These Are the Most Creative People in the World. Nobody Can Compete with Them

Most of the objects on this list deserved to be photographed, not only because they are strange, but ultimately because they are proof of how creative human beings can be. However, that does not mean that they do not raise a lot of questions and a lot of interest, if for nothing else other than to just take a quick picture of them so that we can share these weird things with the rest of the world.

So wo made a compilation of the weirdest objects out there that require a lot of creativity to be made, and mainly, a lot of courage to wear or use. Take a look and see if you agree!

1. Noaq Boxwall

This is the most effective barrier on the market at stopping floodwaters that are already present. It is our fastest and easiest barrier to deploy which can easily be stored in your garage or the back of a truck for future deployment. It requires no fill material, is extremely lightweight, and massively popular. This product is easy to deploy and recover by a single person. If you only have only a matter of minutes to react to incoming floodwaters, this product allows you to respond even when it would be too late for almost every other barrier on the market.

The Boxwall is built up simply snapping consecutive units together. The flexible +/-3° coupling makes it possible to create curves. This system has corner pieces which come in 30 degree increments allowing for a variety of corner angles. For example, three corner pieces will make a 90-degree turn. After the flood, units are easily detached and can be cleaned using a garden hose and neatly stacked for storage and reuse.

2. How can I improve my exhaust note

An exhaust tip is an inexpensive addition that is plug and play. 

3. It will be an unforgettable ride

Mom said she would do anything to make you play outside.

4. Rollerblade bike wheel

This 5-wheel bike is surely moving, but wait until the man has to turn or stop...or suddenly hits a bump.

5. Shopping cart front wheel

Another solution for an absent front wheel: this 5-wheel bike not only moves but also accommodates your supermarket purchases. But the problem of turning and occasional pebbles on the road remains.

6. Three-wheeler: a miracle of mechanical engineering

A benefit of this car is that you might be able to drive it with a motorcicle permit.

7. This wall clock is fixed

Why buy a new clock when you can fix the old one using your imagination and drawing skills?

8. Here's another way to fix a bike

It's good that this bike is locked...someone might want to steal it.

9. Elegant solution for a broken water filter

This filter was fixed with a straw. Let's hope that it is not the last straw that breaks it even further.

10. DIY iron for students

This guy had an important job interview to prepare for. Let's hope he got the job and can now afford to buy an iron.

11. When you run out of toilet paper

Desperate times require desperate measures. But why do you need to cut the paper towel in half instead of using just a piece of it?

12. Tennis ball suspension lift

Stacking tennis balls inside the rear coil springs can apparently increase the stiffness and boost the stock spring rate in stock class. Is it a coincidence that there are no comments from people who tried this method?

13. Coffee pot hot dogs

Coffee pots can be used for multiple purposes: steamed vegetables, hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, and even boiled eggs. But what about just using it for making coffee?

14. Headphones fixed with K'NEX

With this improvised headset, you can build a car when you are done listening to music.

15. Reusing an old TV

A perfect use for a TV that is not functional anymore! Although this TV table must be really heavy and unstable.

16. Creative solution for sleep-deprived students

The lecturer will never guess that you are sleeping. The guy to his left should learn this trick as well.

17. When you have a microphone but no candle holder

Make sure you don't try to use it for singing just out of habit.

18. This broken headlight seems to be fixed

He got the colors right, but how will he make sure that these things don't melt when the light is on?

19. This wiper is also a broom

I don't understand what is so "LOL" about it. It's just a functional wiper for a functional BMW.

20. World's largest game of Jenga

I would avoid tanking at the gas station where the roof is fixed like that. Would you want to use any of these ideas? Have you ever applied your creativity and engineering skills to fix something? Did it work? 

21. Crate bed frame

Is your house full of empty milk or beer crates? Don't throw them away! According to some DIY design experts, you can make a bed or a sofa frame out of them.

22. Functional soap dispenser

This natural-born engineer could not figure out how to refill the soap dispenser, but he did find a quick, easy, and working solution for the problem.

23. You’re not you when you’re hungry

Any idea will do.

24. Free hands for French fries

It might be really convenient, but we prefer the old way of holding a burger.

25.  I need a place for my PC, and I don’t care about the rest

“So I recently moved to a different country, and I’m about to buy new stuff. But as I am a gamer and entertainment junky, I had to come up with an idea. My new desk!”

26. Your carriage awaits

That moment when you can actually say that you’ve been shopping in a motorized shopping cart.

27. Work in progress

If they attached the brooms to the truck, they wouldn’t need to participate at all.

28. A wrist-saving modification for a game

These little plastic men will be playing football at a very high speed.

29. We hope gravity doesn’t fail him

Attention: this can actually make you completely oblivious to your surroundings.

30. That chair rocks

Your wife asked you to make a rocking chair for the front porch, and you made it from the available materials in less than 5 minutes.

31. A college athlete

Because you can strain pasta with a tennis racket, but you can’t play tennis with a pasta strainer.