Have You Been To Walmart Lately?


Walmart is home to more than just low prices, it is also home to a customer base unlike any other. You can find anything and anyone at Walmart. We created a list that celebrates just how "unique" the people of Walmart truly are.

1. No One is Looking at the Chips

Well, there is one thing to say for whoever took this picture, they weren't really looking at the chips. We aren't' sure this girl is either, as she seems to be way too intent for this not to be posed.

2. I Want Cookie

Frankly, some Walmart employee deserves a bonus for this clever display. We almost wished we worked at a local Walmart so we could recreate it ourselves. It's a lot of work to sell a package of cookies, but it's amazing.

3. It May be Drafty

This woman may want to stay out of the frozen section because it looks like she might be a bit chilly. Frankly, if this is the back, we are legitimately scared to see what the front looks like.

4. Elvis Is In the Building

Maybe there is a bit of truth to the conspiracy theory that Elvis is actually still alive, but if the King of rock n' roll was alive it seems unlikely he would grocery shop at Walmart.

5. Do Stupid Things, Get Stupid Diseases

There is no cure for stupidity, but there is a local Walmart. It's hard to know what inspired this Walmart associate to take this selfie, but we really hope this was pre-use.

6. Dressed to Impress

Last we checked you can't take your dog into Walmart, but apparently, you can take an emotional support goat so long as you have it harnessed correctly and diapered. Who knew?

7. Alice in Walmart Land

At first, we really thought this guy lost a bet, but then we noticed the fuzzy tail and got a little more confused. Either way, his knee-high game is on point.

8. Are We Men? Or Are We Furries?

These guys were probably already getting enough attention on their own, but they really leveled up when they stopped to investigate additional furry PJs. Trust us, you never really needed that first set.

9. But He Wore a Face Mask

We wonder if this guy realizes that an astronaut costume is not going to block COVID. Major props for the facemask, but the rest of this ensemble is a bit on the shiny side.

10. That's Not a Footrest

Clearly, these shoppers have a sense of entitlement, but someone needs to remind them that they are shopping at a Walmart, not a high-end boutique. They also need to be told the dairy freezer is not a walk-in closet.

11. Hey Look Ma, I Made It

Who doesn't want to see their baby's face magnified on a big screen? We aren't sure how this guy did it, but he cracked the security code and has found the cutest way ever to cause a distraction.

12. Joe (sophine) Dirt

We could almost bet our life savings that this lady is missing at least one of her front teeth. Hopefully, she doesn't pay anyone for her monthly style, because that would be the true atrocity.

13. There's Something in Your Hair

Emotional support animals may be getting just a bit out of control, but at least this one does appear to have some type of collar and leash attached to it. A small purse might have been the better option.

14. Mullet Tail

At first, we thought this was a tail, then we thought it was a really bad mullet. For the sake of argument, we have settled on mullet tail and can all agree that a haircut wouldn't hurt this guy.

15. Reinforcements Needed

We gotta give it to this pair of suspenders, they are working overtime to pull off a feat that should have been featured in Up the movie. Someone tell this guy that his great deal on XXXL trousers wasn't really worth it.

16. Sia in the Flesh

Either this lady is the victim of a terrible blowout, or she is a huge fan of Sia. Either way, she may want to go a little easy on the bleach next time because that is some major frizz.

17. Self-Serve Parking

The best part of this entire picture may be the fact that we can see an empty spot almost directly across from this car. Either this person is blind or had a vendetta against the cart boy.

18. Surf's Up

Did this guy miss the memo that he is shopping at Walmart and not Trader Joe's? You won't find organic naturally grown GMO-free goodies in the freezer section buddy. You may however find frozen margaritas to complete the look.

19. Take a Load Off

Our feet would be tired too if we were walking around all day in those killer heels, but a cart might not be the most comfortable place to relax. Just ask any three-year-old toddler who wheels by.

20. Germ-Free and Loving It

We can only guess that this guy left his facemask at home but really wanted to grab his groceries. Lucky for him this pop-up marvel does the trick and then some.

21. Centipede Hair

Can you still call a hairstyle dreadlocks, if there is only one massive piece of dreadlock? This is either the largest knot on earth or a centipede attempting to swallow this woman whole. Keeping six feet of distance might not be such a bad idea.

22. Lady Gaga at Walmart

This is how Lady Gaga would look if she were one of us and walking around Walmart instead of red carpet events in Hollywood and it's slightly disturbing.

23. Motorized Piggyback

Apparently, Walmart ran out of motorized shopping carts and this good lady was willing to help out. Either that or she is trying to exchange this lazy child because we could totally see that being the case as well.

24. Emotional Support Opossum

Technically if you see an opossum out during daylight that is supposed to be a sign that they may be carrying rabies, but apparently if it's on someone's shoulder in the candy aisle of Walmart it doesn't count.

25. Bigfoot in the Flesh

Judging from the hair on this guy, he is a direct descendant of Bigfoot and isn't afraid to let everyone know. Seriously though, what do people who shop at Walmart have against shirts? Wear them. Please.

26. Mount Walmart

Somewhere there is a group of frat boys who are giving each other high-fives for pulling this off. However, we bet the cart boy didn't find the joke quite as entertaining.

27. Walking the Walk

This guy is living his truth and we are on board with it. Frankly, we wish our legs looked that good in a pair of six-inch high heels. All the power to this guy and the coolest grandma in the world.

28. The Best Walmart Display Ever

Major props to whoever were clever enough to set this display up. While most people are attracted by a good clearance price, we bet that wasn't the reason these sold so quickly.

29. Perfectly Balanced

She found a way to perfectly get onto that motorized scooter, but we feel like if you need to position your saddlebags it's a sign that you need to spend less time at Walmart and more time at Weightwatchers.

30. But It's Got a Shirt

Technically a baby goat is a kid, and this one is properly clothed and restrained, so is this couple really breaking any rules by bringing it into Walmart? Sounds pretty airtight to us.

31. Letting it All Hang Out

Someone needs to tell this guy that wearing gold does not let him off the hook when it comes to the Walmart dress code. Shirts, shoes, and pants are required. Seriously, no exceptions.

32. Curves for Miles

While we know that the camera angle is creating some of these curves, we can safely assume that this woman doesn't eat any food from Walmart or she would not look like that.

33. Back Boob

Most people are wary about showing too much side boob, but this person needs to learn a thing or two about back boob. Seriously, all this fabric and absolutely none on her back.

34. Color Coordinated

It's like Gymboree made this guy's outfit with perfectly matching tops and bottoms. Seriously though, someone needs to tell this guy that dressing is all about complementary colors, not necessarily matching colors.

35. And a Merry Christmas to All

For starters, this woman needs to learn that you can't lean over if you wear a mini skirt that short. Also, someone also needs to educate her on the virtues of underwear.

36. Did He Really Pay for This?

Someone has better have paid this man for walking around advertising Ramen Noodles because we are having a hard time believing this fool thinks he looks good wearing literally the cheapest meal in the store blasted across his back.

37. No Smoking Indoors

The look on this associate's face is priceless, as he is probably attempting to figure out where to even start with this. We don't envy him one bit and agree he isn't paid enough to deal with whatever this is.

38. Spongebob SquishyPants

It's hard to tell what is worse, that this lady considered this cool enough to actually purchase, or that she put it on and decided it looked good enough to wear out to the store. It was not.

39. She Wore a Blue Striped Bikini

This fur coat is not cutting it as a swim cover-up unless she is just wearing underwear which doesn't help matters much. She clearly needs to pick up a few things at Walmart.

40. You Get What You Get

Apparently, this kid didn't listen well enough to their parents, because they are now just another item in the cart. Better hope mom doesn't hit the bottled water section anytime soon.

41. I'll Take What She's Having

There is absolutely no chance that anyone is looking at the Arizona Tea in this picture. In fact, we aren't even really sure that she is given how picture-perfect this pose is.

42. 50 Shades of Bugs

We have a feeling Bugs isn't the star of 50 Shades of Gray, but he is certainly enjoying himself here. As for this man, we have no idea why he felt this was acceptable wear but he is clearly of Walmart quality.

43. College Kid Love

You know it's true love when your boyfriend is willing to push you around just so you don't miss any of your text messages while shopping. He looks so thrilled about it too.

44. It's a Little Cold In Here

Either this girl just spent too much time in the freezer section, or she needs to wear a bra. This is what she gets for being one of those rude people on their phones at checkout.

45. Centaurs Do Exist

At first glance, this photo looks pretty normal until you notice that this man appears to have hooves thanks to some cleverly placed socks. Add in a horn and this would be straight out of the Twilight Zone.

46. How About Them Apples?

If carrots give you this type of body, then sign us up. Clearly, this lady is doing something right, even if shopping at Walmart doesn't always inspire faith in good choices.

47. Marge Simpson in the Flesh

If Marge Simpson actually existed, we imagine she would look a bit like this woman. Change the color of the dress and you would have a dead ringer in the fresh meat department.

48. Game On

This kid has got the right idea. He may not have a gaming chair, but he has found the next best thing, a mobile gaming cart that can be easily scooted towards the snack aisle during break time.

49. Buns on Buns

First of all, someone needs to show this woman a motorized cart. Second, it goes without saying that we are seriously impressed that a shelf made to hold practically weightless bread is holding her up.

50. Lady in a Cage

While we hope this lady thinks she is worth more than $2.88, what we really would have liked to watch is how she managed to crawl in between those bungee cords.

51. Was it Worth It?

Best guess, someone saw the hemp leaf and thought that ingesting a bit of the soap would help them get high. Spoiler alert, it doesn't work that way and that's probably why it got left behind.

52. Model Sighting At Walmart

Of all the people you might expect to run into at Walmart, the least likely is a model-- but it's possible! Walmart shoppers were in for a surprise when they spotted model and singer Courtney Stodden wandering the aisles on her phone.

After grabbing a few items Courtney picked up lunch and coffee, too!