Most Ridiculous (And Expensive) On-Stage Outfits Ever Worn

Everyone knows that famous people aren’t just famous for no reason. They’re all performers in some capacity that need to put on one heck of a show. From fashion shows to concerts and royal events, the whole world is a stage for these A-listers…and they have to make sure their look is attention-grabbing.

The Duchess of Cambridge knows how to turn heads as much as Sony artists and runway models. That’s not to say that the thousands of dollars celebs spend on their stage outfits and event costumes is always worth it, though. Some of these regrettable fashion choices will go down in history for all the wrong reasons.

1. J-Lo

Occasion: NYE Performance
Year: 2020
Estimated Cost: $50,000+* 

When it comes to fashion, Jenny from the Block knows her worth. The 50-something entertainer has been dressed by the most famous names in fashion, so when she performed on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve in 2020, she didn’t disappoint…even if it was slightly more avante-garde than some fans expected. 

J-Lo wore a Valentino Couture tiered feather coat that was at least twice her size, with a diamond-encrusted cage around her face, all while standing on a giant podium. Many likened the look to a wedding cake, but it’s definitely not a budget bake you can pick up in Walmart. 

2. Cher

Occasion: Met Gala
Year: 2015
Estimated Cost: $20,000* 

Turning up to the Met Gala as a guest is one thing, but performing during the evening is something else entirely. Cher brought her A-game in 2015, taking to the stage wearing a giant orange wig, headpiece, and a gladiator-inspired bodysuit. 

Cher has never been shy on stage when it comes to wearing outfits. She’s worn more bizarre, unusual (and in some cases quite hideous) stage costumes than almost any other artist. It’s an essential part of her brand and likely takes up a huge chunk of the budget. 

3. Tina Turner

Occasion: Nightclub Performance 
Year: 1978
Estimated Cost: $4,000*

You can always rely on Tina Turner to churn out incredible looks. The iconic hitmaker has been bringing the heat on stage for decades, but did you know that designer Bob Mackie created several of her on-stage ensembles? This flame dress was worn by several superstars, including Tina. 

Of course, Tina added some extra pizzazz to it with a huge plume of orange feathers, putting her own stamp on it. It couldn’t have been easy to move in or cheap to make, but nothing was going to stop Tina from rolling down the river. She wore this get-up in 1978 during a performance at a nightclub. 

4. Kanye West

Occasion: SNL Performance 
Year: 2018
Estimated Cost: $500* 

Kanye West is an entertainer and fashion designer, so he’s used to pulling some very expensive looks out of the bag when he’s on stage. That being said, sometimes he does something totally outlandish that isn’t necessarily all that expensive. In 2018 as the musical guest on SNL, he wore a Perrier bottle costume. 

The costume itself can’t have been worth more than a few hundred bucks, but it certainly made an impression. Twitter exploded with users mocking the bizarre outfit, while others thought it was vintage Kanye. 

5. Nicki Minaj

Occasion: Femme Fatale Tour 
Year: 2011
Estimated Cost: $5,000+* 

Nicki Minaj has always known how to catch headlines with her outlandish looks, but they seem to have toned down slightly in recent years. When she was still a young artist breaking into the game, she supported Britney Spears on her Femme Fatale tour. 

Nicki really brought her A-game, wearing multicolored catsuits complete with bedazzled corsets, pink microphones, and wigs that Fox’s Marge Simpson would be envious of. These days, Nicki looks a bit more grown-up, but there are thousands of incredible looks to get nostalgic about in the future. 

6. Beyonce

Occasion: Coachella 
Year: 2018
Estimated Cost: $50,000+* 

When Beyonce performed at Coachella in 2018, it was an event that went down in musical history. As one of the reigning artists of her time, Queen Bey knew that the performance had to pack a punch. She delivered a visual feast, complete with some of the most outlandish costumes she had ever worn. 

The costumes for the set were designed by Balmain, aka a very expensive and exclusive fashion house. While the exact price of the truly Instagrammable.

7. Debbie Harry

Occasion: Brixton Academy 
Year: 2017
Estimated Cost: $1,000* 

As the frontwoman of Blondie, Debbie Harry established herself as one of the most beautiful women in the music industry. Many decades after the band’s debut, the star is still going strong with her trademark platinum locks. Her stage outfits have become slightly more daring – and unusual – over time. 

In 2018 she took to the stage at a Brixton Academy gig wearing a mask that looked like a bee alongside a cape adorned with flies. Her voice is still as sweet as ever, but can the same be said for her fashion sense? That’s up for debate.  

8. Christina Aguilera

Occasion: Liberation Tour 
Year: 2018
Estimated Cost: $5,000*

Like many pop stars, Christina Aguilera has undergone several transformations over the years. She was a Genie in a Bottle, a chap-wearing, bikini-clad crooner, and even a courtesan for Moulin Rouge. Back in 2018, she embarked on the Liberation Tour, with many outfits taking on a religious undertone. 

This black and white gown had all the trimmings, but it wasn’t the only outlandish costume Xtina wore on stage. Each number was just as incredible as the last, with layers of fabric and some very full skirts. The bigger dresses likely cost around $5,000 a pop, but the Sony star wasn’t complaining. 

9. Elvis

Occasion: Multiple Performances
Year: 1970s
Estimated Cost: $65,000 each* 

When Elvis first made it big, his fashion was in keeping with other ‘50s stars. Drainpipe trousers slicked-back hair, and button-down shirts. The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll changed a lot as his career developed, and by 1970 he had started to wear custom jumpsuits designed by Bill Belew. While some varied in price, most cost $65,000 apiece. 

Jumpsuits quickly became Elvis’ signature look, the more bedazzled the better. From blue ones to white ones and ones with multiple designs on them, these outfits are a huge part of the King’s legacy. Some have been sold for more than $1 million since his passing. 

10. Dolly Parton

Occasion: Blue Smoke Tour 
Year: 2014
Estimated Cost: $10,000*

Not only is Dolly Parton one of the nicest stars in country music, but she’s also one of the most recognizable. As she once said, “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap.” The blonde beauty may be well into her 70s now, but she still looks a million dollars. 

In 2014 she began her Blue Smoke Tour and really pushed the boat out with costume design. She wore multicolored dresses, orange suits, and more – all carefully encrusted with sequins, gems, and everything in between. The Netflix star has a costume collection worth an eye-watering amount of money. 

11. Axl Rose

Occasion: Use Your Illusion Tour 
Year: 1991-1993
Estimated Cost: $1,000*

Guns N’ Roses were at the peak of their game when they toured the world for over two years in the early ‘90s. It’s no secret that the band members were also fighting their own personal battles at the time, but they did their best to bring it with their performances. Even for the time, lead singer Axl Rose’s outfits were somewhat bizarre. 

The rocker wore all sorts of strange ensembles, from tartan kilts to leather skirts with crop tops, multiple belts, and of course, his signature red bandana. Each one may not have cost a fortune, but they’re all worth noting for the impact they had on grunge fashion. 

12. Britney Spears

Occasion: The Circus Tour 
Year: 2009
Estimated Cost: $10,000* 

Britney Spears’ life has had its fair share of media circus moments, but back in 2009, it was all about the music when she unleashed her Circus Tour on the world. As you might expect from one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, Brit didn’t disappoint. One of the outfits she wore was a ringleader get-up that looked just like the real deal. 

If ringleaders usually wear fishnet tights and black hotpants, that is. Although Spears changed several times during her setlist, it’s usually this outfit that sticks out most when remembering the tour – and one you can see pop up all over Instagram when Halloween rolls around. 

13. Bjork

Occasion: Hammersmith Apollo Show
Year: 2008
Estimated Cost: $1,000* 

You can say a lot of things about Bjork, but you certainly can’t call her shy and unassuming. The Icelandic singer is well-known for her weird and wonderful stage outfits, but she outdid herself in 2008 while performing at London’s Hammersmith Apollo. 

The Comcast Universal songstress took to the stage wearing a multicolored pom-pom hat with matching ensemble. It’s not the first time that she’s been seen wearing a truly awe-inspiring outfit on stage, and it certainly wasn’t the last. Some say she’s a style icon, but others might not be so quick to agree!

14. Pink

Occasion: Brit Awards
Year: 2019
Estimated Cost: $2,000*

When Pink became famous in the early noughties, it was largely for her no-nonsense attitude and tough girl exterior, as well as her powerful singing voice. Her public persona has developed over the years, as has her stage routines. The singer started introducing aerial hoops into her performances some time ago. 

In 2019, she stunned the Brit Awards with a performance of her greatest hits. The Sony star made her way out onto the stage in a bathrobe, before putting on an enormous red feather cloak likely worth thousands and taking to the skies – or should we say ceiling.  

15. Madonna

Occasion: Madame X Tour 
Year: 2019
Estimated Cost: $20,000*

Madonna is known as a chameleon in the music industry for just how often she’s been able to reinvent herself over the years. From dancing around in the video for “Like a Virgin” to singing songs for movies like Austin Powers, Madonna has been there, done it, and got the t-shirt. 

In 2019, she went on yet another huge tour titled Madame X. Her costumes didn’t disappoint, with the singer donning some strange armor-like outfits complete with an eye patch with an X on it. There’s no doubt that her overall costume tour over the decades has well exceeded the million-dollar mark. 

16. Diana Ross

Occasion: Billboard Music Awards
Year: 2004
Estimated Cost: $10,000* 

Icons like Diana Ross know that it’s all about the visual element as well as the quality of the music they’re performing. Ross has had her fair share of costume blunders, but in 2004 she lit up the room at the Billboard Music Awards. 

The legendary singer walked out dressed in a huge, red ruffled wrap dress with matching shoes and lipstick to match. She looked like a rose plucked straight from a garden, but it can’t have been cheap. Luckily, Diana isn’t worried about the financial side of things. 

17. Miley Cyrus

Occasion: MTV VMA Awards
Year: 2015
Estimated Cost: $5,000* 

Miley Cyrus’ antics might have calmed down in recent years, but she was in full Miley mode when she hosted the MTV Video Music Awards in 2015. The star made the headlines for her attention-grabbing outfits that left little to the imagination. 

Disney icons rarely make the same transformation that she did. Some of the outfits were far too risque to mention, but this pride-flag-inspired costume went down a treat with followers. It might have made it a little difficult for Miley to move, but the message was received loud and clear. 

18. Michael Jackson

Occasion: Dangerous Tour 
Year: 1992
Estimated Cost: $15,000* 

In the ‘80s and ‘90s, Michael Jackson had yet to face much of the adversity he would battle in his later years. He was on top of his game, releasing hits like “Bad” and “Black or White.” His Dangerous Tour in 1992 was another landmark moment for him, so of course, the costumes were interesting, to say the least. 

No one had a style quite like MJ, who wore specially designed jackets with bodysuits. The singer had several notable jackets that he debuted on stage, but this holographic one is particularly interesting. Bespoke items like this would have cost a pretty penny. In recent times, his outfits can fetch over $1 million. 

19. Kate Middleton

Occasion: Charity Fashion Show 
Year: 1973
Estimated Cost: Later sold for $108,000*

Kate Middleton is well-known for her grace and beauty as the wife of the future King of England. However, just like any other girl, Kate’s previous fashion choices have come back to haunt her. In 2002, she wore a mesh dress on the runway at a charity fashion event. It’s said that the dress is actually what sparked the romance between her and Will. 

The dress sold many years later for over $100,000, but photos of the Duchess of Cambridge wearing it still circulate. It’s likely Will isn’t quite as pleased now as he was then, while Kate tends to go for more refined stage outfits these days. 

20. Lady Gaga

Occasion: Paris Palais Omnisports de Bercy Performance 
Year: 2010
Estimated Cost: $20,000* 

Since turning into an Academy Award-winning actress and artist, Lady Gaga seems to have toned down her outrageous stage outfits slightly. Back in 2010, she was still at the peak of her extravagant style, coming out on stage in Paris wearing what can only be described as a giant hair suit. 

The incredible outfit was custom-designed for the star but looks itchy to the touch. Gaga wore a gold bodysuit underneath, but there’s something about this that just looks too hot to handle. No amount of hair product is making this thing wearable. 

21. Katy Perry

Occasion: Witness Tour Cologne Germany 
Year: 2018
Estimated Cost: $8,000* 

Katy Perry burst onto the scene shouting about her cherry chapstick and daisy dukes, but things have changed a bit since then. Her stage outfits are still a little out-there though, as demonstrated by her 2018 Witness Tour costumes and this gold armor-inspired bodysuit. 

Perry came to the show ready to rumble in this look, complete with futuristic angles and a purple pixie cut. She looks like she’s having fun which might be the main thing. Meanwhile, the audience was just shielding their eyes from the glare every time she busted a move.  

22. Grace Jones

Occasion: Hollywood Bowl 
Year: 2009
Estimated Cost: $2,000* 

Mention Grace Jones to anyone and the first thing they’re likely to mention is her powerful aesthetic and Goddess-like stature. The musical artist might not be churning out hit after hit in the modern era, but people still flock to her shows to see her on-stage charisma – and incredible costumes. 

In 2009 during a performance at the Hollywood Bowl, Grace wore a patterned catsuit with a white headpiece and wig that made her look like an animal stalking its prey. The audience was ready to be eaten whole thanks to her mesmerizing talent. Nothing is bizarre when it comes to Jones. 

23. Prince

Occasion: Wembley Arena 
Year: 1995
Estimated Cost: $7,000*

Prince may have sadly left us in 2016, he left a resounding legacy that won’t ever be forgotten. A major part of that is the impact he had on fashion. During his career, he churned out daring look after daring look that defied traditional standards. In particular, this pink suit he wore in 1995 really had it all. 

It was over the top, riddled with scale-like sequins, and showed off a healthy amount of chest hair. Even his guitar matched it. On anyone else, it would have looked like a hot mess, but Prince poured thousands into his costumes – and they were worth it. 

24. Elton John

Occasion: The Muppet Show/On Tour 
Year: 1997
Estimated Cost: $5,000+* 

For a man that sits behind his piano on stage most of the time, Elton John has always pushed boundaries with his costumes. The ‘70s was perhaps his most adventurous decade, where he wore some truly awe-inspiring suits adorned with all sorts of things. 

For a performance on The Muppet Show in 1977, he looked like a human fruit bowl. Elsewhere that same year, he put on a onesie with high heels and called it a look. There’s not much Elton can’t do, even in today’s world. 

25. Buckethead

Occasion: All the Time 
Year: Multiple
Estimated Cost: The cost of a KFC bargain bucket 

Yes, it’s true, this costume choice isn’t expensive, but it is outrageous and outlandish. Multi-instrumentalist and performer Buckethead has worked with some of the most famous people in the industry, but don’t ever expect him to dress in anything other than a KFC bucket. 

The talented artist sticks an empty bargain bucket on his head and calls it fashion. Perhaps even more weirdly, it’s just accepted as part of his personality. Perhaps other artists could take a leaf out of Buckethead’s money-saving book and take a trip to the local drive-thru instead of spending thousands on costume design. 

26. David Bowie

Occasion: Aladdin Sane Tour 
Year: 1973
Estimated Cost: $2,000+* 

There aren’t many stars that could achieve what David Bowie achieved, but the Thin White Duke did it all. He successfully made his way through decade after decade as a style and sound chameleon. The ‘70s was undoubtedly his most flamboyant era. 

In particular, the costumes that he wore on his Aladdin Sane Tour were particularly notable. Many were either bodysuits or catsuits, glittery, sequined, or otherwise. Some came complete with a feather boa, while others spoke for themselves. All are now incredibly valuable as pieces of pop culture history.

27. Runway Model

Occasion: Rick Owens Show 
Year: 2015 
Estimated Cost: $1,500-$3,000* (Dress Price)

Rick Owens is a designer who isn’t afraid to try something new on the runway. And a human backpack is pretty new, considering that it’s never been done before. Owens’ runway show was the subject of many a meme, but he sat down and gave the serious side of his decision to use “human backpacks” on the runway.

Owens’ models walked down the runway in Paris with another model strapped to their front or back. Owens cast gymnasts instead of the usual rail-thin models, and he explained that the meaning behind the human backpacks was that women are “formidable” and strong. 

28. M.I.A

Occasion: Super Bowl 2012 
Year: 2012 
Estimated Cost: $100,000*

The Super Bowl has been the site of quite a few scandalous moments, from the infamous Janet Jackson incident to M.I.A. flipping off the camera. At least she looked good while doing it. The pop star performed alongside Madonna and Nicki Minaj, and the performance required not one, not two, but 500 outfits.

M.I.A.’s outfit was designed by Riccardo Tisci, and the show’s fashion theme came straight from the Roman Empire. The costumes were a combination of cheerleading uniforms and gladiator garb. M.I.A. ran into a spot of trouble at the end when she flipped off a camera and was hit with a hefty fine from the NFL as a result.  

29. Channing Tatum

Occasion: Lip Sync Battle 
Year: 2016 
Estimated Cost: $300*

Girls run the world, but Channing Tatum dressed as Beyonce might give them a run for their money. Lip Sync Battle is a show featuring celebrities lip-syncing to their favorite pop songs. In Tatum’s case, that was “Run The World” by Beyonce.

He had the look nailed down, from the skirt and bra top to the flowy, Beyonce-like hair. The dance moves and lip-syncing were also on point, and, though he had tough competition from Jenna Dewan, he pretty much won the night with his performance. Or, at least, it’s one that we all won’t soon be forgetting.   

30. Cardi B

Occasion: Paris Fashion Week 
Year: 2019 
Estimated Cost: $1,000-$2,000*

Cardi B is a lot of things, but she is not subtle. The rapper wore one of her boldest looks yet in 2019, and it wasn’t outlandish because it showed a lot of skin—quite the opposite. The ensemble, which was designed by Richard Quinn, was a floral number that covered her from head to toe.

Cardi hit up Paris Fashion Week’s spring show wearing a floral mask, boxy jacket, tights, and a pleated jacket. About her outfit, she said, “I’m here to serve it to you cold.” She then added, “A b**** can’t see, so make sure a car doesn’t hit me.” 

31. Sia

Occasion: Billboard Music Awards 
Year: 2020
Estimated Cost: $2,000-$3,000*

Sia always makes a statement, no matter where she goes. The singer is famous for always wanting to keep her face hidden from the public eye, and, though paparazzi have been lucky to snap a few shots, her visage is almost always covered.

Sia’s bubblegum-pink gown at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards was jaw-dropping. Designed by Dolce & Gabbana, the gown had an exaggerated silhouette, a huge bow, and long sleeves. Sia wore a wig that covered most of her face, and she accented the wig with a bright yellow bow. The whole outfit gave us major Helga-from-Hey-Arnold vibes. 

32. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

Occasion: MTV Awards 
Year: 1999
Estimated Cost: $5,000*

Let’s be honest. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, as a couple, were a hot mess. They were always in the tabloids for one reason or another, and their ridiculous outfits at the 1999 MTV Awards were the epitome of doing too much. Anderson wore a white corset, sparkling pants, and a huge, pale pink feathered hat.

Tommy Lee wore Converse high tops, a striped hat, and a huge, oversized trench coat. He and Pamela attended the event during a brief calm period in their relationship. Years later, Pamela would still describe him as the “love of [her] life,” saying that they had “true love.” 

33. Cee-Lo Green

Occasion: Grammy Awards 
Year: 2017 
Estimated Cost: $1,000-$5,000*

Even if you didn’t watch the Grammys in 2017, chances are, you’ve seen this meme a time or two. Another hot mess to grace this list is Cee Lo Green, who wore an all-gold ensemble to the Grammys that year. And by “all gold,” we really do mean “all gold.”

The singer and resident bad-opinion-haver wore a long-sleeve, golden gown with a supervillain face mask and metallic gloves. To go with his bizarre outfit, Cee Lo even grabbed a few cameras and shook them back and forth. Though his career has died down, the gold outfit will live forever in meme format. The Internet never forgets. 

34. Freddie Mercury

Occasion: 1971 Tour 
Year: 1971 
Estimated Cost: $12,000*

This outfit is iconic, and we can’t say enough good things about it. Queen singer Freddie Mercury was a legend, bending gender and making a lot of great music. He had a lot of stage costumes that made headlines, but the red, sequined, short jumpsuit from his tour in 1971 was one of the greats.

The sequined leotard was likely designed by Zandra Rhodes. Rhodes was the mastermind behind Mercury’s outfits. The singer wanted something that he could easily move around in, and Rhodes obliged, freeing up his legs with this little number. Sadly, the sequined jumpsuit is gone for good. As per Mercury’s request, the majority of his belongings were burned after he died.

35. Olivia Newton-John

Occasion: Hollywood Night Performance 
Year: 1980 
Estimated Cost: $500-$1,000*

Spandex hit with a vengeance in the 1980s, as did fringe and sequins. Olivia Newton-John’s outfit for her “Hollywood Nights” performance had a little bit of all three. The sleek pink jumpsuit was one of her most famous outfits back in the day.

The small-screen performance was a TV special that millions of Americans gathered around their sets at home to watch. She wore the fringed, fuschia bodysuit to host and sing, along with a handful of other A-list celebrities. Newton-John changed costumes quite a few times throughout the special, but the high-necked, long-sleeved, bright-pink outfit was the hit of the night.  

36. Madonna

Occasion: Who’s That Girl Tour 
Year: 1980s 
Estimated Cost: Unknown

In reality, the Material Girl could have taken up all of the spots on this list, as Madge has had quite a few shocking stage outfits. She wore this one on her Who’s That Girl Tour in the 1980s. This tour was in support of True Blue, Madonna’s third album, as well as the soundtrack to the movie Who’s That Girl.

Though this bustier wouldn’t be as iconic as the Jean Paul Gaultier conical bra that everyone talked about, it was still unusual, fitted with doll heads and random odds and ends. The Who’s That Girl Tour would give rise to the New Madonna, who would have even more outlandish stage uniforms.

37. Vanilla Ice

Occasion: 1991 Tour 
Year: 1991 
Estimated Cost: $2,000*

Vanilla Ice might not have been that great as a rapper, but he does hold the distinction of wearing one of the most ‘Murican outfits since 1776. He wore a sequined, American-flag-pattered suit on tour in 1991, completing the look with a super-high hairdo and a gold chain.

The entire Vanilla Ice era was just strange. The “Ice Ice Baby” rapper’s career has taken quite a left turn as the years have gone on. Far from wearing an American flag suit to perform in front of crowds, he’s now working in Florida at Capitol Lighting. He even has designed his own line of wall sconces and chandeliers, which he calls “Vanilla Ice Lighting.”

38. Prince

Occasion:  Radio City Hall Performance  
Year: 1993 
Estimated Cost: $100,000*

Prince never shied away from a bold outfit, and he was the king of outrageous, inventive styles. Whether he was wearing a crop top, eighteenth-century frock, or a shiny gold smock, he always pulled it off. The singer was just 5’2”, but he had a giant presence in the music and fashion field.

He wore this iconic outfit at a performance at NYC’s Radio City Hall in 1993. He wore a police hat, complete with chains that covered his face. He sang into a microphone that was shaped like a handgun. The wrap-around red silk jacket and matching pants were complete with his new symbol, which he wore on his neck as a pendant. 

39. Gwen Stefani

Occasion: Rockefeller Center Christmas Performance 
Year: 2020
Estimated Cost: $17,000*

Singer Gwen Stefani channeled the Little Bo Peep look at her 2020 performance at Rockefeller Center. The Christmas-themed performance was one of two outlandish outfits. Made by legendary designer Christian Siriano, the bustier and circle skirt was inspired by candy canes, and he completed the look with a mesh panel and giant matching hat.

Twitter took to the look, comparing it to Little Bo Peep. Stefani got in on the joke, retweeting fans who compared her to the cartoon character. Regardless of whether you liked the dress or not, there’s no denying that the Hollaback Girl looked amazing.

40. Kesha

Occasion: Get Sleazy Tour 
Year: 2011
Estimated Cost: $400* (Glasses)

When performing in Miami in 2011 as part of her Get Sleazy Tour, Kesha donned bright, glowing glasses that seemed like they lit up the whole stage. The rest of her outfit was black, and the pop star looked like she was about to play the world’s most intense game of laser tag.

The tour was Kesha’s first, and it grossed $62 million at the box office. Kesha had quite a few outfit changes during her “ridiculously fun dance party.” The singer described it as “visually and sonically assaulting,” and, judging from those glasses, that’s a pretty on-point description of the madhouse tour.    

41. Angus Young

Occasion: Open Air Festival 
Year: 1979 
Estimated Cost: Unknown

AC/DC is one of the most legendary bands in the history of rock music. It has been around for decades, as has its lead guitarist, Angus Young. Young is known for his energetic performances, intense guitar solos, and penchant for wearing schoolboy-like uniforms.

Here he is in red shorts, a tie, and a blazer, shredding at the Open Air Festival in 1979 in Nuremberg, Germany. The rocker wears a schoolboy look for his performances because, when he was a kid, he would run into the house after school and immediately start practicing his guitar without changing. His sister said he would “practice all night” in his school uniform. When AC/DC took off, he kept to that look.  

42. Justin Bieber

Occasion: Purpose World Tour 
Year: 2016
Estimated Cost: $3,000*

Justin Bieber took his style cues from Harry Potter at his Purpose World Tour in New York City in 2016. He wore HP-style glasses, jeans, a plaid kilt, and a pink baseball hat to perform at Madison Square Garden.

He might have had the glasses to help ease his sore eyes, as he’d been glued to his iPhone screen the night before, running around New York City playing Pokemon Go. Of course, he completed the look with a ripped white t-shirt. He’d later change into a different outfit, slipping into a rocker tee with “BIGGER THAN SATAN” embroidered on the back of it.     

43. Gene Simmons

Occasion: Concert
Year: 2014 
Estimated Cost: $189,500* (Total for band)

This image came from a concert in 2014, but, honestly, it could have been snapped at any time since KISS was founded. Gene Simmons is a rock god, and his outfits are just part of his over-the-top, tongue-out stage performances.

Simmons’ stage persona is “The Demon,” which explains the face paint. The reason the band dresses like it does has to do with the media. KISS wanted an entertaining stage performance, and creating crazy personas and playing a cat-and-mouse game with paparazzi was a way to do that. There have been very few onstage photos of KISS without their infamous makeup on.

44. Pet Shop Boys

Occasion: Glastonbury Concert 
Year: 2010
Estimated Cost: $1,000 per cube*

The Pet Shop Boys have still got it, as they proved at their 2010 performance in Glastonbury. The band began as a musical group that never performed live, but that changed rapidly as they became festival and concert favorites. Though their heyday was, arguably, in the 1980s, the band is still putting out music.

The band had a lot going on in Glastonbury, from confetti cannons to dancers to cube heads. Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant performed their song “Heart” from Actually, the Pet Shop Boys’ 1987 album, wearing the cubism-inspired look. Though the reasons behind the cubes are a little murky, there’s no denying that the duo is great at capturing an audience’s attention.     

45. Red Hot Chili Peppers

Occasion: Woodstock 
Year: 1994 
Estimated Cost: $100-$500 per lightbulb*

Over thirty years later, Dave Navarro and Chad Smith would talk about their lightbulb-head performance from Woodstock’s 1994 sequel, describing it as “totally Spinal Tap.” The band’s lightbulb heads were tied with Green Day’s chaotic, muddy mosh pit for the most memorable moments at Woodstock ’94.

Navarro admitted that the lightbulb heads were “very uncomfortable” and hard to keep “straight.” He said the bulbs weighed sixty pounds each, and it was a shock for him, as he’d been in the band for just a short time before they asked him to go out wearing such a crazy onstage ensemble.        

46. Jimi Hendrix

Occasion: Royal Albert Hall Performance 
Year: 1969 
Estimated Cost: $500*

Jimi Hendrix was known for his otherworldly talent on the guitar, as well as his stage presence. He always had an outlandish outfit, and the rock genius’ career might have been, tragically, short, but it still left an indelible mark on the future of rock ‘n roll.

Hendrix wore this outfit for a 1969 performance at London’s Royal Albert Hall. He wore an oversized blouse and feathered hat that matched the color of his guitar. His performance at Royal Albert Hall was, for a long time, a “holy grail” of lost performances. It wasn’t until fifty years later that the concert’s video was found, and we got to see what Hendrix played (and what he wore) at the venue.   

47. Jedward

Occasion: Eurovision Song Contest 
Year: 2011 
Estimated Cost: $1,000*

Irish duo Jedward are known for their bouffant-like hairstyles and wild stage outfits. For their performance at Eurovision in 2011 (a bastion of interesting wardrobe choices), the pair wore their usual towering blonde coifs, along with sequined, shoulder-padded red jackets.

The jackets weren’t the brothers’ first choice. They actually wanted to go with gold-and-black outfits, but they changed their mind at the last second. For their second attempt onstage, Jedward wore outfits that they described as “futuristic Santa [Claus]” costumes. Their performance was one of the most energetic at Eurovision 2011, and their outfits were among the most outlandish. 

48. Cara Delevigne

Occasion: Met Gala 
Year: 2019 
Estimated Cost: $3,500*

British supermodel and actress Cara Delevingne looked the part of “camp” at the 2019 Met Gala. She fit with the theme perfectly, thanks to her Pride-inspired, sheer, rainbow outfit made by Dior. The rainbow jumpsuit wasn’t even the highlight of the outfit.

The glittery rainbow cane and enormous headpiece were the can’t-miss accessories from the look, which she described as an “expression” of her “most outrageous.” The headpiece was made by Machine Dazzle, and it featured mouths, eyeballs, fried eggs, bananas, and other random objects. Molly Stern, Delevingne’s makeup artist, added an orange stripe across the model’s face as a final touch for the look.

49. Lady Gaga

Occasion: VMAs
Year: 2010
Estimated Cost: $100,000*

Lady Gaga has worn quite a few crazy outfits. One of the musician’s wildest outfits was her meat dress, which she wore at the 2010 VMAs. She wore it to accept one of her awards, and the meat dress was one of several wild looks that made headlines after the event.

She explained in an interview that she chose the outfit as part of her protest against certain military policies. Gaga said that she didn’t mean any “disrespect” to her vegan or vegetarian friends, as the fleshy costume was part of a totally unrelated issue. The singer said that, while she is the most “judgment-free” person on earth, she had to stand up for what she believed in. And what better place to do that than the very-public VMAs?

50. Barry White

Occasion: Concert 
Year: 1975 
Estimated Cost: $1,000-$2,000*

Singer Barry White had his heyday in the 1970s, releasing hits like “You’re the First, The Last, My Everything,” “Never Never Gonna Give Ya Up,” and “I’m Gonna Love You Just a Little.” The singer-songwriter often wore some daring stage outfits, like this green-patterned suit, which is basically the epitome of 1970s fashion.

The green-patterned jacket was paired with green pants and a slicked-back hairdo. Though his style was wound down over the years as he got nearer to retirement, we still can’t forget the Barry White era of suits and all it did for men’s fashion in the ‘70s.