Man Decided To File For Divorce After He Took A Closer Look At This Photo


He also got to know about his wife’s extramarital affair when he took a causal picture of her’s, which later on turned out to be evidence of the girl’s unfaithfulness. The image below would seem very normal to you at first, but once you zoom in, you’ll know what is wrong.

The said photo caused an unexpected stir in the marriage. Her husband got incredibly angry, and the move ended up having consequences she wasn’t prepared for.

1. The story starts below

The wife, Iris, is someone who many people would describe as being physically stunning, which means men tend to notice her. She was always shy, but her friends suggested a dating app.

2. Let the Swiping Begin

In today’s world, dating apps such as Bumble and Tinder are very popular. She created her profile, and a lot of rude guys came along. Eventually, she liked and matched with Thomas.

3. Time to Meet

Eventually, the two decided to meet outside of the app. It only took two days after matching for them to start learning about each other by having a cozy bar date. It went well.

4. It’s Just Us Two

The first date was enough for them to tell that there was something there because of common interests. By the time the fifth date concluded, both their statuses read “in a relationship.”

5. A Cool Surprise Trip

Thomas was so into Iris after a couple of months that he decided to plan a wonderful trip to surprise her. Iris, unaware of the bigger plan, was very receptive to it.

6. Popping the Question

Though the relationship was only in its early stages when the traveling began, Thomas already knew he wanted Iris. Therefore, he decided that he was going to use the opportunity to propose to her.

7. She Wanted Him Too

Iris felt like everything was happening very quickly, but she was into him too. Therefore, she decided to give him an emphatic, “Yes!” Just two months before, Iris was dating around, unsure of what her future would bring.

8. A Quick Deal

The two were married very quickly, which was fine as none of them wanted a huge celebration. Iris and Thomas had their wedding, and it only consisted of them and those they deemed near and dear.

9. An Awesome Start

The marriage got off on an amazing foot, and the two were very kind to each other and went on many weekend trips. Then Thomas’ job called him, and then a change came about.

10. Trouble in Paradise?

Thomas was both ambitious and handsome, and Iris was beautiful and well put together. No one would’ve ever imagined that the relationship could be at risk. However, things usually look good on the outside.

11. The Family Home

After they got past the six-month mark, the couple decided to get a house together. They stopped living in their apartments, got a mortgage, and bought a house. The home search was very short lived.

12. Sad Day for Thomas

Things were going very well, but unfortunately, Thomas’s workplace was in a terrible financial place. Sadly, it meant that the struggling business decided to let Thomas go as a new cost-cutting measure.

13. Money Worries

With Thomas out of a job, the couple didn’t have the kind of stable income it did before. Eventually, hard times began to set in, and there were numerous disagreements between the two as a result.

14. Looking for Work

Thomas tried very hard to get back into the workforce as soon as he could. He sent out numerous applications, as he intended to get his marriage out of the turbulent position it had gotten into.

15. Always on the Go

While Thomas was still employed, Iris didn’t see much of him. He was an insurance agent, which meant he was always traveling. He earned a lot, as he was very good at his job.

16. A Weekend Routine

While working, Thomas didn’t like how infrequently he saw his wife, which made him feel very guilty every time he left her. The two only got the chance to see each other when weekends came around.

17. The Supportive Wife

Through the distance, Iris never stopped supporting Thomas in the job that he did. He made a lot of money, and he decided that he wanted to show his love for her his way.

18. Something Had to Give

One day, while Thomas was in a hotel room. Iris sent him a message that brought him to tears. He considered quitting his enjoyable job. He was usually tired during his limited time with Iris.

19. The Final Straw

The couple would frequently have arguments when Thomas was away. Iris wanted to be supportive, but she had reached her breaking point. One day, she sent her husband an angry message, which was the last straw.

20. He Could Adapt

Thomas knew he was good at what he did. With his qualifications, he was sure he could find a job close to home. He could afford a beautiful house and was ready to tell Iris.

21. Digital Interaction

During the week, the two communicated via digital means. They spoke daily and looked forward to their weekends. When Thomas was free, the couple always exchanged photos. He got something unexpected before he was ready to share his news.

22. Casual Encounters

On some weekdays, Thomas visited a bar after his working hours. He was away from Iris, who was frustrating him, and he just wanted some drinks. Sometimes, he had great conversations with women he’d meet while there.

23. Nothing Serious

Several days before Thomas was ready to tell Iris his news, he met a woman in a bar whom he was fond of. His boss was paying, and so he invited her over for some drinks.

24. A Good Husband

Though he had a great time talking to the woman, he held himself back due to his love for Iris. The woman wanted him to come to her room, but he declined her offer politely.

25. Whatsapp messages

Things started to change little by little. It was Thursday afternoon. The working day was over for both of them.

But the two lovers were not about to see each other. At least not on that very day. But why not? That’s very simple. Tomas was in Paris, away from Iris. And the only way they could communicate was the way they usually used to communicate. Indeed, the two could send various messages to each other via WhatsApp.

26. Programme of the evening

So they took the opportunity to discuss via the social network. They told each other what they were going to do that evening and so on. And everything went really well during their conversation.

It seemed like a normal conversation … until Iris sent her husband a picture that would change everything between the two lovers. Although it seemed to be a normal snapshot of his wife on her bed, there was something unusual about this picture. And Tomas wasn’t going to pass over it just as if he hadn’t seen anything.

27. Burst into tears

Tomas noticed something that shook him deeply. What had he seen? He looked more closely at the picture and then broke into tears. He couldn’t believe it!

Most people who look at the photo will not initially notice anything suspicious: it reveals a young woman sitting on her bed, looking at the camera with a sensual look. And next to her is a guitar, while behind her you can see the sunbeams braving the window curtains.

28. The intruder

At first glance, one could simply say that this photo reflects the love that the young woman has for her lover who is a thousand miles away from her.

This is just an impression. And this is precisely what the young woman wanted Tomas to believe. But the photo she sent him made more of an impression than she had anticipated. If you look more closely, you will see that something is wrong… From under the bed you can see a hand. But who does it belong to?

29. Double Agent

In the photo, Iris’ wedding ring was replaced by a different ring, which was meant to hide the white skin underneath. She was living a double life, which brought Thomas to the realization that he had to file for divorce.

30. World Turned Upside Down

They were just having a great conversation and sharing photos, and now it seemed like none of that meant anything. After receiving Iris’ photo, Thomas wondered how this could be his Iris.

31. She’s a Cheater

Iris was living a double life, as she couldn’t stand the loneliness that came with Thomas’ being away. She tried to hide her other man’s existence very well, but this time, she wasn’t careful.

32. No Forgiveness

Thomas felt too betrayed to consider the prospect of forgiving his wife, and so he promptly filed for a divorce. Additionally, the thought of being betrayed so long sent him into a deep wave of depression.

33. What a Shock!

Several months after the divorce happened, Thomas booked a city trip to put it behind him. He’d check for work email, though. While at a bar one day, he looked up and was dumbfounded.

34. Angel Arrives

A young woman came into the bar; then, he realized that he knew her! Her name was Angel, and she was once a very important childhood friend. He wasted no time in going over to her.

35. First-time Visit

Thomas never visited this place before. The days were gloomy, but the nights were vibrant and beautiful. He never thought he’d see his high schoolmate here, and nothing was going to stop him from getting up.

36. Serendipity

The two were high school lovers. In their final year, Angel’s parents’ work forced her to move abroad. With Iris in the picture, he didn’t even think about her, but she still made his heart beat faster.

37. Following His Feelings

Thomas went with his heart and spoke to her. Luckily she was alone, so it wasn’t so hard. She hadn’t forgotten him, and she smiled brightly as soon as she realized he was there.

38. Amazing Conversation

It turned out she wanted to have a drink after finishing work. They used the opportunity to catch up. After hearing about the divorce, she was surprised, especially since she hoped to be with him again.

39. Where Did the Time Go?

They had a great time talking about their past, and he forgot the past few months. They ended up talking until the bar closed. Then Angel asked Thomas something he couldn’t believe.

40. His New Life

Angel stared at him longingly and asked if he wanted a final drink at her house. They walked there, hand in hand. It was a great end to the night and the start of a new chapter for the reunited lovers.