Pregnant Cat Gives Birth, But Vets Realize Those Are Not Kittens


Musya was the sweetheart of the Sadgorod Zoo. Twice missing for no reason, she was found with her babies on a cold rainy day, but something was wrong with her babies… 

1. Once Upon A Cat

It was a cold, dim winter day when the Sadgorod Zoo staff member Alice encountered an unexpected guest. She saw what looked like a black mochi in the snow, shrinking and shivering. Stepping forward she found a kitten with icicles on its nose. Who knew if it could hang in there any longer?

2. Teeny Tiny

Stuffing the kitten in her pocket, Alice immediately went to the vet at the zoo. Apparently, it was teeny tiny in appearance but was strong inside. The kitten, later named Musya, did survive and gradually became the favorite of the zoo staff.

3. Naughty, Naughty

As the days passed by, Musya's nature slowly unfolded: she was indeed a naughty kitten. She seemed to have exhaustless energy: she could never stay quietly in her room and had to be kept on a leash every time she went for a walk with Alice. Yet even with such care, they were still negligent...

4. Run Away

One sunny afternoon, Alice had finished her lunch and was ready to pet Musya as usual when she noticed that the kitten wasn't at her usual spot. "Musya? Musya!" There was no response. Alice felt her heart rate rising: Had Musya just run away without any warning?

5. Nowhere To Be Found

The staff were freaked out. They started searching for Musya immediately, but there was no trace of her. What if Musya had run into some lions or tigers? What if Musya had been attacked? What if Musya had run out of the zoo? All sorts of horrible possibilities flashed through their minds...

6. Safe & Sound

They didn't lose hope or stop searching. God didn't fail them either. 2 days later, Musya came back home safe and sound. However, before anyone could breathe a sigh of relief, something strange happened...

7. Something Different

Something had definitely happened to Musya. It felt like she was broken: she lost all the interest in the outside world and never went out of the room. Musya was no longer the sweet and playful darling but a soporose and eccentric cat. Something worse was about to happen...

8. Missing Again

It was a stormy day when Musya went missing again, and Alice, after enjoying her regular tea break, was once again the first one to notice. The staff were panicked; who knew what harm rain and thunder would do to their Musya?

9. Seeking Mission

What if she was caught in the rainstorm and got sick? What if wild animals hurt her? The staff called out Musya again and again and listened for the meows. Their hearts were plagued with anxiety... 

10. The Sixth Sense

Alice felt and knew Musya must be somewhere at the zoo still, but where? Her breathing became more and more rapid, and just as her heart was beating hard enough to break out of her chest, a faint miaow came through the bushes behind the lion cage. But was it a real cry or an illusion?

11. In The Cage

Alice's heart clenched once again as she walked past the lion's cage. "Had Musya been hurt by the lions? Is she in the bush, bleakly licking her wounds?" She couldn't dwell on these thoughts. She parted the bushes, and there was Musya! And something else...

12. Babies!

Something dark was crawling on Musya's chest… As Alice approached cautiously, she saw it clearly. The "something" was 4 newborn kittens! Musya sat peacefully, firmly protecting her babies. Finally all Musya’s odd behavior made sense! "How could I have been so careless not to realize it!" thought Alice, patting her forehead. Yet as she took a closer look and she found something else...

13. Babies, More Babies!

There was something else crawling on Musya's chest, and they were definitely not kittens. Sharp spines with white tips and short legs… These were baby hedgehogs! How could they be her kids? Alice was very surprised, but could she just leave these little ones where they were?

14. Whose babies?

Of course not! Alice and her colleagues brought the 12 newborns back to the vet. The vet was frowning and wore a grave expression. Just as the staff had their hearts in their mouths, the vet burst into laughter and turned to Musya, "Such a caring mother are you, Musya." The new mother nodded slightly...

15. Inseparable

Kittens are vulnerable to hard thorns, even to those of infant hedgehogs. Alice tried over and over to separate the 2 kinds of newborns. To their surprise, Musya wouldn't let it happen. She took them all back to her, generously letting them all drink her milk, and kittens and hedgehogs were, too, not willing to be parted from each other and their mom…

16. Where Did They Come From?

Surprises and doubts followed. Where had these hedgehogs come from? Where was their mother? Then Alice recalled the day when the lawnmower ran over the grass… It must be that day these babies lost their mother, and later were accidentally found by the runaway pregnant Musya...

17. Wild On The Internet

The story of cat mom and her hedgehog kids has gone viral, for people rarely see such an incredible cross-species relationship. Some visitors even come to Sadgorod Zoo just to catch a glimpse of the adorable family.

18. Love Is Love

Who says every species has exclusivity? Who says selfishness is universal? Who says there are limits to love? Musya has proven that all living beings are inclusive, that creatures of different identities can be kind, and that love can be selfless.