Girl Finds Abandoned Car - Look on the Seat and Realize Something is Very Wrong


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A thick layer of clouds blocked out any light. There were no stars and there was no moon. Just black. Ginny slowly made her way though the forest, the rocky terrain making it impossible to go any faster than a snail's pace. Worse, she had a feeling she was beeing watched. Every bit of her was on the edge.

There it was, an abandoned car in the woods, Ginny couldn't believe it. How could it ever get here? Courageously, she approached the car. She wiped away some dirt from the window.

Then, a scream as loud as you've ever heard moved through the forest...

Running for her life


For the first minute Ginny does not even dare to look back. What the hell did she just see?! Whatever it was, she was not getting in danger because of it. That much she thought she knew for sure. But she just felt curiosity pulling her back to the car…

Nothing was happening

She slowed down and turnbed around. She felt the need to check out what was in the car again. She noticed that she could still see the car and started moving towards it. To her surprise, it was deadly calm around it. It was as if the forest became quiet again. Her heart was pounding as she approached the car.

Returning to the car

Ginny slowly started to approach the car again, knowing full well the risk she was potentially taking. She just had to know for sure…

But what did Ginny see inside the car? Why did it make her run for her life? And why did she risk returning to it?

Needing a plan

18 year old Ginny had no idea yet of what was going to happen to her. All she wanted to do was go into the forest, but her grandparents, with whom she lived, would not allow it under any circumstances. It's as if they knew something Ginny didn't. So Ginny had to come up with a plan…

A drastic measure

She had planned this trip for weeks now, ever since she heard her grandparents would be out of town. Ginny had some experience in the forest, but a lot of things were new to her. But since she had so little experience, there were a lot of things that could go wrong, she had to do something drastic...

It might be dangerous

It was a big step for Ginny, and to be honest it sounded like a horrible plan. It would be way better if she would have just went out in the forest for one day. Sleeping in the forest would be dangerous and she had no idea what she could expect, making it even more dangerous. But she had made up her mind, she wanted this badly... 

She needed his help

Ginny knew the dangers, so decided to tell person about the trip; Dave. Dave was a strange guy and Ginny always had an odd feeling about him. She thought he had a crush on her. But Dave had a lot of experience hiking in the forest and Ginny figured she needed his advice. One day after school she approached Dave and told him she needed his help.  

He wants to join...

Dave told her everything that she needed to know, but he also expressed that he was quite scared that Ginny would be in danger. So he offered to go with her on her trip. But Ginny refused, she wanted to go all by herself. Dave wasn't happy to hear that, but he told Ginny he accepted her decision... But did he really?

Bringing a knife

Thoughout the three weeks of planning, Ginny collected everything she thought she needed for the big trip. She bought a hammock, materials to make fire and a lot more. And just to be sure even a big sharp knife, not knowing she would soon need that one...

Ready to go

Ginny had secretly hidden everyhting under her bed, hoping that her grandparents would not find out. And when the day would finally come, she would be ready to leave immediately. She truly could not wait, so she woke up delighted on the day her trip would start, she was finally ready to go.

Grandparents are leaving

That morning could not have felt longer, Ginny wanted her grandparents out of the house as soon as possible, but it felt as if time was going slower than normal. Then, around 4PM her grandfather finally decided it was time to go. They hugged Ginny and told her to take good care of herself, then they left.

They're finally gone

Once Ginny saw that the car had left the driveway, she put on her hiking shoes and grabbed her bags. She double-checked if she had everything and took some fresh fruit from the fruitbowl. She closed the door, locked it and stood still for a moment. This was it, her adventure would finally begin!

Making a camp

The first part of her trip was quite easy, she knew this part of the forest quite well. She just wanted to go further than she had ever been, but she also knew she had to stay in more familiar surroundings during the first night, that seemed like a very smart idea! So when it started getting dark, she decided to make a little camp...

Starting a fire

Luckily it was not that cold, still she decided to make a little campfire. She collected some dry wood and stones and made a small fire pit. 

Then, she grabbed her hammock and prepared it. Ginny had brought some food that she could prepare, but it was not much. She had to make sure to find some more tomorrow...

Feeling scared

There she was, sitting at the fire, Ginny had a strange feeling. She was exited for this adventure, but she was also a little bit scared. She was all by herself, but it sometimes felt as if she was being watched. She never fully knew what the dangers could be of a trip like this. But the sound of the fire and the wind calmed her down and soon she fell asleep. 

What's that sound?

Only an hour and a half later, Ginny's sleep was disturbed by a strange noise. She heard some twigs break and immediately sat up in the hammock. There wasn't much left of the fire, so she saw almost nothing. She grabbed her flashlight, only to find out she had not replaced the batteries...

Relighting the fire

Ginny got scared, what could it be what she heard? She noticed that her heart was beating very fast and that her hands were shaking. Gently she stepped out of the hammock and crawled closer to the glowing remnants of the fire. She quickly rekindled the fire with the help of a few thin twigs, allowing her to see more.

It's just a deer

When the fire got bigger she could see further and then she finally saw what had woken her up. A deer walked ahead. When the animal saw the fire, it quickly ran away. Ginny decided to stay awake a little longer and make the fire bigger.

Getting rest

But Ginny soon became very tired again. She quickly decided to throw a few more large pieces of wood on the fire and lay back in the hammock. She hoped she could get enough rest to start the next part of her trip fresh the next day.

Start of a new day

The new day dawned and the sun shines through the branches on Ginny's face. She wakes up to the beautiful sounds that the forest makes in the morning. Birds chirp and a cool breeze blows through the forest. Ginny is happy, she has plenty of energy to travel on!

A strange feeling

Day two starts well. After walking for about an hour, Ginny is further into the woods than she has ever been. She looks around in amazement and enjoys the beauty of nature. She is enjoying and having a good time. Yet sometimes she gets the feeling that she is not alone here...

Setting course for the waterfall

After two hours of walking, Ginny decided to take a rest. She had found a place with a great view. She could see for miles. There she saw in the distance a small lake with a waterfall. After walking so much Ginny smelled very bad so she would like to wash in the fresh water. So she set her course and decided to leave again.

A strange car in the woods

Ginny headed for the small lake, hoping it wouldn't be too long before she got there. But after about an hour of walking, she came across something completely different. There, in the middle of the woods, was something Ginny had never expected; a car. It seemed as if the car hadn't been here long, a few days at most.

Investigating the car

Ginny was surprised. What was the car doing here? And why was it left behind? She decided to investigate, maybe she would find something near the car that would be useful for her trip. She walks towards the car, it is very quiet in the woods... All you hear is the breaking of twigs under Ginny's feet...

Wiping away the dirt

Ginny felt a bit frightened but she decided to go and check out the car. She walked up to the car, not hearing anything at all. The car was a bit dirty so she could not look through the windows very easily. She wiped away a bit of dirt from the window on the passenger side. 

Then she screamed as loud as she could and ran away...

Running for her life

Ginny kept running, faster than she'd ever run. She was out of breath, but she didn't care anymore. Adrenaline took over. She was shocked by what she had just seen in the car. She couldn't tell exactly what it was but every fiber in her body told her to run.

Need to go back

But Ginny couldn't take it anymore, then she stopped. She knew she couldn't just run away. In fact, she didn't even know what she was running from. She barely knew what she had actually seen. The curiosity was too great to just leave. She decided to muster all her courage and return to the car.

Going back

Still a little hesitant, Ginny decided to take a good look at what was in the car. In the split second she saw it, it looked like a wild animal. Then Ginny thought that as long as the car door was closed, she should be safe.

A dog in the car

Ginny came closer, but when she was a few meters away from the car she immediately saw what was inside the car. A small dog started barking from inside the car. Ginny was reassured, she was in no great danger. At least not from the dog, but you'll hear more about that later.

Face to face

Ginny stood beside the car, face to face with the dog. She wondered why she was so afraid of this. Probably because the dog showed up so unexpectedly, and she had a hard time seeing him. But what was she to do now? It was dark and suddenly she no longer only had to take care of herself...

Find a Place to Sleep

Ginny decided she would take the dog, she couldn't leave him alone. But now it was dark and she had to find a place to sleep. She grabbed her flashlight to make sure the car was safe. Seeing that only she and the dog were here, she decided to sleep in the car. Tomorrow would be a very long day...

Hard Time Falling Asleep

Ginny had a hard time falling asleep. It was, of course, a crazy idea that she was suddenly sleeping in a car, and that she had a dog with her. But that wasn't all, she still felt like she wasn't all alone in the woods. Despite not feeling comfortable, she fell asleep peacefully with the dog on her lap.

Finding food

The next morning Ginny had a better look to see if there was any food in the car for the dog. Luckily there was some food in the trunk so the dog could finally eat. It looked like he hadn't eaten in days. Now she had to come up with a plan to continue the trip with the dog.

Continuing to the waterfall

She quickly decided that she wanted to stick to her original plan as much as possible. So she kept going in the same direction she did yesterday; towards the waterfall. Not only did Ginny really want a shower, but she also desperately needed water for herself and the dog.

Finding the waterfall

And so it happened, Ginny continued on her path and the dog dutifully followed her until they came to the waterfall. Ginny was relieved, she finally had water. The water was clearer than she'd ever seen. She started to undress but then looked around startled, she still had the feeling that she was being watched...

Getting comfortable

Ginny decided to stand behind a rock, there she felt more comfortable. The dog was now enjoying the water as if he had never swum before. When Ginny felt cleaner again, she decided to quickly get dressed and run off again. She had a long journey ahead of her and what she didn't know is that the adventure had only just begun.

Continuing the trip

After taking a lovely shower and collecting water, Ginny had the courage to continue the journey. Although she would like to discover much more, she had decided to go back home now, with the dog. She was happy and started running a bit, with the dog happily joining her. But then disaster struck...

Hurting her ankle

The moment Ginny jumped over a branch, she slipped and landed in a nasty way. She screamed and immediately knew she had a problem with her ankle.

There she was, all alone with only a dog, in the woods. She knew she would have to walk for at least another 6 hours, but she would never be able to if her ankle was broken. She needs help fast...


Ginny is panicking, how can she continue with her trip? She can never come home herself... The dog also seems to recognize the seriousness of the situation and crouches close to Ginny. But then Ginny suddenly hears someone running towards her in the distance... She stiffens with fear and holds the knife that she had brought.

Creepy Dave is here

Then she sees who is coming running, it is Dave, the creepy classmate she had asked for help. Many thoughts run through Ginny's head; how could he be here all of a sudden? Did he follow me? Has he been watching me constantly? But before she knows it, he's sitting next to her inspecting her ankle.

Getting angry at Dave

Ginny pushes him away... She wants to answer first! "What are you doing here creep?!" she calls to him. "Have you been spying on me?"

Then Dave says; "Calm down, I'm going to tell you everything later, first I have to help you with your ankle." as he takes an icepack from his bag and holds it to Ginny's ankle.

Fixing the ankle

After applying an bandage and confirming that the ankle is not broken, he begins to say, "When you asked me to help prepare, I realized you had no idea what you were getting yourself into. to make sure you were safe..."

Ginny started to cry. She said, "I felt so unsafe because I realized I was being watched, that's your fault..."

Finding new friendship

But then she added; "But I am very grateful that you are here, without you this would probably have ended very differently". Fortunately, it didn't take long before she could walk again, and so they continued their journey home together. Now Ginny had a beautiful experience, a dog and a good friendship from this trip.

This story is a work of fiction created for entertainment. Characters and events are the products of the author’s imagination. The images shown are used for illustration only.