A Couple Traveling Around The World, Restore A Variety Of Classic Movie Scenes


Because both of them are very keen on watching movies and TV dramas, six years ago, they decided to travel around the world and go to the shooting places of these movies and TV dramas.

1. Inception (Paris, France)

They recreated the love scenes of "Leonardo DiCaprio" and "Marion Cotillard" in Inception at Bir-Hakeim bridge in Paris! The picture is really beautiful.

2. La La Land  (Los Angeles, USA)

They were at Griffith Park in Los Angeles, mimicking the romantic dance from the movie La La Land.

3. Leap Year (Dublin, Ireland)

For example, when Judith Schneider was on his birthday, Robin lachhein took her to eniskerry, Ireland, to restore the classic scenes in her favorite love film Leap Year.

4. The Devil Wears Prada (New York, USA)

Judith, who likes Anne Hathaway very much, realizes his wish and cosplay his idol.

5. Sissi (Austria)

They went all over Austria to find the location of the 1955 old movie Sissi!

6. Game of Thrones (Zumaia, Spain)

And in the play, the feelings of the two people are increasing!

7. Sex and the City (Paris, France)

Because they wanted to cosplay the scene in the finale of Sex and the City, they went to the Pont des Arts on the Seine River in Paris. In the romantic atmosphere, two people have long forgotten that they are cosplay, unconsciously happy smile.

8. No Strings Attached (Los Angeles, USA)

After that, they went to the Los Angeles Museum of art to play Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher in the movie No Strings Attached.

9. Forrest Gump (Monument Valley, USA)

Then, in order to find the location of Forrest Gump, they drove to Monument Valley, where they had companions. A group of Japanese came to Memorial Valley for Forrest Gump.

10. The International (Milan, Italy)

In six years, Robin lachhein and Judith Schneider traveled all over the world, and they didn't know when they would stop.