Family Adopts A New Dog Then Vet Sees It And Calls The Cops


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When the Anderson family gets a new dog, they have little to no doubt about which one as they immediately fall head over heels in love with a particular puppy’s ocean blue eyes. But maybe they shouldn’t have been so eager as they didn’t just adopt any ordinary dog. But they only find that out when their vet calls the police on them.

The poor family unknowingly got a lot more than they bargained for...

1 What was going on?


Billy and Erica weren’t sure what to think. The vet didn’t speak a word to them when he took their dog away. What was going on? Could this maybe have something to do with the weird behavior they experienced last night? Or was there something else? 

The police was called 

The vet returns to the waiting room 10 minutes later. Without their new dog. Before they can even question where he was, the vet informed them that he had just called the police and that they were on their way. Billy and Erica were stumped...  

So naive...

Little Tim was crying by the pint, screaming that he wanted his dog back. But when the vet started explaining himself, it suddenly made sense for the couple. How could they have been so naive?

But to better understand this situation, a bit of backstory is required...

Meet the Anderson family

The Andersons were a young family living in Vermont. Billy, Erica and their four-year-old son, Tim lived together in a small town. Recently in the Anderson home, there had been a lot of sadness. And although the family had just moved into a new town and didn't know much about the town. There was another reason for this sadness. 

5 Rio

The young family had recently lost a dear member, one that had been a part of the family for eleven years, their family pet, Rio. Rio was not merely a pet but a longstanding member of the family. You see, Rio was the first friend Billy made when he ran away from home at 16. 

A world outside of the grasp

Billy’s home situation had been less than pleasant. His parents were verbally and emotionally abusive, constantly monitoring his actions to the point where he was restricted from making friends. Billy often fantasized about a world outside of the grasp of his parents. So much so that once he got out, the first thing he did was buy a dog.

Best friends forever

For the first two years, it was Billy and Rio, best friends forever. The young man struggled to find his ground when he was on his own but luckily, having a loyal friend through it all eased the pain. Rio was there for all of the monumental moments in Billy's life. Including his first date with Erica and the birth of their newest family member, Tim.

Unmistakably sad

Rio was a special part of their family life, and just as he had been there for Billy he was also very close to their young son, Tim. Now that Rio was gone it was clear that things were no longer the same. The family was unmistakably sad, but they had an inkling as to how they would fix it.

Getting another dog

“Let’s get another dog!” Even as he said it, Billy had to admit he wasn't so sure about his plan. Erica shook her head, she knew it was far too soon to be getting a new pet. Rio had meant a lot to both her husband and Tim, so much so that she was a little surprised he had brought replacing the dog up so soon. However, there was a dog-shaped hole in their life that needed filling. 

10 Ready for a change

Erica and Billy talked about it a few more times. Erica was concerned that Billy was jumping into things a bit too quickly, and Billy was doing his best to convince his wife that he was ready for the change. Eventually, Billy won Erica over and the two decided they would get a dog. But the hurdles had just begun.

A husky

The first hurdle the family faced was in choosing the next breed they would have after voting they decided on a husky, this would be easier for Tim to adjust to as Rio had been a husky as well. Next, the family found themselves searching the web for a licensed breeder as Tim really wanted a puppy.

Searching online

The couple was unfamiliar with the breeding world and felt the internet would offer the most options. After much searching, they found two husky breeders. The couple decided to make it a weekend trip and scheduled visits with both breeders. However, their trip proved to be a little disappointing for the family...

The wrong vibe

The first breeder gave off the wrong vibe from the start. Although the puppies were cute and Tim and Erica had a nice time playing with them, Billy couldn't fight the weird feeling being at the location gave him. First, it appeared that the dogs lived in uncomfortable areas, secondly the cost seemed questionable too. 


The young family didn't have much luck with the second shop either. While this breeder was cleaner and seemed to take better care of its puppies, the couple was greeted with some sad news on arrival. They had sold the very last two puppies online. Now Erica and Billy were stumped. 

15 An animal shelter

The entire family was sad once more, they felt disheartened that their entire trip had turned out to be nothing but a bust. Billy and Erica decide it would be best to get home and figure out a new plan. However, fifteen minutes into their drive and the couple spotted an animal shelter. Would this be destiny?

Checking it out

Erica was ecstatic. She had begun to lose hope and was feeling a little dismayed when she spotted the small shelter on the side of the road. Turning to Billy, she pleads with him to stop and poke in. Something told her, they would find what they were looking for. The young family decided that it couldn’t hurt to at least check it out. 

Something caught their eye

The young couple was in a neighboring small city and didn't expect to find much of a selection. They were proven right. The shelter attendant explained they only had five dogs in their keep and only two of them were puppies. However, one dog in particular immediately caught their eye... 

It was one of the puppies

It was one of the puppies. And as little Tim exclaimed, it was clear that the little boy had the same thought as his mother. The puppy looked like a husky, or at the very least like one of its parents was a husky. However, the most fascinating thing about the animal was its eyes. 


They were starling blue eyes that neither of them had ever seen on a dog. The dog was timid and smiled while keeping its distance. It was unlike the other dogs that danced and hopped in hopes of getting some attention. Instead, the little puppy stared on high alert at the door.

20 No chip

The employee explained that the dog had been left at their door just the night before and was still acquainting itself with the space. More so, since it was so new, and had been left with no identification they knew very little about the puppy, other than the fact that it wasn't chipped. The Andersons wanted the puppy, but there was some hiccup.

An exception

However, the employee stated that the shelter did not normally let animals go without first verifying their identity. However, it was a small town and an even smaller shelter that had not seen an adoption in many months. That fact made the employees state that they would make an exception for the young family. But would they come to regret it?


The couple was overjoyed and headed in to sign the necessary paperwork. It seemed far too much like fate to let the puppy go. While Billy and Erica signed the papers, young Tim played with the new member of their family who was now slowly getting used to the young boy's advances. 


It took about an hour for all the paperwork to be signed and recorded. And finally, the young family was headed back home with their new family pet. Everyone was excited, most of all Tim, who had now made a new best friend. Unfortunately, this feeling would not last long for the family...

A great revelation

Soon a great revelation would be stealing their newfound joy. One of the conditions of their being allowed to take the puppy home was a promise to get the dog a full-check up at the vet for health reasons, as the shelter had not had the chance to do so. Little did they know what the visit would lead to...

25 Taking Blue home

The family had the chance to bring their new puppy, who Tim had fittingly named Blue, by the vet that same day, but then they would need to rush. So they decided to plan an appointment for tomorrow. They first wanted to introduce Blue to his new home

Inspecting the house

When they got home, Blue seemed to be beaming with excitement and energy. They watched Blue as he carefully inspected every corner of his house, eventually ending at the dog bed where he quickly fell asleep. It had been a long day for him.

Not knowing the truth

The family had already fallen head over heels in love with their new addition to the family and they were so happy they brought him home. They could watch this little angel sleep for hours. But there was so much they did not know yet...

Going to bed

Soon after, the family also went to bed themselves. Blue had seemingly already been solidly asleep for an hour so they felt comfortable leaving him to himself right now. This day had also been full of excitement for them and they had an appointment with the vet early the next day.

A perfect replacement?

The family was happier than they had been in a while. They thought they had found their perfect replacement for Rio, even though he could of course never fully be replaced. But sadly, this happiness would not last as long as they had hoped. Not even close…

30 Woken up at night

That night around 2 o’clock, they were awoken by a loud howling coming from downstairs. Billy was startled by this and had to compose himself for a second. Still rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, Billy made his way downstairs to check on Blue.

Billy’s PC

Blue was no longer in his sleeping place when Billy came downstairs. He had made his way to Billy’s PC and sat down next to it. Billy was incredibly confused by this behavior. Neither Rio nor any other dog he had heard of ever reacted like this to a PC...

Closing the office door

Blue only stopped howling when he was picked up and taken away from the PC. Back to his sleeping place. He didn’t put up much of a fight. Too tired to address this right now, Billy closed the door to his office and went back upstairs. He didn’t hear any more howling for the rest of the night.

Blue is not in his bed

The next day the family found Blue sleeping against Billy’s office door. They had no idea how long he had been there or why he was doing this. It was obvious Blue was attracted to the PC, even when he could not see it. Could he sense it somehow?

Going to the vet

But the family had barely any time to think of an explanation for this strange behavior as they had an appointment at their vet in an hour. They got themselves ready and hopped in the car. Blue still seemed very tired for some reason...

35 Going as a family

The plan was to leave Tim at home for this as they would most likely be in the waiting room a while, but Tim was not going to let Blue out of his sight so all three of them went together. They would however soon wish that Billy went alone for this…

Already really busy

When they got to the vet it was already crazy busy at this early hour so they had a bit of delay and the family had to wait. The waiting room was also quite full as a result and Blue was drawing a lot of attention. Mainly because of his odd characteristics.

Drawing a lot of attention

Nobody had seen a pup with blue eyes like this before and the family got a lot of questions. Almost none of which they could answer as they had not done much research themselves as of yet. Why did Blue have these brightly colored eyes?

Why the Blue eyes?

Now that they had a moment to kill while waiting for the vet, they started searching the internet for more information. There wasn’t much they could find, however. Apparently, it was even rarer than they had first anticipated. 

Unable to create pigment

The only logical explanation they could find was fairly uninteresting. Apparently, it could be caused by cells that are unable to create pigment, which was rare but possible. Maybe the vet could tell them more about it when it was their turn to be helped.

40 The receptionist is suspicious

All of this commotion had also caught the attention of the receptionist of the veterinarian. When she figured out what it was about she immediately called the vet and he had her postpone his next appointments a bit, moving the Jeffersons up...

Moving up the Jeffersons

A few moments later the vet walked into the waiting room himself. Barely speaking a word only informing the Jefferson's it was their turn and they to wait here. Billy was surprised but also happy as he didn’t think they would be helped for at least an hour. Why have they moved up the list?

Taking Blue away

The vet picked up Blue, quickly inspected the excited puppy, and then took him into his office. Billy was confused as he expected that they would join him into the office to keep Blue distracted while he did some tests. That is how he did it with Rio at the time.

Into the office

The family waited in anticipation for the Vet to return, which he did 10 minutes later. But he didn’t have Blue with him. Before they can even ask any questions, the vet ushers the family into a different room. Here he starts explaining the situation...

Getting the police involved

He tells the family that he has informed the police and that they will soon be here to pick up Blue. Billy and Erica were stumped by this and Tim started crying his eyes out. Screaming that he wanted his dog back...

45 A tech CEO’s puppy

The vet explained that a couple days ago a report went out about a missing dog belonging to a very rich unnamed tech CEO and that Blue fit the description perfectly. The CEO was also offering a handsome reward for finding his special puppy.

A cautionary measure

The vet continued to explain to the family that they were not in trouble, but that he wanted to have called the police first before informing them because he knew that their love for the dog could maybe already be so deep that they would decide to run...

The CEO arrives

The CEO arrived together with the police about 30 minutes later and sat down with the family. He proved to them that the puppy belonged to him. It wasn’t chipped because he had simply not gotten around to doing it yet.

It all made sense now

The fact that Blue seemed so attracted to PCs now also made sense as he had been around them all the time in the CEO’s office. He probably recognized it and reacted to it because it would feel familiar to him.

Giving Blue back

The family could do nothing else than agree for the CEO to take his dog back, much to Tim’s disappointment. He didn’t care that the CEO was the puppy’s owner, he still saw Blue as his dog. Luckily there was also some good news...

50 Getting a reward

As the vet mentioned, there was also a reward associated with finding the puppy and the CEO happily made it all out to the family. Plus he would allow them to see North (which was Blue’s actual name) any time they wanted!

A new puppy

The family eventually adopted another husky puppy a few weeks later. They used the CEO's money to get a more expensive one from which they knew it had been raised the right way and fully checked. They quickly started to love this new puppy just as much as Blue, and everybody ended up happy!