Single And Loving It: Celebrities Who Have No Intention Of Saying I Do


Hollywood has its crazy drama here and there, but behind it all, celebrities are just people looking for love…. or not! Heres a list of celebrities who are surprisingly unmarried.

Some of them want to tie the knot, but a majority of this group think about marriage in a whole new way. You’d be a miracle worker if you got them to say “I do,” let alone put on a wedding gown.  Here are the reasons these stars stay single and couldn’t be happier.

1. Monica Lewinksy

This name began to surface in the media over two decades ago, following a controversial scandal she was involved in with U.S. president, Bill Clinton. Catching up with the American activist, we learn she never married and that her love life hasn’t been booming over the years.

Lewinsky likes to keep a low profile with regards to her love life, but one thing she did reveal was that marriage is not an absolute no-go for the star, perhaps she just hasn’t discovered “the one” yet. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll hear of Lewinsky tying the knot with the love of her life.

2. Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow is perhaps best known for her role as a political commentator and as the driving force behind her very own show, The Rachel Maddow Show. And while much of her time is filled with her show and her overall career in the limelight, that doesn’t mean that she has no time for love.

Rachel has been in a long-term relationship with her partner, Susan Mikula since 1999 – but why haven’t they got hitched? Well, according to Rachel they just don’t feel like they have to. She has noted that she feels no rush to get married and that “I feel that gay people not being able to get married for generations, forever, meant that we came up with alternative ways of recognizing relationships.”

3. Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter is certainly a woman of many opinions, and this has thrust her into the spotlight as a best-selling author, media pundit, and political commentator. While many people are interested to hear what Ann has to say about the goings-on in the world, there are others who just want to know about her personal life. Mostly, they want to know why she’s still unmarried.

Although Ann hasn’t specifically spoken out about her stance on marriage, she has been engaged numerous times in the past – which leads us to believe that she simply hasn’t found the right guy. Although former partners have been able to put a temporary ring on it, none of them got her to walk down the aisle before they broke things off.

4. Andrea Tantaros

Andrea Tantaros is a political analyst on Fox News, so there’s a big chance you’ve seen her on TV at one point in your life. She co-hosted “Outnumbered” and is the original co-host of “The Five,” and there are any people out there who would love to date her.

Although she hasn’t ever been married, she was in a relationship with the actor and singer, Dave Navarro since 2015. Dave was married three times in the past so perhaps the reason he’s not getting married a fourth time is that he’s over the whole idea of putting a ring on it.

5. Chelsea Handler

This American show host and comedian is THE social butterfly of Hollywood. Her closest friend is Jennifer Aniston. Although Chelsea was active on the dating scene for quite some time, she’s never been married and she’s got her own reasons for that. Handler mentioned that she finds the idea of marriage to be commercial.

She even went as far as to compare it to murder. If you were hoping to see this hilarious bombshell in a wedding dress, you better give up. Her views won’t budge and it seems as though she’s going to be staying single and ready to flamingle for the rest of her life. At least she’s sticking to her own views.

6. Kylie Minogue

This Aussie declared that she’s not giving up on relationship any time soon. We’re all wondering what this beauty is not married. Kylie explained that it took her a while to recover after the break of her engagement to Joshua Sasse.

Kylie adds that knowing herself, she’ll probably be foolish again. She said she never imagined herself being the marriage-type. But that doesn’t mean that she’s not the relationship type. Kylie is currently in a relationship with Paul Solomons and they’ve been together since 2018. There are still no wedding bells on the horizon, though.

7. Fabio Lanzoni

This one is definitely the most strange reason for not wanting to get married. Well, Fabio technically claims that he did get married, but not to a human woman. In fact, Fabio proudly professes that his wedding day was the day he became an American citizen.

In an interview with AOL, Fabio told them that “[he] married my beautiful bride [when [he] became a citizen]. It was like my wedding day.” We guess Lady Liberty is the only woman he needs in his life because Fabio has rarely been linked to anyone romantically. Maybe he’s just happier that way?

8. Helena Bonham Carter

This English actress/ comedian became famous for her outstanding roles in the movies “Absolutely Fabulous” and “Out-Numbered.” The actress never married although she’s mentioned that she would like to – but it seems as though she’s not exactly the most conventional romantic.

Helena Bonham Carter was in a relationship with the esteemed filmmaker Tim Burton for 13 years until they broke up in 2014. And while they even welcomed a family together, they never got hitched and they even lived in separate houses. They bought houses right next door to each other because neither of them enjoyed the constraints of their relationship.

9. Jon Hamm

This hunk is surprisingly single. However, he did date Jennifer Westfeldt for 18 years. Before they split up he said: “I don’t have the marriage chip, and neither of us has the greatest examples of marriage in our families. But Jen is the love of my life.”

That relationship sadly came to an end and he hasn’t been linked to anyone since. We’re not sure what is going on or why someone hasn’t snapped him up just yet, but it seems as though Jon just isn’t about that relationship life. Some people prefer being alone, and Hamm seems to be one of them.

10. Camilla Cabello

The “Havana” artist who released a single that we can’t get out of our heads may be taken by Canadian singer Shawn Mendes, but it seems as though wedding bells won’t be on the horizon anytime soon. After a former boyfriend asked for her hand in marriage when she was 18, she vowed to keep a focus on her career instead.

So now Camilla is focusing on her career while also putting on some serious PDA with her boyfriend. The couple seems completely in love, but they have never mentioned anything about getting hitched. Both of their careers are coming first for them right now.

11. Charlize Theron

The South African actress we all love is surprisingly unmarried. Charlize isn’t single because she’s too busy with work. She’s been in several long-term relationships in her life that just never ended up with a diamond ring and a wedding dress.

Her last relationship was with Sean Penn. The two split up during a promotional tour for Mad Max. And after experiencing a few heartbreaks, Charlize has decided to focus on her career. She’s recently stated that marriage is just not a priority for her at the moment.

12. Sheryl Crow

If it makes her happy then she shouldn’t be sad. Sheryl Crow had been in many relationships in the past but she’s super careful about tying the knot. Sure, she may have dated the likes of Lance Armstrong, Eric Clapton, and Owen Wilson, but that doesn’t mean that she’s ready to walk down the aisle.

Sheryl explains that she thinks marriage is something that should never be broken. That’s why she’s going slow in her love life. She wants to get married to the one, and she hasn’t found him yet. In fact, she’s been single since 2006.

13. Susan Sarandon

Susan is one of the celebrities we can’t believe tied the knot. She dated Tm Robins for twenty-one years. Together they had two children and then shocked everyone when they split up in 2009. Although she was never officially married, she lived like a married woman for quite some time. But now she’s single.

In 2021, Susan actually spoke on a podcast about her relationship status and her needs in a partner. She noted that “I don’t care if it’s a man or a woman. I mean, I’m open to all age, all color. And those for me, those things are just details.” So maybe there will be someone on the horizon.

14. Hugh Grant

Hugh is a father of five beautiful children. Contrary to our society’s social constructs, not every father is a husband. And Grant has never said “I do,” to any woman in his life. He doesn’t think it’s necessary so he’s just carrying on with his life with his long-term partner. But his romantic life hasn’t always been so carefree.

Grant had his children with multiple women, and he’s also gone back and forth a few times to his former girlfriends. But we guess he just knows what he likes in a woman, which is why he keeps falling back in love with the loves of his past.

15. Laura Ingraham

Famed television host Laura Ingraham is another familiar face who has no intention of walking down the aisle. The host of The Ingraham Angle is now 57 years old. She was once engaged to political commentator, Dinesh D’Souza whom she met while studying at Dartmouth, but the two never ended up saying their “I dos.”

Although she never married, that did not keep Ingraham from starting a family. She is now a proud single mother to her daughter, who she adopted from Guatemala, and her two sons, adopted from Russia. That’s pretty amazing, right?

16. Leonardo DiCaprio

Dicaprio is not against marriage. He just never found “the one.” However, he’s a real hopeless romantic and is waiting for his love to come his way. Many of his relationships failed because of his busy schedules, but he does believe it will happen for him one way or another. And he certainly has no trouble finding girlfriends, anyway.

Leo is constantly spotted onboard luxurious yachts with younger models and girlfriends. And while they never normally stick around too much, you can’t deny the fact that this man has got game. And we don’t really blame the women who want to date him. Who wouldn’t?

17. Diane Keaton

Keaton’s quirky style and overall unique look give her an edge over the rest of the Hollywood women. She’s dated A-list actors such as Jack Nicholson and Warren Betty, and she even dated Woody Allen for a year back in 1970. However, she claims that Al Pacino is the one who got away.

Maybe that’s the reason she declares a full opposition to marriage. Diana is now living her best life as a mother and activist, and she seems to be happy living as a single woman. She has noted that “I don’t think that because I’m not married it’s made my life any less. That old maid myth is garbage.”

18. Tyra Banks

Banks says you should never let a man make you miss a day of work. Maybe it’s this mindset that prevented her from getting married. The top model was in a relationship with Erik Alsa, who was also the father of her child, but she’s now single again.

Tyra has always noted that she doesn’t believe that marriage makes a person happy. She feels complete without it, and there’s no doubt about the fact that she has achieved so much in her life. Who knows where she would be if she had gotten married?

19. Jon Cusack

John is rumored to be quite the romantic. He’s dated Neve Campbell, Minnie Driver, and multiple other people. Although he’s a total ladies man, he’s not into marriage and no woman had the power to make him change his mind on that subject.

He’s been extremely outspoken about the conventions of marriage, and why he doesn’t believe in getting hitched to showcase your love for someone. And when he’s asked why he hasn’t gotten married, all he says is “Society doesn’t tell me what to do.”

20. Goldie Hawn

We know that it’s a surprise to find Goldie on this list. She’s been walking the red carpet with Kurt Russell for decades. We’re also super aware that these two have four gorgeous children! However, the one aisle they have not walked down is the one leading to an altar.

Goldie has mentioned that the traditional custom of getting married would’ve left them in a divorce. Think whatever you want about her methods but at the end of the day, they’re still together! That’s a lot to say for a Hollywood couple.