyes out of the sockets and extend them up to 7 mm, which is 95 percent of the eyeball. He said that he has been popping his eyes since he was 9 years old and has never experienced any pain.

10. Batman

Daniel Kish, who is completely blind, demonstrates how he uses a form of echolocation to describe what's inside a park he's never been to before.

He lost his sight as a baby when he was diagnosed with retinal cancer and now has prosthetic eyes.

He makes clicking noises with his tongue and creates a mental image of his surroundings from the reflected sound.

He now trains other people who are blind to 'see' the same way he does.

The BBC followed him around as he tried to teach his skills to a ten-year-old boy from Scotland.

11. The Human Calculator

Scott Flansburg (born December 28, 1963) is an American dubbed "The Human Calculator" and listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for speed of mental calculation. He is the annual host and ambassador for The National Counting Bee, a math educator, and media personality. He has published the books Math Magic and Math Magic for Your Kids.

12. Spider-Man

Jyoti Raj is an Indian free solo climber from Chitradurga, Karnataka.

Known as "Kothi Raju" or "Monkey King", Raj is famous for scaling the Chitradurga Fort without safety harnesses.He does not climb for sports, but to entertain the visitors to the fort.

He is also the only person to have scaled Karnataka's highest waterfall, the 830-foot Jog falls, climbing against the flow.On 13 September 2013, he free soloed the clock tower at Moorusavir Math in Hubli in just over 15 minutes. He did not use any harness, but used chalk for grip.

He made his debut as an actor in Sandalwood with the 2014 film Jyothi aliyas Kothiraja.

He has been called upon numerous times to rescue or retrieve the bodies of people who have fallen down Jog Falls, and on a rescue operation in 2018 he got stuck in a gorge overnight.