Are They Romantics Or Unlucky In Love?


Marriage takes hard work, but if you live in Tinsel Town it becomes all the harder. Celebrities are faced with demanding work schedules, raucous parties, a constant parade of beautiful people, and international set locations. When there are so many unstable variables in your life, it can become easy to slip and put your marriage at risk. That's why you read about so many celebrity divorces on tabloid headlines, but that was especially true for Old Hollywood A-listers. Classic Hollywood has a ton of celebrities who have been divorced at least twice, and some have been divorced upwards of six times. 

1. Lana Turner

1940-1940: Artie Shaw. Lana Turner married bandleader Artie Shaw on a whim while in Las Vegas, and they divorced four months after.
1942-1944: Steve Crane. Turner married Steve Crane twice. The first time was when she became pregnant with her daughter Cheryl, but Crane's divorce from his wife wasn't finalized yet so they got their marriage annulled. They got married again a year later so that Cheryl wouldn't grow up with the stigma of being illegitimate, but they divorced a year later.
1948-1952: Millionaire Bob Topping. Lana got to live the life of the 1% for four years.
1953-1957: Lex Barker
1960-1962: Fred May
1965-1969: Robert Eaton. He was 10 years younger than Lana, and family worried that he was after her money. They divorced after she discovered him in their bed with another woman. 
1969-1972: Ronald Pellar. He was a nightclub hypnotist and a bit "out-of-the-box" for Lana, but he still became her seventh and last husband. They divorced after he stole from her; he took about $100,000 worth of jewelry, and defrauded her of about $35,000.

2. Mary Tyler Moore

1955-1961: Dick Meeker. Mary Tyler Moore described Meeker as "the boy next door," and they had a son together, Richard Jr.
1962-1981: Grant Tinker. He was a CBS executive, and in 1970 they formed the television production company MTM Enterprises, which created The Mary Tyler Moore Show as its first series.
1983-2017: Robert Levine. Their meet-cute was like something out of a romantic comedy. Levine was a doctor treating Moore's mother on a weekend house call, and sparks flew. They were married until Moore passed away in 2017.

3. Janet Leigh

1942-1942: John Carlisle. Janet Leigh married 18-year-old Carlisle when she was 15 years old, but their marriage was annulled four months later.
1945-1949: Stanley Reames. They met while she was in college, and he was a Navy sailor training nearby. Their marriage lasted four years.
1951-1962: Tony Curtis. They were one of Hollywood's biggest "It" couples, and tabloids reported their every move. They had two daughters together, and co-starred in a number of films together. 
1962-2004: Robert Brandt. Leigh married stockbroker Robert Brandt in Las Vegas a day after her divorce finalized. They went on to be married for 42 years, until Leigh passed away.

4. Zsa Zsa Gabor

1935-1941: Burhan Asaf Belge. Back when she was known as Sari, she married Turkish diplomat Burhan Belge.
1942-1947: Conrad Hilton Sr. Conrad changed her name to Georgia in an effort to erase her Hungarian roots, and she quickly felt like she lost her freedom while with him. He was 55 years old when they married, and she was in her 20s. They had a daughter and divorced five years later.
1949-1954: George Sanders. She married the actor in Las Vegas, and he would go on to marry her older sister, Magda, for 32 days.
1962-1966: Herbert Hutner. "Herbert took away my will to work. With his kindness and generosity, he almost annihilated my drive," she wrote in her 1991 book, One Lifetime Is Not Enough. "I have always been the kind of woman who could never be satisfied by money — only excitement and achievement."
1966-1967: Joshua S. Cosden, Jr. They first met at a dinner party, and then married six weeks later.
1975-1976: Jack Ryan. Fast fact: Jack Ryan was credited with creating the Barbie doll. 
1976-1983: Michael O'Hara. Days after finalizing her divorce, she married Beverly Hills lawyer Michael O'Hara.
1983-1983: Felipe de Alba. Their marriage was proven to be invalid, because her divorce from O'Hara wasn't finalized. It was annulled a day after their ceremony.
1986-2016: Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt. He was 20 years her junior, and his family boycotted the marriage. But it turned out to be the real deal, because they stayed together until she passed away.

5. Paul McCartney

1969-1998: Linda Eastman. Paul McCartney and Eastman had four children and stayed together until she passed away from breast cancer in 1998.
2002-2008: Heather Mills. Mills and McCartney met at a Pride of Britain march, where she was working as a charity campaigner. The two married in 2002 and had a child together.
2011-present: Nancy Shevell. They began dating in 2007 and became engaged in 2011. McCartney's song "My Valentine" from his 2012 album Kisses on the Bottom is about Shevell.

6. Louis Armstrong

1919-1923: Daisy Parker. Louis Armstrong first met Parker while performing in Gretna, Louisiana, and she was a local sex worker. Their relationship began as transactional, but they fell in love and married. They adopted Armstrong's cousin Flora's son, after Flora had died.
1924-1938: Lil Hardin Armstrong. Lil was King Oliver's pianist, and she helped Armstrong develop his career. They separated in 1931 before divorcing seven years later.
1938-1942: Alpha Smith. They began dating in 1928 when Louis Armstrong was still with his second wife, but their courtship turned out to be longer than their marriage.
1942-1971: Lucille Wilson. Armstrong met Wilson at the Cotton Club, where she was performing as a chorus girl. They began dating while he was still married to Smith, and married once the divorce was finalized. They stayed together until his death nearly 30 years later.

7. Liza Minnelli

1967-1974: Peter Allen. He was Judy Garland's protégé in the mid-1960s. His marriage to Liza Minnellli eventually ended because he came out as gay.
1974-1979: Jack Haley Jr. He was a producer and director, and his father co-starred with Garland in The Wizard of Oz.
1979-1992: Mark Gero. He was the husband she hoped to have children with, but she suffered three miscarriages before they stopped trying.
2002-2007: David Gest. While they didn't divorce until 2007, they separated in 2003, a year after their marriage. Michael Jackson was best man at their wedding.

8. Jane Fonda

1965-1973: Roger Vadim. He was the director behind Jane Fonda's famous film Barbarella, and he helped revamp her image into that of a sex icon. The duo went on to have a daughter named Vanessa together, who was named after the actress and activist Vanessa Redgrave.
1973-1990: Tom Hayden. Three days after divorcing Vadim, Fonda married activist Tom Hayden. The pair went on to have a son together, Troy O'Donovan Garity.
1991-2001: Ted Turner.  She married billionaire media mogul and CNN founder Ted Turner in 1991, quickly retiring from acting soon after. At first she didn't want to get married, but Turner claimed living together was setting a bad example for his grown children.
When she divorced her Turner, she went back to acting with her 2005 release of Monster-in-Law. Fonda hasn't been married since, but enjoys steady relationships.

9. Tony Curtis

1951-1962: Janet Leigh. Tony Curtis and Leigh were one of Hollywood's biggest "It" couples, and tabloids reported their every move. They had two daughters together, and co-starred in a number of films. 
1963-1968: Christine Kaufmann. She was his 18-year-old co-star in 1962's Taras Bulba. There were reports that they started an affair on set while Curtis was still married to Leigh, which partly led to his divorce. They had two daughters together.
1968-1982: Leslie Allen. They married the same year as his divorce, and went on to have two sons together. This would be his longest marriage.
1984-1992: Andrea Savio
1993-1994: Lisa Deutsch
1998-2010: Jill Vandenberg. The two met at a restaurant, and though she was 45 years his junior, they married. They stayed together until his death.

10. Doris Day

1941-1943: Al Jorden. Doris Day, America's sweetheart, met Al Jorden, a trombonist, when she was only 16 and he was 23. They married a year later, and on the first day of their marriage he began to hit her. She became pregnant two months in, and he wanted her to get an abortion. She refused and they had their son, Terry, when she was 18. Once the baby was born, she escaped Jorden and went back home to stay with her mother.
1946-1949: George Weidler. Three years later, Day went on to marry saxophonist Weidler, but they would only stay married for 11 months. They split after Day's career took off.
 1951-1968: Martin Melcher. The couple stayed married until movie producer Melcher's death in 1968, but they had a rocky union at the end. The producer allegedly squandered 17 years of her earnings.
1976-1981: Barry Comden. The two met when Barry was a maitre d’ at a Beverly Hills restaurant, and the duo got married. The couple eventually split because Barry felt like Doris was too involved with her 14 dogs. The final straw was when she kicked him out of bed so her poodles could take his place!

11. Eddie Fisher

1955-1959: Debbie Reynolds. They had two children together, but Eddie Fisher divorced Reynolds in order to be with her best friend, Elizabeth Taylor, after Taylor's husband, film producer Mike Todd, was killed in a plane crash.
1959-1964: Elizabeth Taylor. Due to the negative publicity surrounding their affair,  NBC canceled Fisher's television series, The Eddie Fisher Show, in 1959. They divorced after Taylor met Richard Burton on the set of Cleopatra, and left Fisher for him.
1967-1969: Connie Stevens. Fisher was reluctant to marry Stevens, but she was pregnant with their first child and he decided to "do the proper thing." They had two children together.
1975-1976: Terry Richard. They married when he was 47 and she was 21 years old. The marriage ended after 10 months.
1993-2001: Betty Lin. The two met through mutual friends when he visited San Francisco, and they stayed together until she passed away in 2001.

12. Brigitte Bardot

1952-1957: Roger Vadim. Brigitte Bardot met Roger when she was around 15 years old, at her first audition for Les Lauriers sont coupés. Her parents vehemently opposed the relationship and tried to send her away to school in England, but she retaliated by sticking her head in the oven. They allowed her to continue the relationship only if she married him at 18 years old. They divorced because of her affairs with two other men, and he went on to marry Jane Fonda.
1959-1962: Jacques Charrier. Soon after her divorce, she began dating Charrier and became pregnant with their son. After the couple divorced, her son was raised by Charrier's family, and they had little contact until he became an adult.
1966-1969: Gunter Sachs. He was a German millionaire photographer, and they stayed married until she began dating actor Patrick Gilles in 1968.
1992-present: Bernard d'Ormale. She has been married to far right politician d'Ormale for almost three decades now.

13. Hedy Lamarr

1933-1937: Fritz Mandl. Mandl was a Viennese arms merchant and reportedly the third-richest man in Austria. He married Hedy Lamarr when she was 18 and he was 33, but he turned out to be a controlling husband who stopped her from pursuing acting. She fled their home in Austria by dressing up as her maid and went to Paris.
1939-1941: Gene Markey. They adopted a son together, James Lamarr Markey, but Gene later discovered that the boy was the out-of-wedlock son of Lamarr and actor John Loder.
1943-1947: John Loder. They had two more children together, but didn't reveal that their first son, James, was their biological child until after Lamarr passed away. She sent James to boarding school when he was 11, and seemed to wash her hands of him.
1951-1952: Teddy Stauffer. A nightclub owner and former band leader, the couple first met through Loder, who was a friend of Stauffer's. The two fell in love when she visited his nightclub in Acapulco after her divorce. She and her children moved there after their whirlwind wedding, but Lamarr quickly became bored of being a nightclub hostess and moved on.
1953-1960: W. Howard Lee.  A Texas oil magnate, they first met at a Texas horse show. She married him through a "combination of love and need," and had him fund many of her projects.
1963-1965: Lewis J. Boies. He was her lawyer and six years her junior. They eventually split after several physical battles.

14. Clark Gable

1924-1930: Josephine Dillon. She was Clark Gable's acting coach and paid to have his teeth fixed and hair styled. She helped launch his career, and they married even though she was 17 years his senior. 
1931-1939: Maria Langham. He married the Texas socialite a few days after his divorce from Dillon was finalized. They began their affair when he was still married, and she helped transform his image into a suave, elite version of himself. It's reported that Langham forced him into commitment by going to MGM and tapping into his morality clause. She revealed to MGM that he was shacking up with her without committing to her, and it's reported that MGM pushed him into proposing.
1939-1942: Carole Lombard. 13 days after his divorce finalized, he married comedic actress Carole Lombard. They met on the set of 1932's No Man of Her Own, but their romance didn't begin until they met again four years later at a Hollywood party. They became inseparable, and she was the love of his life. They were together until Lombard died in a plane crash in 1942.
1949-1952: Sylvia Ashley. They met at a party at Gable's agent's house in 1949, and quickly married. The marriage lasted two years before they filed for divorce, mainly because they were too different. Ashley was lavish and loved throwing big parties, whereas Gable was private and liked a simpler life.
1955-1960: Kay Williams. They met as a publicity stunt. She was supposed to be Gable's blind dinner date to a party thrown in his honor, but she declined. Six months later he called her to invite her to dinner, and she accepted, and they dated for a year before splitting amicably. Ten years later he once again called her for a date, and they became inseparable and married soon after. They had a son together, and stayed together until his death.

15. Rita Hayworth

1937-1942: Edward Judson, her manager. Two years after her film debut, Rita Hayworth married Edward Judson, who was 22 years her senior. He was the one who convinced her to change her last name from Cansino to Hayworth, and to color her hair auburn.
1943-1947: Orson Welles. The two met while on The Mercury Wonder Show, which was a magic show produced by Welles for World War II soldiers. While on the show, the duo quickly fell in love and married. They had a daughter together, but she filed for divorce soon after, citing that Welles had no intention of buying a house, settling down, or being a husband and father.
1948-1951: Prince Aly Khan. Hayworth left her film career to marry the son of Sultan Mahommed Shah. They had one daughter together, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan. After hearing rumors that the prince was having an affair with actress Joan Fontaine, Hayworth ran away to Reno, Nevada with her daughter to qualify for a divorce. She filed for divorce on the grounds of "extreme cruelty, entirely mental in nature."
1953-1955: Singer Dick Haymes. The couple dated a few months before Hayworth married Haymes so he wouldn't be deported back to Argentina. While she loved him, it turned out that he had many financial debts. He couldn't go back to California because he owed over 10 grand in child support to his two ex-wives. He was also $100,000 in debt to the IRS. Hayworth paid off the bulk of his debts, but when he publicly struck her in the face in an L.A. nightclub, she decided she had enough and left him.
1958-1961: Producer James Hill. The pair's marriage was brief because Hayworth wanted to retire from Hollywood but Hill didn't want to allow her. After two years of verbal taunting, bullying, and humiliation, she split from her husband.

16. Jean Harlow

1927-1929: Charles McGrew. Jean Harlow and Charles McGrew were high school sweethearts and moved to Beverly Hills from Chicago using McGrew's massive inheritance. Her aspiring acting career eventually ended her marriage, though she had not made it big yet at the time.
1932-1932: Paul Bern. Harlow met MGM executive Paul Bern while filming Hell's Angels. He was found dead in their house two months after their wedding, and though there were rumors of murder by a former lover, it was ruled a suicide.
1933-1934: Harold Rosson. MGM wanted to avoid scandal after Bern's death, so the studio arranged a marriage between Harlow and her friend, cinematographer Harold Rosson. They quietly divorced eight months later.

17. Ava Gardner

1942-1943: Mickey Rooney. Soon after Ava Gardner arrived in Los Angeles at 19 years old, she met Mickey Rooney and they quickly married. They just as quickly divorced, thanks to Rooney's extramarital affairs.
1945-1946: Artie Shaw. Shaw was previously married to Lana Turner, wife number three, and Gardner became wife number five. He was emotionally abusive during their short marriage, and eventually dumped Ava for his next wife.
1951-1957: Frank Sinatra. They began their affair while Sinatra was married to his first wife, and married a few days after his divorce. Their marriage was passionate but extremely turbulent, and was marked with explosive public fights, suicide attempts on Sinatra's part, and money troubles. Though they eventually split, Gardner called Sinatra the love of her life.

18. Dorothy Dandridge

1942-1951: Harold Nicholas. Dorothy Dandridge met dancer and entertainer Harold Nicholas at the Cotton Club, and they had A-listers like Hattie McDaniel and Etta Jones at their wedding. They had a daughter together, but eventually broke up because of Nicholas' affairs.
1959-1962: Jack Denison. He was a Las Vegas restaurant owner who courted her for four years before she agreed to marry him. His charm didn't last, and they divorced over financial setbacks and domestic abuse.

19. Diahann Carroll

1956-1963: Monte Kay.  He worked as casting director for the musical House of Flowers, which Diahann Carroll got cast in. They had a daughter together.
1973-1973: Fred Glusman. She shocked the press when she married Las Vegas boutique owner Fred Glusman, and he filed for divorce four months later.
1975-1977: Robert DeLeon. At 39 years old, Carroll married the 24-year old managing editor of Jet magazine. They met when he was interviewing her for a cover story. They stayed together until he was killed in a car crash two years later.
1987-1996: Vic Damone. The couple dated for a few years before marrying, but the marriage was turbulent and ended in divorce.

20. Merle Oberon

1939-1945: Alexander Korda. Merle Oberon got her big break when director Alexander Korda gave her a small but prominent role in 1933's The Private Life of Henry VIII. They married and he helped build her career, but they eventually divorced because of her affairs. 
1945-1949: Lucien Ballard. Oberon divorced her first husband in order to marry Ballard. He created a special camera light for her called "the Obie" to eliminate the facial scars she got in a car accident in '37. Four years later, they divorced. 
1957-1973: Bruno Pagliai. They married and adopted two children together, and moved to Mexico to set up their home.
1975-1979: Robert Wolders. Oberon divorced Pagliai to marry Wolders, who was 25 years her junior. They stayed married until her death.