56 Life Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner


People constantly find clever ways to make things easier for them. They turn ordinary tools into things with more relevant uses, coming up with faster processes other than the already fast process we normally follow. In the end, these easy lifehacks are basically just using common sense to get through daily chores. With ingenuity, creativity, and sometimes simple practicality, these Easy Lifehacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner were developed to help you keep your lives stress-free.

Keep reading to find out how you can save yourself yet another trip to Home Depot and Target. We’re not kidding when we say that these tips and hacks will change your life.

1. Have you lit oranges?

Do you often eat oranges? But I bet you haven't lit the orange yet! But this is a very cool idea. 

Because we can make a wonderful candle with oranges. For this, we must first remove the fruit from the peel. To do this, make a straight cut around and use a spoon to help. When removing the fruit, make sure not to damage the orange peel. Now you have two halves of the peel, and the stem of one of them should still be inside. On the half where the stem is still inside, we will now pour some oil. You can use olive oil or sunflower oil. Also tilt some oil on the stem. 

Now you should light it up. Now you have a very beautiful candle in your orange. It should burn for several hours. 

2. Easily make your own toilet cleaner

How do you clean your toilet? -Here, I will show you how to easily make your own toilet cleaner, which is better than any traditional cleaner! 

All you need is baking soda, citric acid, a little vinegar and half a lemon. I put all these ingredients in a bowl and started mixing them together. This will become a still very soft paste, which will "grow" noticeably if you don't continue to knead it. After some time, you should shape the clump into a shape. For this, I used a slightly larger ice cube mold and put a large amount of paste into the provided hole. Here, you must now also look at the beginning of pressing everything into the mold, because the quality continues to grow, otherwise it will only overflow at some point. But after a few minutes, the clumps became harder and harder until they became as hard as rocks. 

You have made your own cleaning stick to clean the toilet. To use them, just put one of the labels in the toilet and wait for it to dissolve completely. It should now have a noticeable foam, and you can also hear how the cleaning tablet dissolves. After soaking for a period of time, wash the toilet with a toilet brush, and finally flush the toilet again. Cleaning the toilet has never been easier. Therefore, it is worthwhile to make some of these cleaning sticks for toilets and use them regularly for cleaning. 

3. Have you opened a box of tissues

Here I show you why you should always do this in the future! If you often carry tissue boxes with you, don't just put them around the house, please make sure to open them unconditionally first. Because you can also use a handkerchief box as a scent to hide the room. To do this, you pull down the cardboard strip at the top to open the box. But now instead of throwing it away, put the scent of your choice on it. For example, this can be baby oil or an essential oil of your choice. Just put a few drops on this strip. 

Now we open the tissue box, then carefully open the side of the tissue box, and then push our cardboard into the side of the tissue box. Then we can close the box again. This can be done with a piece of transparent wrapping tape, some tape or liquid glue. This way you won’t see the tissue box opened before. Now you have a lovely hidden room fragrance that does not take up any extra space. Every time I take the handkerchief out of the box, I will smell a wonderful fragrance. 

4. Did you pour washing powder into the toilet

Here I will tell you why you should do this more frequently in the future! Do you often clean the toilet? But it’s definitely not detergent, right? In fact, you should do this more frequently in the future! I will show you the benefits of using detergent to clean the toilet! 

To clean the toilet with detergent, flush it once to make the toilet slightly damp. Then you pour about half a cup of washing powder into the toilet so that there is washing powder everywhere. Then wait for about 15-20 minutes, during which the washing powder can exert its full cleaning effect. 

Why is washing powder better than toilet cleaner? Surfactants are the most important ingredient in detergents and cause dirt and deposits to fall off. The water softener in the detergent can also remove water scale and urine scale. The antibacterial bleach in the washing powder is also beneficial to the toilet. This is why washing powder is very effective in cleaning the toilet. When the soaking time is up, all you have to do is to wipe the toilet again with the toilet brush, and then rinse once. The toilet should be bright again, everything looks very beautiful and clean! 

5. What does putting a lemon in the microwave do

The microwave oven may be one of the kitchen appliances that no one likes to clean. Of course, you don’t clean the microwave regularly, do you? Therefore, microwave ovens usually look unsightly. However, instead of scrubbing the microwave oven, you can clean it effortlessly. And how it works, I will show you in this video. 

For this, we take a cup and fill it with about 2/3 of the water. In addition, we squeezed the juice of half a lemon into the glass and put the squeezed lemon in. The remaining glass was filled with vinegar. Then we put the cup with this mixture in the microwave and run it on the highest setting for 5 minutes. When the time is up, you can take out the cup again. But be careful, the cup is very hot now. 

Now that we have softened all the dirt and firm crusts, we just need to wipe them off with a damp cloth. Therefore, you don't have to scrub too much here, but just wipe off the dirt. Then wipe everything dry, and your microwave will regain its brilliance. 

6. Why You Should Put Aluminum Foil in the Remote

Of course, this applies not only to the remote control, but also to general equipment, You must place the battery in it. Because you must know that the battery is dead, you must install a new battery. But then you realize that you don't have the right battery.

But there is a very simple solution, even if the battery is too small, How to make the remote control work again. I am using a piece of aluminum foil. Because aluminum foil is conductive, we can make a bridge. This way we can use small batteries. For this, you have to bend the aluminum foil slightly, because in the end it has to Fit the battery box and make sure we can fill the still missing A little bit so that the battery is firmly fixed inside.

This technique applies to all batteries. If your battery is too small, then you can fill the compartment with aluminum foil Once, the remote control or whatever you want to use should work again.

7. After a Poop – Light a Match

How many of you have heard it helps to light a match after you poop? Do you know why? 

Turns out, was that lighting a match produces sulfur dioxide, a smell-causing compound that’s even stronger (and less disagreeable) than methyl mercaptan. So it turns out a match only disguises poop smell!

If you have a powder-room or toilet that guests use when they visit, you should consider leaving matches in the room.  When a guest must do something that creates a smell, they will want to avoid embarrassment.  Let them light a match.

8. Using Tea Bags To Deodorize Smelly Shoes

I don’t have crazy stinky feet or anything, but having nice fresh smelling shoes is oh so nice!  I’m always in the market for natural shoe deodorizer recipes that will make my world smell a bit better so I decided to try this new method for deodorizing shoes.

It turns out tea bags are a great solution for a simple homemade shoe deodorizer without having go wash the shoes.

The best part about using tea bags to deodorize your shoes is that you can pick any flavor, or should I say scent, of tea bag that you want.  Apple spice, peppermint, or lavender scented shoes anyone?

9. Mask

You have never used your mask like this before, but it is a very clever technique.

First, you should cut the ribbon from the cut side. We want to fill it with lemon. When we put the lemon here, we remove the ribbon that we also cut, Wrap it on top so that our mouthguard is now closed, lemon shards Won't fall out again. We hung the whole thing in the toilet, more precisely in the water tank.

Each rinse will give off a refreshing lemon scent. In addition, the citric acid contained in lemons is also a descaling agent. This means that you are also doing something for the cleaning of the sink.

10. How to Clean Faucets With a Lemon

Have you ever thought about wrapping lemons around the tap?

If you don’t have vinegar on hand or prefer a more “natural” solution, try this. Because I will tell you what benefits it can bring.

Cut a fresh lemon in half. With one of the halves, use your thumbs to gently open up the center. Press the lemon onto the end of the faucet. Put a small plastic bag around the lemon and secure it around the faucet with a rubber band. Be sure the rubber band is cinched tightly and the lemon covers the end of the faucet. 

Leave the lemon in place for a few hours to allow the citric acid to work its magic. After removing the lemon, use a gentle scrubbing pad or a toothbrush to wash off any loosened hard water buildup. Wipe the faucet with a damp cloth to remove any leftover lemon juice, and your faucet will be squeaky clean.

11. Put a Clothespin in Your Shower

Drop a few drops of perfume onto your clothes clip and clip it on your shower nozzle. Be careful not to let the water wet it, so your shower room will be full of fragrance.

12. Put a glass on the door handle in your hotel room

Some of the economy class hotels have poor security systems or no security system at all. To feel safe in your room at night, put an empty glass on the door handle before going to sleep. If anyone comes into your room, the glass will fall onto the floor and the sound will wake you up.

13. Don't blow out the candle directly

When using candles and burning candles we all need to be vigilant and make SURE that a candle is out when we are leaving a room or going to bed.

Don't blow out the candle directly, because it will produce black smoke and dirty your roof. Moreover, if there is airflow, the blown candle will burn again, which may burn your house and threaten your life!

Here's a trick. Use something like a toothpick to press the wick into the wax, so that there will be no black smoke and no re burning!

14. You Should Use a Vacuum Cleaner to Suck Up Washing Powder

Because you may also know that your vacuum cleaner will smell or smell in some way Smells bad. Of course, there are many reasons for this. Here, I show you why, ​how washing powder can help you.

0I now take some washing powder and spread it on the floor. I'm going to use a vacuum cleaner to suck this cleaner in here. This is how it really enters all the corners and crevices of our vacuum cleaner. This means it will pass through the entire pipe, of course, it will eventually enter a vacuum Vacuum cleaner bag.

Since cleansers smell very good in most cases and also contain fragrance, so It can now be ensured that the vacuum cleaner no longer smells. In other words, what we have to do here is to absorb the washing powder, and then you can benefit. The smell after the vacuum cleaner is no longer so strong.

15. Clean a ceiling fan using a sock

Tell your feather duster to step aside. After all, it just transfers the dust onto another surface instead of getting rid of it. Utilize sock and the following simple hacks to clean up your tropical breeze maker, sans mess. 

First, make sure that the fan is turned off. (I know this seems like a no-brainer, but safety comes first.) Next, Put your hand inside of the sock and spread your fingers, then lightly spray it with the dusting spray. Keep the sock on your hand (like a glove or mitten), and wipe the center of the fan and the light fixture. Then toss the sock into the washing machine so that they’re ready for use on the next go-around.

16. Put This In Your Toilet To Conserve Water

Conserving water is one of the top concerns for eco-friendly households. In addition to taking shorter showers, you could also reduce the amount of water you flush every time you hit the toilet.

One way to do this (without having to not flush at all, which is gross) is to put a brick or a jar full of water in the back of your toilet. After a flush, less water will go back into the tank due to the volume the brick takes up.

17. Use Banana Peels to Shine Up Leather Shoes

Turns out, banana peels are excellent at polishing leather. If this sounds like some kind of messy, questionable trick (which, we promise, it’s not!), it might help to know why they’re a totally useful alternative to shoe polish. Bananas, as we know, are naturally filled with potassium. potassium happens to be a key ingredient in commercial shoe polish to clean and shine leather!

According to scientists, the natural oils and potassium in the banana soak into and nourish the leather, helping shoes last longer. Using banana peels to polish your shoes is easy — and may be even less work than scrounging around for a tin of actual polish.

18. WiFi extender

Do you desperately desire a fast internet connection and a strong WiFi signal? Don’t run off to the store to to buy expensive gadgets. There’s a much cheaper way to boost your WiFi signal if it could do with an improvement. All you need is a pair of scissors and an empty (clean!) beer (or fizzy drink) can. 

Make sure the can you’re using is dry and clean. Take off the can tab and cut off the underside of the can. Then start cutting off the top, but don’t cut it all the way. Cut the can along the side so you can open it up completely. Put the top of the can over the router's antenna. 

Repeat with the other extender. The aluminium will extend your wifi signal!

19. Wrap the faucet with a tissue

Do you have tissues at home? -Here, I show you why you want to wrap them around the tap! Of course, you will always encounter the problem of lime deposits on the tap. Especially in the kitchen, this happens very quickly.

All you need is ordinary household wipes and some vinegar. First, you should apply some vinegar to the calcified area, which works well with the pastry brush. Then soak the cloths in vinegar so that they are soaked in vinegar. Now you put these cloths around the calcification points on the faucet. Depending on the degree of calcification of the faucet, you can now put several household towels around the affected area. Also make sure that these cloths are very tight to the calcified area. 

Now you just have to wait a while. One hour should be enough, unless the pollution is already serious. Then you can let the whole thing last for a while. After that you just need to take off the cloth and you can see that the lime has dissolved. Now you just need to wipe it again with a damp cloth, and the faucet that was calcified before will be completely new again. And all this does not need to be scrubbed! So if you also have a calcified faucet, you must try this cleaning technique once! 

20. Remove a Broken Key From a Lock

You can lubricate the lock with lubricating fluid, such as WD-40, but graphite powder works better. You may have trouble getting the powder between the key and the inside of the lock, though. The best bet is to hold the nozzle of the plastic tube against the lock opening and squeeze very sharply in the hope that the pressure will force the powder into the lock and around the broken key. If it appears the powder isn't penetrating, use spray lubricant. Because it's a liquid, it can seep into areas that a powder can't go.

It takes liquid spray lubricants a few minutes to dissolve the rust and dirt particles that cause sticking, so if you use one of these, you have to be patient. Graphite powder works right away, though, and you can begin extraction as soon as you apply it.

21. Are you going on holiday? Freeze a coin!

Sometimes when we're away from home, the power goes off and we never know about it. However, this can cause food stored in the freezer to defrost and deteriorate.

Use this simple trick before leaving home: fill a cup with water, and put it in the freezer. When it's frozen, place a coin on the top, and return it to the freezer.

If you find a coin at the bottom of the cup when you come back after a long vacation you should toss all the food immediately. It means that the power was out for enough time for your food to melt and re-freeze. If the coin is on top, it means that there was no power failure, and your food is as good as when it went into the freezer. If the coin is in the middle, it means that the power went out for a short period of time and most of your food items are probably still fresh.

In any case, if you're not sure whether food is safe, throw it out. The most important thing in life is, and will always be, your health.

22. What a cloth with vinegar does

Putting a cloth with vinegar in your toilet bowl can be the solution to lime scale. Lime scale dissolves in acidic liquids such as vinegar, which is not the case with bleach. You just need to put some cleaning vinegar on a cloth and put it in your toilet bowl. The cloth then slowly releases the acidic component of the vinegar and the lime scale dissolves. It is a super-easy solution and it is also a lot more environmentally friendly.

Remember to take the cloth out of the bowl when you want to use your toilet. For that reason, it is also most convenient to apply this trick at night, because we use the toilet much less at night and there is enough time for the vinegar to be absorbed.

23. A Rubber Band Will Keep Your Door From Latching

Bringing the groceries into the house is a pretty big chore, and it’s annoying having to try to open the door with your hands full. If leaving the door wide open is simply not an option where you live, you can try to make it easier by tying a rubber band around the doorknob like so.

This will prevent the door from latching so you can just push it open when you pass through. Just don’t forget to remove it when you’re done.

24. Put Salt Down The Drain To Unclog The Sink Overnight

Salt can be used as an anti-clogging agent for your kitchen sink. In order to help it work its magic, mix 1/2 a cup of salt with a cup of baking soda. You’ll want to give it 4-6 hours to sit, so it’s easier if you pour the mixture down the sink before you go to bed.

Once it’s had time to sit in the sink for a few hours, or overnight, run hot water down the sink to flush it out. Repeat as needed.

25. Lampshade Lint Roller

Fabric lampshades are magnets for dust and pet hair. You can’t just throw them in the washing machine, so what do you do? I’ve found that a lint roller works really well. Be careful though, as lampshades are fragile and can even become brittle. A torn lampshade is worse than a dirty one.

26. Taller Table Hack

I have a typical 6-ft. folding table that I use to layout certain projects. But the height of the table is meant for someone sitting in a chair. Constantly bending over when using the table was starting to hurt my back, so I came up with a solution. I used a couple of 2-ft. lengths of 1-1/4-in. PVC pipe found at my local home center, and cut four 11-in. stilts for my table.

I slipped the pipes onto the legs and it raised the table about 6 in., bringing my work surface to a more comfortable height! The bend in the table legs at about 5 in. from the ground holds the pipes securely in place, so my table is still as sturdy as ever. The stilts can be removed if I ever need to lower the height of the table to use it while sitting in a chair. — Gary Inlow

27. Remove Gum from Carpet

When gum freezes, it gets brittle and easily breaks apart. So, if you have gum stuck in your carpet, freeze it to remove it quickly and neatly.

1. Place a sandwich bag filled with ice cubes on top of the gum and wait about a half hour.
2. When the gum is frozen, break it apart and pull it out of the carpet. No trace left behind.

28. Simple Lawn Edging

To edge your lawn, garden, or flowerbed, lay down a 2×6. While holding the board with your foot, drive a flat spade along the board’s edge. Move the board as needed to create a clean, straight line.

29. DIY Wood Filler

“To make a versatile wood filler for free, just grab a paper plate and combine Elmer’s or any other wood glue with sawdust. Like other wood fillers, you can stain or finish it, but the color will likely be a bit different than the surrounding wood. But, it’s sandable, paintable and long-lasting. I haven’t bought any wood filler in over 50 years.”  — Dan Gola

30. Quick Cold Drinks

Does wrapping a wet paper towel around a warm canned or bottled beverage and putting it in the freezer cool it faster than if there were no paper towel around it? Some folks theorize that the can is analogous to your body, and the wet paper towel is analogous to sweat. Since it’s well known that evaporation of sweat pulls heat away from your body, causing a cooling effect, the same should happen with a canned beverage in the freezer, right? There are lots of “expert” opinions about this online supporting both sides of the argument. I’ve had many opportunities to experiment, and to me, it seems to make a difference. Try it out for yourself! — Edward Kral. Plus: Did you know a tennis ball works as a bottle opener? See how it works here.

31. Healthy Plant Hydration

Water settling at the bottom of pots can lead to root rot. To combat this problem, cut up old sponges and put them in the bottom of the pot. The sponges retain moisture and create necessary air space. They also help prevent water from flushing out the bottom. The sponge acts as a water reserve and keeps soil moist longer.

32. Your Shoes Will Look New

All you need is an old toothbrush and a little toothpaste to get your old sneakers looking like new! Non-gel white toothpaste works great for cleaning white-soled sneakers (colored toothpaste may stain rather than clean sneakers). Apply toothpaste to an old toothbrush and then work the paste into the dirty spots. Leave the toothpaste on the shoes for about ten minutes, and then wipe it off with a damp towel. Repeat the process if necessary.

Toothpaste will keep your smile in great shape but it’s also pretty handy in cleaning up around the house.

Important: The ingredients in toothpaste may vary from brand to brand, so make sure to try this method on a small unnoticeable spot on your sneakers before applying it to the rest of the shoe.

33. Lawn Mower Grass Chute Saver

To avoid a lot of string trimmer work, I like to mow as close as possible to trees and buildings. But the grass chute on my riding mower prevents it. So I drilled a hole in the chute and tied a rope from the chute to a handle on the side of the tractor. Now I can lift up the chute without missing a beat, and cut way down on string trimmer work. — Travis Larson

34. How to Make Durable Sandpaper

“I do a lot of finish-sanding freehand, without a sandpaper block, so I can smooth edges and get into nooks and crannies. But the finer grits are usually bonded to thinner paper and, at least for me, the paper is too thin and ends up tearing long before the grit wears out. So I apply duct tape to the back of the sandpaper. The sandpaper is still flexible enough to sand a tight radius and it’s far more durable. You can use this super-strong sandpaper like a shoeshine rag.” — Chuck Merchant

35. Use This Simple Hack to Save Your Phone Charger

To make your otherwise fragile phone charger last for more than a couple of weeks, try out this simple hack! Start by removing the spring from a pen. Next, stretch one end of the spring out a bit so it can fit around the charger cable. You might need to use pliers for this. Now, wind the spring around the cable until it is completely on the charger cable. Next, take appropriately sized heat shrink tubing and slip it over the phone charger and spring. Use a lighter to warm the heat shrink tubing until it conforms around the charger and spring. This simple hack will keep the cord from breaking any further or from even breaking in the first place!

36. Effectively and Safely Sweep Up Glass

Everyone who has ever swept the floor with a standard broom and dustpan knows about that annoying line of dust. It’s the line that just won’t disappear no matter how many times you try and sweep it up. To get rid of this annoying line, simply tape the front of the dustpan to the floor with blue painters tape, so no residue will be left on the floor. It will seal and cover the gap between the floor and your pan.

This handy hint also works great for sweeping up more menacing items like glass. The dustpan and tape combo will ensure that all of those little glass shards will be in the pan and not on the floor.

37. Make Your Own Ice Pack

Ice packs are a great way to keep your lunch cool, but they’re a bit expensive if you’re in the habit of losing them. This DIY ice pack hack is reusable, so it is good for the environment as well.

First, purchase an inexpensive pack of sponges or just find some old ones around the house. Grab a big bowl of water and let the sponges completely soak up as much water as they possibly can. After soaking the sponges, put each sponge in a small sandwich bag with a zip close. These bags serve two purposes. First, as the ice melts, the bag contains the water so it doesn’t make a mess in your lunch bag. Second, keeping the water contained allows the melted sponge to reabsorb the water so it is ready to refreeze for the next day. Now, freeze the wet and bagged sponges overnight. In the morning, all you need to do is toss the ice pack into your lunch container.

38. DIY Car Mats

One simple way to keep your car clean is to cut scraps of old carpet to fit on the floor as mats.  We found our carpet scraps for less than $2 at Home Depot. And when the DIY carpet scraps inevitably get all dirty with mushy winter snow or summer sand, you could either give them a wash or toss them out and make more.

A word of caution, do not put these DIY car mats on the driver’s side of the car unless grippers are attached on the bottom side to ensure that the mat does not slip forward while driving.

39. Get Dents Out of Wood

Dents in wood surfaces can be annoying. But fret not, they can be fixed! Simply soak a washcloth in water and ring it out a bit so it’s not sopping wet. Put the damp washcloth on the affected area. The water will wick through the wood, and that’s fine. Now, with your iron on its highest setting, place it on the damp washcloth over the affected area, and make small movements back and forth and in circles. Press down firmly and continue until your washcloth is dry. It won’t take long to evaporate. At this point, the wood fibers are absorbing the water and should expand back to where they were originally. Continue this process and repeat by adding more water until the dents rise up to be flush with the rest of the material.

40. Staple Remover Hack

A staple remover has perfectly sized thin teeth that make them perfect to easily slide between the rings of a key ring. When you clamp them down, it spreads the key rings apart and makes it easy to slide a new key on. This saves you the hassle of trying to pry open the key ring with your nails. 

41. Support a Tension Rod with Water Bottle Caps

“My wife sews kids clothes and uses a curtain tension rod to hang them in a closet. She explained to me one day that the pole was frequently slipping and falling down. So, I searched and found an object that could be screwed into the wall and would fit around the ends of the tension rod: water bottle caps.

I used drywall screws to secure two water bottle caps into studs in the closet walls, and then I mounted the tension rod inside the bottle caps. The lip on each cap provides just enough support for the tension rod, so it doesn’t fall down anymore.” — Rodney Sheets

42. Coat Your Snow Shovel with Car Wax

Shoveling snow can be frustrating enough, but when heavy snow sticks or freezes in clumps on the shovel, it can make the job even more difficult! You can avoid this issue by first coating your shovel with car wax before heading out to clear your driveway and walking paths.

This tip works best with metal shovels: Follow the application instructions on the car wax package. Generally, car wax is applied in a thin layer using a damp cloth, allowed to dry, and then buffed off with a dry cloth. This leaves the shovel clean and lubricated, so the snow and ice won’t stick!

43. Find Your Lost Items

Everyone knows how annoying it is when you can’t seem to find a dropped pill or the back of an earring. So how do you find these items quickly and easily? Use your vacuum. Here’s the trick; before you turn the vacuum on, cut off the end of a nylon and secure it on the end of your vacuum hose with a rubber band. 

44. Erase Permanent Marker on a Dry Erase Board

Who hasn’t accidentally written on a white board with a permanent marker? Luckily, it’s easier to remove than you think. Simply draw over your permanent marker artwork with a dry erase marker, and then wipe the marks away with an eraser or dry cloth. Your dry erase board will be good as new!

45. Fix Wobbly Furniture with a Penny

Need to shim a wobbly bench or table, but don’t have time to run to the home center for furniture feet? No worries, just reach for your pocket change!

You can use a coin to shim wobbly furniture in a pinch. Use hot glue to attach the coin to the problem area, adding additional coins as needed. Coins work well as a temporary fix because they come in a variety of thicknesses and cost less than a dollar!

46. Write Notes on the Washer

When you put a load of clothes into your washing machine, use a dry-erase marker to note on the lid which items should not go into the dryer. That way, whoever switches the load from the washing machine to the dryer will know which items to leave out for line drying.

The enamel finish on most washing machine lids is similar to a whiteboard, and dry-erase markers can be removed easily with a dry paper towel.

47. Magnetized Drill Hack

I like to keep screws very close at hand when I’m working on a project. How close? I stick them right to my drill. Some drills are equipped with a magnetized portion for this purpose, but if yours isn’t, here’s an easy fix. Hot glue a rare earth magnet to the back of your drill and slap a few screws on it. For small tasks, I don’t even need a tool belt. – Lucas Kuck

48. Bring Dead Sharpies Back to Life

When it comes to workshop problems, dried-out Sharpies aren’t major. But they are annoying when you can’t find another one to mark your measurements or project notes.

To bring your permanent marker back to life, simply remove the back from the maker. This will be different for each brand of permanent marker, for Sharpies simply remove the back nib. Next, deposit a few drops of isopropyl “rubbing” alcohol onto the felt material inside. Shake the marker a bit to ensure the rubbing alcohol is absorbed. It’s the solvent that the ink is mixed with that dries out first, making the pigment unable to flow. Once the felt absorbs the rubbing alcohol for a couple of minutes the marker will be practically good as new!

49. Use a Ceramic Mug as a Sharpening Stone

The bottom of most ceramic coffee mugs have a flat, unglazed ring that is the perfect surface for giving that dull knife or blade a quick sharpening. And if you find yourself in need of sharpening a utility knife, pocket blade or scissors and don’t have access to a sharpening stone, you can simply flip over a ceramic coffee mug and use the outer edge of the bottom, the non-glazed part, as an emergency sharpening stone.

Just run the blade across the bottom of the mug at a 45-degree angle, working from the one end of the blade to the tip. Next, slide the blade downward in one direction, keeping your fingers out of the way as you work.

This isn’t a perfect solution for continually sharpening your blades, but if you need to quickly sharpen and clean up the edge of a blade this method will do in a pinch. We do recommend eventually investing in a blade sharpening kit. 

50. Instant Picture Frame Bumpers

Stop wall frames from slipping out of place and scratching the wall paint by putting small dots of hot glue on the back corners of the frame. The hot glue not only prevents movement, but it also holds the picture away from the wall to prevent scratches and nicks.

51. Zip-Tie Phone Stand

When referencing projects plans or a photo for inspiration while working on a DIY project, most of us use our phones to display images or instructional videos. The only problem with this method is that our phones don’t prop themselves up, making it difficult to see at the images while working. You can make a smartphone stand out of just about anything these days, but it doesn’t get much simpler than looping zip ties around your phone (1 on each side). All you have to do is tighten the zip ties until they are snug to the phone with the zip-tie heads facing down and near the edge of your phone. Now you can watch video instructions or look at project drawings without having to hold it in your hands the whole time.

52. No Air Pump? No Problem! Use a Shop Vacuum

If you don’t have an air compressor to inflate your air mattresses or pool toys, you can use your shop vacuum instead. Just pop the top off of a plastic squeeze bottle and fit the top to your vacuum’s hose. You may have to use duct tape. Once the top is secured to the hose, attach the hose to your vacuum’s exhaust port. It’ll blow up your inflatables in no time. To deflate, attach the hose to the vacuum port and suck the air out.

53. Make Any Rug Extra Comfortable

Want to make any rug feel extra plush and luxurious? Add a layer of carpet padding underneath your rug—it’s thicker and cheaper than a typical rug pad. The next time you wash that pile of dishes in the sink, your feet will thank you.

54. Plant-in-a-Pot Landscaping Design

Ever wish you could reorganize your garden after seeing how the mature plants look? Here’s a clever way to do it. You’ll need a bunch of pots of the same size, so they’ll nest in each other. Put your plants in doubled pots, and then bury them at ground level. Whenever you want a change, lift out the top pot and put in a different one. This method is also really slick for bringing plants indoors over the winter. This method is great for quickly changing out seasonal plants, and allows for easy experimentation with color and placement of plants and flowers.

55. Picture Frame Message Board

I’m all for dry-erase message boards, but they’re usually pretty unattractive. So I make message boards using nice picture frames. To make these message boards, grab a picture frame and some paper. Cut the paper to fit the frame and set it in behind the glass. The glass makes an excellent dry erase surface! — Jessie Dawson

56. How to Double Your Resealable Bags

This might be the coolest way to turn sandwich-size bags into snack-size bags! Here’s how to do it:

Heat up an old butter knife with a lighter and slice the bag in half. The hot knife cauterizes the edges of the two new bags. The cauterized edges are as strong as the factory sealed edges! – Julia Trenton

57. Pasta Lighter

We’re sure you’re stocking up on sweet smelling candles to make your home extra cozy for the colder months. But, if your candles are burning too low to reach the wick, there’s no reason to go without your favorite scent. Instead of burning your fingers, light a piece of uncooked spaghetti. It’ll reach into those deep candles and burn long enough to light the candles on grandpa’s birthday cake!

58. Remove Highlighter Stains

Ever wish you could remove highlighter marks from a book? Lemon juice fades highlighter enough to make it virtually undetectable. Cut a lemon in half and get some juice on a cotton swab. Run the swab over the highlighted text and watch the color fade.

Lemon juice from a container also seems to do the trick. Though not quite as well on the pieces we tested, and the older the mark, the more stubborn it is to remove. 

59. Puppy Slow Feeder

My puppy was eating his food too fast, resulting in him vomiting it back up. Instead of buying a slow-feed bowl, I drilled holes into a 12 in. length of 2 in. PVC pipe and capped the ends. I fill the tube with puppy food, and he has to roll it around to get the food to fall out of the holes. My puppy gets all the food he needs without the mess that comes from eating too fast. Be sure the holes are large enough for the food to come out! – Charlie May

Check out these clever and unusual ideas about how to make your pet happier, healthier and more comfortable, using items you’ll find around the house.

60. Identify Your Keys at a Glance

“It seems the older I get, the more keys I carry around. Between the car, house, shed and garage, I have a whole pocket full of keys. To make it easier to quickly find my most used keys, I paint both sides of the key head with brightly colored nail polish. I use a different color for each key. The nail polish is extremely durable and you’ll be surprised how much longer it lasts than spray paint.

61. Pool Noodle Water Hose

If you need to fill up a bucket that won’t fit under your sink’s faucet, bust out a pool noodle. Set the bucket on the floor, slip the pool noodle over the faucet and run it down to the bucket. Check out these pool noodle hacks that will improve your life.

62. Keep Seeds Fresh

If you don’t use up all of your seed packets, store them in an airtight container with silica packets to keep them fresh for next year. The silica packets prevent the seeds from germinating or getting moldy. 

63. Fog-Free Mirrors

Prevent your bathroom mirror from fogging up after a hot shower with car wax. Apply a small amount of car wax to the mirror, let it dry, then buff with a soft, dry cloth. Expert tips that add up to big savings on your next bath remodel.

64. Easy Way to Disinfect Legos

Children’s toys are a breeding ground for germs. A dishwasher makes quick work of disinfecting toys that are washable, like Legos. To quickly clean Legos:

1. Drop the Legos in a laundry bag to keep them contained.
2. Run your dishwasher as usual.
3. But, remove the Legos before the drying cycle, letting them air dry completely on a towel.

This method also works well for other treasures like seashells, dish brushes, rags and sponges.

65. Renew Your Furniture in Minutes

My son plastered all of the furniture in his room with stickers from skate shops, arenas and gumball machines. Once he moved out, I wanted to use his furniture in the new guest room, without the stickers. I peeled off all the stickers using a putty knife in combination with hair dryer, to soften the adhesive. Some are harder to remove than others, but I had them all off in a couple hours. – Steve Winter.

66. Tape Template

Take the guesswork out of hanging picture frames, shelves and other items with “keyhole” hangers. To begin:

1. Stick a piece of masking tape over the keyholes, and then trace over the keyholes with a pencil, making a template.
2. Making sure it’s level, stick the template on the wall where you want the shelf.
3. Drill your anchor holes or screws into the template and remove it.

67. Get Wrinkles Out of Your Laundry with Zero Effort

Ditch the time-consuming iron or handheld steamer to get wrinkles out of a shirt or slacks. Throw a few ice cubes or a wet washcloth in the dryer with your wrinkled clothes. As the ice melts and the water turns to steam, it will remove the wrinkles. This trick isn’t as effective with heavier clothing but is a miracle for lighter fabrics. The best part is that you don’t have to set the dryer for longer than 10 minutes for it to work. 

68. Dryer Lint Fire Starter

To properly build a fire, you need to have tinder (easy-lighting material), kindling (finger-size sticks) and fuel (logs). We all have a readily available supply of tinder: dryer lint! To make fire starters, I stuff empty toilet paper tubes with dryer lint. My dryer lint “logs” light quickly and easily burn long enough to light up the kindling. And I don’t have to resort to lighter fluid!

69. Secret Cash Stash

“Sometimes I don’t want to carry my wallet around. At the beach, for example, when I have to leave my belongings unattended while I go for a swim. But I still need cash on hand for food, drinks, etc. So I turned an empty tube of lip balm into a secret cash stash. You could do the same with an empty stick of sunscreen, too. A long nail works great for digging out any remaining bits of lip balm, and a cotton swab wipes away any waxy residue.

Not only is the tube small enough to fit in my pocket, but it’ll also fool any potential thieves. I mean, who would steal someone’s used lip balm?” — Jenny Stanley

70. DIY Drip Waterer

Here’s an easy way to turn any hose into a drip-watering hose. Drill 1/8 in. holes every 2 in. and screw a cap the end. Weave the hose around your plants and turn on the spigot. You’ll have to do some testing to figure out the right setting. To make watering even easier, I added a programmable faucet timer to the hose. — Matt Boley

71. The Ultimate Extra Hand

Carrying a sheet of plywood by yourself is awkward and hard on your back. The best method I’ve found is to make a loop from an 18-ft. length of rope and wrap it around two corners. Now I can use the rope as a handle. – Ken Porter.

72. Clean Up Paint in Carpet

I used to think dropping a loaded paintbrush on the carpet meant replacing the carpet, until a former foreman told me this little tip. Pour some denatured alcohol onto a rag and scrub away the paint. Use a rag that is as close in color to the carpet, as the alcohol can transfer some of the rag’s color to the carpet. – Tom Gerdowsky

73. Easy Mulch Spreading

Getting mulch up close to flowers and bushes is easier if the mulch is in a small container. So I place buckets and pails in my wheelbarrow and fill them up with mulch. It doesn’t matter much if the mulch misses the bucket and lands in the wheelbarrow. Once you’re done dumping the buckets, dump what’s left in the wheelbarrow in an open area and spread it out. — Eric Swartz

74. How to Make Your Refrigerator Smell Better with Vanilla Extract

We all have a little stink in our fridges from time to time. Whether you forgot you had those peppers in the back of the drawer (it happens) or your leftovers may be a little too left over…we get it. Baking soda is a staple fridge deodorizer, but it doesn’t exactly make the refrigerator smell good.

To freshen your refrigerator, try this simple trick that I found on the internet. First, grab a few cotton balls, your loyal bottle of vanilla extract and a small dish. Take your cotton balls and moisten them with a few drops of vanilla, and then set in the dish and place on a shelf in your fridge.

Vanilla works wonders in getting rid of unwanted and musty smells. You can use it in your fridge, drawers, cupboards and your car. It’s even an old real estate trick to pour a few drops of vanilla extract on a light bulb before turning it on! While highly aromatic itself, it’s never too overpowering.