Man Discovers His Wife’s Secret Hidden In The Closet,feeling Run Down His Spine


Wasn’t that the person he thought was?

Blake felt the knot form in his stomach as he peered into the closet. That couldn’t be possible. Was it all based on a lie? His mind raced with questions as his pulse quickened to that of an Olympic runner.


Blake felt betrayed, she was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He just thought that if she cheated on him he would ever feel this pain, but she hadn’t. In his mind, what she’d done was worse. At that moment, as Blake looked in the closet, he could only hope that his attempts to fight the urge to vomit would be successful.

In love

Blake Ruff had never been very lucky when it came to love. He was looking for something other than an affair. While his friends were looking for a casual connection every night, he wanted something more. He wanted something special that would make him happy for the rest of his life.


Blake had a lot of bad relationships that didn’t work out. He thought of giving up love entirely. But one day his life changed instantly. Blake knew that from that day on he would be a changed man.

Lori Erica Kennedy

In 2003 he saw her in a Bible study, Lori Erica Kennedy. He immediately fell in love with her and wanted to spend every waking moment of his life with her. If he saw her smile even for a second it would make his day and leave butterflies in his stomach.


After careful consideration, Blake decided it was time to stop staring and ask her. She agreed to an appointment! Lori was a shy woman who came from Arizona while Blake was part of a wealthy Texas family. Lori was shy and didn’t know anyone yet. In Blake’s mind, she was the ideal woman for him. He would soon find out that wasn’t the case.

Something was wrong

It was clear that Lori had an eventful past and didn’t want to talk about it. After both of her parents passed away, she had no inheritance left because her father had lost everything as a stockbroker.


Blake respected her wishes, but his family didn’t, they examined him with questions about her. Blake wasn’t too concerned about the questions, but he should have been a little more curious than his family.

To move

Although Blake’s family was reluctant to have Lori as part of the family, the couple married in 2004 and moved away from their family. They went to Leonard, Texas where they had a baby girl in 2008. Lori changed after that, she was very protective of her daughter and didn’t even let Blake’s mother stop her.


From the outside, the marriage seemed fine, but Blake’s family were worried about him and they felt like something was wrong. Something was wrong with Lori, she even began to look very carefully at Ruff’s family history while telling nothing about her own.

new chapter

Tensions between Blake’s family and his wife were at their highest. This in turn made their marriage very difficult. When Lori Blake said that his family could no longer visit their daughter, he felt that he couldn’t just sit back and relax.


After one last attempt at reconciliation, Blake finally saw that Lori was not the woman he had fallen in love with. He decided to move back in with his family and continue the divorce proceedings. Blake could take a deep breath and get on with his life and start a new chapter. He had no idea what was going to happen next.

Terrible news

After living with his family for a few weeks again, Blake felt fine again. With his family by his side, nothing could get him, right? Then one day he got some terrible news that he couldn’t believe.


His ex-wife Lori had died. Blake couldn’t believe it, he fell to his knees and cried out in fear. He thought this was the worst thing he could feel, he didn’t know what was coming.

The cupboard

After a month of grief, Blake drove back to her house and had to sort her things. He was busy sorting her wardrobe when he felt a feeling run down his spine.


He found that he was right to move back in with his family. His wife had hidden something from him. She wasn’t who she said she had a lot of secrets she didn’t tell Blake.

A discovery

Blake didn’t like sorting her things in the house they’d recently bought together. There were many happy and sad memories on the walls. But then Blake stumbled across a trunk that was sealed in the back of Lori’s closet.


Blake had seen it before, he just forgot. Lori had always told him how important it was for her to keep her privacy. As a husband in love, Blake never looked, but now he had to open the trunk.


A police officer broke into the trunk and found several documents and ID cards with numerous names and states. Blake saw a birth certificate for a woman with a name Blake had never heard of. The name change would have been when “Lori” was 17 years old.


Blake didn’t understand, it was confusing for him. He felt his pulse start to rise. He had to find the truth and he had to find it quickly.

What is the truth?

The document revealed that Becky Sue Turner legally changed her name to Lori Erica Kennedy in 1988, but digging a little over this strange tragedy revealed something even stranger.


Becky Sue Turner and her siblings died in a house fire in Washington state in 1971 when she was only two years old. What was the truth?

Who was she

Authorities and experts claimed Lori Ruff was now “Jane Doe,” and investigators began to solve the strange riddle of this mysterious woman’s life.


The only thing that was clear was that because Becky Sue was born in a different state from her, Lori had obviously made extreme efforts to keep her true identity a secret. But there were still hundreds of questions Blake needed answers to.

Nowhere to go

Research also found that as Lori Erica Kennedy, she received a state ID and Social Security card in Idaho and received her GED and a degree in business administration from the University of Texas.


When investigators searched her fingerprints and face in databases, they were at a loss and found no matches. Though it was linked to a few missing women, none of them led anywhere. Investigators thought they would never know the truth, but six years later this mind-boggling and bizarre case was finally about to be cracked.

Back to the case

It wasn’t until genealogist Colleen Fitzpatrick found out about Lori’s bizarre case in 2013 and took a saliva sample from Lori’s little daughter to find a DNA connection.


The tension was high as Colleen and investigators waited for the results. And finally, a few days later, she was introduced to many distant relatives around the world, the closest to Michael Cassidy, who lived in Pennsylvania. Colleen informed the man and jumped on a plane to interview Michael’s relatives. Finally wanted to reveal the truth, right?

More secrets

Immediately, a family member recognized the face on the ID cards as Kimberly McLean, which meant that investigators would finally learn the truth about “Lori”. In 1986, 17-year-old Kimberly disappeared from her Pennsylvania home after her mother remarried a man she did not like or care for. She told her mother never to look for her and she was never heard from again.


Although Lori Erica Huff’s true identity was finally discovered years after her death, there are still periods in her life that are completely unknown. And all the other secrets the woman was undeniably hiding had been taken to the grave forever.