Dog Confused After She Gives Birth To Unusual Pups


Rosie, a pregnant golden retriever mix, was adopted by two dog-loving foster parents in late 2017. They were expecting a large litter of fluffy, golden puppies, but what they got was a litter that was nothing like what they had imagined. The internet was thrown into a frenzy by these strangely colored puppies. Rosie gave birth to these puppies in a unique way. And, after they were raised, what happened to these puppies? Learn about Rosie and her unexpected litter in this charming story.

1. Meet Rosie

Rosie, a golden retriever mix, was disowned by her previous owners in October 2017. She was dumped in a shelter, clearly pregnant and on the verge of giving birth. The manager of the shelter was concerned about her health and the fact that she would give birth without help. Although euthanasia policies have been drastically reduced, most shelters are overcrowded with dogs and lack the resources to care for a new litter. Rosie was in desperate need of loving owners now more than ever.

2. She Was Rescued

The shelter’s manager contacted Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue, a Raleigh, North Carolina-based organization that helps dogs find homes. Rosie’s rescuers had to work quickly to get her settled before she gave birth. The Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue and Rehabilitation Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of golden retrievers. Volunteers care for stray or abandoned dogs until they are fit to be adopted. Rosie was fortunate in that one of the organization’s members knew a couple who could cater to her specific needs.

3. Help Was Near

The morning after the call, a Neuse volunteer picked Rosie up from the shelter. Rosie appeared to be on the verge of giving birth at this point, and the volunteer was concerned that she would go into labor on the way to the Raleigh Vet Clinic. Rosie was checked into the clinic by the volunteer, and vets determined that she was healthy. The next step for the rescuer was to find Rosie a foster family who could help her with her birth.

4. John And Katie Black 

Since 2009, Katie and John Black have fostered more than 20 dogs and have three of their own: Annie, Leroy, and Winchester. The volunteer was confident that John and Katie had the necessary experience to care for Rosie and her puppies. Rosie was welcomed with excitement by the couple, who had worked with Neuse River for years. On October 28, 2017, five days after Rosie was dropped off at the shelter, they brought her home.

5. Rosie Loved Being With Them

Rosie was picked up by the Blacks only five days after she was dropped off at the shelter. “This is our new foster, Rosie,” the Blacks said on Instagram, “who is very preggers and close to delivering her puppies.” Rosie appeared shy and scared, but was otherwise very sweet, according to the couple. When the time came, Katie and John Black assisted Rosie in giving birth successfully. Rosie’s four healthy puppies were introduced to them, along with a surprise that captivated the internet.

6. She Gave Birth

Rosie’s puppies were delivered with the assistance of John and Kate. Despite the difficulties, both the mother and the puppies managed to survive. All of the puppies were the right size and weight for her breed…or at least for the breed that everyone assumed Rosie belonged to. Because Rosie appeared to be so large, the couple anticipated a large litter. Rosie only had four puppies, even though most litters have five or six puppies. But the Blacks weren’t the only ones who were taken aback.

7. Not What They Were Expecting

Katie said, “Our foster dog, a Golden mix, gave birth yesterday…  To baby cows.” The four puppies had black spots and didn’t look anything like their mother. The father was clearly not a Golden Retriever, even though no one knows what breed he was. Daisy, Clarabelle, Betsy, and Moo were the names given to the newborn puppies by the Blacks. The Blacks’ family, as well as the internet, made jokes about the family photos. In November 2017, Katie told the Press Association, “My dad laughed for quite a while at the photos.”

8. Who The Father Might Be

Because several dog breeds have white fur with black spots, determining the father’s breed can be difficult. He, like Rosie, could have been a mash-up. However, this hasn’t stopped internet users from guessing what breed Rosie mated with. Dalmatian, English setter, bluetick coonhound, and wetterhoun are some of the theories. Only dalmatians, however, have a true “spot” design. Every other fur pattern consists of “ticking,” which consists of small, isolated areas of tiny dots. As a result, a dalmatian is a likely candidate.

9. Spotted Pups

Katie said her father was so taken with the mismatch that he suggested posting it online. Katie agreed to post photos to Reddit after he joked that the photos would go viral. Father Black was correct: the new mom blew up the internet. In the photo, Rosie appears to be as perplexed just like the Reddit users. Over 90,000 people liked the photo, and 1,600 people left comments inquiring about the new family. When the Blacks posted on Instagram, their popularity skyrocketed.

10. Just Like Their Dad

According to the Nest, puppies inherit certain characteristics based on the genes carried by their parents. “Dominant genes always outrank recessive genes,” according to the Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute, which determines a dog’s appearance. Rosie most likely passed down recessive genes, while her father provided dominant genes. By chance, all of her puppies inherited the father’s physical characteristics. However, the explanation doesn’t make the pair any less amusing.

11. The Internet Loved Them

Redditors flocked to the cow puppies and their mother, a visibly surprised Golden Retriever. Rosie’s expression was translated as best as users could. “I believe there’s been a mixpup here,” one Redditor quipped. Others commented that she appeared to be mentally defending her puppies. Rosie’s face, according to one user, said, “so what?!?! is that really such a big deal? are you sooo closed minded? really Karen?”

12. Defending Herself

Some users were concerned that Kate and John had purposefully bred two foster rescues, despite the positive attention. Kate clarified that Rosie was already pregnant when she arrived. “We weren’t going to abort her puppies,” she commented. “She will be spayed immediately when she can be.” Because John and Kate already had three rescue dogs, they planned to adopt Rosie and her litter as soon as they were healthy. They wouldn’t have to wait long, but they would have to put in some effort.

13. Rosie Wasn’t Doing Good

Rosie was in poor health after the birth, even though it was a success. The Blacks discovered Rosie had an infection after the delivery. They took her to the veterinarian, who prescribed antibiotics for a few weeks. Rosie most likely had Metritis, a bacterial infection in the uterus that occurs after a difficult birth. Rosie’s milk production may be reduced as a result of the symptoms, and she may be unable to care for her puppies. She was fortunate to have Kate and John by her side.

14. They Helped Rosie Heal

The Blacks assisted Rosie by bottle-feeding the puppies while she was recovering. They were completely enamored with each puppy, especially when they were holding them. Even though they knew they wouldn’t be able to keep them, John and Kate treated the puppies as if they were their own. Rosie, thankfully, recovered quickly. She eventually took overfeeding her puppies and went back to being a happy, healthy mother. Her puppies grew up with few issues as well.

15. A Good Mom

While social media users pondered the strange relationship, Rosie appeared unconcerned. For weeks, she remained protective of her pups and cuddled next to them. Moo, Betsy, Daisy, and Clarabelle were all healthy as children. “She is one proud mama,” Kate explained. Rosie, according to Instagram, would follow her dogs wherever they went. Rosie jumped in after Kate moved the puppies to clean sheets in a laundry basket.

16. Not Uncommon

Puppies that look different from their parents or littermates are common in dogs, according to the authors of Pets4Homes, especially in mixed breeds. “When it comes to non-pedigree dogs…there is a lot more scope for variance, to the point that color and other manifestations of physical appearance can be quite variable within the same litter.” Onlookers are mesmerized by the fact that all of Rosie’s puppies resemble cows, and none of them resembled dogs at first. They grew into their dog forms as they grew older.

17. They Are In Good Paws

Kate and John not only took excellent care of the puppies, but they also kept the family’s most ardent supporters informed. They kept their Instagram page updated regularly so that everyone could keep track of the cow puppies’ development. Rosie’s puppies were always around her, sleeping on her paws. Clarabelle showed her true colors early on, according to the Blacks, by being the loudest of the puppies. The personalities of the mini-cows emerged as they grew.

18. Growing Bigger And Bigger

The pups had only been alive for a few weeks when they celebrated their birthday in early December 2017. Even at that age, they had developed distinct personalities. Kate posted a photo of the cow puppies on Instagram on December 6th. “Daisy is a sweetheart, but a little anxious/shy/hesitant/fearful. Clarabelle is a hilarious, fearless spitfire. Moo is a snuggly baby that likes to be held, and cries when he wants attention. [Betsy is] the sweetest and most gentle puppy, I want to keep her!”

19. The Pups Were Separated

Betsy and Clarabelle were adopted by two different families in the first week of January 2018. The Blacks were sad to see them go, but they made sure that each cow pup got the love and attention they deserved. Daisy was also adopted and given the name Lily by her new family. Moo was given a new home and a new name, Barkley, later on. Moo has his own Instagram account, as do his new siblings Max, Mo, and Abby.

20. Saying Goodbye To Her Pups

Rosie has also found her forever home. Although Rosie’s departure will be painful for John and Kate, she will be reunited with a new family who will not abandon her. Everyone understands that in the long run, this will be better for her. John and Kate had Rosie spayed once she was well enough. She is no longer permitted to have puppies, and she may never see them again. All dogs, however, will be placed in loving homes.

21. A Couple Caught In Hurricane Harvey

Did you enjoy the story about the puppies that seemed like cows? Then keep reading for a touching story about a cow who “pretended” to be a dog to survive. Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on the lives of many people in Louisiana, Belize, Nicaragua, Texas, and elsewhere in August 2017. In the process, city streets and country pastures were flooded, putting people like Tammy Canton and her husband in a bad situation. Canton and her husband were among the tens of thousands of people who had to figure out how to get through this disaster. On top of the hurricane, they were confronted with a slightly different situation…

22. They Used Their House As A Shelter

Two more families and eight more dogs found a haven in the Cantons! Consider how much commotion there is in your home. They didn’t have much room in Fulshear, Texas. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Tammy’s husband noticed something that would make things a little more difficult for everyone while also taking up more space. What did he see, exactly? In a hurricane, you never know what might happen, so be prepared for the unexpected…

23. Their Shelter Grew Quickly

What would be the last thing on your mind if you were in this situation? After the storm had passed, one of the family’s pet cows had given birth unexpectedly. “My husband noticed she [the calf] was standing in water not nursing from her mom,” Tammy explained. Normally, the mother cow nurtures the calf after it is born, so the fact that the calf is not nursing from the mother raises red flags right away. There was something else going on…

24. An Unfortunate Calf

Tammy added, “The water was extremely cold and the pasture was holding quite a bit of water.” Have you ever come across a stray dog while it’s raining? Now multiply that by ten with this poor little calf. The calf was also “weak and shivering from the cold rain,” according to Tammy. What options do the couple have in this situation? One thing was certain: they couldn’t just stand there and watch the poor creature suffer in the cold!

25. Making A Move

It’s a proven fact that baby animals can’t survive long on their own. The weather was bad, and the conditions were even worse, so this calf could only keep going for so long without any help. The time was ticking away. Tammy was well aware of the situation and realized that she and her husband needed to act. They decided to play hero again for the sake of the calf, even though the house was already crowded with people and dogs.

26. Rescue Was On The way

Tammy and her husband braved the flooded pasture to reach the young cow like the good Samaritans they are! We don’t know how many others would be capable of doing so. Tammy was shocked to see the calf in such bad shape when she arrived. She was extremely weak and could barely stand, shivering violently from the cold. Tammy said, “She seemed too far gone for me to help her.”

27. Meet Harveigh

The little calf was given the name Harveigh by Tammy and her family. She didn’t have a strong enough immune system to deal with that kind of weather because she was so young. Also, without her mother’s assistance, things would be difficult. That’s why a veterinarian advised Tammy to confine Harveigh to the house until she regained her strength. Tammy decided to put Harveigh in the laundry room because she needed her own space.

28. Recovering

Weeks had passed since Harveigh’s rescue, and things were beginning to look up for the young cow. During this time, she was sleeping on a dog bed and eating hand-fed formula. Harveigh grew stronger as the days passed, and Tammy and her family hoped she would be able to return to the pasture soon. Surprisingly, during her recovery period, Harveigh was able to make some unexpected and much-needed friends…

29. Loved By The Dog

Pit bulls, contrary to popular belief, are a joy to behold. Sealy, the family pit bull, decided to start licking Harveigh one night, and the calf almost immediately perked up with delight. “All of the dogs seemed to love her right away,” Tammy said. What no one knew was that this was just the start of something truly unique and unexpected. What do you think happened between Harveigh and the rest of the family after that? …

30. A Beautiful Friendship

Suddenly, the beginnings of beautiful relationships bloomed right in front of everyone’s eyes. It was almost as if we were in a children’s book, but we’re not complaining! Harveigh began to recover from her ordeal and quickly grew fond of her new surroundings. Harveigh began imitating her newfound friends’ actions! As she played with the dogs every day and night, she quickly became one of them. Who could have predicted this?

31. Friendship Among Animals

The good news is that they felt the same way! Because of the dynamics, this is definitely a Disney novel in the making. Can you imagine a pit bull effortlessly bonding with a calf? “Sealy loves to spend her time playing, cleaning, and protecting baby Harveigh. These two have such a special bond,” Tammy wrote on her Facebook This relationship can only be described as exceptional. We know Tammy relished every moment of it…

32. She Couldn’t Fit Anymore

A cow cannot be housed in a regular home, as everyone knows. The small calf who got along with the pit bull grew to be over 400 pounds. Tammy needed to figure something out because she was quickly becoming a handful. Harveigh had grown so large that she could no longer fit in the laundry room! She needed a place to stay as a result. What do you think Tammy and her husband are planning for Harveigh?

33. She Wouldn’t Graze

Only one thing can happen if an animal begins to live inside for an extended period of time. The animal will grow accustomed to the comforts and dislike returning to the outside world. That is exactly what happened to Harveigh. She wouldn’t even graze the pasture with the other six cows after a while. Tammy and her husband would take her out to the barn, and she would eventually return, mooing to be let back in.

34. The Cow Condo

Tammy and her husband went above and beyond what any caring caregiver would do. They devised a plan to accommodate Harveigh without jeopardizing her happiness. They created a “cow condo” as a result of their efforts. They turned the backyard shed into a personal residence for her! For crying out loud, she had a personal space heater in there! She was living in a halfway house that was both a barn and a house.

35. She Dislikes It

Even though Tammy had set aside a space for Harveigh to call her own, it wasn’t enough for her. She left the condo after only one night and chose to sleep outside by the main house’s door. Why did she not want to remain in the condo? Harveigh chose to spend as little time as possible in her own home, preferring instead to play with the dogs and the rest of the family. That quiet existence wasn’t for her…

36. Growing Large

Harveigh began to grow even larger as time passed, as cows do. Her new size became a burden as she became a danger to the people she cared about. Harveigh used to be able to hang out with the other animals and people without being noticed, but she’d soon require the services of a chaperone. If the dogs were roughhousing too much, her size alone could have hurt them. No one wants to see a dog in pain!

37. Teaching Harveigh To Be A Cow

As you’ve read the story, you’ve learned that Harveigh was not raised in the traditional way that cows are. As a result, Tammy had no choice but to take matters into her own hands and attempt to turn Harveigh back into a regular cow. She had several steps in her procedure, but one of them was to take her out to the barn for quick visits. Tammy’s efforts were almost a waste because those visits yielded mixed results…

38. Her Transition

“We are slowly introducing her,” Tammy said. “It’s so hard not to go and just get her out. If she wants to learn how to ‘cow,’ she will need to spend time with them.” This appears to be a classic case of attempting to transform a house dog into an outside dog. For starters, it is difficult for both humans and dogs. Second, the animal takes longer to grasp the concept, but Harveigh’s sight of the other cows outside probably helped a little more.

39. A Sneaky Cow

Maybe you’ve had a pet or know someone who has cracked the code. The secret we’re talking about is opening the door without using any tools! Harveigh self-taught herself how to enter through the back door. She could make herself at home whenever she was tired of cow stuff, but there were still rules to follow. “I don’t let her free roam in the house,” Tammy said. “Just quick visits to come in and say hi to our dogs.”

40. A Happy Cow

Yes, Harveigh had to give up most of her dog habits to adjust to cow life, but Tammy couldn’t stop herself from pampering her every now and then. On occasion, she even gave her a dog treat. “It fills my heart with joy being able to spend so much sweet time with her,” Tammy explained. “She will literally lay her head on my lap and be at peace.” What an amazing and sweet story.

41. Want To Have Another Great Story of Birth?

We all love birth stories, especially when it comes to our pets. Aside from the story you read above, we have another one who will blow your mind! Imagine seeing how responsible animals are and how they show their love to their own family. This story is a great testimonial! Love also exists in the animal world and this family will show that!

42. Unusual Thing

A strange occurrence occurred recently in Cariacica, in the Brazilian state of Espirito Santo, which was highly unusual. This month, surveillance cameras filmed a lonely dog strolling up to the doors of a veterinarian’s office in the city.

43. Why Are They There?

The family is expecting little puppies and they are there to ask for help. Patiently waiting for their rescuer to come. This is a very unique moment where animals are relying on people for help.

44. The Doctor Who Saves The Day

The dog sat there for quite some time until a veterinarian named  João Áureo Rodrigues de Oliveira came out to check on her. The veterinarian saw that she was pregnant and on the verge of giving birth. He walked her into the clinic without a second’s hesitation.

45. Let’s Try To Talk About Something Else…

Before we proceed to this wonderful story, let me ask you a question. What will you do if you ever encounter something like this? As a vet, will you help or not? As a person, will you approach it or not? Let us give you a little precautionary if this happens.

46. What Should We Do If This Happened To Us?

If you are not a professional doctor or veterinarian, the best thing to do in this situation is to call for help. Approach a nearby veterinary clinic should be your first action. Of course, nature can take its course of letting the mother dog to give birth without any help but be mindful that some complications may occur, and you shouldn’t just touch the babies after. Call a professional and let them handle the situation.

47. Fragile Babies

Babies are fragile, even for dogs or any other animals. If they gave birth in a not-so-clean place, the baby and the mother can both be prone to infection. It may cause a lot of problems, even death, to fragile babies and mothers.

48. Taking Care Of Puppies

Puppies are unquestionably a lot of work, but they also bring a lot of happiness into your life. You will need to know the following things whether you are acquiring your first puppy or just need a refresher course on raising a puppy from a young age to an adult.

49. Can Anyone Take Care Of Dogs And Puppies?

Of course, anyone can be a fur parent, but take note that it is a very big responsibility and there are a lot of things you should consider. With the proper mindset and knowledge, you can be a great furparent!

50. Choosing the Right Puppy

If you have decided that the time is perfect for getting a puppy, the next step is to find the ideal match. Occasionally, a puppy will come into your life by coincidence, and you will instantly sense a connection with them and know it is the ideal one for you. Perhaps you will come across your future companion. However, this does not always happen. You will have to undertake the critical chore of going out and finding the correct kind of puppy for you regularly.

First and foremost, think about your lifestyle and what characteristics you are searching for in a puppy. Do you want a purebred or a mixed breed dog? Is it better to be big or small? There are even more considerations to consider, including grooming and exercise requirements, temperament, and any potential health problems.

51. Cleaning And Preparing Your Home For A Puppy

You must make your home as safe as possible before bringing home your adorable little furball. This includes making sure that both your new puppy and your things are protected from harm. Although the method of puppy-proofing a home is similar to that of toddler-proofing a home, there are some variances.

First, acquire a sense of what your house looks like from the perspective of a dog. Keep in mind that your puppy is capable of jumping, climbing, chewing, and scratching, so store anything you can at the top of the stairs or in a locked cabinet. Electrical cables, potentially toxic substances, and breakable things should all be kept out of reach of children.

52. Choosing A Name For Your Puppy

When your puppy becomes a member of the family, the all-important task of naming your new addition becomes a top priority. Obviously, you will be calling your dog by his given name regularly throughout his life, so choose your selection carefully.

Choose a name that has a good ring to it and is not excessively long. It should be simple to say and simple enough for your puppy to comprehend it. In addition, the name you choose for your dog mustn’t sound too similar to any other terms you intend to teach it.

53. Puppy Supplies That Are Not Optional

Your new dog will require some things right away. Not all are necessary for your pup’s health, but many are. A leash, a collar with identification, food and water dishes, and chew toys are essential. Get a comfy dog bed and a crate or kennel.

Some of these products will age with your puppy, but many will need to be replaced as they grow. Collars can be adjusted to a point. A larger kennel can be acquired for future use but should be closed off with boxes or other things to fit the puppy. It’s also critical to budget for dog-related expenses. Set up a budget and stick to it. Budget for unforeseen costs.

54. Choosing Your Puppy’s Food

Diet plays a massive role in your puppy’s future health. Do your homework before picking a puppy’s food. Consult your vet, other pet professionals, and other dog owners. To avoid disappointment, remember to progressively swap foods if the first choice doesn’t fulfill your needs.

Diet options abound in today’s dog-friendly environment. Some owners prefer expensive cuisine, while others choose holistic/natural diets. Raw and homemade diets are also gaining popularity.

Consider the components’ quality, nutrient content, and taste while studying dog food. Choose a growth-promoting meal, not an adult or “maintenance” formula. Your puppy’s diet should be tasty and nutritious.

55. Keeping Your Puppy Healthy

You should find a vet before getting a dog. After bringing your new puppy home, take it to the vet for a general exam. Make it a positive experience so your puppy won’t fear the vet’s office.

You’ll see your vet a lot in the first six months of your puppy’s life. Young puppies should be spayed or neutered for six months. Spaying or neutering frequently follows puppy vaccinations.

Your vet can detect any health issues early on and advise you on long-term care for your dog. First visits also allow for communication between you and your vet. Consider obtaining pet health insurance, which may cover up to 80% of your dog’s medical bills.

56. Puppy Vaccinations

Anti-viral vaccines safeguard your puppy and other pets. Puppies (and kittens) need basic vaccines to replace maternal antibodies. The puppy vaccine series is vital in your dog’s early life.

Sadly, pet vaccination has become controversial among individuals who dislike immunizations. That’s why many vets are switching to a three-year protocol for mature dogs. Puppies, however, are exempt from these limitations due to the increased risk of vaccine-preventable infections. These infections can kill your new dog and even spread to humans. Routine immunization visits also allow your vet to check on your puppy’s growth and health every few weeks. Consult your vet about your puppy’s vaccination schedule.

57. House Training

First, teach your new puppy to potty. This process can be complicated, but some puppies learn faster than others.

House-training, your dog, should begin immediately, but it takes time. Puppies can’t control their bladder or intestines until about 12 weeks old. Be patient if your pet is younger.

Getting your puppy into a schedule early helps. Your dog will know what to do as it grows and gains control over its bodily functions. Take your puppy to the designated “potty spot” right after eating or drinking. But be prepared, consistent, and patient.

58. Socialization

You will need to teach your dog more than just housebreaking. Begin with socializing. Following leash training, teach basic commands like sit, come, and stay. Teaching basic commands can assist some behavioral issues.

Puppies are curious, lively, and teething. They eat everything, including your hands. Replace the improper object with a suitable toy or chew. Distract your dog from bad behavior by offering a game, stroll, or other activity. Treats or praise your puppy for changing his focus.

While puppy training can be difficult, the results will be rewarding. A solid training foundation gives your dog structure and confidence. Happy dogs are well-trained.

59. Back To The Story

There, a dog named Amiga (Friend) gave birth to six lovely puppies in complete safety and under the care of a beautiful family. Amiga was well aware of where she needed to go and what she needed to do to ensure the safety and well-being of her puppies.

60. Responsible Father

The astonishment, on the other hand, did not stop there. While Amiga was in the process of giving birth, the father of the puppies (as determined by the veterinarians) waited patiently outside of the clinic. The entire family is now safe and sound, and they are eagerly awaiting adoption.

61. Dogs Are Truly Intelligent

They know where to get help. They did know what to do. These are some of the great proof that they are really intelligent animals. Amiga was aware of where she could go for assistance and care. She and her puppies are now in a safe and secure location. They are now in the process of being adopted!

62. The Real Hero

The real hero of this story is João Áureo Rodrigues, a compassionate veterinarian who did his responsibility and oath. We are truly blessed to have a person like him in this world, and we all wish that we can have more of him in the future.

63. Moral Lesson

I know, having a pet is really good, and it makes a lot of people happy. But, we don’t want a lot of these scenarios happen in the future. It is sad for the dog to went through these situations. It’s much better to think before getting one.

64. Adopt, Don’t Shop

If you’re thinking about getting a pet, please consider visiting a shelter in your area first. The number of great pets in them is staggering. Those that adopt from animal shelters will be eternally grateful to you for your generosity. You will have a partner for the rest of your life by your side. In addition, if you don’t want to own a pet or are unable to adopt one, please consider contributing to or volunteering at a local animal shelter. Shelters are always in need of something and everything, even the tiniest of items, to assist them!

65. They Are Not Toys

When I write these types of pieces, I always want to remind readers how vital it is to be sure you are capable of and willing to care for a pet before purchasing a companion animal. Pets are significant responsibility, not just toys to be played with whenever you want and then thrown away after a while. Please consider the advantages and disadvantages of owning a pet before making a decision. For you, it may appear to be nothing more than fun and games, but for them, it is their life and happiness on the line.