Mother Uncovers A Strange Photo Of Her Daughter’s Fiance That Confirms Her Suspicions


College is a great time to be independent, to have new friends, visit parties, and in general to do whatever you want to. After all, there are no parents to monitor your every move. But, what to do when life has other plans for you? or When you find your soul mate? This is what happened to Heidi and Ed.

As soon as these two enrolled in college, they met, fall in love, and soon after, moved in together. They wanted a family of their own, so naturally, they wanted their families to meet.

However, at the time they had no idea how one old photo album would later prove that their ‘love at first sight’ was not exactly what it seemed.

1. She Was Ready For a Change

Heidi couldn’t wait to start her life as a college student, living on her own and creating her plans and organized her daily life. After hours and hours of deciding, Heidi opt on attending Newcastle University in England.

Although Heidi is crazy about her family, she wanted to be more independent and that’s why she decided to move 130 miles away from home. However, she had no idea that she is about to meet the love of her life and to find a jaw-dropping revelation on both of them.

2. Moving Away From Home Was Life-Altering For Her Daughter

Heidi Parker knew that moving away from home would be a major life change.

but she had no idea what she was in for when she decided to attend the University of Newcastle in 2011. And it wasn’t a college professor or her major that ended up changing the course of her life forever.

3. She Was 130 Miles From Home

Living 130 miles away from her parents was certainly new, and she was loving her newfound freedom. 

But not everything was going as smoothly as she wanted it to. In fact, she was pretty close to ending up on the street.

4. She Struggled With Her Accommodations

At Newcastle University, it wasn’t required to live on campus, so Heidi decided to leave with a few roommates. So, Heidi found a perfect place just around the school.

As soon as the year took off, Heidi realized that this wasn’t what she wanted. She wanted to live on her own, even more to the campus. At the time she had no idea that she will find much more than just a perfect space to live in.

5. She Wanted to Try Living Alone

Heidi found a new place in no time and she settled on a cozy studio nearby campus. At the same time, she had to move out of her old room and turn the keys to the next tenants. She just handed the keys, smiled and left. She had no idea that she would be back sooner than expected.

She eventually found a studio apartment close to campus, and was elated to start her new life. But then, she was contacted by a random stranger. And this person would soon become a very important figure in her life…

6. Someone Was Hunting Her Down

Although Parker had settled into her new apartment, the tenant who had moved into her old digs was having some problems with the place. 

In fact, things got so bad that he started scouring the internet to hunt her down.

7. He Tempted Her With a Facebook Message

Parker had received a Facebook message from a guy named Ed Savitt who said that he was a tenant in Parker’s former apartment, and he needed help from her. Naturally, she wanted to lend a hand, but she had the feeling he wasn’t being sincere.

8. He Was Too Hot to Say No To

Although she had her doubts, she agreed to go to Savitt’s house. She had seen his profile photo on Facebook and thought he was really good looking. So, in spite of her better judgement, she decided to pay him a visit.

9. She Didn’t Buy His Story

Savitt told her he didn’t know how to use a communal dryer. But she didn’t buy his story. To her, it kind of seemed like a cheesy pick-up line. And yet, there was something about him that felt very familiar to her. She just couldn’t figure out what it was.

10. She Showed Him How to Work the Dryer

Parker showed Savitt how to work the machine and even stayed to make sure he was able to finish the process. But as she started to leave, he stopped her in her tracks. She was so scared, but then he said something that put her mind at ease.

11. He Asked Her Out on a Coffee Date

Savitt was able to man-up and ask her out on a date to a nearby café. She figured it’d be okay. At the very least she’d be getting some free coffee out of it! So, she said yes, but hadn’t foreseen that life as she knew it was about to change forever.

12. But They Had a Lot in Common

On their date, Parker discovered that Savitt was going to Newcastle University to study business and psychology. He also had a dream of opening up a shop someday. It seemed like he had brains and good looks, too. So, pretty soon, they started hitting it off.

13. They Shared Everything Together

Despite her skepticism, the two connected and soon enough, they started dating and going to college costume parties together. During that time, they shared everything from victories to failures and even secrets. But there was one fact about the couple that was waiting to be discovered and it was about to blow everyone’s minds.

14. They Went to London to Fulfill their Dreams

Eventually their college lives came to an end, and the couple had to figure out their next move. They decided to move to London, but didn’t move in together right away. Parker landed a major PR job opportunity, while Savitt finally opened up a coffee shop on the southside of town. But then, things got really serious between them.

15. It Was Time to Move in Together

After a while, Parker and Savitt moved in together, and they were quite sure that they wanted to share their lives together. But this decision would lead to a life-altering revelation that would make them question everything they believed to be true about their first encounter.

16. They Knew They Were Soulmates

From the moment Parker and Savitt started dating, every fiber of their being told them that they were made for each other. But there was a long family secret that they knew nothing of and it was about to come to the surface.

17. They Felt Like They Knew Each Other

There was a spark whenever they looked into each other’s eyes. It was as if they’d known each other their whole lives. In a way, they kind of felt like they had met in another life, and they weren’t entirely off base.

18. The Pre-Wedding Dinner Changed Everything

When Parker and Savitt finally got engaged, they decided to have a pre-wedding family dinner. But it was two particular family members that would end up revealing something about Savitt, and it was a truth that even he didn’t know about himself.

19. They Were Nervous About Their Families Meeting

At this point, Parker and Savitt had been dating for years, and they got along great. So naturally, they assumed that getting their mothers to meet was the right thing to do. But they were a little nervous. So, they tried accounting for every contingency, except for one.

20. They Braced Themselves for the Big Encounter

They picked their mothers’ favorite restaurant and made all the reservations. So, there was nothing that could go wrong. They were sure of it…or so they thought. But when the moms started talking, a family secret came dangerously close to surfacing. Would it completely ruin their seemingly perfect relationship?

21. Their Mothers Traded Stories

The truth about the couple’s past came to light when their mothers, Fiona Savitt and Kay Parker, started chatting. The women began trading stories about their children. But then, Parker’s mother said something about her own daughter that made Savitt’s mother reminisce about a similar event in her son’s life.

22. The Couple Had Big News

Parker and Savitt were glad that their mothers were getting along so well, but they had no choice but to interrupt to give them some exciting news. They were engaged! But oddly enough, this was not the most shocking news the mothers were about to get.

23. They Took a Trip Down Memory Lane

Parker’s mother told Savitt’s mother how the entire family had gone to Turkey on vacation when she was a child. They sailed boats, which her daughter loved doing. And on that trip, she remembers her then six-year-old daughter had met a boy that swept her off her feet. Her daughter and the boy held hands and spend lots of time together. But after the dinner was over, Parker’s mother sensed there was something not quite right about her daughter’s fiance.

24. A Secret Loomed Over the Couple’s Happiness

The two mothers were delighted that their children had invited them to dinner. But the get-together had left Parker’s mother troubled. She knew that the secret to a happy marriage involved total honesty, but she feared that there was something about her daughter and her fiance that had been kept from them all these years.

25. She Started Making Space for the Wedding

Parker’s mother assumed that she would need some extra space to put all the wedding supplies and presents. So, she started clearing up space in the basement. But in the process, she stumbled onto something that brought her back to the story Savitt’s mother had told her.

26. Photographs From the Trip Left Her Shaken

Something about the story made Parker’s mother uneasy. She tried putting it out of her head. But a few weeks later, she discovered a box full of photographs in the basement from that Turkish sailing trip from a long time ago, and it revealed something about Savitt that shook her to the core.

27. She Had Found Her Daughter’s First Love

Parker’s mother found a photograph of her daughter with the boy she met in 1997 on their trip to Turkey. There was something about the boy’s bowl-cut hair and smoldering gaze. And that’s when it hit her. She suddenly realized who the boy was. But she didn’t put the clues together all on her own.

28. The Families Had Vacationed Long Ago

As luck would have it, the Parkers and the Savitts had both gone on vacation to Turkey in the summer of 1997. And both families ended up in the Turkish city of Gumbet. Once Parker’s mother figured out the identity of the boy, she contacted Savitt’s mother to see if she knew who he was. And the reaction was staggering.

29. She Turned to the Mystery Boy’s Mother

If anyone could have identified the smiling boy in the photographs, it would certainly be the boy’s mother, and Parker’s mother had a nagging suspicion that she knew who that was. It was just a matter of asking Savitt’s mother and seeing if she was right.

30. They Discovered the Mystery Boy’s Identity

Once Parker discovered more photos of her daughter and the mystery boy, she shared them with Savitt’s mother, who shrieked when she realized the little boy was none other than her own son. The women couldn’t contain their excitement, and it would soon reach Parker’s daughter.

31. Savitt’s Mother Searched for More Memories

Once Parker’s mother reached out to her with the adorable news, Savitt’s mother decided to look through her family albums of the trip. That’s when she discovered several other photos of her son’s first girlfriend. She just hoped that her son and future daughter-in-law would be just as excited as they were.

32. Parker Couldn’t Believe the Photo Was of Her Fiancé

Of course, the mothers had to share the news with their children. So, Parker’s mother sent her daughter the photo of the little boy through text and then called her. When Parker looked at the photo, she was so stunned and yet she couldn’t believe it.

33. They Decided to Live Happily Ever After

Once the couple learned that they had met 18 years earlier on a family vacation, they knew they were destined to live happily ever after. So, in 2017, they officially sealed the deal. But they couldn’t help but wonder how they hadn’t realized they had met before!

34. They Missed Their Early Connection

After dating for four years, one would assume their childhood trip to Turkey would have come up in a conversation. But they could have lived a lifetime and never known about their early connection. So, it seems fate had always intended for them to know the truth.

35. It Their Wedding Magical

Their mothers’ glorious discovery made their wedding day even more magical than the bride or groom could have ever imagined. They even picked the perfect venue to get hitched at that had something very special in common with the couple.

36. They Married in a Historical Place

The couple said their “I do’s” at a 12th-century manor house called Haddon Hall. It only made sense that they married in a place with so much history since they too had a lot of history of their own. But their chance encounter did more than unite these two lovebirds.

37. Their Union United Two Families

Parker and Savitt had no idea at the time that their chance encounter as children would one day end up uniting their two families in love and friendship. And now the in-laws have even gone on regular vacations to Turkey together, while their kids enjoy their own lives as newlyweds.

38. They Matched at a Friend’s Wedding

Parker and Savitt had their moment to celebrate their love and now they’re happily living and loving life together. In 2019, they attended their friends’ Easter wedding, and they looked fabulous with his tie matching the color of her outfit. They also share similar interests…

39. They Also Go to Soccer Matches

Although it’s not clear who’s a bigger soccer enthusiast, the couple looks like the embodiment of love in this cute snap. And while there was a game playing down below, these two couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other any more than they could during their wedding.

40. They Celebrated Their Two-Year Anniversary

On August 26, 2019, Parker posted a photo of her wedding kiss to commemorate their two-year anniversary. She also added a funny caption that read: “I’ve not had many husbands but I reckon you’re as good as they get!” And they’re continuing a tradition that started it all.

41. They Continue to Travel Together

A family trip was what made them meet in the first place, so it makes perfect sense that they would continue the tradition of traveling together to exotic places like Teatro Romano Cartagena, Spain. And even though Parker is seriously amazing, she’s not exactly great at buying Savitt presents.

42. She Loves Teasing Him

On December 27, 2019, Parker posted a photo of her husband wearing the skier shirt she bought for him from eBay for Christmas. She claimed it was kind of a joke gift and that he hated it. But she thinks it’s perfect, just like he is.

Years later they are still sharing their love story and still shocking people. After all, their story is a real one, it’s not the plot of a movie.