Popular Accessories In Spring And Summer Of 2021


In terms of accessories trend in spring 2021, the appearance of masks and gloves is a must-have item for us during the pandemic, while the belt implies the outline of spring.

1. Pearl

Pearl is Simone Rocha's signature. Every season, she can find a new way to make people shine with pearls. In this series, they are used for a variety of things, from delicate necklaces to large and chic earrings.

2. Accessory-Shaped jewelry

MM6, with a necklace pendant in the shape of boots and rings.

3. Layered Bohemian Style Necklace

Layered necklaces may be the main fashion trend this season. It has a unique Bohemian style, because the necklace itself is usually characterized by beads or colorful stones, making it a special leisure and seasonal choice.

4. Abstract original shape

Giorgio Armani, Jil Sander, Zimmermann, Kenneth Ize,and Chloé It also provides an abstract original shape for their jewelry design.

5. Lock your neck

Thick chains have a lot of power and drama. These industrial jewelry elements have powerful and terrible symbolic meanings, and designers have been using them for several seasons. For spring, however, we can't help associating them with the feeling of being trapped in confinement.

6. Handcuff-style wrists

If you want a cohesive look, you need a thick chain bracelet to match your necklace. Designers stick to the theme and decorate their delicate wrists with heavy bracelets.

7. Ocean Imagery

The ocean shows us the trend of accessories in the summer of 2021.

8. Locks and keys

Includes some dramatic lock look leather, chain, and collar. Key earrings make the whole design more perfect.

9. Single Earrings

One earring is the ultimate sign of charm. If you lose one of your favorite earrings, it will be a convenient trend. Stylists are not shy away from this trend, usually choose the most dangerous one ear earrings.

10. Shoulder Earrings

The earring fell completely on the shoulder. Most of these designs are chandelier, but a little bohemian, thanks to the shape of the sun or flower on the turquoise beads and leaves.

11. Full ear decoration (earmuff)

We like full ear decoration. This is a complete ear sleeve or a series of earrings along the curve of the ear.

12. Wrists and cuffs

Bracelets are great, but if you really want a personalized bracelet, only big bracelets are suitable for the jewelry trend in the spring of 2021. They're big, eye-catching, but also elegant, and they make your wrists look delicate.

13. Hoop Earrings (ring earrings)

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has become one of our favorite fashion icons. As part of the jewelry trend in the summer of 2021, we see a variety of amazing earrings.

14. Neon

Bright and vibrant neon jewelry adds color to this spring accessory.

15. Flower

Saint Laurent 1960s style flower earrings have a design that extends to the shoulder, with different types of cartoon flower pendants hanging from the ear.

16. Logo

Our feeling about Logo Earrings or necklaces is complicated, but it is undeniable that designers like to print their own labels on jewelry in the spring of 2021.

17. Colored gemstone

One of our favorite spring jewelry trends is colored gems that have a bit of an artificial jewelry feel. These bold, bright items have striking luster and color, and we particularly like to wear them outside casual clothes.

18. Ball jewelry

We don't always have a clear definition of jewelry in the spring of 2021. We think this applies to the spherical elements we see in all the different pieces of jewelry.

19. Animal

Animals can be regarded as friends, mascots or protectors. So we like the idea of taking them with us as spring jewelry.

20. Face mask

The most important accessory is definitely a mask. Even if COVID-19 is gone, this mask may always exist. Because it has a lot of fashion options, you can match specific clothing.

21. Bandages and seat belts

The belt must have had an impact this season. These accessories feel like a legacy of the end of the world in previous seasons, but we don't mind.

22. Superfine belt

They are a great way to add structure to this season's flowing and loose silhouettes.

23. Gloves in spring

Wearing gloves in spring has a complicated feeling, so we really like gloves as part of the accessories trend in spring 2021.