Airport Security Couldn't Believe These Jaw Dropping Moments


Traveling is supposed to be fun and exciting as you are stepping out of your comfort zone to explore something new and fun. Whether it is your vacation or work-related, it should trigger happiness inside. But, as you make plans to travel, you have to brace yourself for what the airport will bring. Here you will get access to some of the craziest actions of people, yet they are enough to make you laugh a little. So, what is it about this place that makes people behave the way they do?

Well, we are about to find out, so let’s make the camera get rolling…

1. Getting Used To This

Once a traveler steps into the airport, in a matter of seconds he gets all disoriented and lost. It is very important to adjust and embrace the process. If you already have your ticket and traveling light – just move on to the nearest security check-post and keep straight to your boarding gate.

2. Safety Is Above All

We all got used to by now to the long security process that mostly involves long waiting in endless lines. Probably the most annoying and irritating process we all have to go through, but safety first and we cooperate with the authorities to the fullest! not like we got any other choice…

3. She Probably Meant Something Else…

This happy wife waited too long for her soldier to come back home! We are all so thrilled he made it back home safely, but let’s be honest, this lucky guy is soon going to be way-more happy than us!

4. Welcome Aboard

This flight must have been over-booked if the flight attendant had to sit on the counter! It doesn’t look much comfortable, but it sure is a nice photo.

5. Try Not To Stare

Oblivious people at the airport isn’t a weird sight. Thousands of people trying to navigate through the crowd to get to their destination (or the gate that will take them there..). Next time you are traveling, try to stand steal for a minute to take that sight in, we are sure you’ll find some moments very amusing.

6. Sleeping

Going to the airport can get you a little restless, especially when you went in a few hours ahead of your flight. You get bored, and the only thing on your mind is to get a quick nap. For one woman, she thought up a great idea to turn a row of chairs into a bed by sticking her body under the armrest.

7. Not-So-Funny Welcome Signs

Welcome home signs are one of the best parts of going through the airport, and you just have to stop and take notice sometimes. For one person, their welcome sign noted the home was out of cereal while wearing pajamas. Maybe we had to be a part of the home to understand it, but it sure was a creative way to welcome home a loved one.

8. Dangerous Attention-Seeking

Some people don’t know how far to go or where to stop when it comes to risky actions. Swedish pilot, Maria Pattersson, had her photo taken close to the aircraft, more so around the engine area, and seemed a little bit too comfortable as she was doing a yoga pose. The photo quickly went viral on Instagram and got all sorts of responses (good and bad!)

9. Shoe-Shining Business

If you were to walk around an airport for a day, you would see some really interesting things that will make you wonder about the inspiration behind the acts. For sure, one practice you will notice is shoe-shining, and one business took its advertising to a whole new level. They had two figures wearing armors, seated in comfortable seating while their shoes were being polished. The inspiration was that they were in town for comic-con, but the whole scene was really funny.

10. Plane with Birds

For those who are thinking, this is not a sequel to the cult-based movie, Snakes on a plane by Samuel L. Jackson. It is the true depiction of a group of falcons making their way across town atop a commercial aircraft. The story is really about the Prince of Saudi Arabia, who paid for his 80 Falcons to fly between the United Arab Emirates. Of course, no “normal person” could get this privilege, but when you are a prince, you can get whatever you want.

11. The Limited Goodbye Kiss Rule

Airports always want to have their customers taken to and from their desired location on time and with little to no issues. Of course, airports are not the place for drama as people don’t have the time to be bombarded with fetish goodbye practices of others. So, in one Denmark airport (city of Aalborg), there is a “kiss and Goodbye” sign that has a 3-minute limit. Let us be real here, three minutes may not be enough to say a proper goodbye to your loved ones – maybe five minutes would be much better.

12. There’s a Greeting Welcome Crew

When traveling, everyone deserves to have a cool “welcome home” experience from friends and family, and yeah, employees too. For Darth Vader, this memory will never leave his mind soon. When he arrived at the Denver airport, the welcome team even had an imperial march where everyone celebrated the arrival. Just imagine, who knew Vader was this popular? With this amazing airport scene, who do you think can top it?

13. Welcome Home Sign With No Limit

Welcome home signs can be a big deal and a fun part of traveling through an airport. However, where it becomes a problem is when too much information is placed on those greeting cards. Telling where you are coming from is not such a bad idea but not when the person is coming from prison. Just imagine coming from that flight to know your seatmate was a prisoner back there…scary, creepy yet interesting at the same time.

14. Security Doing Their Thing

Airports can be scary for all travelers, no matter if you use that portal everyday. For those using the avenue as a means of getting the work, the hassle and bustle can be pretty stressful and drain your energy before you know it. So, when it comes to the security team, people have this confidence that everything will be okay. However, not everyone who applies to a certain job knows how important their services are. Just imagine this security enjoying a game of solitaire while eager travelers are waiting in line to do their business.

Airports are not short of fun sights to see, and there is certainly no limit to how far they are willing to go. Another funny yet interesting photo showed a man dressed in a Forrest Gump attire, looking for Jenny, setting up an airport proposal as well as a business venture. A lot of them are really funny and crazy, but you must be mindful you follow the rules to not cause a delay or drama with your crazy antics.

15. Airport Rules Followed to the Tee

Just imagine being at the airport and seeing that one thing that has you staring endlessly. There are several rules that you have to follow when it comes to traveling through an airport. You have to carry and use only clear containers or avoid traveling with any weapons and explosives. We know the procedure to put all valuables in the checking basket, but is a baby a suspicious object too? People sure know how to follow the rules literally!

16. Passport and Contact Please

This woman sure was having the full attention of the TSA employees while she was going through security at one airport.

17. Planking

Planking is a thing we should have heard about in history and how popular it was. But this girl decided to go a little farther on one airport luggage belt, and though she seemed to be having fun, we are not sure the storage area will be so much fun just the same.

18. Hitching A Ride On Her Parents’ Luggage

Airports just have a way of making people tired, and this little girl knew just how that felt, and hitching a ride on her parents’ luggage was the only way she could please those sleepy urges. After all, she wouldn’t get left behind if she managed to dose off for a while.

19. Delay? No Problem

Here we go again with the delay that airports throw on us no matter how we try to fight it. But this guy had the best way to get a little nap amidst having to deal with the small and short seats. He added an extra .piece to the bed – his luggage.

20. Actress, Minka Kelly

The Friday Night Lights actress was spotted going through LAX security at the Los Angeles International Airport during an early morning vacation-themed flight. All the best!

21. Weird Airport Shuttle

The airport shuttle is another interesting place to see all of those exciting yet weird scenes you never thought your meet. Just imagine how these people felt when they realized Forrest Gump was on their train heading to the same hotel lol.

22. The Flight Attendant’s Uniform

If these uniforms were to be re-introduced, some people would travel just to bask in the beauty of the designs. Things have changed over time.

23. Strange Parking

We don’t know if these photos are just an “edited version from the real deal,” but all we can say is these planes were way too big for the queuing hanger. Then to be on an icy ground makes it look even weirder and strange.

24. Hilarious Picture

Clothes are some of the most interesting parts of an airport trip, and people will have you wondering what on earth were they thinking. Just imagine a person wearing a metal god shirt while planning to go through a “metal detector.” This pic sure was a hilarious one to see.

25. Danger

Some rhetorical instructions and guidelines you see in airports make you think the whole idea is senseless, but it is needed. Anyone traveling would know they should avoid jet blasts, yet the airport has to be highlighting how dangerous it is.

26. Traveling With Kids

When traveling with kids, you have to expect to go above and beyond to make their trip less boring and more fun and exciting. This little girl took a little free ride on her dad’s suitcase, but if it’s the ride or their outfit is cuter – we would say both.

27. Long Term Kisses

The airport can be an emotional place where people will create lots of drama, especially when they are parting from their loved ones. As such, a lot of airports have reduced the chance of creating all that unnecessary attention by designating “kissing areas” but with limits. So, your 15-minute goodbye kiss may have to be reduced to two or three minutes.

28. Not A Regular Passenger

Airport actions can be funny to both the traveler and the officials, but that doesn’t make way for escaping the protocols like this man may have thought. Everyone had a good laugh, but it was business as usual.

29. Kid-Friendly Leashes

You don’t mean to be harsh with the kids, but desperate measures call for drastic actions. Kids can get hyper when they reach in a public place, and it may be hard to keep up with them. But, with kid-friendly leashes, you can keep them intact while they explore and have fun.

30. Scanning

Not everyone likes the pat-downs at airports like this guy, and choosing the conveyor through the metal detector is an interesting feat yet a strange one. It’s a great way to avoid those “touchy” TSAs, but it is risky as you could get stuck.

31. Chilling on your Flight

The days of having a chat and hanging out while on a flight would certainly be accepted if it were to resurface.

32. Alligator In The Airport

What would be your response if you see an alligator onesie going ahead of you at the airport? Sure enough, it will create a lot of amusement, and if he thought TSA wouldn’t stop – he better think again. But, he looks quite comfortable and satisfied with his outfit.

33. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Noise is inevitable in the airport, and having a pair of noise-canceling headphones will do you well. This father was tired of the kids being on his neck and thought the best way was to stick the things in his ears. However, we are hoping he didn’t let the battery die before the actual flight.

34. Weird Sign

This is one of the most confusing signs you will see in an airport, and if you don’t take a few seconds to analyze, you will never know. The sign was highlighting the bathroom and a drinking fountain.

35. Miss Universe Indeed

Chalita Suansane, Miss Universe Thailand, was seen traveling with 17 pieces of luggage as she awaited her flight at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila.

36. A Temporary Bed

There is nothing as hard as when your flight delays, and you have to stick around on some uncomfortable seats at the airport. When all the hotels are booked, and you need to lie down – get creative.

37. Auto Frisk will be in Soon

You may want to avoid the old-fashion frisk from humans and end up in the wrong. The best option is to get your free auto version.

38. The Second Leg Dilemma

You may not notice it is happening, but when you find out, it becomes a fun moment from everyone around. You may want to keep abreast of what’s going on, and it’s best not to miss a leg day – even though you are traveling.

39. The Overhead Compartment

Before this adventurous woman came on the scene, only your bags could tell you what the overhead luggage compartment felt like. But sleep won’t be for long as she will have to get out soon so others can get their bags up.

40. Selfie in the Skies

This pilot showed everyone the best part of flying an aircraft as she had her first “sky selfie” outside the cockpit window. Sure, selfies have gone to another level!

41. Fun Air Hostesses

The best way to enjoy your flight is to have a fun pack of flight attendants who will take your mind off the worries of flying.

42. The Rich Kid

This fellow must have won big in Vegas and wanted to stand out from the crowd.

43. Runway Traffic

Looking at this picture would have anyone having a panic attack, whether you are afraid of flying or not. This is breaching airline safety on so many levels and an astronomical collision is pretty sure to happen. Luckily, this is just a photoshopped image by photographer Mike Kelley. He named it “Wake Turbulence,” and it depicts all the flights departing from LAX, Los Angeles’ international airport. It was made up of 400 individual images and then doctored together.