Portraits Of Celebrities Painted By Paralyzed Female Painters With Their Feet


Fateme hamami, 31, is now an Iranian Internet artist with millions of fans. A lot of people don't know that she is a disabled person with 85% total paralysis.

More people did not expect that her paintings were all painted with feet. This is the only way she can create. Because the rest of the body is not under her control.

Fateme Hamami has been disabled since she was a child. Life seems to be unfair to her. She said that fortunately, she learned painting, which makes her life full up and can realize her dream.

Fateme Hamami is also an avid football fan, so many of her works depict her star idol.

Fateme Hamami also likes to paint beautiful pictures in nature. Although she can hardly go far to appreciate the beauty of nature.

Some animals she never had a chance to see, but they were also vividly depicted.

Fateme Hamami also likes to describe the beautiful women in her mind. Maybe that's what she wants to be.

All her paintings are holding brushes with her feet, depicting the beautiful world in her heart little by little.

Reality is so unfair to her, but she did not bow to it, but always optimistic to watch and describe the beauty of the world.