Fashion Trend Of Sunglasses In Spring And Summer Of 2021


Like many other seasonal trends, glasses are not as popular as in previous seasons. But less glasses doesn't mean less creativity. In fact, sunglasses in the spring of 2021 are one of the most beautiful Sunglasses we've ever seen.

1. Oversized Frames

Big glasses are charming, mysterious and protective, which is why celebrities and ordinary people like to wear big glasses.

2. Visors

Some brands have taken the oversized sunglasses to a new height, launching the 2021 summer sunglasses similar to sun visors, which can provide comprehensive protection.

3. Brown Lenses

Brown lens is a kind of moderate Sunglasses trend, it can let you protect your eyes at the same time enjoy a softer appearance.

4. Yellow Lenses

From the trend of sunglasses in the summer of 2021, we see the perfect yellow lenses. Yellow lenses have a sense of the 1990s in history, but this kind of sunglasses just give people a sense of summer and modern, with a warm effect.

5. Black Lenses

People who like to keep a low profile will like these glasses.

6. Sporty Sunglasses

Sporty sunglasses are the perfect complement to the sportswear we see on the runway show. Their casual and fashionable atmosphere is perfect for sportswear.

7. Cat-Eye Frames

A pair of cat's-eye Sunglasses exudes retro charm, and the glasses trend in the spring of 2021 adds fresh color and modern strangeness to them.

8. White Frames

The white frame is unforgettable and iconic. They are immediately reminiscent of a series of celebrities from the past, such as Kurt Cobain and Audrey Hepburn. We're always looking forward to seeing white sunglasses on the runway show.

9. Colorful Frames

In the warm season, always want to play with color. That's why we show you more colorful glasses.

10. Twisted Aviators

Aviators are classic eyewear with their metal frame and ultra-cool double bridge. For the spring 2021 sunglasses trends, we saw a lot of even cooler twists on the classic design.

11. Elongated Frames

If you don't want glasses to cover your face, choose them. They make the face look smooth, slim and don't take up too much space.

12. Geometric Eyewear

If you want an eyewear shape that gets really wild, have a look at the geometric sunglasses! These sunglasses broke away from tradition, with totally new shapes.