In The 1980s, The Gorgeous Fashion Of That Era


Photographer Tara Mapes recently shared a group of 80's fashion photos created by herself. The girls in the pictures are dressed in gorgeous clothes. The whole picture is fashionable and interesting. It gives people a feeling of beautiful youth and vitality.

Even now is still popular retro trend, a lot of single products have elements of the 1980s.

Photographer Tara maps is also a digital artist. She is the owner of Enchanted Eye Creations, specializing in concept and theme photography and art photography.

In this series of photos, she recreated an 1980s roller-skating shoot to relive her childhood.

“When a roller skating company asked me to take pictures of their skates, I asked them what kind of pictures they wanted to take."

They said, "Do your thing". That's the best thing an artist can hear. So my inner child took the wheel and I planned out an 80s roller skating shoot to bring my childhood to life.

As an 1980s baby, I wear jam, jelly shoes and NEON MOTORCYCLE shorts. I was very excited!

So I went back to the little graffiti alley where I had been when I was young, took out my speakers and neon lights, and took a group of pictures that made me feel like a child.