Italian Artist's Creative Cartoon Combines Landscape With Picture Book


Italian artist Pietro Cataudella works perfectly combine comics with reality. Previously, he would combine comics with scenery to convert paper scenery from 2D to 3D.

In this group of works, his creativity goes a step further. In this group of creative works called "City Sketch", he photographed some landmark buildings.

Then, creative graffiti was made around these buildings to blur reality and cartoon.

First, he will take a picture with these buildings with a sketch book, and then use PS for post production, such as hand drawing and matting. The works look quite creative.

Add wings to the Thinker.

Regardless of location or theme, each work can make cataudella's vivid imagination shine, and his perspective skills are impressive.

The pines became the ears of Bugs Bunny.

Put Keith haring style portraits on a sketch book, spread them out on one side of the building, like graffiti on a wall.