I Found An Abandoned Farmer’s House Filled With Vintage Stuff

Deep in the woods of rural Maryland lies a house hidden and filled with secrets. A time capsule of a family long gone, this late 1800s farmstead is filled with creepy dolls, antiques, and family photographs. Antique cars are scattered through the thick grass, and in the barn sits an old buggy, all overcome by the elements of nature. Take a tour through the Farmer’s homestead.

The overgrown exterior and outside of the farmhouse

The living room

An old pram in a bedroom

A child’s bedroom

1950’s time capsule kitchen

The dining room

Hallway to the living room

Old family photographs

The master bedroom

Doll head in a vase

Bookshelf in the living room

Dollhouse in a bedroom

An old dollhouse

Inside the bathroom

Books and a record

A family portrait

A pram with a doll

Inside another bedroom

Old clothes on a dresser

Baby doll in a pram

Skates in a closet

Indoor porch

Wedding dress hanging from a door

An old photograph of the farmstead

Buggy in the barn

A car in the tall grass

A car in the bush