Photographs Or Paintings? The Artist Uses Photoshop To Make Sketches Of "paintings"


When you first look at Tullius Hall's works, you may not be able to tell whether his works are pictures or paintings.

This talented, self-taught Brazilian artist has created amazing digital works of art, and the characters in the photos seem to be about to jump out of the page.

The artist skillfully combines his pencil drawing skills with real photos in his later creation, thus giving people an illusion.

It's as if the characters in pencil drawing came to life and entered the real world.

Each photo looks simple, but it usually takes 9 to 10 hours to complete.

Tullius hall began to use PS when he was 17 years old. Now 12 years later, post creation has become his profession.

And this "Living Sketch" project is the best response to his persistence for a long time.