Clothing Color Trend In Spring And Summer Of 2021

The color trend of spring and summer 2021 is unusual.

1. Lava Falls Red

According to Pantone Institute, the color "emits flowing energy". It's not a typical spring color, but it's so gorgeous that we really don't mind.

2. Rust

On a more earth note, we now move to Rust, a shade identified by the Pantone Color Institute. Rust is an earthy orange with a slightly autumnal feel. To us, it represents coziness and comfort, which we still require sometimes, especially in the spring.

3. Orange Ochre

Compared with rust, it's not too bright or noisy, it's still closer to reality.

4. Marigold

The last orange trend in the spring of 2021 is the color of marigold. Marigold has a golden background, giving it a warm effect and reflective quality, which is easy to like.

5. Illuminating Yellow

Illuminating Yellow is the color that brings sunlight. After a few months indoors, it became a warm addition to the palette, well matched with all the liveliness and softness inspired by nature.

6. Burnt Coral

Exceedingly pretty and reminiscent of nature, Burnt Coral was described by Pantone as “convivial” and “inviting.” We felt like this shade was a slightly softer and more relaxed version of Living Coral, which was 2019’s color of the year.

7. Pirouette Pink

This year, it's hard not to appreciate the tenderness and femininity of "Pirouette Pink".

8. Purple Rose

It has the soft feeling of spinning pink, but adds a sense of mystery and charm.

9. Pastel Aqua

Water is one of the most beautiful colors in nature. Because it's aquamarine blue, it's reminiscent of the world of oceans and plants. It's a smooth and cool color, very comfortable in hot weather.

10. Cerulean

This cerulean is so light, almost white. But this gorgeous also brings us a sense of transcendence.

11. Deep Sky Blue

Sky blue is a pleasant color, as energetic as blue.

12. Blue Atoll

Blue atoll is slightly lighter than cerulean, and this vibrant blue represents the tropical waters.

13. Amethyst Orchid

Amethyst Orchid is a jewel tone with a floral twist. This stunning purple is eccentric and dramatic, with a glamorous touch thanks to its royal association.

14. Raspberry Sorbet

Raspberry Sorbet may be the best choice to express the theme of this fashion month. A fantastic, escapist approach to design is adopted, and a lively, loud and influential color like Raspberry Sorbet is the perfect choice.

15. Pickled Pepper

Pickled pepper is the freshest color in spring and summer. This is a very natural green, slightly yellow background, added to the warmth of the.

16. Mint

Another major green is the color of mint. It's a good complement to all the blue and aqua that appear on the runway show.

17. Gold

Designers couldn’t resist the call of luxurious Gold for the spring/ summer 2021 color trends.

18. Silver

Silver is another important metallic color. Like gold. Gold takes us back into history, while silver places us in the exciting sci-fi future.

19. Sphagnum Moss Green

Each season will appear a deeper, slightly warm color of green. And this color reflects the exuberance of nature.

20. Black

In fashion, it's an inevitable color. Many designers like it more than any other style.

21. Inkwell Black

If the intensity of Inkwell black isn’t too your liking, immerse yourself in the restful embrace of Polar Night. This deep navy is a fantastic backbone to any wardrobe, and it has a mature feel that’ll work particularly well for professional wear.

22. Ultimate Gray

If you like cool colors but don't want to be too deep, ultimate gray is perfect.

23. Desert Mist

There’s a lot of peachy similarly between Machiatto and Desert Mist, although Desert Mist is lighter and airier. Pantone even describes it as a color that brings to mind “shifting powdery sands.”

24. Buttercream

The buttercream is always the choice of the season, and it blends perfectly with the soft tone. On its own, it’s delicate yet down to earth.

25. Baby’s Breath White

White is a special color, so we always like to finish with it. It’s a light, pure, and hopeful choice, but it does also have a bit of starkness and clarity, especially when compared to the off-white Buttercream.