Single Mom Got the Surprise of a Lifetime by the Unexpected Dna Test Results of Her 11-year-old Girl


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Everything becomes tolerable when you have your better half by your side. This story is about a woman who met the most unexpected person and falls for him. Jessica Share was interested in the same gender. And she loved her better half with all that she had. Sadly, she never received any love in return. Her wife did the worst to her and yet Jessica stayed silent. But the result from Jessica’s daughter’s DNA test played the most unusual role in her life. 

You won’t believe how a DNA test turned around so many lives forever.

A Struggling Woman


Jessica Share, a 42-year-old native of Oregon worked as a marketing specialist and was living a successful life. However, all these achievements didn’t come to her easily as she’d to fight for her rights at each and every step of life. Jessica always faced criticisms and people judged her without knowing her as a person. 

The Blueprint Of Their Future

Jessica’s homosexuality was the biggest obstacle in her professional life. Until she met the woman who taught her the meaning of love, filled her days with happiness, and gave her the strength to fight all that kept her from moving ahead in her life. With her, Jessica started to look at the brighter side of everything. 

A Married Life

They managed to convince their friends and families of their relationship. When she was in the mid-20s, Jessica made the biggest decision of her life, to marry her beloved partner. So, on the first anniversary of their relationship, the two women tied the knot in the presence of their closed ones. They had well-settled jobs and were madly in love with each other.

Planning Of Babies

As their relationship grew stronger with time, the two women decided to have babies. They were born in a time when same-sex couples can also have babies with one of the various artificial methods available. As always their family and friends were in support of their decision and Jessica and her wife couldn’t be happier.

Dreaming Of A Big Family

Both Jessica and her wife always dreamt of having a big family. They planned on having four kids and they even knew what their names will be. They were going through various prospects of fulfilling this dream of their lives. Even the fact that both of them shared exactly the same views about pregnancies and babies. 

First Of Their Kind

They were excited to become the first lesbian couple in American Midwest and it all seemed easy in planning. But when they initiated the process, the real picture appeared in front of them. It was going to be much tougher than it looked during all these months of dreaming and planning.

Looking For A Donor

The first step was to find a sperm donor and Jessica’s excited wife suggested her to consider her brother-in-law as a donor. Even though the guy was immediately interested in being their donor, Jessica couldn’t approve this option.

Sperm Donation

Jessica knew that several courts recognize sperm donation as a parenting act. And in case anything goes wrong with the birth mom, the court won’t think twice in handing over the custody of the baby to the donor. Keeping worst-case scenarios in her mind, Jessica didn’t want anyone known to be the donor. The best option for them was that of a complete stranger who would never be interested in their lives after the donation.

A More Plausible Option

As Jessica shared her knowledge of custody rights with her wife, they both agreed on dropping their first choice for the donor. Therefore, they were now supposed to restart their search from the beginning. They went through the terms and conditions of all the sperm banks they came across.

Delivering Home

Luckily, after searching for several weeks the couple eventually selected the most suitable sperm bank. They were offering the delivery of the “precious” product at their doorstep. Moreover, the sperm bank made these anonymous donors sign the legal documents to restrain them from all sorts of custody rights. Everything was as they wanted and hence, the first step was taken. 

Choosing The Best Candidate

The sperm bank kept a record of the possible donor’s background, interests and profession. This gave the couple a chance to opt the donor on the basis of their preferences. Like it happened with them in all other matters also, Jessica and her wife were looking for the same type of donor. They were looking for the one who has an interest in literature and sports.

A Taxi Driver

So, when the couple came across the profile of a writer and a musician, they immediately felt to give it a shot. Furthermore, his other details were satisfactory too. He was a man of average height and weight with wavy brown hair. The last piece of information was his profession of a taxi driver. Both Jessica and her wife found him as the right choice for their baby without even asking for his picture.

The Preparations

The couple didn’t want to rush into things and regret later. They took their time and fixed a few appointments with the specialist before conducting their home science “experiment.” They learned everything about artificial insemination, every bit of it that can prove to be of significant help. It took them a month to gain the confidence to be ready for it.

Staying At Home

After some long discussions, the couple eventually agreed that Jessica will be carrying the baby as she usually worked from home. Jessica was all set to get pregnant and become a mother. The couple went on with the process and made the final payment and placed the order. Now, they were just a doorbell away from their dreams.

Their Efforts Had Paid Off

The procedure was actually much longer than what they had initially expected. Jessica continued inseminating twice a month but they never had luck for the next seven months. The couple’s wait was at last over when Jessica’s maternity test showed positive. Obviously, the first person with whom she shared her joy was her beloved.

Rarely Talked About Donor

Jessica was pregnant and the couple was living their dreams. And between all this excitement they stopped talking about the donor. Their complete focus was on maintaining Jessica and their unborn baby’s health. However, they didn’t forget to read books to the unborn as a respect to the donor who was a writer.

The Most Awaited Arrival

Jessica gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in June 2005 and named her “Alice.” She had a small nose, thin lips, round cheeks, emerald eyes, and a magical smile. Holding Alice in their arms made it the best day of their lives. They were so overjoyed that they made an instant decision to repeat the whole situation.

It Was Her Wife’s Turn

Alice was not even 6 months old when the lesbian couple decided to try for their second baby. This time Jessica’s wife was going to carry the baby. After all, her workload was quite less ever since she got promoted and she too wanted to give birth. The couple ordered the same sperm this time as well. 

Welcoming Another Adorable Daughter

Jessica’s wife gave birth to their second child when Alice was 18 months old. They named their baby girl Soren who had amazing similarities with Alice. The couple’s house was overloaded with lots of diapers and baby food, but they never regretted the decision of having two babies in such a short span of time. Their house started to feel like a home to them.

Happy Mothers

The two mothers were working even harder to give their daughters the best of everything. Their family and friends were surprised to see them maintain the balance between their professional and personal lives. And how could they forget that they still had two more pregnancies to look forward to. Just when Jessica thought she was closest to her dreams becoming a reality, the life-changing event took place.

Without Warning

It happened when Alice and Soren were three and one years old that Jessica’s wife made a decision. She wanted a divorce as she wasn’t feeling emotionally attached in that relationship anymore. Jessica who was completely lost in bringing up the kids never saw this coming.  Many attempts were made to resolve the issue between the married couple but as it seemed, Jessica’s wife was not going to give their relationship a second chance.

Acceptance As The Only Option

At first, it felt like Jessica’s wife already found a new lover but that wasn’t it. Every time she said that there was no one else and she just doesn’t feel the same anymore. According to her, the spark was missing from their relationship.

Looking At The Kids

All of her dreams were shattered in a moment and it was just for her kids that Jessica decided to move on. Jessica’s wife said that she’ll be leaving the house as well as the kids to her. She just wanted to meet them once every week. This meant that all the responsibilities were now on Jessica’s shoulders.

Becoming A Single Mom

Jessica was determined to do the best for her kids. When she received the final divorce letters, her last hopes to save this relationship also died away. Her ex-wife was least interested in taking custody of the kids. For more than seven years, Jessica kept parenting the kids for five days a week. Alice and Soren were smart and compassionate kids who were always supportive of their mom’s decisions.

Old Memories Die Hard

Although Jessica still missed her ex-wife’s companionship, in her kids’ presence, she quickly healed from the pain of separation. But the worst wasn’t over yet. Her ex-wife had more to do that crushed Jessica’s heart completely.

Cutting All Ties

Jessica always noticed that her ex-wife treated the two sisters differently. She was the biological mother of Soren and she always used to take her side in every discussion, which made Alice feel sad. Although she never mistreated Alice, it was very obvious she had no interest in Alice’s likings. 

A Weekend Getaway

Like every weekend, Jessica’s ex-wife rang the bell to pick up the girls. This time only Soren packed her bag, as Alice had a lot of assignments pending. It was when Jessica went to pick her daughters from school the next Monday morning that she couldn’t find Soren anywhere. That was the last time that she saw her younger daughter. 

Nursing Her Daughter’s Heart

Alice was a practical girl who had already noticed that she was blocked on her other mother’s phone. Clearly, she didn’t want to keep any contacts with the two of them. This was the first shock that young Alice faced in her life. Although Jessica promised that she will do her best to reunite her with her sister, but that never happened. 

Everything Had Changed

Jessica’s heavenly home now turned into an empty apartment. Alice who shared a special bond with her other mother’s family was completely disheartened with her recent moves. She loved to visit her parents every weekend with Soren and now it was all a thing of past. All the relatives of Jessica’s ex-wife started to ignore Jessica and Alice.

Wondering About Biological Father

Alice spent a year without hearing a word from her sister and mother. She was not getting used to this emptiness until one day she found out a platform to escape from her troubles. Alice started to hope in a new direction, instead of finding her sister she started a search to know her family background. She wanted to know more about her biological father but was that even possible? Jessica took a while but finally explained the entire procedure which she underwent months before getting pregnant with  Alice. 

Tracing Her Genetics

Jessica’s mother always talked about their Cornish heritage. These stories became the reason why Alice started to ask questions about her past and grew curious about her genetic heritage. Alice requested her grandma to help her in finding her past. She requested her to buy a DNA test kit.

Christmas 2016

Alice’s grandmother gifted her a genealogy kit called “23 and Me” which had a large percentage of positive results on Christmas day of 2016. The excited girl followed the procedure cautiously and waited for the results to arrive which came two months after. 


Jessica saw a new spark in Alice’s eyes. She was hopeful as well as happy again. As Jessica mentioned later, “The results came back about eight weeks later. I clicked on the DNA Relatives section of the site, not thinking anything would come of it. But the first thing I read was, “Aaron Long: 50%. Father. Bryce Gallo: 25%. Half-brother” was right behind.”

Working Like Detectives

The mother-daughter were well aware of what must be going on in the other person’s mind. Although Alice was curious enough to send a letter to the DNA testing company right away, her mother stopped her then and there. In search of the potential father, they started their research from the internet by typing the name Aaron Long. Alice searched the name and Jessica crossed out the people who couldn’t be the one they were looking for. Thanks to her profession as a marketing specialist, Jessica was well aware of the right way to reach the right person.

Solving The Puzzle

Jessica remembered the age of the donor when she first read his details. She calculated his present age and searched for Aaron Long who falls in this age group. Just one name appeared in front of the mother-daughter duo. He completed his masters in literature and he must be the same man. In his profile picture, he was wearing an olive-green silk turban with a trombone in his hands. 

Striking Similarities

As Jessica was getting closer to be sure that this is the donor they’ve been looking for, she searched for his more photos on the internet and it was evident that Alice and he shared amazing similarities. When his high school photos popped up on their screen through facebook, both of them jumped out of their seats. Alice was a complete copy of what this man used to look back then!

Using The “Curiosity” Hook

Looking at the glow on her daughter’s face, Jessica allowed Alice to write a message to this man. Alice took a while or so and came up with a message that read:“Hi Aaron, I actually have two daughters who’d match you (my ex has my youngest daughter; she’s not on the DNA testing site). If you’re interested in trading family photos, etc., we’re available.”

Quick Response

Fortunately, Aaron replied instantly with a yes. He wanted to know more about the two of them and share his own details too. Although Jessica already knew all of it because of her research, she acted curiously. This initial conversation took place on the DNA testing website and soon they moved to a social media platform. Within the first week of their conversation, Aaron replied with a 50 pages long life history which Jessica loved to read over and over.

Connecting With Others

As the DNA testing site mentioned the potential match of a brother named Bryce Gallo, Alice requested to contact him as well. Another brother named Madie and he already found one elder sister who was 19 years old. Including Alice and Soren, there were all in all 8 children fathered by Aaron.

Traveling To Seattle

After a month’s of communication, Alice received a mail from Bryce and Madie who finally decided to meet their father Aaron Long. They were going to travel all the way to Seattle and invited Alice to pay a visit. Jessica was as always more than cooperative.

A Great Reunion

Aaron Long organized a big family party for his kids. All his family members, high school friends, ex-girlfriends and their present partners were invited. Jessica was proud to see how happy Aaron was to invite his kids and introduce them to his family. 

Arousing A Romantic Interest

During this vacation, Jessica felt like Aaron was interested in her. But she was already in a relationship with another man named Aaron. Fate’s plan was bigger than anyone else’s for Jessica as she and her then-boyfriend broke up a few months later.

Getting To Know Each Other

During their next vacation in Seattle, Aaron started to know Jessica more. He took her for long walks during the night, discussing all that they have been throughout their lives. They were talking about so many things and not getting tired of it. The man was 53 years old, but his enthusiasm in life was extraordinary. 

Her Ideal Man

For nearly two decades, Jessica felt like she could only love one person which was her ex-wife. After she dumped her twice and ran away with her daughter, she realized that she was open to all the options in the world. She limited herself for like forever and it was time to let her heart be free.

Giving Into Love

Finally, in her mid-forties, Jessica decided to move in with Aaron. They now live in a large building with their daughter Alice. As the home was big enough, many of Aaron’s children moved in with him. 

Starting A New Chapter

With so many kids and the prettiest woman around him, Aaron feels like the luckiest man on the Earth. Jessica has no objections in Aaron’s kids staying with them. In fact, she enjoys the sudden lively turn that came in her life with the presence of Aaron.

A Big And Happy Family

During the year 1994, Aaron donated twice a week and the last time he checks on the DNA matching site, there was a potential of 60 matches. Apart from the children, Aaron’s mother also lives with them and last but not the least a fluffy cat named Bill is also part of the great Long family.

A Story To Tell For A Lifetime

“I quickly discovered that as a mom, I would gladly take any of our new half-siblings right inside, make them lunch, do their laundry, and take care of them forever. They are the siblings of my children, the genetic aunts and uncles of my grandchildren. I don’t parent them, but I feel inexplicably drawn toward feeding them. Some are the spitting image of Alice. Others resemble my youngest daughter. They don’t all look like Aaron, but they undeniably resemble one another,” shared Jessica.

Never Losing Hope

“Who knows how many more of Aaron’s bio-kids there are – he’s estimated there could be as many as 67. The building may eventually cease to accommodate all of them, but I’ve got the sandwiches, and the door’s open,” mentioned the mother of many.