Old Woman (65) Gives Birth To Baby - But Then Husband Notices Something Strange


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When Monica Watson from Little Rock, Arkansas became a mother again at the ripe old age of 65, a lot of people took notice as nobody expected this to be possible. And there would end up being something strange going on with the baby. It would end up being Monica’s 65-year husband Michael who first took notice of it. 

It was a discovery that shook the man to his core…

Michael finally noticed it


Michael had a strange feeling about his baby from the moment Monica gave birth to it. And finally he was able to put his finger on it. He just suddenly saw it when he was holding the baby boy. He immediately put him in the play pen and went to find Monica…

Confronting Monica

Michael stormed into the room where Monica was sleeping. She shook awake and saw her husband standing in the door opening with tears streaming down his face. Her heart stopped for a second, and then Michael started to explain himself.

She had known from the start 

He had finally seen it. Finally, he knew why he had that strange feeling about the baby. How could Monica have not told him about this, she had to have known!

But what did Michael notice about the baby boy? What had Monica been hiding from him, and why did she feel the need to?

The biggest surprise of their lives

Becoming a mother at her age was not that easy, so when she found out that the test was positive, she could not believe her own eyes. She was already 59 years old, and she had two children at this point, so at first, nobody believed her. Not even her husband or her grown-up son because they both thought that it was hard for a woman of her age to get pregnant.

it was not that common at her age

Of course, it was not impossible, but was really rare for someone like her to get pregnant. Of course, she and Michael still had relations with each other, but they thought that at their age, pregnancy should not be a concern anymore. But sometimes life doesn't go as we planned, and that was more than okay for them.

They visited the doctor

The first thing that they decided to do, was to visit the doctor. After the proper medical examination, he was able to ensure the couple that Monica was pregnant. The doctor was really confused as the other people at first but after a while, he was determined that Monica was about to have her fourth child in a few months.

Monica loved children

The last time that Monica was about to have a child was 22 years ago. This was going to be her third child, so she and Michael knew how to handle the whole situation. She and her husband loved their children so much that they were more than grateful to welcome another member to their family. But there was one serious problem...

She didn't have gone through menopause yet

Actually was pretty normal for her to get pregnant. Because as the doctor explained to them, Monica had not fully gone through menopause yet, but Michael has his tubes tied. However, as the doctor explained to them at the time, this was never fault-proof. So, there was a little chance for him to get his wife pregnant.

It was a rarity, but not impossible

There have been many occasions in the past of impregnation by a man with a vasectomy, but the chances were just greatly reduced. So it was either that or the worst-case scenario was that Monica had an affair with another man. But at this point, Michael didn't see it as a possibility. At least, not yet.

The biggest decision

Of course, now was the time to make the biggest decision of all. Are they going to keep the baby or not? There were many things that they had to consider when making this huge decision. The most restraining factor was about Monica's age, they both knew that a new baby there was going to be a huge change for two people at their age.

The serious health risks

As the doctor explained to them that this pregnancy could affect Monica's health and of course the baby's life. But she assured them that with close monitoring, those risks should be able to be kept to a minimum. These were really encouraging words, so they started to consider keeping the baby, they knew that this could be something new, but they wanted it deep inside.

Maybe they were too old to raise a kid

There was another serious question that they have to answer. If Monica and Michael ever wanted to or were able to raise another child together. Surely, they were both healthy and financially stable together, but did they want to spend the next 18 years as full-time parents? Actually, they were planning to travel the world or try new hobbies.

Monica was more excited

Michael didn't seem as excited as Monica was. Monica herself started to be more excited about it by the day. She had always wanted a grandchild, but had recently come to grips that might be difficult. So, she wanted to grab the chance and raise this baby in the same way as she would if it was her grandchild.

Her children didn't want to have kids

Monica knew very well that neither of her two daughters had shown any interest in having children with their partners and her son was attracted to men instead of women, so he will also not bring her a grandchild unless he and his partner would adopt a child in the future. But Monica didn't have the intention to wait for too long.

Monica decided to keep the baby

Now was the time, to get through the process of pregnancy, and that was of course easier said than done. As the doctor predicted, was struggling through some periods, really feeling the effect of creating another human being. She and her husband were really positive about this whole situation, and Monica was taking good care of herself.

They both had plenty of time

The good thing was that 65 years old Michael had retired about a year ago and now was able to help Monica in every emergency situation. So he was able to be by her side 24/7, even driving her to the hospital on some occasions. Monica was grateful for her husband, but sometimes her behavior was suspicious.

There were hard times

There was one time, during these nine months, when the doctor had gotten extremely worried about Monica's situation and suggested putting a stop to it. But Monica had her mind dead set on having the baby now. So abortion was not considered an option now. Monica was determined to bring this child into the world, one way or another.

The day of labor

Finally, after a long 9 months, she managed to get through this. She had many difficult days until she finally went into labor. She was 60 years and 89 days old at this time, she knew that she was old enough to become a mother but here she was, ready to have her fourth child. This was remarkable for a woman of her age, and her family was proud of her.

She was strong during the labor

Compared to the pregnancy itself, the labor process was actually a piece of cake. The whole process only took a very short amount of time, and Monica managed to make it through easily. Finally, she was able to hold her baby in her arms, she was feeling delighted and blessed.

The whole family was truly happy

The moment of Monica, Michael, and their 3 other children, in the hospital room together holding the new member of the family was really beautiful. But none of them could have predicted the harsh truths the very near future was going to bring. Maybe Monica kept a secret from all of them, a secret capable of ruining everything.

Michael had a strange feeling

Everybody was happy and optimistic about the future with this baby, Michael could not help but have a strange feeling about the whole thing. But he could not explain it yet, he was feeling that his wife was hiding something from him. It was really hard for him, from the first day, to believe that the baby was his.

He didn't feel a connection with the baby

The biggest problem was that he didn't feel a deep connection with the baby, like the connection, he had with his other children. But he did not want to admit this to Monica because this would make him a bad father. At the same time, Monica has developed a strong connection with the baby, and she spent all her time with the little girl.

Michael was faking his way

For the next couple of months, Michael was faking his way through. Of course, he loved the child very much, and he actually likes being a father again. The only thing that was missing was the connection between him and his young daughter. After some days, he was going to find out the reason why he and this baby had no connection.

This story is a work of fiction created for entertainment. Characters and events are the products of the author’s imagination. The images shown are used for illustration only.